March 21, 2023

706: Big Changes Coming to The Brian Nichols Show!

Big Changes & Exciting News - The Brian Nichols Show's Revamp!

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Are you ready for some exciting news? The Brian Nichols Show is changing for the better!

In this episode, Brian explains why he is reducing the number of episodes per week from five to three, and how this will benefit you as a listener. He also reveals a new structure for his episodes, featuring longer form conversations with guests behind a paywall on hisPatreon page. If you love the show and want to support it while getting access to even more valuable content, this is your chance!

But don’t worry, the show is not going away! Brianis just adjusting his schedule to make room for his first child! He wants to be a great dad while still delivering quality content to you. That’s why he decided toproduce fewer, but longer episodes per week. This way, you can enjoy more in-depth discussions with guests without feeling overwhelmed by too many episodes.

And if you want even more content from The Brian Nichols Show, you can become a patronandjoin the Patreon page. There, you will find exclusive content from each guest that is not available anywhere else. You will also get access to more one on one conversations with Brian where he shares his thoughts and opinions on various topics. By becoming a patron, you will be supporting the show and helping it grow!

So what are you waiting for? Tune in to this episode of The Brian Nichols Show and find out what’s new and exciting! And don’t forget to subscribe to the Patreon page if you want more value from the show. You won’t regret it!

The Brian Nichols Show is all about educating, enlighteningand informingyou on how to sell liberty to the masses. Brianinterviews experts from various fields and industries who share their insights on how to apply sales and marketing skills to the world of politics. Whether you are a libertarian, conservative, or centrist, you will learn something new from every episode.



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Unknown Speaker  0:00  
some big changes here at The Brian Nichols Show, but some good changes. Let's talk about that. Instead of focusing on winning arguments, we're teaching the basic fundamentals of sales and marketing and how we can use them to win in the world of politics, teaching you how to meet people where they're at on the issues they care about. Welcome to The Brian Nichols Show.

Unknown Speaker  0:17  
Wow, happy Tuesday there, folks, Brian Nichols, here on The Brian Nichols Show. And thank you for joining us on a horse. Another fun filled episode on him. As always your humble host joining you live from our BNC Studios here in lovely Eastern Indiana folks, our recession is right around the corner, you feel it, I feel it, and your customers are feeling it. So make sure your sales strategies are up to snuff. Learn more by emailing me at Brian at Brian Nichols. Folks, yes, we in fact have some very big but very exciting changes taking place here at The Brian Nichols Show. And I wanted to share it with you directly because it impacts you You are the loyal audience has been joining us here since way back in January of 2018, when The Brian Nichols Show was just a wee little podcast starting out with episode one. And I don't even know what Phantom Menace I was at that point. But when we went to where we are today, which is 700 plus episodes later, I look back and I just sometimes shaking my head saying No wonder I'm so tired and have so many gray hairs, which I keep my hair short. So you guys can't really see that too much. But with that being said, life happens, life takes place for all of us and yours truly included. And with that, I'm gonna be a dad. So being a dad obviously is going to take a lot of my bandwidth compared to the bandwidth I was already short with to begin with. So with that being said, some changes here at The Brian Nichols Show, and they're good changes. And they're just gonna be a little different for both you and for me. So starting off the elephant in the room, the show is not going away, the show is still living on. I've heard some folks who were concerned when I said I had some changes coming down the pike, don't worry, no, the show is very much still going to be around. And we're still very much talking about the issues you care about leaving folks educated, enlightened and informed. But we are going to change the amount of shows we do. So I have heard consistently from folks that they love the show, but they just don't have the chance necessarily to listen to all five episodes per week. And, frankly, it's a lot of work putting in five episodes per week, where you're sitting down with guests, you're having to prepare for all those interviews. And you have to know what you're talking about before you sit down with your guests, you kind of know where the conversation is going. That all takes time takes energy and effort, which I love doing. But with a baby on the way I have to use my time efficiently. So we are going to be narrowing down the number of shows we have here on The Brian Nichols Show from five to three per week. And with that we are doing a lot more behind the scenes over on our Patreon because I still want to give you guys value, I want to give you content. But I also want to make sure we're doing it in a way that makes sense. So to start out with the show, the episodes that you've grown to know and love where we sit down with noted folks across whatever industry or field of expertise they are noted in, we're still gonna have those conversations are gonna be great conversations as they have been. The thing that's gonna change though, is instead of five episodes per week, obviously we're going under three. But also those conversations will be a little bit more long form. We've done our 20 minute episodes or so here on The Brian Nichols Show pretty consistently now for the past few years. And while they are short, succinct episodes and they get their point across I find myself sometimes I know you find yourself many times I hear the emails here, read the emails, I hear your complaints, complaints, suggestions, whatever you want to call them, where you say, I would love to hear more from that guest. Where can I hear more from that guest and to that point, I really didn't have an answer, we didn't really do anything to give you more content from that respective guests now, my Patreon and to those who have already subscribed to the Patreon, thank you for supporting the show because you are really what's helped keep the lights on both figuratively and I guess spiritually speaking, keep me motivated. But with that being said, I wanted to give more to you guys, I want to give more to those who are supporting the show financially. So going forward, we're going to be going to have more long form episodes with these guests. And the longer form part of the episode will be behind the paywall over on Patreon so if you are getting value from the show and you have been getting value from the show and you want to see more of these conversations a little bit more in terms of digging deep into the different topics we're bringing these guests to the table to talk about whatever the Patreon is, we're gonna be doing a lot of that work. And now a word from our sponsors, e a b l e s equals remember that name because if you suffer from chronic joint and muscle pain like me then evils broad spectrum CBD oil is your answer to your prayers evils is truly a game changer in the natural alternatives to Big Pharma drugs and yours truly can indeed vouch for the quality of evils having a

Unknown Speaker  5:00  
herniated disc in my back coupled with years of sports injuries, I was struggling to find something, anything to help manage my pain that is until eagles. And right now Eagles is offering a special discount to all members of The Brian Nichols Show audience on orders, all you have to do is head to and use promo code t be ns. That's it discount apply it again, the code is TB NS at checkout to start managing your pain today with the highest quality CBD on the market one more time it is cool to TBMs at checkout, and also sales and marketing. So yes, that's what we do here at the show. We talk about sales and marketing, how we apply it to the world of politics. Now, a lot of the shows you'll see when we have a guest on more often than not, we're not teaching per se but we're moreso applying what that guest is bringing to the table and showing how the skills that we talk about in the sales and marketing world apply.

Unknown Speaker  5:53  
We've done that. I understand at this point. I hope you understand this point that there's only so much you can talk about when it comes to sales strategies and techniques. Now the stuff will change right as we're going through topic, the topic situation to situation but the principles they are all the same. Now, if you want to go ahead and check out all those past episodes, we've gone through the nitty gritty that the sales and marketing stuff, they're all there, they're all still we have 700 plus episodes, guys, you can go back and check through. But if you really want to see that sales and marketing training, that teaching that we've been doing here on the show, also gonna be behind the paywall there over on Patreon. So if you want to leverage my resources, leverage my brain and ask me questions when it comes to specifics in terms of sales and marketing and how we can bring these ideas to not just your average person, but help them see the value that we're bringing to the table. That will also be over on the Patreon. So behind the paywall to Patreon, what can you expect you're going to find longer form episodes with guests throughout the week, you're also going to find more one on ones with yours truly, and I encourage you to please bring those questions to the table. But going forward, if you really are getting value from the show, and this is going to be kind of my ask to you at this point. I need help. I need you guys to to reach out and show the support. Join our Patreon. If you're getting value if you've been here since the very beginning, 2018 $1.99 a month. Have you gotten $1.99 a month in value from The Brian Nichols Show? I certainly hope so. If you have, well please just take that step but just become a supporter of the show help us as we're trying to grow the program beyond where we are. And frankly, this goes to where we're going. We want to see not just The Brian Nichols Show, this is not me saying this. This is we saying this the team behind The Brian Nichols Show, but also the the greater entities that we've worked with, you know, we want to see what we're doing here at the show in the greater liberty movement have more success. And it starts with us supporting one another. So I want to not just encourage you to support The Brian Nichols Show as we're going into this different transition into more content that's longer form, but also behind that pay wall to help us so we can do more in supporting Liberty organizations, one of the things I've really made it a point to do is to network with a lot of the different Liberty entities out there, whether it's different podcasts PACs or organizations who are cause based, whatever they may be, I want to build up more of a relationship there and also promote those different organizations. But sometimes that requires the financial side of things to do it. Now. I understand the last thing you want another subscription service, I get it, I know I hear you. But if you want to see this content exist, if you're getting value from this, then it requires us to have more than just the views. It requires us to actually back this stuff up with our dollars. This stuff isn't free folks, that the software, the the space that we record in the studio sets, whatever you're thinking about that goes into building and producing a good podcast. Yeah, there is $1 $1 amounts associated with that. So with that being said, we can't do it alone. I can't do it alone. I need help. I need your help specifically. So I'm going to ask you today I am going to emphatically ask you please support the program, whether it's $1.99 a month, $1.99 a month as an entry level audience insider if you want to do $5 a month to be a superfan. Both levels go right back into the show it goes right back into us allowing opportunities to bring more folks on the program to allow me to spend more time doing this if you get value from seeing what I'm doing bringing different guests that to the table talking about the sales and marketing approach to selling liberty. Well I love to see it both from the views but also if you guys do get the value supporting us financially so with all that being said, I know that a different type of episode but I want you to be in the loop where we're going you are part of The Brian Nichols Show without you the show

Unknown Speaker  10:00  
doesn't exist. I'm so thankful that we've had an amazing audience from the very beginning, you guys have stuck with me. And we've grown. We've really grown over the past five years and to see where we are and where we're headed. The sky's the limits, guys. So, you know, I know this is a different type of conversation that we really don't have that much in the show. But I thought it was good for us to kind of outline where things are going now. I originally I had planned on April 1 Being my my date that I would start the three shows per week. But alas, my future child here decided things differently. And she'll be entering the world here at the end of this week. So with that, I had to make a little bit of a change earlier than I expected. So this is a different episode. This week is going to be an episode for Tuesday, Wednesday, no episode Thursday, no episode, because that's the day my little girl should be entering the world. But we'll see if she's gonna cooperate. But then Friday, we will have one of the episodes I have pre recorded here with a great guest. I think we're actually going to do one of our episodes with who was it? John England. There we go. So that would be a great episode for you guys to go ahead and check out but beyond that, I would greatly appreciate some feedback. If you're you know, if you're on board, if you think this is a good idea, a good switch for the show. I want to hear about it. Email me, Brian at Brian Nichols. message me on Twitter. And and also one thing, and this is a jump ball to you guys want to hear your feedback on this. I want to give you a network where you can collaborate, we can work together, we can talk through things. And I don't know what the best. Like what what's the best area for us to do this? Should it be on like Twitter spaces? Should we do something on Facebook groups? somewhere else? I don't know. And I want to hear from you. Where do you think it makes most sense? So I'm gonna go ahead and and you know, as we wrap things up today, just kind of leave it there. Where do you see us having more of a community, we can build that? You know that that sense of sense of being together, right. And this is something I also want to do better as a host, is I want to get you guys more involved, I want to bring more of what you're bringing for value to the table. So tell me what you're doing what you're working on behind the scenes. If you have a libertarian or Liberty based business, bring it to me, let me let me help promote what you're already doing. This is how we have success guys. It requires us to work together. I know. Like we sometimes are like herding cats in the greater liberty movement, but we have an obligation. If we want to see things get better, we have to work together. So I'll leave you there with that, guys. Thank you for sticking with me on a weird episode, a shorter episode. But also, I thought was a really good episode for me to kind of take a step back, tell you what's going on here at The Brian Nichols Show where we're going and just so you guys are on the loop. Because the end of the day, this show doesn't exist without you. The show doesn't exist without the cause. And I really want to make sure that we're using our time and energy and more importantly, what we're focusing on for the future effectively. So with that, that's all I have for you guys. Thank you for being the best gosh darn audience in all of liberty based politics. And if you also want to go ahead and just give me a shout email me Brian, the Brian Nichols Follow me on social media at B. Nichols liberty, Facebook, Twitter. And also we're over on sovereign posting our episodes over there. So if you're on sovereign, please go ahead and give your shoot a follow. But otherwise, folks, that's all I had for you. Thank you for sticking with me today. And with that being said, it's Brian Nichols signing off. You're on The Brian Nichols Show. We'll see you Friday. Thanks for listening to The Brian Nichols Show. Find more episodes at the Brian Nichols Enjoying the audio version of the show, then you'll love our YouTube channel. Be sure to head over there and subscribe. If you're new to The Brian Nichols Show, be sure to head to your favorite podcast catcher and click download all unplayed episodes so you don't miss one of our nearly 500 episodes that will be sure to leave you educated, enlightened and informed. If you got value from today's episode. Can you do me a favor and Edie the Brian Nichols forward slash support and leave us a $5 donation and by the way, have you given the show five star yet? If not, head to Apple podcasts and tell folks why you listen to the program and don't forget to tell your friends to subscribe to follow me on social media at be Nichols liberty and again, if you'd be so kind please consider making a donation to The Brian Nichols Show at the Brian Nichols forward slash support

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