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Robert Blackwell Jr.

Chicago’s EKI-Digital CEO, Robert Blackwell Jr. keeps gaining steam and forging
ahead to revolutionize the lives of Black and Hispanic communities. His most recent accolade?
The Chicago Defender Men of Excellence Award which honors local African American men who
inspire others through their vision and leadership, incomparable achievements, and exceptional
participation in community service.
His friends and colleagues nominated him because of a new
mission he’s been on since the civil unrest after the murder of
George Floyd. Blackwell is traveling the country gaining support
for a plan to develop Black Wall Streets, cut Black crime by 50
percent and spur 2 Billion dollars in Black Business in cities
across the nation.
We encourage you to interview Blackwell and share with the
American public how this unique plan will lead Black and
Hispanic Americans from poverty to prosperity. Blackwell says,
“It’s time to show young Black men pathways to success apart from sports, entertainment or
crime.” Blackwell’s goal is to create and find future technology leaders and connect them with
American companies.

July 14, 2022

545: The Alpha Mission - A New Vision of Black Wall Streets Across th…

How the "JUST DO BUSINESS" approach is the pathway for ending the generational poverty of black communities across the country, by proving that the Free Enterprise System works for everyone.

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