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Chad Harman

Chief Executive Officer of Psycheceutical

Chad Harman is a 25-year health insurance and cannabis executive with unique leadership and diverse experience across operations, manufacturing, finance, product development, IT, sales, and marketing while emphasizing corporate KPIs. Chad’s greatest strength lies in developing focused corporate strategies with detailed execution plans; strong interpersonal skills make him a skilled motivator, while his financial acumen helps him maximize the company’s efficiency and profitability.

Psycheceutical is a bioscience company that has two patented technologies designed to increase the safety and efficacy of psychedelic compounds. The company is focused on developing psychedelic medicines that are safer and more effective. Psycheceutical’s patents solve the dosing problem in the psychedelic space and mitigate harmful and uncomfortable side effects from using these compounds.

Nov. 22, 2022

629: Can We Solve Our Mental Health Crisis via Psychedelic Pharmaceut…

Psycheceutical is focused on developing innovative solutions to society's most pressing problems using psychedelics as medicines.…

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