April 25, 2022

488: Elon Musk: The New King of Twitter (with Josie)

488: Elon Musk: The New King of Twitter (with Josie)

People don't want a "New World Order" - people just want the order of the world that they already have.

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Today I am once again joined by Josie (https://twitter.com/KweenJosie) on The Brian Nichols Show, this time discussing Elon Musk's purchase of Twitter.


"Elon knows what people want. He knows how to how to reach people - he listens to them.


And he knows that there is a yearning for normalcy. And people don't want a "New World Order" - people just want the order of the world that they already have.


So he sees that, and he calls himself a free speech solutionist. And I see him listening to the people and doing you know, he does a lot of polls, for instance. And he's got such a big following that they're not getting trolled, so he listens to the people - he takes consensus.


And I believe we're going to see him doing a lot of what the people who are using his platform want to see done. "


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Brian Nichols  0:00  
Instead of focusing on winning arguments, we're teaching the basic fundamentals of sales and marketing and how we can use them to win in the world of politics, teaching you how to meet people where they're at on the issues they care about. Welcome to The Brian Nichols Show. Well, happy Monday there, folks, Brian Nichols here on The Brian Nichols Show. And thank you for joining us on of course, another fun filled episode. I am as always your humble host. And that today, we're gonna have a little bit different of an episode because our guests were having an issue with some inactivity, so we're going in old style over the phone. She's returning guests, Josie from Twitter. Welcome back to The Brian Nichols Show.

Josie  0:39  
Oh, thank you for having me again, Brian.

Brian Nichols  0:41  
Absolutely. Well, thank you for being on Josie. And thank you, number one for being on such a momentous day. Today is the day of all days that Elon Musk has officially not only put in an offer to buy Twitter, but now officially, is acquiring Twitter. Josie, what are your thoughts there?

Josie  0:59  
This is, I mean, having been somebody who's been banned for god knows what reason, you know, and their ever changing and impossible standards of acceptable Twitter commentary. I think it's incredible that somebody who values free speech, as much as Elon Musk has bought Twitter, I think that we're going to see a lot more transparency, we're going to see a lot more, a lot less people being banned for arbitrary reasons. And I, I feel really good about this. I don't feel like he's your typical run of the mill, businessman, most businessmen made a lot of really good deals and are really smart, you know, business minded type kind of got them where they were a little bit of daddy's money, maybe Elon is genius. I think he's IQ is 151 50 to 155, something like that. So he gets the way he is by being very smart. And I just, I feel really good about it.

Brian Nichols  2:02  
I feel good about to Josie. And I say that because I see the reaction from the people who are typically not really on the side of free speech on, you know, having an open dialogue having an actual conversation of all things. And those are the people who seem today to be freaking out the most. And I guess, you know, from an insider perspective, one of the main things I think we're going to be able to see behind the scenes is a lot of the conspiracy theories are going to be not so much conspiracy theory, but proven fact in terms of not just the shadow banning, but the censorship, the outright just blocking of accounts. That's going to open the floodgates. But I think it's going to really show that maybe the voices that we've been hearing over the past, what five years on Twitter, predominantly from the left, who have been raised as the majority of voices, maybe they're not as loud as the voices we thought they were, well, no, rather they are as loud. But maybe that's it. Maybe they're just as loud as they are. They don't actually have the numbers because they've been promoted as such, with the way that Twitter has been really messing with their algorithms behind the scene. What are your thoughts there?

Josie  3:07  
Yes, I believe that Well, I know Twitter shadow bans, I'm shadow banned probably three or four times a week. But if there's, you know, a way to check, you can go right to the site and check. There's a site you can go to like I can't remember, right off top my head now. But it shadowbanned dot something and you can figure out if you shadowbanned they settled on Elon Musk, after he made fun of Bill Gates, wow. Like they don't they, they just they have a way of doing it. It's algorithms. But what they do what they say how they do, it is meant to sway consensus. So I noticed the most recent way that they were shadow banning people was a ghost fan, which is what I had, it was what Elon Musk had. And what that does, that keeps you out of threads. It doesn't put you behind a barrier. It keeps you out of the thread altogether. So when you go to a thread and all the Conservatives and Libertarians are shadow or go sanded, you're going to only see the consensus of people who support the idea, you're not going to see people opposed to the idea. And that's what they did after they realized that everybody clicked on the sensitive content because they realized that's where the coolest answers were, like, you know. So that's something that they absolutely do. And I think it's something we're gonna be stopped.

Brian Nichols  4:16  
Do you think now this is the big question that I think we've seen a lot of folks more in Liberty, Twitter, you know, they've been asking this question, let's focus on liberty, Twitter, because this is actually where the conversation is actually directed towards. But a lot of people while optimistic there are some folks who are a little pessimistic they think that Elon you know, you look at how Elon has built up his career in the past they say, Well, he was getting all these government you know, handouts and stuff. So Josie is Elon, you know, behind the scenes actually, you know, being controlled by the Secret puppet masters or is he actually a true beacon for for hope here on a social media platform like Twitter.

Josie  4:56  
I believe that there's way more positivity from this the next activity. Like I said, with consensus, you just flip on CNN and listen to how they talk about him. Okay. Now the what did they call it? The approved opposition. Okay. That is Liz Cheney. That's Mitt Romney. You know, that's, that's them. Now turn on CNN and watch how they talk about them. They they talk about them objectively. They wouldn't talk about Elon Musk objectively to save their lives. They wouldn't talk about anybody who isn't somebody that is bought and paid for objectively, they would talk about them like they are evil, because their point is to sway the consensus. So if you listen to how the enemy, the enemy of the people are talking about Elon Musk, that's how you know that he's not part of a big plan, because he's being dragged.

Brian Nichols  5:52  
It's gonna cost him a lot, too. I mean, let's talk about that $46.5 billion lined up and financing for the offer last week. I'm looking at this here on New York Times twitter, on the old cell phone. Mr. Musk did a $54.20 a share. They said it enabled the 11 board members at Twitter to quote consider Musk's offer more seriously. So Josie, let's do some digging behind the scenes. Is it that that actually got the Twitter Board to take a step to considering Elon Musk's offer seriously? Or is there something else behind the scenes that you think was happening?

Josie  6:31  
I think that they were gonna get sued if they didn't. I think they're gonna get sued really hard, and they know it. So they kind of had to do it. Is there something else in the works to make sure that or to try to ensure that free speech is still suppressed? I believe it is. Yeah, I believe that they're working on some way to still hold free speech, I wouldn't know what that is even. I can't even begin to think about what that could be. But I feel like they're not just going to hand it over. Like, I feel like it's going to come with some kind of ultimatum, I don't know, I feel like Elon had a vision for the company. And there was somebody on the board who said that they didn't want the his vision to work, they wanted their vision to stay. So I don't know what they're going to do to try to keep their vision. I don't know if they're going to try to keep some of their people there, you know, so they don't lose jobs or something like that. I'm not sure. But what's interesting is, when you say that number $46 billion, a lot of people can't wrap their heads around exactly how much money that is, like, put it in perspective, we I do this, I shift things into time. Okay, so like a million seconds, for instance, is 11 and a half days, but a billion seconds, is 31. In three quarters years. That's the difference between a million and a billion. And a lot of people can't really grasp that. So that's we're dealing with an exuberant amount of money. I mean, if you multiply 31 by 44th, out, like by 44, then put that into yours. And that's like, one second for every dollar. I mean, it's insane.

Brian Nichols  8:16  
I'm just, I'm curious to see what the actual impact will be. Because, I mean, unless you really go through and got Twitter, right. And that's, I think what a lot of people are expecting to happen is that he's gonna go in and just start, you know, just slashing left and right. And he even joked as much as there's a poll he did on Twitter before he officially put in the offer to buy Twitter. And it was, you know, what would I do if I purchased Twitter headquarters to turn it into a or should I turn it into a homeless camp? And he put up a poll? Yes or no, in the poll? resoundingly? Yes. But you see, you see that there's going to be a pushback internally. And you you've seen that already, internally, that there has been a push back. So I guess what would be failsafes that Musk can look to to put in place as he's taking over this company, Josie needs to make sure that it's not poison pill, not from the financial stance that we were talking about a week ago or so. But internally, what's happening with the people as Musk is getting ready to either clean house and put in new people or just a new culture and way of doing things?

Josie  9:21  
Yeah, I think, I think the safest bet for him to do for us to have for us to truly have free speech and not to be censored by you know, some millennial in you know, California somewhere. I think he needs to clean house. I don't know if he's going to clean house so that's the thing. I don't know if that could be part of it like and they could guilt it like you know, all these people are going to lose their jobs, you know, and have to have them stick around but he's buying a company full of cancer. So he is the he is the chemotherapy to get them to get that cancer out of They're I just don't know, if he's going to offer severance packages to get these people out, or if he's just going to, you know, change the rules and hope that they follow the rules, I don't know if they're going to strike or, you know, refuse to go to work. Like I don't I don't know, it'll be really interesting over the next few weeks to see how this unfolds.

Brian Nichols  10:22  
I mean, I'm curious to see also where, where this brings the company from a user standpoint, because I'm seeing this in the private sector and the conversations I have outside of the world of politics, there is a demand Josie for just a different way of doing things a different conversation. I'm reading a book right now, and we're gonna be having the the author Steve Harrison on the program of can't sell won't sell. And it's talking about in the world of advertisements, and he's running from across the pond, as they say, over in the United Kingdom, from the UK. And he's talking about the left takeover of your traditional ad and marketing agencies and how you're seeing the consumers resoundingly rejecting that message, as as in he refers to it the the people who are the anywheres. And those were the somewheres, the anywheres, being those who can identify with some grand mono culture that they can find themselves living anywhere, but still identifying with that one culture. And then the somewheres, the people who identify more with the local community, and I look to build that that community infrastructure, and I take that apply it to, well, let's look and see what worked in the past. And one of the things about Facebook, that really was great up until they got really censorious as well, was the groups, the community groups that you'd have on Facebook, you could get your own little tribe, you could talk to people directly and build that one on one relationship outside of the one to many. And I'm curious to see if maybe that's something he would bring in terms of new ideas to Twitter, Josie, you know, there is that demand. And that's one area, maybe you saw Twitter spaces that just recently launched, maybe he'll grow something there that was being discussed already. But there's things that he brought to the table at Tesla, to SpaceX to the boring company that we could never even comprehend or even think of a bit yet it's changing the way that they're doing, not just business, but they're changing the way that we're going to be talking about the solutions they're building and the stuff that we're gonna be building thereafter for the future. So what are some things you think you can see, you know, Elon focusing not necessarily from a service or a product set, but more of a vision from Twitter that you think will be your one and only Elon Musk and do?

Josie  12:34  
Well, what's really special about Elon is that he is a genius, like I said, very high IQ. But a lot of times the genius is you have a low EQ. He has a high EQ to so he can set he's empathetic. He knows what people want. He knows how to how to how to reach people, he listens to them. And he knows that there is a there is a yearning for normalcy. And people don't want a new world order. People just want the order of the world that they already have. So he sees that, and he calls himself a free speech at solutionist. And I see him listening to the people and doing you know, he does a lot of polls, for instance. And he's got such a big following that they're not getting trolled, you know, so, so he listens to the people, he takes consensus. And I believe we're going to see him doing a lot of what the people who are using his platform want to see done. You're not going to have the mask bands, you might you might have, like you said, more spaces, you know, more groups, like a different way to kind of elevate it, I could see him. He said he was going to make check marking way easier so that anybody could be verified. Because, you know, I've made I've had my page impersonated like people do that, you know, so and so that'd be another interesting thing to do. And that's it, there's a call for a cry for that. I just see him listening it because he's very smart, both intellectually and emotionally.

Brian Nichols  14:12  
And I think also Josie, he understands the tenor of the conversation right now. Right? Like right now we are in a situation where society is fundamentally broken and how we can have a conversation, because we are told from our media betters that there is one truth, and yet we know that the truth that they're promoting, as truth is, in many cases, objectively false, verifiably false. And then we're told to trust the experts. You can read, I just saw a meme about this where I was talking about coffee, either helping with your heart or hurting your heart and the articles were written by the same organization, the same media entity within less than six months of each other. So naturally, people are getting information overload. They don't know where to turn, they don't know who to trust and then when you talk about okay, well Where can I go talk about this stuff? Well, let's go online. And let's have a conversation. Oh, the conversations that I'm having, I can even have a real conversation because the conversation is being, you know, is gonna be messed up with algorithms, it's going to be tailored towards one particular narrative. I'm not going to see truly both sides of an issue. And I think to your point, you know, Elon has 83 million followers, I think, is the number I last saw, you know, when he does a poll, he's getting a real measure versus, you know, the, as you mentioned, the trolling polls that you'll see. And that speaks to I think more so where you're seeing there needs to be a return back to what do people actually want? What does the consumer actually want. And we talked about this in the world of sales. We talked about this in we will be when we're having Mr. Harrison the program tremendous in the world of advertising in the world of marketing. And that's why you know, my little if you're on the woody toy, from Toy Story, you pull the string in the back, my catchphrase has been meet people where they're at on the issues they care about, because at the end of the day, everything else is white noise, you're just gonna be wasting your time. And I think Elon, to your point, not only does he have the IQ, he has that EQ, he has that emotional intelligence, that that empathy, and he can understand he can he can feel the vibe versus just reading the facts and figures. Right. And that speaks, I think a lot to of his success. And I also think it speaks to why he has so many just ardent supporters and fans, because they see that he sees them, right. It's not just the faceless CEO, and I mean, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, they've tried to be human Mark Zuckerberg tries to be human even, you know, messed up that one time, right? He's like, I'm I was human, I am human. But you see that there's the attempt to be human, but it fails, it falls on its face. Whereas I think anyone could say, oh, yeah, I mean, the old Bill Clinton, I could go have a beer with Bill Clinton, right? They had to be gluten free. But you know, with Elon Musk, everybody can say, hey, yeah, we can go hang out with Elon and have a good time hanging out with Elon Musk and Joe Rogan, you know, going in for 20. Like, that's something that your average person may be your average person. Dare I say, sitting with a billionaire to you, that's something that is more relatable with Elon Musk. And that's just weird even say out loud. But that's, that's the difference. Am I Am I on the right track?

Josie  17:20  
Yes, definitely. He's, he's human, you know, and you can sense that from him. I have a theory. When remember when Elon Musk think Bitcoin? Yep. And everyone's like, Oh, you know, you're just like everybody else like water. My theory now is that he was actually kind of seeing what kind of power he held. Because you know, it like it fixed itself and stuff. But I feel like he was kind of measuring how much power he actually held. That was the first time you ever saw him flex. And I feel like that was kind of him testing the waters almost. Now in hindsight. So that's, that's just an interesting, you know, kind of way to think about it. But yeah, I believe he's, he's intelligent. I believe he knows how to read a room. I believe he knows how to market. I believe he's not trying to force his agenda, in hide behind progress. That's the thing because you tell an elderly person, oh, this is just progress. This is how we things are going and they don't know, they have no way to verify that it's just you doing whatever you want, and calling it progress. Yep. And he's trying to do that. He's trying to return us back to what we're supposed to be not trying to move us into some new, something that that's artificial and fake and contrived and forced. You know, this just feels this feels organic to me.

Brian Nichols  18:43  
Well, and this is why, Josie, when we talked about this in the program a lot with our guests here over the past few months, when we're talking about building solutions. And we're seeing right now, this is very well outlined by one of our most recent guests in the the economic constraints theory, Jorge Gonzalez more, and he talked about how technology and he outlined it in in economic terms, how technology plus an Austrian School of economic approach to how we engage in in commerce and such is going to be in plus private property and the embrace of private property is going to be and it has shown to be the best model for human flourishing. And we see with the advancements in technology, and we're going to really see this with web three, you're gonna get away from the illusion of choice, the illusion of freedom, and more. So back to this, as you were saying this, this fundamental one to one, you know, you go you want to go buy a house, right? You don't have to necessarily go through a loan through a mortgage company. You can go and use something like, you know, a blockchain or no, I'm sorry, I'm a cryptocurrency exchange. You want to go ahead and embrace new forms of research for healthcare. We had our friends from the Beckley Foundation and the cure token talking about how they're using Blockchain technology. GNF T is to help with advancing medical research. So you're seeing right now across the board in funding for different projects we had our friends from by the Broncos, they're a Dow, who are trying to literally buy the Denver Broncos by building up this, this this dow getting people across the world to be able to invest. And I mean, the Dow is goal was to aim to raise $4 billion worth of investment and that's, that's something that was never really able to be done before. So we're seeing already right now just in the advent of web three Josie I know that it's already starting we're starting to see a reversion back to this to your point that this way it's supposed to be and I wonder with you know Elon being as forward thinking as he is you see how advanced Tesla has become and it's always seems to be they're the ones who are setting the next stage is almost like when back when cell phones were brand new. And iPhone was you know, they they established as the the industry leader in that everybody was trying to catch up to whatever iPhone was doing well, and then it changed obviously into iPhone was catching up everything Android was doing, but I almost see it as Tesla now Tesla they set the standard and even for the the not Evie vehicles that are trying to embrace some of the Tesla features. And it's a lot of the things that he has brought into the marketplace that wasn't there before because he sees the need. He saw the desire he saw the demand. And you know, I think you know, we could easily see Twitter go that route, maybe go towards something like you know this this web three future the one that I think Jack Dorsey, the founder of Twitter would even embrace. What are your thoughts there, Josie?

Josie  21:31  
I believe we're seeing the pendulum swings. We went hard, emotional left. And with that came a lot of Marxism and communism that snuck in under the guise of progress and under the guise of unity. And we're going to start swinging back. Now when we swing back, we're going to swing towards more intellect, more logic, more reality. More reasons. And away from and with that, hopefully more more Austrian economics more capitalism or it more of that, as opposed to the emotion driven experience that we've literally just been living since they since they repealed and replaced the propaganda act in 2012. So I'm hoping that that we have more of a have more logic, I guess, moving forward. And I can see Elon kind of leading that charge. You know, because he is he does have a high EQ, but he is kind of IQ first. And he is reason first logic person, he doesn't really drive anywhere with his emotions.

Brian Nichols  22:40  
All right, Josie. Well, unfortunately, we are already hard pressed for time. So that means it's time for folks to be able to go ahead and get a call to action where they can go ahead and not only and get in touch with you, but they want to keep the conversation conversation going where they can go ahead and do that. So for our audio listener, where can they go ahead and find you on social media Josie?

Josie  23:00  
You can find me at Queen Josie on Twitter that's paid Wen de o s i e, and that's where I do all my politics. And I'm on Instagram too, with zero politics, all animals and pies and ukulele and fun stuff over there. And that's also Queen Josie KWEN de o s i e.

Brian Nichols  23:23  
Awesome. All right, well, we'll make it easy for you folks. We'll include all that in the show notes. All you got to do click the artwork on your podcast catcher. It'll bring you right to Brian Nichols show.com where you can find today's episode plus you can find the entire transcript all Josie Josie social medias Plus, you can find all 480 Plus episodes there of The Brian Nichols Show. So with that being said, it's Brian Nichols signing off here. Yes for the Queen herself. Josie. Thanks for joining us here on today's episode of The Brian Nichols Show.

Unknown Speaker  23:51  
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Brian Nichols  23:58  
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