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Learning Sales

I guess I didn't realize how important learning sales skills were. Thank you Brian and Jeremy for helping teach some of the basics. Really enjoying those episodes.

All-Around Outstanding Show

Enjoyed Brian's conversation with Travis Johnson, Libertarian candidate in Minnesota. I subsequently donated to his campaign. Very lively, informative discussion. Keep up the great work, Brian!

Always excellent

Brian is a must listen- always excellent content, excellent education, and just a really good guy on top. Worth a subscribe, a listen, and a share.

Fantastic show!

Thank you Brian! I appreciate all the work you do, I really enjoy getting to hear new ideas and new points of view!


I especially loved the episode on the Mises Caucus with Michael Heise! It was so interesting learning about the different factions in the LP! I might join this one!

Outstanding Show

This show is fantastic. He interviews all different types of people with all different backgrounds and experiences in a bite sized easy to follow show. Really gives me hope for the libertarian party for the future. Keep it up Brian!

Great podcast with a great host

Brian is one of the nicest guys in the Libertarian movement and he always has interesting guests. Highly recommend this podcast to anyone who is liberty-curious or just wants to hear new and interesting viewpoints.

‘Just didn’t know it yet’

I think it was 2005 when one of my former bosses used the line “you’re libertarian, you just don’t know it yet” on me— et voilá, the seed was planted. Wow, 5 years later and my recent self-assessment is that I’m “pReTTy sUrE I’m a libertarian, so I’m going to roll with it this election”. Really lov…

Very informative

This show presents a wide array of viewpoints in an easy to understand format. If you watch CNN, MSNBC, FOX News, etc. and you think you’re getting the whole story, think again. This show isn’t afraid to have guests who disagree with each other and ACTUALLY DISCUSS points in a civil manner without …

Important conversations

Brian is a great host, who not only will bring you great content from a libertarian perspective, but isn’t afraid to reach out across the aisle and prove that people of vastly different political ideologies can not only be civil, but be friends as well. Give him a listen!

Always getting better

Good show, good content, always getting better.

Not just a politcal show

I like the fact that Brian will branch out from time to time and dive into subjects outside politics. Yes climate change can be very political, but when you interview an expert without a political agenda it takes on another form. Primarily, you can just listen to the information and make your own d…

Great libertarian voice

I am very happy to have found this great libertarian podcast keep up the good work we need more of this in the world

Great show, please get a pop filter.

I just started listening to the show and I love it. One thing I can suggest is you get a pop filter for your mic to keep some of those really loud “p” sounds out of the audio. They’re super cheap and will help a lot. Looking forward to continuing listening to your show!

Brian Nichols is amazing

Has the ability to speak out on topics with many different views to come to a better undrestanding of what is happening. Also brings in many different people with many different political beliefs.

Dynamic show

Brian does a great job of choosing intresting/rlevant topics and bringing on guests who offer unique perspectives to the discussion, a very high quality podcast

Brian is Great

Brian is a funny, intelligent, entertaining host, and he deserves all of the stars and subscribers.

Check THIS out!

As someone who is not strongly politically minded, this show is a great way to listen to differing viewpoints on hot topics. The guests are interesting, Brian is so entertaining and easy to listen to, and the topics are always relevant. Be sure to check it out!

Thoughtful and Respectful

It’s not very often you come across a show or podcast that is so directly political, yet goes out of its way to avoid being vitriolic. He is great and respectful, even when disagreeing, and this more liberal minded dude can listen and enjoy a different point of view. Keep going man!

Definitely worth a listen!

Keep up the good work! Great format and Brian doesn’t just ramble on or get too far off track!