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Dr. Travis M Corcoran

Author/Doctor/College President/Business Owner

Bestselling author Dr. Travis Corcoran is a philosopher and liberal arts enthusiast who helps aspiring scholars properly pursue a self-taught education. In addition to owning and operating several healthcare practices in the Netherlands, Dr. Corcoran mentors new graduates on the first three of seven classical liberal arts. Previously, Dr. Corcoran studied nuclear power while serving in the U.S. military and earned his bachelor’s degree in philosophy with a minor in biology. He serves on two international boards of directors and, as a college president, donates his time and finances to principled research. Apart from always learning, Dr. Corcoran’s favorite hobbies include rock climbing and teaching.

March 14, 2022

460: Restoring Reason! (with Dr. Travis Corcoran)

Your intellectual freedom is at stake, threatened by everything from academia and Big Tech to the media and government.

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