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Nichols keeps it real and makes it real

Been listening for a few years now and this show has really helped me get out of my bubble and learn how to talk to normal people about liberty. Keep it up Nichols.

Best libertarian podcast that promotes actual libertarian solutions!!!

As a libertarian political science major in college, I've always struggled to find people who agree with me. I was having a hard time getting my ideas across and getting my friends to understand my ideas. Then I found this podcast! Brian always brings on great guests who bring great solutions and ideas that make me feel like we can really change the world!!

It keeps getting better!

I am a huge fan of The Brian Nichols Show. It has helped me avoid winning arguments, and it has helped me sell my political solutions to friends. I've listened to every episode, and each one has been informative and inspiring. Guests on the show always bring great solutions and ideas—it's hard not to be inspired by them!

5 stars? I'd give you 6!

I've been on the show twice, but am a regular listener. Brian is always spot on with his analysis and asks intelligent and relevant questions!

Giving a voice to the unheard

Nichols thinks outside the usual narrative most of us are tired of.


Brian is great!


Brian is great

Great show

Entertaining and educational

Great blending of branding, marketing and sales in the name of Liberty

As a technology sales professional myself I appreciate where Brian is coming from. I also appreciate the access and unique guests that he is able to attract, and Brian describes how libertarian ideas can be sold and packaged and used to persuade others better no matter who is involved!!!

Consistently enjoyable content

Brian Nichols is an excellent host who brings on a multitude of interesting guests for great conversations.

Great New Format

What a great idea - taking your expertise in sales and marketing and applying it to the world of political discussion. Sort of a Dale Carnegie course for libertarians. Thanks!

Start here.

Great, engaging conversations. If you're looking for a way to educate yourself about liberty, start here!

Great show.

An invaluable resource in learning how to sell liberty without making it seem scary or inaccessible. Episodes are easy to digest and applicable to current events.

Makes you feel like a sales expert!

I really love this podcast! I am not an expert in sales, but I feel like I am after listening to The Brian Nichols Show. Brian and Jeremy have done a great job of teaching the basics of sales and giving some practical examples for the libertarian movement. And they're fun to listen to!

Above the rest

Brilliant and thought provoking

Great Content

There is so much amazing different information in a quick and concise format. TBNS is on my can't miss list!

Top shelf

Good stuff coming out of my speakers!

Worth Every Minute

You're going to learn a lot about selling freedom to friends and how you can make a real world differenceG

Great Podcast

Just keep doing with your doing.👍

Good show

It was tight

Brian asked nicely

I don’t listen to the show regularly but Brian asked nicely to leave a review and he seems like a cool dude so I did

Real talk

Unbiased narrative without restricted topics


Great podcast


Great show

Selling liberty

Brian has helpful and creative content giving valuable pointers on selling liberty, something that should not be as hard as it is.

Nichols is great!

Great as always.