Sept. 20, 2022

588: Good People Bring Out the Good in People - The Importance of Community, Shared Intel, Knowledge Exchange, & Support

I've known Remso for about a number of years and have been thoroughly impressed with his ability to connect with others and create meaningful relationships with them. This quality is what drove him to start Club Memos—a group dedicated to connecting like-minded individuals who want to be part of something bigger than themselves.

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On today's episode, I'm joined by Remso Martinez to discuss his new Substack venture, "Club Memos", that focuses on creating a community of good people.

As we talk about how he got started, Remso shares his thoughts on how communities can help us grow and learn from one another. We then move on to discuss how he came to the conclusion that there are some things you can only learn through experience, which is why he believes that when it comes to knowledge exchange, it's important to share what you know with others so that they can benefit from your experience.

We also talk about the importance of having shared intel and knowledge exchange within our communities in order to help each other out in times of need. The more people who are part of your community means there will be more people who have access to the information you have collected over time. This makes it easier for them to help themselves out when they need something specific or just want support from someone else who has been through something similar before them.

I've known Remso for about a number of years and have been thoroughly impressed with his ability to connect with others and create meaningful relationships with them. This quality is what drove him to start Club Memos—a group dedicated to connecting like-minded individuals who want to be part of something bigger than themselves.

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Brian Nichols  0:02  
focusing on winning arguments. We're teaching the basic fundamentals of sales and marketing and how we can use them to win in the world of politics teaching you how to meet people where they're at on the issues they care about. Welcome to The Brian Nichols Show. Grinding if you're on the Brian, thank you for joining us and of course another fun filled episode. I am as always your host coming to you from the Stratus ip Studios here in lovely Eastern Indiana. Don't let cyber attacks or old technology slow your company down Learn more at Stratus or schedule a consultation at Brian Nichols forward slash Stratis Stratus ip Business Technology simplified All right, folks, on to today's episode I am so looking forward to this conversation because we're not only having a great podcast host here on the greater we're libertarians network here on the program today. But he is a dear friend, the one and only Renzo Martinez. Welcome back to the program, my man,

Remso Martinez  1:02  
you know, people spread a rumor that I died. Really you didn't die? That was those reports were greatly exaggerated.

Brian Nichols  1:09  
Well, where did that come from? This is news to me.

Remso Martinez  1:12  
I you know, you miss one episode of a podcast like I did the last couple of weeks and people absolutely lose their minds. And I don't know whether it'd be flattered because people were worried or worried because of the people who were worried. I was like, I didn't know you were paying that much attention. It just just bugger off now.

Brian Nichols  1:32  
Well, how have you been? You're obviously not dead, which is great. And yes, the reports of your death were in fact greatly exaggerated greatly. Talk to us rams, though it's been a little bit since you've been in the program, what's new in your world. And specifically, I guess let's also focus on the world of on the run with Renzo Martinez, and then also rumors you have a new venture that you've been focusing on talk to us about club memos as well.

Remso Martinez  1:56  
You know, Brian, when when I started on the run a couple of years ago, the joke is that it was intended to be a travel show, because that's actually what it was supposed to be. Then things got really weird. China released a bio weapon that Fauci also created, we can't get into that for you know, many reasons, praise Comala. But, you know, I had to shift the focus, because one of the things I also wanted to focus on was, you know, how can we achieve the freedom we dream about in our lifetime and by post lockdown standards, you know, wanting to live your life peacefully, you know, collect rainwater not have your entire online presence destroyed overnight, that's somehow became dangerous freedom. So the stuff that we used to consider boring, everyday life that we took for granted somehow became dangerous freedom. So what I had kind of figured out was, you know, people like hearing more about what is going on of my life, how I'm achieving these things, my personal life and my professional life, there's really very little to distinguish one from the other. I've been very blessed. And I've also been, you know, at times, I push my neck out far too often, as I jumped into many different things, but that's just the life I chose. So fast forward. Now, what do we have, we have a world that is drastically different than the world that we grew up, it's drastically different than the world we had just a couple of years ago. And the thing that I'm trying to get across to people is that the stuff that we talk about, on on the run the stuff that many other much smarter people than I talk about, such as getting your financial house in order, developing new specialized and rare skills, all that stuff, that's not just things that you see on YouTube anymore, those are real tried and true practices. So I set a goal for myself that within 10 years, I would be a millionaire, semi retired, and I would be working for passion and not money, and that I could basically live how I wanted because I wouldn't be behest to other people. Now we're two years in, I'm not a millionaire yet. But during one of the worst parts of my life where I was locked down or had a pay cut, where I had multiple jobs, which is where I moved across the country, where I you know, the the media and others tried to cancel me and other stuff like that, where, you know, I just had many professional bridges burned, I've been able to triple my net worth, I've been able to build networks and communities that I have completely saved parts of my life in many cases. And I have a degree of freedom now, which in a weird way, is greater than when the world got weird. And I want to bring more of that to people because we're at a point now where the everyone knows that the Fed is bad. A lot of people don't care. Everyone knows that. You know, there's there's this global New World Order that calls themselves the WTF the World Economic Forum, and a lot of people don't care. I can't save everybody. But what I can do is I can find others like myself network of them and we can build each other up, because times are only going to get harder. And I'm lucky that I got through in the last into the last couple of years where I could make some very, very dedicated changes to my life. And I've been able to get through some extremely difficult times that would have not only broken me a couple of years ago, but broken many other people. And if I could bring others on that path with me, that's what I'm doing. That's why I've done the on the run my podcasts, that's why I've done my on the run newsletter. And that's what I'm doing have some other projects I'm currently working on. Yeah,

Brian Nichols  5:31  
well, and we've talked about this on many podcasts in years past, right. And it's great to to see the evolution, not just of the liberty movement across the board from where you and I first kind of started things off together. But also, you know, where you and I started and where we are today. And I love to see not so much the things that we were saying that we're saying today that are consistent, but I also love to see the areas that we've grown, we've changed, the focus is we've taken and I think maybe and this is at least my approach, I looked at old Brian, old Brian was much more in the mindset of we can make a political difference, which I think you know, it's still true, I think we can make a political difference. But it doesn't mean anything if you yourself aren't ready to make a change. Because if you're trying to put yourself when you're not in a good spot in your own personal life out on a platform where you're trying to change the world, what are you doing, you can't you can't expect to change the world if you have not yet changed yourself. And I think it's great to see not only you take that approach now, specifically, as you mentioned, with your show, but also with this new venture over on substack that you're going to be focusing a lot more on but also we're seeing this you know, I think across the board, a lot of noted Liberty folks from Jason Stapleton to mark Claire, and then all those in between have really started take this much more personal development approach to bettering and advancing liberty, whether that's the end goal or not, that ends up being one of the most important aspects that I think a lot of us have not focused on. When we're trying to do this whole sell Liberty thing. It starts with us it actually being not just a great product. But being a good sales team. You can't have your sales team coming into the office. Here's the gross analogy smelling like booze every single day. Now, is that the same as us in the liberty movement? In the past, it kind of was right. We had the proverbial folks with the boots on their heads and it made us not look serious. So we have to take ourselves seriously before other folks will take us seriously, which actually funny enough for him. So speaking of old episodes, I think I said that on either episode one, or Episode Two when I was critiquing the old vice chair at the time, Arvind Bora, but that's for folks who want to go check that out. That's like in the archives, Episode 220 18 all the way back in January. So yeah, go find that. But otherwise Renzo, talk to us about club memo in specific terms, because I know there's a lot of different aspects that you're kind of bringing to the table here that are so important when we're trying to actually build a cohesive movement. And it starts with us having a more cohesive movement, and really focusing in that community aspect. Talk to us about that. And on some other other aspects there at Club and most.

Remso Martinez  8:12  
Yeah, so club memos is an exclusive feature I'm offering for folks that go ahead and subscribe to my substack, which is REM I don't realize when it happens, but within the past six months, not only did I have a giant rise in a number of subsets, subscribers, but also the number of people that were actively opening up and reading and clicking through stuff on my email list. And within the past three months, I became one of the top 10% performing newsletters on substack in terms of growth and output and actual community engagement. And it freaked me out because like I started back in 2015, in the political in the political sphere as a blogger, and then I went into podcaster. And I kind of find this as a step somewhere in the middle because I primarily use it for promotional purposes. But what I wanted to do with my substack was turn it into more of a news aggregate to also keep in direct contact with people. I had 27,000 followers on parler. I deleted my parlour account about a year ago, but I still have you know, my my quickest way to get in front of people guaranteed isn't Facebook isn't Twitter where I've lost over 1300 followers in the past five months. It's not Facebook where I've had like, net two people follow my page and stuff like that my Instagram actually blew up OCR underscore Renzo, since January, I've hit about, you know, 3200 followers on that new Instagram. So that did great, but it's only a matter of time before that goes kaput or something. So I found that my substack was the best performing tool I had. But the biggest thing that really started you know, communicating to me more as a person is people want to feel like the information in the in the news that they're actually getting matters and directly impacts them. But it's not just about finding about you know, finding out about things after They happen, what if I could get the information that's being suppressed by the media or being suppressed by foreign governments? What if I can actually go into those trusted sources and get you the warning bell before it goes off for everybody else, because I knew about the food shortages going back to October of 2021. And now that's hitting people. In January of this year, I went ahead and told people listen, the stock market is going to eventually crash, they'll say it's fine, but recession, but the inflation is not going to end. And we will have a recession and or major depression by the end of the year. So the people that listen to me and the people that read my newsletter, were actually able to prepare for that. And I'm not saying that, you know, they're living with, you know, daffodils and daisies and shit. But like, you know, they can afford gas. And they're not worrying about access to food and stuff like that, like myself. So people actually start to see value in that. But then, I encountered some very, some very personal challenges recently, I had some some family scares. And I won't get too much into that. But long story short, when I needed help, I had a network of people in different areas that could help me, I've always been a pretty introverted person that might surprise some people, I don't naturally like to go out to big things, I don't really like talking to strangers, I try and keep to myself in my personal life. But over the past year, especially as I decide to stay in Wisconsin, after my exodus from DC, I realized that there's no grid to get off of. So you might as well get on as many grids as possible. And I'm not talking like, you know, joining super secret societies, I'm talking church groups, I'm talking other organizations, you know, I, I had to rely on a lot of people, because I found myself in a situation where it's like, I can't help myself. So who can I tap into who could help me here for professional and personal stuff. And that really showed me that as much as I try and play as a lone wolf in the giant sandbox that is this difficult world. We live amongst people. And there are a lot of people out there that have your shared beliefs that believe the world is a certain way like you do, and are willing to help others if they can trust that you can help them. And luckily, with through these networks, some of them were, you know, organizations and people who I don't have the strongest relationship with, but because we share that bonds, but because we come from a common place where we've dedicated ourselves to helping each other, they trusted me before, I think I even earned it. And that said a lot. And then there were a lot of people that had very goodwill with instilled with, and that really showed itself. So it got me thinking, you know, I've got to connect with people on another level, because I have this great platform. But I can't let turn into many things in the past, I can't have it be a Facebook group, I can't have it be one of these online masterminds organizations that just take people's money. So I thought, You know what, here's what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna spend more time on the newsletter, I'm going to actually tap into more my network of people from DC and around the world who've gotten me the information that has impacted my life before a lot of shit has gone down. And I'm gonna go ahead and charge for why because it allows me more time to dedicate towards this, but also trolls don't pay tolls. So for 10 bucks, not only are you gonna get multiple newsletters that's gonna go into way more depth than we go on the podcast, and even the generic free emails, which will still be going out. But people are also gonna get access to a private telegram group, telegram and signal are some of the only, you know, communication platforms on there that aren't looking inside of your stuff. You know, one of my clients, he's a content creator, big celebrity. And he stopped posting stuff to YouTube about a year ago, he's moved over to sclusively Rumble, not only did this traffic increase immensely, but he was finally able to put out stuff without constantly being attacked for quote, misinformation. Well, he

went ahead and sent me a screenshot from youtube today, where YouTube flags an episode from two years ago, and they hit him for misinformation, and they removed the episode. So it's like, you know, we're we're getting to the point and we are libertarians, experiences and 2021 We got YouTube flags, we got hit by a lot of things, we lost our group, we have to be able to keep in contact with each other, but it's no longer you know, just this playtime LARPing bullshit that we got to celebrate the last 10 years like the difficult times are here, and we have to support each other. So for 10 bucks what I'm offering you as community what I'm offering you is straight sources that aren't going to bullshit you from my network of people in media, in politics, in the defense sector, in many things if you listen to on the run, and if you've read my newsletter, you understand that I've got a I've got a hand in a lot of stuff not to toot my own horn by did so because one I get bored easily. But Sue it's like this is the world we have to be in everything is colliding. And if we don't know who to trust, and if we can't trust each other, then things are gonna get really difficult because I found myself in a very, very difficult situation where I woke up and said sometimes I can't help myself. But God it got it got easier when I got other people to help me. So if we can just come together in one way. And I mean, I'm not I'm not selling people, you know, products. I'm not selling courses. I'm not, you know, giving out club memberships, you know, pins and jackets and stuff like that. But if you don't have any network, if you're just by yourself, you got to get on at least one you have to have some community somewhere that at least gives kind of a shit about you. Because to just be a modern man right now is difficult enough. If it was difficult for me, I've seen a lot of people who they're gonna get screwed the next time something bad happens, not just, you know, big things like a lockdown. But what if something happens to a family member? What if you lose your job? You know how many people I've helped find jobs this past year. You know how many people I had to ask to help me find jobs and stuff like that. Networking matters. And you got to get on as many grids as possible. Because this idea of you just being a lone wolf getting off the grid and a literal and metaphysical sense that a metaphorical wall am a physical if you won't get weird about it. That just doesn't that just doesn't exist anymore. So when I'm offering people just one level of that,

Brian Nichols  16:01  
yep. Well, and you know, speaking of big groups, by the way, God pay the bills, I saw a big group. When we were down in Florida, we went to Young Americans for Liberty, and got to hang out with them. And by the way, if you want to be a part of a big group, like the amazing folks over at Young Americans for Liberty Well, I have a great opportunity for you to jump headfirst into liberty movement and make a real impact Young Americans for Liberty is currently recruiting campaign field staff to help elect pro Liberty candidates across the country. As part of Operation win at the door. These principled candidates are dedicated to fighting for gun rights, keeping our troops home of parental rights and education CJR ending our sense of spending and many other winning Liberty policies. And of course, when I say winning, I mean it the work speaks for itself. These are the guys that pass constitutional carry in Indiana, Texas and Alabama, fought the lockdowns every step of the way, all while helping make Liberty win. So if you want to help make a difference, and get Liberty candidates elected across the country, and be a part of the fight to actually make an impact in our insane political climate here in 2022, you can join one of these campaigns now through November 8, gas entirely covered housing fully provided and you'll be compensated a total of $2,800 a month for your work on the campaign trail. interested go to the Brian Nichols forward slash y al to apply and make a real change in this country today. That's Brian Nichols., forward slash ya l let's make liberty when Brian Nichols forward slash why a L All right, Renzo, you're building a platform, we talked about the importance of folks having a network, but I think it's also important for folks to have an understanding of what's working right, and you go back to the lone wolf, right, that works to a point, right, you have to be able to measure yourself against somebody else. And if you're constantly looking at those that you used to associate yourself with, and let's just be real, right, as you go through life, you should be changing that the folks that you associate yourself with as you're looking to advance, and you should be hoping to surround yourself with others who are looking to advance themselves as well. I know my sphere of influence has completely changed over the past five years, my circle of friends has changed over the past year, two years, especially with COVID. But for a lot of those relationships, I look back and I kind of like yeah, you know, I'm actually really glad that they've changed because you look at where those people are and what they're looking to accomplish in life. It's a big question mark, where are they? What are they looking to do? Do they even know? Do they have motivation? Do they have desire ambition? Do they have anything that they really stand for on principles on values on morals? And the answer across the board is pretty much no, not really. They'll definitely stand up and go against you when it comes to, you know, having issues with regards to let's say, you know, you standing against the COVID lockdowns, but then they'll go ahead and write snarky remarks on your Facebook comments and then not talk to you for two years. But that's a different story. Renzo, it is important, though, to surround yourself with other people that you can look to and kind of compare yourself to, from a standpoint on those things that matter also. And I talked about this all the time here in the show, surrounding yourself with good people, good people, bring out the good and people that's inherently something that we believe you're in the program. It's something that you know, I think any organization group of folks out there they need to have at the center of their organization or community group, whatever it is the idea that a good people bring out the good people, so bring more good people into your movement. And that's frankly, what you're doing over at your substack thank you for that. And, you know, also thank you for what you're doing in your podcasts. You're bringing a lot of different perspectives to the liberty movement when it's so desperately needed. So there's a lot of stuff there that folks can go ahead and start to digest Renzo, talk to us where they can go ahead and find you. They want to continue the conversation but they won't go ahead and join Club Mo is what's the next steps on their end?

Remso Martinez  19:58  
Hey, I'm gonna keep it simple. Just Red That's Ari I put out emails almost daily at this point, a lot of it is the projects I'm working on episodes of the podcast. But it's also free tools. I went ahead and sent out an email last week, I've had a lot of clients because I do one on one coaching for a side hustle creation and stuff like that, where I found a site that offers you 10 industry respected digital marketing certifications, from email marketing, social media, marketing, to marketing fundamentals, all free all respected, stick it on your resume, stick it on your LinkedIn, I sent that out to people, I'm trying to help give people the tools they need to go ahead and develop themselves into more resilient people from a monetary sense from a spiritual sense on a lot of these things. Because, you know, you learn a lot about people when they're pressure tested. You know, it's, it's gotten to the point where I care less about what little label you put after yourself while I'm on whatever. And it's more like listen, were you for against the lock downs of 2020 Were you for against the mask mandates were you for against the forcible vaccination or were you for against forcing people out of their livelihoods because of media hysteria and government lies. Because if you say that you you're you against that you're an ally. And I've had to really broaden my horizons with a lot of the people that I typically wouldn't have wanted to partner with, or work or speak to. So if you're for that, if you understand that, listen, time is ticking, and everyday is only going to get harder, but you can have access to even more information, you can have direct contact with me because, you know, I'm not saying this to be cryptic or anything, I'm gonna limit my public opportunities for people to speak to me. I don't have time for a lot of people right now. Because a lot of people are just trying to waste time they're trying to start fights, I don't have time for that I'm going to be drastically limiting my social media interactions within the next year. Because it's getting to the point where I have to surround myself with people I can trust because things aren't getting easier. It scares me and I think I've done a lot of work but I was sitting down with a guy business I bought into where we were, we're part of the investors there we are getting a beer. This guy's a multimillionaire owns several properties could easily like flee the country if you wanted to. And he straight up told me he's afraid of what's going to happen. So when guys like that who are like 10x, or I'm at are worried, that means I still have to worry. That means if you're not even at the point where I'm at right now, where you can work remotely, where you have multiple streams of passive and active income, where you have a strong network it nationally and internationally. Things are gonna get really tough. And the next lockdowns, I'm gonna say it here, the next lock downs will not be temporary, they will be permanent, and they will be worse and they will be far more invasive than they were last time. So we might as well get ahead of it winter to combat it, learn to help each other while we can. I'm charging just 10 bucks a month, just for that, just a little bit of that to get you started. If you don't have 10 bucks for that you've got more problems, but maybe free content from on the run, we'll be able to help you on the run from that. That'd be Martinus.

Brian Nichols  22:59  
Awesome. Well, Ramza, my friend, thank you for joining us. It's always a pleasure to have you on the show. But also just to connect with you. You're a great person and I folks, I cannot recommend REM Zoes content, his brand new substack venture enough, please go ahead support him. I'll make sure we include all those links here in the show notes. And otherwise, my my ask for you today audience member of The Brian Nichols Show is to please number one, go ahead and give today's episode a share. And when you do, please go ahead and give yours truly a tag. I know Remco is going to be going ahead and changing up a little bit of how he's approaching social media. So please go ahead and tag him before he disappears for too long. And then also folks, if you want to go ahead and support The Brian Nichols Show well, please go ahead and head to Brian Nichols forward slash support where you can either a help us grow by becoming a superfan over on Patreon $5 A month or number two you can make a one time Pay Pal donation $5 $10.20 bucks, whatever it may be. Every bit goes into The Brian Nichols Show helping us grow helping us have more folks on the program like REMSA to do what we have you educated, enlightened and informed. But with that being said, thank you for joining us on today's episode. With that being said, it's Brian Nichols signing off. You're on The Brian Nichols Show for the one and only Renzo W Martinez. We'll see you tomorrow for listening to The Brian Nichols Show.

Unknown Speaker  24:19  
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Remso W. Martinez

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Digital marketing expert and podcaster.