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Giving a voice to the unheard

Nichols thinks outside the usual narrative most of us are tired of.


Brian is great!


Brian is great

Great show

Entertaining and educational

Great blending of branding, marketing and sales in the name of Liberty

As a technology sales professional myself I appreciate where Brian is coming from. I also appreciate the access and unique guests that he is able to attract, and Brian describes how libertarian ideas can be sold and packaged and used to persuade others better no matter who is involved!!!

Consistently enjoyable content

Brian Nichols is an excellent host who brings on a multitude of interesting guests for great conversations.

Great New Format

What a great idea - taking your expertise in sales and marketing and applying it to the world of political discussion. Sort of a Dale Carnegie course for libertarians. Thanks!

Start here.

Great, engaging conversations. If you're looking for a way to educate yourself about liberty, start here!

Great show.

An invaluable resource in learning how to sell liberty without making it seem scary or inaccessible. Episodes are easy to digest and applicable to current events.

Makes you feel like a sales expert!

I really love this podcast! I am not an expert in sales, but I feel like I am after listening to The Brian Nichols Show. Brian and Jeremy have done a great job of teaching the basics of sales and giving some practical examples for the libertarian movement. And they're fun to listen to!

Above the rest

Brilliant and thought provoking

Great Content

There is so much amazing different information in a quick and concise format. TBNS is on my can't miss list!

Top shelf

Good stuff coming out of my speakers!

Worth Every Minute

You're going to learn a lot about selling freedom to friends and how you can make a real world differenceG

Great Podcast

Just keep doing with your doing.👍

Good show

It was tight

Brian asked nicely

I don’t listen to the show regularly but Brian asked nicely to leave a review and he seems like a cool dude so I did

Real talk

Unbiased narrative without restricted topics


Great podcast


Great show

Selling liberty

Brian has helpful and creative content giving valuable pointers on selling liberty, something that should not be as hard as it is.

Nichols is great!

Great as always.

Great pod

Very informative and from time to time inspirational

Nichols show and all WAL shows are great

Wal has taught me more about libertarianism than any other entity with the exception of Spike Cohen :-)

Brian Nichols rocks

Is a great podcast.

Liberty Sales Technique

superb podcast detailing sales techniques for selling libertarian ideas

The Pod That Didn’t Fail

In a crowded libertarian podcast space Brian is a pro committed to his principles and also curious and always asking questions (only occasionally to me).





Head Straight

The man has his head screwed on straight.

Great Job

Brian Nichols has his head on straight

Shit is awesome

Shit was awesome

Brian Nichols Show

Cool podcast Cheers dude

Great burgers

Learnt me some liberty lessons heeeeee

Great Show

Just tune in, it's terrific.

A friend against government

Brian has the excellent trait of being personable and relatable to all kinds of people, and he is exactly the counterweight the Liberty Movement needs to balance all the (often justified, but unwelcoming) anger.

Fantastic show based on Liberty

Brian has one of the best Liberty podcasts going. Top guests and great content.

Keep up the good work

Dynamic host and compelling content

Practical and usable Libertarian Ideas.

Brian always presents the functional libertarian perspective

5 Stars!!

Unique and entertaining! Gives a point of view seldom heard but greatly needed!

5 Stars!!

Unique and entertaining! Gives a point of view seldom heard but greatly needed!

The Best Around

Brian Nichols understands that you have choices when it comes to listening to libertarian interview programs. So he packs every episode full of the important stuff and cuts out all of the filler that too many other shows put in. If you listen to one interview podcast, make it the Brian Nichols Show.

One of my favorite podcasts

For years I have followed and listened to Brian. His consistency, interesting guests and commentary always brings me back.


Very good

This show is great!

It’s informative, entertaining, and awesome!

I hope this show grows, expands, and continues into perpetuity

Really really appreciate this show. TBH, a majority of the information still flies over my head. Nevertheless, the fundamental Liberty principles that the show is built on are clear and consistent, and I trust the listening process for myself; the more I tune in, the more I’ll jive with the topics and the details at length. I am broke now, buuuut, it is my intention to start $ contributing, praying that, along with increased $ contributions from other supporters, the podcast will one day be commercial free... I really do enjoy ads, OK, generally— they’re fun!—especially with the sponsors he’s selected from the get-go… However, I’m adhd AF, and pre-show commercials before I even get “in the ring” of listening just sucker punches my attention span—and said attention span will flounder frequently in its attempt to stay strong inside the ring for the totality of the episode. I stay subscribed to this Liberty show in particular because of the host specifically. Inclined to admit I’m professionally smitten with him. I regard the guy with fondness, like a trainee listening to a mentor. I first heard him as part of a guest panel on a WAL episode, and his manner of speaking and even-keeled wisdom stood out and stuck with me more than anyone else’s….because we know Libertarians get obnoxious. Brian Nichols is not obnoxious, thank you God. Unnhffffff, please everyone, give our dude more money. C’mon folks. Help him help ME— help YOU — help the PARTY. $$$ Let’s goooo. $$$


Based af

Great interviews

It's one of my must listen to podcasts


See the title

Informative, entertaining show!

I literally listen to this podcast at work everyday, I can count on each episode to teach me atleast 1 thing I can to do to improve myself and help sell liberty! Keep up the great work!

Brian is the best

I think Brian is the best salesman of the libertarian message. The show is encouraging and informative, and Brian’s conversational skills bring out the best from his guests.

Fixing problems

Excellent podcast! Great guests and hosting!

Great Conversations

I've been listening since January and really enjoy the guests Brian has on and the conversations he has. Especially on how to sell their ideas to people outside of libertarian politics. Great show.

Great Interview with Isabella Riley

I wish I had been as articulate and libertarian when I was 23 as Isabella is. Another great, great interview, Brian.

Learning Sales

I guess I didn't realize how important learning sales skills were. Thank you Brian and Jeremy for helping teach some of the basics. Really enjoying those episodes.

All-Around Outstanding Show

Enjoyed Brian's conversation with Travis Johnson, Libertarian candidate in Minnesota. I subsequently donated to his campaign. Very lively, informative discussion. Keep up the great work, Brian!

Always excellent

Brian is a must listen- always excellent content, excellent education, and just a really good guy on top. Worth a subscribe, a listen, and a share.

Fantastic show!

Thank you Brian! I appreciate all the work you do, I really enjoy getting to hear new ideas and new points of view!


I especially loved the episode on the Mises Caucus with Michael Heise! It was so interesting learning about the different factions in the LP! I might join this one!

Outstanding Show

This show is fantastic. He interviews all different types of people with all different backgrounds and experiences in a bite sized easy to follow show. Really gives me hope for the libertarian party for the future. Keep it up Brian!

Great podcast with a great host

Brian is one of the nicest guys in the Libertarian movement and he always has interesting guests. Highly recommend this podcast to anyone who is liberty-curious or just wants to hear new and interesting viewpoints.

‘Just didn’t know it yet’

I think it was 2005 when one of my former bosses used the line “you’re libertarian, you just don’t know it yet” on me— et voilá, the seed was planted. Wow, 5 years later and my recent self-assessment is that I’m “pReTTy sUrE I’m a libertarian, so I’m going to roll with it this election”. Really love this show. Found Brian Nichols in the WAL episode #456 “Political Conversations When We Disagree” and found his shared insights were most aligned with key ideas within my own inner-monologue— building bridges for positive effectiveness and influence, overall anti-snarkiness. Thanks! Looking forward to tuning in more and supporting the show.

Very informative

This show presents a wide array of viewpoints in an easy to understand format. If you watch CNN, MSNBC, FOX News, etc. and you think you’re getting the whole story, think again. This show isn’t afraid to have guests who disagree with each other and ACTUALLY DISCUSS points in a civil manner without just shouting over each other until the next commercial. Highly enjoyable. I feel smarter after having listened to it.

Important conversations

Brian is a great host, who not only will bring you great content from a libertarian perspective, but isn’t afraid to reach out across the aisle and prove that people of vastly different political ideologies can not only be civil, but be friends as well. Give him a listen!

Always getting better

Good show, good content, always getting better.

Not just a politcal show

I like the fact that Brian will branch out from time to time and dive into subjects outside politics. Yes climate change can be very political, but when you interview an expert without a political agenda it takes on another form. Primarily, you can just listen to the information and make your own decision, which is how it should be. Thanks Brian and keep up the good work!

Great libertarian voice

I am very happy to have found this great libertarian podcast keep up the good work we need more of this in the world

Great show, please get a pop filter.

I just started listening to the show and I love it. One thing I can suggest is you get a pop filter for your mic to keep some of those really loud “p” sounds out of the audio. They’re super cheap and will help a lot. Looking forward to continuing listening to your show!

Brian Nichols is amazing

Has the ability to speak out on topics with many different views to come to a better undrestanding of what is happening. Also brings in many different people with many different political beliefs.

Dynamic show

Brian does a great job of choosing intresting/rlevant topics and bringing on guests who offer unique perspectives to the discussion, a very high quality podcast

Brian is Great

Brian is a funny, intelligent, entertaining host, and he deserves all of the stars and subscribers.

Check THIS out!

As someone who is not strongly politically minded, this show is a great way to listen to differing viewpoints on hot topics. The guests are interesting, Brian is so entertaining and easy to listen to, and the topics are always relevant. Be sure to check it out!

Thoughtful and Respectful

It’s not very often you come across a show or podcast that is so directly political, yet goes out of its way to avoid being vitriolic. He is great and respectful, even when disagreeing, and this more liberal minded dude can listen and enjoy a different point of view. Keep going man!

Definitely worth a listen!

Keep up the good work! Great format and Brian doesn’t just ramble on or get too far off track!