Jan. 30, 2023

670: The COVID Conspiracy - UNMASKED

@NickHudsonCT unmasks the TRUTH behind the COVID-19 pandemic and its political connections in this episode of The Brian Nichols Show

Get ready to dive into the political side of the COVID-19 pandemic! On this episode of The Brian Nichols Show, host Brian Nichols is joined by Nick Hudson from Panda, a multidisciplinary organization that provides insightful analysis on COVID-19. Nick reveals that the pandemic is not just a medical issue, but a political one as well. Discover the surprising connections between the intelligence agencies of Western nations and the spread of COVID-19, including the use of fake videos and a plot to keep the truth from the public.

Explore the shocking claims that the COVID-19 pandemic wasn't caused by a virus, but by the spread of panic and hysteria triggered by high sensitivity PCR tests. The conversation delves into the impact this had on healthcare standards, leading to people being isolated, moved from facility to facility, and denied treatment, resulting in increased deaths. The data does not support a viral spread, but instead supports the spread of testing kits.

This episode of The Brian Nichols Show is not just about the COVID-19 pandemic but also highlights the increasing awareness of political and global events among people. Join in as Nick shares his optimism for a better future and the growing number of people waking up to the truth. Don't miss this thought-provoking discussion on misinformation, conspiracy theories, and censorship. Will our message be censored again on social media? Stay tuned!

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Brian Nichols  0:08  
Okay, so we're three years in. And where did this whole COVID thing actually start? Yeah, let's talk about that. Instead of focusing on winning arguments, we're teaching the basic fundamentals of sales and marketing and how we can use them to win in the world of politics, teaching you how to meet people where they're at on the issues they care about. Welcome to The Brian Nichols Show. Well, happy Monday there, folks, Brian is here on The Brian Nichols Show. Thank you for joining us. For another episode, I am as always your humble host, gonna you lie in our Stratus ip Studios here in lovely, lovely Eastern Indiana. Don't let cyber attacks or outdated Business Technology, put your company at risk. Learn more at Brian Nichols show.com, forward slash Stratus ip. And speaking of keeping things safe, oh, man, we have a big conversation to unpack today. And that is talking about where the failings were in our public health world, but also in the world of defense. And we're going to talk about specifically how we got to Yes, where we are today with COVID 19. And this pandemic in it and we're going to ask and hopefully answer that question. Where did this all start? So joining us today from Panda are turning to the show, Nick Hudson, welcome back to The Brian Nichols Show.

Nick Hudson  1:24  
Thanks very much, Brian. It's been a while and I'm very happy to be back.

Brian Nichols  1:27  
It sure has been a while because let's think since the last time you were on the show. You were nuked off Twitter. You pretty much I mean, I had some folks here on panda on the show. But I know you a beer, a few other folks there from Panda work on x. Yep. And then Elon Musk all sudden takes over, we start seeing what happened behind the scenes and all sudden, some good folks like you start popping back up there on social media. So talk to us what's been going on since you were last in the show?

Nick Hudson  1:54  
Well, it's been a lot. And it's been a completely wild journey, hasn't it? Panda, the organization that I'm chairman of continues to perform its work as a kind of multidisciplinary thought leadership organization, incorporating the whole gamut of analysis of COVID, from the basic science through to the political aspects. And I think one thing that has become more and more accepted by a majority of people is that COVID is a political and not a medical phenomenon.

Brian Nichols  2:27  
Well, let's dig into that. Right. And this kind of goes into the conversation about Well, where did COVID come from? And we saw from the very beginning, Nick, if we even ask that question, censored offline D platform, you aren't trusting the experts, you're not following the science. And that speaks to I think, a lot of where we are today with the mistrust. And, frankly, the absolute rejection of a lot of narratives coming from our public health authorities. So I guess we have to kind of unwind to understand where we are today. And how we got here. So let's kind of go back to Yes, the origins of COVID. And this has been a very touchy subject. And I guess we're starting to uncover a lot more that we didn't know, or at least we thought we knew. And we did know, but now we're being proven right. Can you take it a little bit that?

Nick Hudson  3:15  
Yeah, sure. And I think we're at the stage now where for thinking people, it's reasonably easy to say to them that it's not about the origins of COVID the virus, it's about the origins of the COVID narrative. That's where thinking person's attention should be focused right now. So this Project Veritas sting, that's been making such an noise in certain quarters. I mean, it's it's very interesting, don't get me wrong. And I think this kind of work needs to be done. But it focuses on the wrong question that's all about the virus and Gainer function research and all that kind of thing. That is completely irrelevant to the question of the origins of COVID. Because as I say, it's about a narrative, not about a virus. We know very well that many, many countries around the world had high prevalence in 2020 of COVID, very high seropositivity. Almost all countries get the virus, and they have no excess mortality. So that blows up the novel deadly virus narrative. To the extent that this thing was not novel, it didn't matter was inconsequential novelty. And it the thing was definitely not something we should have ever described as Daddy. So I'm parking that we're not going to discuss that in any detail. There's plenty of work on Panthers website, playoffs I've spoken at about about it a great detail in a great level of detail in presentations and other podcasts. So there's blow straight through that and say, okay, so what do we got? And non novel not that non deadly virus, supposedly, again, irrelevant. What we really had that was the problem was a set of extremely punished just means that we're propelled around the world by propaganda. So the origins question is really about the origins of the propaganda. And there there are a couple of points to be made. The first one is that this very notion of pandemic viruses, pandemic deadly viruses, pen novel, pandemic, deadly viruses, had been propagandized extensively before the advent of COVID. We'd never seen one. You can make an argument for 1918 Spanish flu, but it's a very weak one, because that came at the end of one of the most grueling apocalyptic wars the planet had ever seen, that drew in people by the hundreds of million into into a truly Hadean kind of set of circumstances. So to find that the population was in a weakened and federal state after that event is not too surprising, we wouldn't have expected that at any time since then, we haven't seen it anytime since. So we we now have this emergent story of a whole industry, the bio defense industry coming up over decades, they keep on warning the world of the potential for engineered viruses and gain of function viruses, which might emerge from what's called Serial passage research in a lab. That was exactly what that vapid, wasteful other executive from Pfizer was talking about in his drunken ball, Bar Bar Stool conversation. But those this narrative was that it was possible for people to engineer viruses in the lab, and to predict their consequences in the real world. And I firmly believe that that is a bullshit construct, we that that science and technology does not exist. It's one thing to be able to see a mutation, it's a completely different thing to predict what will happen when a virus or a set of nucleotides or a protein with that mutation is is inserted into the real world. And same thing with serial passionate experiments where they note an increase in violence or transmissibility in monkeys or or humanized mice or lab rats or whatever they've got going in their lab, to to observe that change. And to predict that it'll have real world consequences when it ends up in human society is a completely kind of it, it takes it takes a foolish person to make those predictions in any firmware. So that whole the whole narrative, which undergirds the at least the viral aspects of the bioterrorism bioweapons construct is a failed one. And that's why these guys had to resort to fake epidemics like the swine flu of 2009 Completely effects scenario, like Zika complete effect. They needed to keep their industry going to at least excite some excitement from time to time, and they're as as much as their actual bioweapons research was a failure. Their efforts in the past to excite a hysteria around a fake epidemic also failed. But they were learning their lessons as they went along. And this time around, they're succeeded.

Brian Nichols  8:43  
So yeah, sorry. Go ahead. No, go ahead.

Nick Hudson  8:47  
So what we what we saw at the beginning, that made it very clear that this was that there was some kind of intelligence agency involvement here is that we all saw those videos coming out of China of people like killing over on the streets and dying on the spot. And we all know that that's not our now we know that that's not our COVID works. So those were fake. And they went around the world. And it was not that event. The propaganda has videos. That was interesting. But what is even more interesting, interesting is that the intelligence community of the Western nations did nothing to stop it. And that meant for sure that they were in on the game, no question. They're incompetent and incapacitated organizations in many places, but they're astonishingly well funded. And a simple thing like this was well within their remit and well within their competence to deal with. And that they chose not to, and that meant that they were in on the game. You don't need 5g. Experts say about your Wu Han viral research being funded through dark money pools through eco Alliance and all that kind of stuff we don't need To prove that Fauci was lying relentlessly in front of in his congressional testimony and so on. That may all be the case. But we need none of that to detect the intelligence agency involvement. We also see from FOIA documents, emails, how it was, indeed, the spooks, who were the first ones to contact the virology and pandemics industry and to tell the leaders of that organization that falsely that there was a bio weapon on the news that they couldn't let that be known because the general population would panic are convenient. So I've got the virologists and and the epidemiologists are moving and excited and doing their thing. This is what they kind of live for what's the purpose of their existence is to one day fire to deadly pandemic instead of just sitting in darkened dusty studies, mulling over sequences of Trump genomes. And they were very successful in scaring the living daylights out of the virology community, who then went and scared the living daylights out of their politicians. I think that's kind of one part of the origin story, that little chain of events looks fairly clearly to be the case. The part that I set when the part of the beginning that I don't want to allow to sort of drift away is that I said, they said there was a bioweapon. But I believe that they knew there wasn't one. They knew there wasn't one. And that is where the story as far back as you can go with certainty, you So to summarize, you have this industry that's been set up to find potential methods to generate buyer weapons and to defend against them, it produces around zero over many decades of research, because it's based on false premises, which we can go into just now. They're sitting there waiting, they've tried to get things amped up in the past, this time, they want to do it again. And the opportunity presents in somehow, in 2020. Now, I don't even think they need a virus when the extent to which they're managed, the propaganda. And the the flow of information was so profound, that I think you could do this at any day of the of any year. With any law any circulating back every year, we have something that's more prevalent than something then the other things, and if you just said, look, we've got a mold. This year, it's a more dangerous version of the adenovirus, or the rhino virus or RSV, or influenza or whatever the case may be. You just told everybody that and then started testing using these ridiculous PCR tests that are jacked up to stupid sensitivities, so that they'll detect just about anything and anything. Then you've got a pandemic and a panic and hysteria, and people will die because you will cause changes to be made, not not to what the disease burden is, but to the way healthcare is dealing with them. The standard of standards of care all get messed up, people start being isolated, which is bad for them, people start being moved from facility to facility, which is bad for them, particularly as they're old. And people start being denied treatment, whether it's early treatment, or general treatment doesn't matter. If you deny them treatment, they will suffer. You could if they if you do what the World Health Organization didn't advise against the use of antibiotics, then people will die. If you stick people on ventilators, they will die if you dose them with remdesivir, they will die. So endless is the list of, you know, worsening in standards of care. And when you have that people will die. And that's what happened. This was not a case of the deaths following the spread of a virus. It was the case of the deaths following the spread of a PCR test and a panic. And we can see that very robustly in statistical science. A viral spread, will leave a tail tail trace in the data, a bit like the way you drop a stone into a pond, you'll see ripples, we can't see those ripples. They're not there that do not exist in anybody's granular data. So what we did do see on the other hand, is the spread of testing kits. And that's what we encountered was testing into an array, an already positive community of people, followed by panic and changes in the standards of care in hospitals all around the Western world. And what followed that was death. So that's, that's the setup. You can do this anytime of the year. Now the question is, was there any apparatus sitting above On the intelligence agencies of the West, that's number one. And number two, what was the involvement or the relationship with China? Because it was where this stupid stupid idea of lockdown stupid from a public health perspective, of course, it could be a fairly intelligent idea if you have if you're an evil. Somebody's trying to launch an epidemic form monetary reasons or for reasons of political agenda. But it's a stupid idea locked down. So it originates in China gets picked up in Italy, for reasons which are increasingly understood, but which I think we won't have time to go into. And the question is, whether that was by arrangement, or by mutual alignment of interests, or whether China was manipulating the intelligence community's of the West, as Michael singer suggests, or the other way around, that there was a kind of, you know, what do you call it a double? Spy? What is that called again?

Brian Nichols  16:11  
Oh, no, double agent,

Nick Hudson  16:13  
double agent. Yeah. There's a double agency kind of situation going on where that's the Western intelligence, communicate, community community, manipulating the CCP. That's, that's where I sort of stop and I I say, we don't I wouldn't like to make any firm predictions in that regard. But the other thing, that and the other part of it is, yeah, there are there are signs actually, that there was a laboratory something whether in this in in the virus, as I said, I don't think it mattered much. But that in itself is well, how did that come to pass that there was this little bacteria like Furin cleavage site suddenly spread around the world? And when was it actually released? I think the the argument for a point origin in Wuhan in some specific time in late 2019, that just doesn't make any sense whatsoever. I don't see any evidence for that. And it's a it's a ridiculous claim, you know, the rate of transmission just as way beyond what is clinically conceivable? And it does, as I say, there's no statistical signal for that. So there was something either that had been spreading considerably earlier. And how the question of how this failure artificial looking element came to insert itself into the virome is an interesting one. That's an interesting scientific question, but not a very interesting political question.

Brian Nichols  17:55  
I guess my question to that will be, do you see any ray of hope, because I've seen at least a lot of folks that were politically agnostic, or dare we say, head in the sand, they weren't really paying attention to what was happening in the world more focus on their day to day suddenly now aware of what's happening, and are much more guarded about what would happen in the future? Do you see any solace in the future saying, hey, maybe some folks are aware of what we experienced, and they're gonna be prepared for next time?

Nick Hudson  18:26  
Yes, I do see plenty of up in that regard. I mean, the fact that I'm even saying any of the that awareness of intelligence, community participation and involvement was a very early thing, right. That was my first thought when I saw these videos, not so much the videos themselves, but the fact that they're spread so virally without any countermeasures,

Brian Nichols  18:50  
very much like Ukraine to if you notice, like the ghost of Kyiv, all those stories, the island of Ukrainian soldiers who told the Russian boat to go F themselves, like all that ended up being fake. And to your point, it all went hyper viral very quickly.

Nick Hudson  19:07  
Yeah, that one's easier to understand. Because that, you know, you can see that this is a nighttime provocation. The story that, you know, Britain woke up one day, you know, got up on the wrong side of the bed and went mad and invaded Ukraine. The way George Soros tries to present it in his articles is just ridiculous. You have to just laugh. There's obvious, obviously a decade long or more systematic buildup in provocation by NATO leading to eventually conflict that appears to have been inevitable and without a fair amount of control as to when they were going to spike it. So they're the absence of intelligence agency. retaliation against misinformation isn't even expected because it's probably the probably the source. So yeah, but it does. It is a warning and at Sir, I think people are starting to wake up. You know, even though we saw that at the beginning, I could not speak about it, I would never speak very seldom speak about it in a very guarded fashion because the audio, there was no audience for that kind of stuff, people would just look at you as if you were mad. Now, you can say that, and people will say, Oh, that's interesting liquid is talking about. And so I can talk about that. Probably everything in COVID that I want to talk about now. And that's because people have come along, people are starting to wake up in sufficiently large numbers. And I'm very pleased about that, because it was terrible to watch the, the, you know, so many stories that were completely ridiculous, you know, the two conspiracy theories, the ones that they that, you know, are actually disinformation, and are actually the machinations of man and crazy people. Those would sort of go uncensored, because of course, there's no need to censor idiots. You only sense the truth. And then you so they spread around. And it didn't look like they were all crazy conspiracy theorists out there. But conspiracies are real, there are ever present there lots of open conspiracies. And that's not a crazy thing to say. I mean, in a way, every board meeting, every boardroom meeting that ever happens on the planet is a conspiracy of very little openness. That we have people conspire all the time, it's a bit of a silly thing to fling around as a as a as a slur. And so now it's a question of working out what alignment of interest they were, and how the what went on, behind or above the level of the intelligence community, if anything?

Brian Nichols  21:49  
Well, that's just the tip of the iceberg. And unfortunately, we can't dig deep into that, because we are already hard pressed for time. So Nick, we will definitely have to make a part two, part four, actually, if you think about it, because this is the third time you've been on the show. So folks, we will include those old episodes in the show notes, make sure you go check those out. Nick mentioned Yes, he has gone on many podcasts outlined everything that you've heard today in hyper detail, in more detail, actually, in some of the earlier cases of the origins of COVID. What we knew when we knew it, and also there was that great talk that you had given back I forget you're like beginning of January 2021. And you were on my show, not even I think was a couple days later, YouTube ended up nuking that video. So you knew that right there things were starting to hit on the buttons that people in leadership and in charge, were starting to get uncomfortable because to your point. Yes, people do not censor idiots they censor the truth. And with that being said, we want people to make sure that they can't censor you. So where can they go ahead and find you? God forbid you ever get nuked on social media? Again, Nick, where can folks continue the conversation with you but also learn more about panda.

Nick Hudson  22:52  
My handle on Twitter is Nick Hudson, CT CT for Captain at Nick Hudson CT pandas handle on Twitter is at Pandita 19. Our website is www.pandita.org. And what I would like people to do is to go and take a look at the work we're doing in this more political area. Because we're well known as an organization for our science and data analytics work which I believe has been vindicated. 30 the time it people who are completely unfamiliar with us can start at my pinned tweet, which is still got that presentation from March 2021, that you referring the one that went viral, and then it was banned on YouTube, that still stacks up everything in it survived. This stood the test of time nothing been refuted. So you can take a look at that to get a sense of the quality of the work and then consider making a donation to fund this work. Because this work of the kind that is not being is not going to be done at our universities or institutions of public health or politics because they're as captured as the very worst pharmaceutical owned drug approval people at the FDA. So please do consider making a donation no matter how small. We have a well governed organization with proper controls in place nobody on the executive and director level gets paid. It's a not for profit organization. So a extremely high percentage of the money donated actually goes towards doing the work that people hope for us to do.

Brian Nichols  24:26  
Good stuff. Well, we'll make sure to include all that in the show notes. And yeah, that's one of the benefits by the way of speaking truth always is that you don't have to worry about having all the stuff that you've put out there being retracted or having to be corrected because, yeah, we were actually following the science. We were looking at the data and I go through and I have three years now worth of podcast episodes. And I don't think that there's one podcast episode I've done, where I've felt that what we put out wasn't gonna stand true today and it still is true. So I think that's to your point, something that it really speaks to people All right, Nick. So with that being said, thank you folks for joining us. This is an important conversation and do me a favor. Do Nick a favor. Help spread the word by sharing today's episode. And when you do, please tag yours truly at BT Nichols liberty and go ahead and tag Nick as well. We'll include all those links in the show notes. Plus, you can find all 670 other episodes of The Brian Nichols Show where we've dug through so many different aspects of the the COVID conversation from business owner perspective to the science conversation, political conversation, all that in between all those available at Brian Nichols show.com And by the way, if you're over there and you're getting some value, you want to go ahead and rock the The Brian Nichols Show swag, we can go ahead and get some awesome stuff like we have our good ideas don't require for snapback hoodie that I'm wearing today, as well as so many other things, garden signs, bumper stickers, you name it, we have it use code TBNS at checkout, and you'll get 10% off Oh, we have a really good one too. It's called stop trusting government bureaucrats. That's a good sure you can get over there as well. But that's all we have for you. And that being said, Brian Nichols signing off. You're on The Brian Nichols Show for Nick Hudson from Panda. We'll see you tomorrow.

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Nick Hudson is an actuary with broad international experience in finance, who has settled into a career as a private equity investor. He is a man of wide-ranging interests—an avid reader of canonical literature, a classical music aficionado, and an enthusiastic amateur ornithologist. He has been invited to speak on various topics including epistemology, corporate governance, investment management, and more recently, the pandemic.