Oct. 21, 2022

611: Fighting for What Matters - Kyle Sefcik, Unaffiliated Write-In for Governor of Maryland

On today's episode, I'm joined once again by Kyle Sefcik, Unaffiliated Write-In for Governor of Maryland!

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On today's episode, I'm joined once again by Kyle Sefcik, Unaffiliated Write-In for Governor of Maryland!

We discuss how he got into politics, what he's doing to fight for what matters and how we can all do the same.

What are some of the issues that are most important to you?

Let us know in the comments below!

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Brian Nichols  0:04  
focusing on winning arguments. We're teaching the basic fundamentals of sales and marketing and how we can use them to win in the world of politics teaching you how to meet people where they're at on the issues they care about. Welcome to The Brian Nichols Show. Hands on. Right writing for Maryland Governor, actually, when we're talking about that, the first though, thank you for joining us on on course, another fun episode of The Brian Nichols Show. I am as always your humble host. Thank you for joining us. Yes, from the lovely Stratus ip Studios here in Eastern Illinois, Eastern Illinois, Eastern Indiana. I'm gonna be up in Illinois. By the way this weekend. If you join us up at the LP state convention, I'll be the emcee. Plus I will be doing their auction at the end of the night with Justin Amash. That should be a lot of fun. So yeah, that's where my head's at with Illinois. But know from our lovely Stratus ip Studios here in eastern Indiana. Don't let cyber attacks or old, slow outdated technology put your company at risk. Learn more at the Brian Nichols show.com forward slash Stratus ip Stratus ip Business Technology simplified folks before we go ahead and introduce actually reintroduce today's guests, I want to go ahead and give a shout out to today's sponsors and this is to other candidates out there but also to small business owners and that is our partner and our sponsor, right strategies. Now if you are a business owner, and if you're a candidate, you know one of the toughest things is to break through and make some noise in the digital landscape. Well guess what, with a proven track record of helping clients win both their elections, but also win in the marketplace. Using smart strategic digital marketing. Our good friends over at right strategies is going to be the perfect partner to help you reach both your election and your business goals because they have an amazing team of experts is going to help you save time, money while also doing so by amplifying your message to win your elections, but also win in the marketplace. They have a great SMS texting tool, and it's going to be giving you an efficient, affordable and smart means to help focus your marketing budget helping you reach 10s of 1000s of customers and voters and allowing you to make a powerful impact on the outcome of your elections and your business growth. from social media management to expert graphic design work to marketing your product or your campaign had even helping you build your brand right strategies can put together a plan that's going to make sense for your goals and do so within your budget. So if you want to learn more about how right strategies can help you win your elections and win in the marketplace had the Brian Nichols show.com forward slash Rs You can get your free political campaign or your free Business Marketing Plan report card. But just please do me a favor and let Morgan and the right strategies team know that I sent you one more time Brian Nichols show.com forward slash RS amplifying your message where voters and customers spend their time All right, folks, I mentioned we have an unaffiliated write in candidate who's running for Governor of Maryland. He is returning here to The Brian Nichols Show. I'm so excited to have him on the program. And definitely someone who I daresay has become a good friend Kyle Sapp, check. Welcome back to the program. My man,

Kyle Sefcik  3:10  
Brian, thank you proud to be back, brother. And before we start, credit needs to be given where credit is due, brother, not just congrats on your show to continue to do what it's doing since we last spoke. But your mean game is incredible. You it has been a beacon of hope. It has been the best ones I've been seeing. I appreciate you, man. And I just salute you on that for sure.

Brian Nichols  3:31  
Thank you, brother. Well, hey, you know what? And okay, I've gotten some some feedback and the memes. And I'll tell you what I've heard from folks is they think that the memes are some of the easiest ways for them to reach, quote, The normies. And the reason being is because nine times out of 10, then the memes are meant to make you laugh, right? And the reason that people end up laughing is because when you laugh, there's usually a hint of truth behind the laughter. So when they see the meme, right, they, when we talk about some sales, once you see it, you can't unsee it. So now they're seeing it, they're laughing, and now you've planted that seed, whether they realize it or not. And if you can get enough people to laugh, you've planted enough seeds. All it takes is more and more time for them to start realizing yet the thing they laughed at that real life thing. It is in fact something that they should be laughing at. But maybe we should start doing something about that thing. So we no longer have to laugh about it. And we can actually pick things better from it. So thank you. I appreciate that. And I really do hope it makes it makes a difference. Yes, sir. All right, Mr. soundcheck, you are as I mentioned in the intro running for Governor of Maryland, and we talked about this when you were last on the show. Now you're running as a writing candidate but you're also doing so unaffiliated, no republicans, no Democrats, heck no. Even libertarians, that seems like it's gonna be an uphill challenge. But hey, you've been doing a lot of fighting it seems both in your political career as well as your professional career. Talk about that how maybe you're gonna have a uphill battle, but maybe you're gonna have seen enough of a chance based on your experience. Yeah, absolutely.

Kyle Sefcik  4:57  
I mean, 111 brother is a I've heard that my entire life when I finally professionally started my own businesses, doing my events, I've always heard from people, you know, Oh, you mean you're going after something big that you sure you can do. And I've always heard that. So what I'm doing now isn't like anything new to me going after things, even with, you know, the haters and the trolls and, and me going against, you know, the establishment right now with everything that's going on. I am in the general election as an unaffiliated candidate, the only unaffiliated candidate for governor in the country, that's got to tell you something that things I've been doing behind the scenes to get to this point past primaries, right here. And as you said, I'm a write in candidate. But do you know why I'm a write in candidate, because I do not belong to the establishment, I do not belong to the party playing their game. So what they're going to do is they're going to have the other candidates that you mentioned on there with the name and the bubble. But what they're going to do for me is put a bubble, put the word right in and put a line, but they won't put my name. How crazy is that? Even though I'm the only other candidate, it's insane. I'm able to be in this election to tell people how it really is how crazy politics really are, how crazy the Board of Elections really are, especially here in Maryland. It is this messed up, they don't want to see somebody like myself, a father, a Christian, a business owner, someone that's been fighting against the establishment since 2020, especially when they tried to close down my businesses put masks on everybody make everybody get a jab, whether they wanted it or not. They don't want me in there. But guess what, here I am, as he right in, I'm taking it as a badge of honor. And guess what we're going to be making history on November 8. There you go.

Brian Nichols  6:34  
And what a start because people are looking for someone to lead. We talked about this in the show, there's a difference between leadership and people blindly following people are looking to be led somewhere by somebody who actually knows what they're talking about, number one, but actually has solutions to the problems that people see. And let's start off there's been a lot of problems we've really uncovered over the past few years here, namely, number one, the government deciding it's going to be the arbiter of deciding who can and cannot keep their businesses open, I think, correct me if I'm wrong, Kyle, but you are one of the main folks out in Maryland, who not only said I'm not gonna go ahead and close my business, Mr. Government, because you've deemed me on a central but also during that timeframe. Your business grew, you were one of the millions of Americans who defied their local governments to find their city ordinances, and actually ended up going ahead finding more successful because you said sorry, government. Screw you.

Kyle Sefcik  7:27  
That's right. I own my main headquarters is in Damascus, Maryland. I own a place called MMA and sport, I'm in pro in 2011 fighting and I opened up in 2012, my first gym, and during 2020, I had the government ideas, other people showing up to my place of business that I heard in every way saying you may not be in your business, you may not have people in your business to make money to, you know, provide for your family. You may not do that. I did not listen. And they came six times within I believe, seven to eight months. And I kept saying no, no, no, they kept threaten me with fines and court. But guess what, I'm sitting here today. And I never we never went to court because they knew if we did, I would win. I'm a big fan of the Constitution. And we were ready. If we went to court, we were going to win and set precedent precedent for the rest of Maryland. They didn't want that. So they backed off. And then they came back and they said, okay, okay, you can stay open, you can stay open. But you everybody has to wear a mask and be six feet apart. Row, we're grappling facility to say that I have it on video, I gotta send it to you later, where it's just me and my child, when they came one of the days that came around Lebanon one day when we weren't open, and I was cleaning or something. And it was just me and my six year old at the time, and they came in and I have no camera. I said, So you're telling me me and my son in my place of business, you are going to try to tell me right now that we have to wear masks? And they said yes, I did not do it. They left they made their threats, whatever never came back. But we stayed strong and did so well. Brian, that I had to open up another spot about 45 minutes down the road. And that happened in 2021 in June of 2021. So God has been good people have seen the truth. And as you know, manage especially in 2020 back when we first kind of started talking and meeting that's how you found out about me a little bit because I was already out in the streets protesting a rally and trying to wake people up like guys this is wrong in so many ways. You know, I'm saying that this if they're doing with this worse is to come and we saw that with the vaccines and how they met you know, I'm saying so we did no one was listening. I was out there protesting a rally with 2030 people showing up all women by the way. I didn't know where the men were bro. But I saw it firsthand. And people are now looking back like Yo, Kyle was there from the start, you know, I'm saying so that's something that has given me credibility. I thank God for giving me that you know the strength and that courage to do that. But I saw it like you did Brian from the start. And it was messed up. I stayed strong. Keep my feet in the ground. And you know what I was willing to take whatever I was willing to take fines, jail, loss of business reputation, whatever it was, man. I'm always going to stand right. Stanford doing what's right.

Brian Nichols  9:56  
We have to I mean, we're in a situation right now. Not yet. As a country, frankly, as a global like society where we have a moment, it's truly a big pivotal moment. For us as a species, we are either going to go towards the route of self destruction or the route towards peace and prosperity, we have the opportunity to choose one or the other. And it seems right now and this is why I'm so thankful we have folks like you out there folks like Shane Hazel down in Georgia fighting the good fight, because we need folks to bring the the energy, but also bring the fight to the folks who are going out of their way to cause harm to Jew do the exact opposite of what they were supposed to do when they swore their allegiance to the Constitution when they swore that oath, when they were supposed to defend the US Constitution, not to to violate it. And we need folks right now to go against those bureaucrats, especially in DC who are completely isolated from the political process. We saw how dangerous it was just over the past few days, when the CDC unilaterally voted that they're going to mandate the COVID vaccine for kids as a part of their mandatory vaccine procedure. Are you kidding me? What is this nonsense? We need people to fight back against these government bureaucrats? And by the way, get your stop trusting government bureaucrat? Sure, over at Brian Nichols show.com forward slash shop, Kyle.

Kyle Sefcik  11:27  
Hey, Ryan, you recently talked with you man as you you mentioned the keywords you say oath you say defend you say constitution, the key things that people are forgetting about, we have people leading our country that you're voting in that have the money have the power to coerce people, and they don't care about the people they're supposed to serve. They look at it as we the people serve them. And it's not supposed to be that way. I'm coming from a stance of man, I've served my whole life my mom and dad told me right you know, I'm in the Bible every day I see how Jesus you know, you know, did his thing and it was from serving and that's truly what I want to do. I'm not made of money I'm not made of power. I'm not made of lies and all these up, I'm really trying to get in there man and do what needs to be done and truly serve rather and I'm gonna go back to what you just said about what the past the other day the CDC was talking about. Isn't it crazy? That it just continues to get worse and worse, but the wait what they're trying to push? I mean, listen, if you want to take the vaccine or not if you believe in that vaccine or not, I am not judging you by your decision but to make other people do just like with the math, we set it from the star bride we said if they do this stuff with the mask worse is coming and here we are man. You know more than ever people are seeing I guess that's a silver lining more that people are waking up, you know, I'm saying but still, bro, if this goes now what's next? It's a it's a it's gonna keep going brother and we need people. And I say this with confidence, not cockiness like myself to truly get in there who will truly give their life and reputation bro. And right here, you guys listening? If anything bad happens to me, if anybody just know that I know what I'm getting into, I know what I'm putting myself into. Okay, so I'm ready to put my life my reputation, my job, my my way, everything on the line to serve our people and to have Maryland be the actual one state in the country that has that representation in the best way. Now I do like some other governors don't get me wrong in the country. But I know that I can lead better you know what I'm saying? So I just wanted to put that out there.

Brian Nichols  13:30  
Well, let's talk about right now some of the top issues not just that you're seeing in Maryland, I think folks are seeing across the United States. Number one, rampant inflation, it's everywhere cost of living has been skyrocketing. Your average mom going to the store trying to figure out how to make the budget fit the grocery bill, and it just doesn't work anymore. The math isn't adding up. I think the most recent number I saw was that your average family is now spending ballpark $600 per month more than they were I think it was this time last year or the time in 2020. I've gotta get that number. Right. But the fact that we are even having that conversation what what is going on? And

Kyle Sefcik  14:11  
I guess the question that folks are asking for their leaders is what can we do? So Kyle, what I have addressed this, I'm one of those people that say hey, listen, I don't have all the answers. So what I do is I go learn from people that are able to prove that so I've been spending time in Florida and Georgia and Tennessee where I just got back from and everything's half the price that it is here, safety and security. Everything's better in a couple of these places that I'm looking at because I need to see what are they doing there that we can bring to here and as somebody who has a small business owner and truly grinding with my family and really feeling the hit of inflation big time, bro you know I'm sitting in an apartment right now my bedroom with two lights on right now doing this interview. You think I don't know you think I'm not one of you guys. You think I don't want to fix this stuff. We need to get to the root of this. And first of all, I'll tell you straight up. The key things that I'm sitting on with my election is safety and security, small businesses, schools and education, but also taxes as well. And when it comes to federally, what Feds what the federal level is doing with taking our money and having and spending our money on, it's insane. So that's just one thing that I just want to be very clear as taxes are going to be going away, especially at the federal level, I'm not saying abolish, but we will definitely be looking at the price tag that the federal level sends our state and we're not gonna be paying, we're gonna be making sure we're focused on our state. People don't realize that there's a Federal Constitution and a state constitution Do you understand like, so people don't realize that as a state, we're able to have like our own little world here if we really want to, and I don't know if you see it, but everybody going along with the tide of the feds and the federal level, if ever other states are getting destroyed, so I'm ready to pull back in our state safe and secure because Ryan, Let's not lie about it. I'm not fear mongering, but the world is not just going to get better like that brother, it's not just going to become safe and secure. Your money's not just going to start piling in your kids are going to be going into school when you know that they're the safest they could ever be. It's not like that anymore, brother, things are getting worse. So I stand one, like I just said, safety and security, you need to make sure that this state of Maryland no offense to everybody outside of our state, but I need to make sure that my home state is safe and secure that your kids are safe and secure. And then we start focusing on those small jobs. How are we going to as a small business owner, you I wonder where my focus is going to be when it comes to businesses, you know what I'm saying as the big corporate and and the government takes all of our money needs to come back to us we need to keep what we have here as well. And then like I said, with taxes, bro, I've already made a promise I will never sign anything that raises taxes. I don't care what it is for. I'm never going to be raising taxes if anything, I'm decreasing it. It's it's getting too out of control everywhere brother and you see it.

Brian Nichols  16:53  
Talk to us now you mentioned there's a few governors that you liked and just for the audience out here cuz they're like okay, it's cuz I'm affiliated. Give me an idea though. Like, who are you looking at out there that are governors right now that you would say okay, he's he or she is doing an admirable job. I wouldn't maybe necessarily mirror all their their politics, but I would at least you know, take things I liked from them. O'Brien,

Kyle Sefcik  17:18  
our favorite, we have to agree Gavin Newsom. Before anybody has a heart attack on

Brian Nichols  17:24  
the 2024, Democratic nominee, we're going to call that here, I'm going to say right now almost gonna guarantee he's the nominee.

Kyle Sefcik  17:30  
Dude, I say I hope that's the case. Because then that will happen. But we saw what happened in previous elections in New Year. So I better not say that because the world would God knows what could possibly happen. But we don't

Brian Nichols  17:42  
want to realize Batman villain as its president of the United States.

Kyle Sefcik  17:46  
But to answer your question, I'm just gonna be honest, and I'm not even jumping on the train I've been about it is the DeSantis I really liked what he's standing for, you know, he's, he's attacked by, you know, by the evils of our country by by the people in control of our country right now for what he's taken a stand on. And he always goes back to that constitution, he always goes back to the parents, he always goes back to protecting these children, bro. And most importantly, he's focused on his state. So that's somebody I've definitely taken a lot of, you know, ideas from knowledge from learning from. So that's, that's the main one that I'll point out right there. There's other ones, you know, with Avid, and that's some of the guys but I'm not going to say that they have the majority. DeSantis is the one that I can say that I've really liked a lot. And it's not like, oh, just because I heard on the thing. I've looked a lot into him. I've talked with a lot of his people. And I haven't been able to meet him personally yet or talk to him personally yet, but I can definitely say I like where he's what he's doing there. Yeah, and

Brian Nichols  18:35  
definitely we've talked about DeSantis many times here on the show, I think while he is not in our grades, right? We're not a big L libertarian show. We're more in this world of small ill Liberty like we're trying to get our solutions into action. How do we do that we do that the most effective means way that we can possibly find that could be the GOP that could be on affiliated that could be libertarian, it depends, we have to be strategic. So with that being said, I look at someone like Ron DeSantis, maybe not as again, my 100% ally, but the very least he is somebody that I completely agree with, like on the important things too. And that's the thing, we have to realize that right? Thank you. Yes, the important things that really, truly matter. And across the past almost three years now Kyle, which is the part that blows me away is that where we're at now is COVID. He was one of the best governors on COVID. Now he did mess up at the very beginning. But he did so and then completely reversed when he got the data. And all of us all of us were uncertain on my show. We had Dan Mitchell back it was April April 2020. And we are talking about what the long term implications of the lockdowns possibly cause more death and devastation than COVID itself. And when we started talking about that this was right when COVID was starting is actually the very very beginning of April. That's right. And it was like all the uncertainty we do didn't know what we didn't know. However, once the data started to come out once we started to figure things out once you had folks like Jay Bhattacharya and Sanjay Gupta doing the Great Barrington declaration that started to open my eyes, a my eyes, a lot of people's eyes to what we actually had to do to fix this to address this. And and with that you saw Ron DeSantis not only listen to the founders and the co author, co authors of The Great Barrington declaration in person to speak to them to hear from guiding a policy perspective. But also he then took that and he corrected the the the wrong action. He took the very beginning. And then going forward, Florida was pretty much a shining example of how best to approach this very unprecedented. I know that that word doesn't mean anything anymore unprecedented times. Because it seems like every headline is an unprecedented headline. But that's where we are today. I I'm reading about it was on Tim cast the other night talking about how apparently Putin threatened to nuke and he tried to nuke but he was he was over ruled by some of his his generals. That was a report that's terrifying. I don't want to read stories about that. So let's get out of these unprecedented times. But anyways, going back to the point here, and that is when we're looking for folks to lead right and I keep on going back to the idea of leadership Kyle, he's looking for folks who can acknowledge when they made a mistake, and good God if you look at any politician out there it's it's so rare to see any sense of acknowledgement when things were done wrong when you do make a mistake. And for for not only him to acknowledge that but then to change the policy correct course. And now Florida, I was down in Florida back for Young Americans for Liberty is revolution 2022. It's amazing. Like even here being an Indiana you just see the like the mentality is just different. And especially going from where I was in Philadelphia for seven years and spending two of those years under lockdown more or less, even though it was a soft lockdown. In many cases where businesses, they weren't all the way shut down, but they go on your head to head your backs passport and wear a mask and stay six feet away from each other. And if you stood up, you had to make sure that you'd like stay away from everybody. It was a whole thing. So it wasn't really like you were living it was it was like you were in constant state of house arrest, which, hey, that I feel like

Kyle Sefcik  22:21  
there's a whole side of people, I feel like there's been a huge split, I believe we can now see, I kind of liked that we've gone through the last three years not that I'm happy about all the bad things that have happened. But um, I the Silverlight makes things more obvious.

Brian Nichols  22:33  
It's more

Kyle Sefcik  22:34  
obvious who's with this? And who's with that, who and I'm gonna say who's of the good? And who's of the evil? Who's of the, I can see who's of the blind, you know, I'm saying and what's happening is I feel like there's these that the left I guess you want to say? Are these bitter, angry, just people that want to see the rest of us suffer rather than truly make things better. They'd rather make things worse. And I've added that that is truly what I've been seeing. And I don't know if you've been seeing that but that's literally what it did. I feel like these people are just so I mean, sadly maybe broken or hurt internally and there's no turning back for them to where they just want to pull everybody drag everybody back down with them. Rather than the hey, let's come together as a people truly make this right. They don't want to say, Hey, I was wrong, which would be certainly listen, if someone comes to me and say, Listen, Carlos, last two years, man, I've been bashing you, man and saying that this was but you know what? I was wrong. You know, saying it's like, yo, it's all good. Thank you. You see it now. That's what we were trying to say cool. You see now cool. Let's move on. If people would just admit it, but there's so deep down in this rabbit hole. We can cost right there. You hit it? Yes. You don't want to get out of it, man. Yeah,

Brian Nichols  23:45  
well, it really quick. It's economics. It's truly economics. It's sunken cost fallacy. Once you've gotten to the point where you are so invested in this narrative, you can't get out because there are you. There are so many. There are so many people that I know personally, professionally. And I've seen them just completely change as people like to manipulate themselves to like twist and contort themselves to fit these ever changing narratives. The science changes good freakin gut. What a like just pardon the expression bullshit excuse. I know, we have some families that listen to this in the car. They're their kids. I'm sorry. But what a bullshit excuse to say the science changes when you're proven wrong when US folks who were saying maybe we should approach this a little differently. And you you folks said that no trust the science trust the experts. And now the stuff that we were saying is being proven right? And you have the audacity to say, Well, science changes to what the things that we said we're going to happen that happened. I'm sorry. Like we're in deep point, right? You want to hear them say? Yeah, you are right, but they can't because they had to buy that narrative for two freaking years to justify what they did. And if they can't buy they can't acknowledge that the entire reasoning behind why they did this, they lose it and it becomes so obvious what they did. Sorry, go ahead.

Kyle Sefcik  25:09  
And that is why we are at where you're at in America in the world right now. But we're focused on America, right? That is why we are at the worst we've ever been. Yep, I we are here, brother is because people like we are talking about aren't just owning up to the wrong and just making things better again, you know, I'm saying like, like, just let it go. But like you said, these people will probably never let it go. And they'd rather bring the whole world down with them, then just to be like, Yeah, we got to stop that, you know, saying, and what sucks about it is the leadership we have now. And today, the leadership we have, and I'm talking about our political figures making these decisions. They are those people. They are these people we're talking about. So we don't have those people in there to truly combat and fight what we're talking about right now, the whole reason I'm running for governor, because during all this, the lock downs and all this crap with masks and vaccines going around 2020 2120 22. And it's not ending it's going it's kind of just getting worse. I realized when I reached out to my Republican people, my Republican leadership, my Democrat leadership, that there was nobody there to help. Nobody wanted to do anything. Nobody did anything. And most importantly, there was no buddy that was a leader, there was nobody strong, they were too scared about, okay, what decisions do I need to make right now so that I have a better chance of winning the next election and not losing this relationship here and not losing money, I still have my bid. That's what they were focused on instead of doing what was right. And I saw that personally, as somebody who is a big deal in my community, I'm not saying like, Oh, I'm popular on Fifth. But I know a lot of people through my nonprofit, my businesses, and you know, the things I do in the community for the last 15 years especially. And I just realized, there was no one there. I even looked at other small businesses that were listening to this leadership, and they knew it was wrong, and they still did it. If you know something is wrong, and you still go along with it. There is no merit to that there is no leadership in that. And that's what I was seeing. There's people that I looked up to Bryan, and they just they just, they just didn't have a backbone. They didn't do what was the noble thing to do. And I just realized, man, where have all the men go? I mentioned earlier when I was doing the rallies and the protests, because it's all I could do, because I'm not in that leadership position to make the decision. So I had to at least get people rallied up and blah, blah. And I and I look around at these rallies, especially the beginning ones, and there was no dudes, there's all the mama bears that knew something was up because their you know, their ears were going up because they knew something was up because they're attached to their children. They're attached more, they felt it, but the man, what where are they? Where are they? You know, I'm saying that's, that's truly how I felt when I was when I made that clear to the viewers is. That's the reason I'm running. I'm not running for governor, because I'm like, Oh, I love politics. I hate politics. I hate everything about it, man. It's where the devil lives. All it's been his hate and in greed and all this stuff coming at me in every way. And then, but I'm telling you right now, the reason I'm running is because I didn't there's nobody there to make the decisions for us that are actually the right ones to do. And I'm going to do that God's put it on my heart, I'm gonna get in that position. I'm gonna finally do the right thing you guys,

Brian Nichols  28:09  
I used to try to, to empathize, I still can empathize with the old mentality of like the folks who are like, I don't want to vote. Because not going to change anything I get, I get the mentality, I understand that. But that that can't like we can't do that anymore. But that that doesn't work anymore. This, this is why we are where we at now. Because, yes, we have a broken voting system. But you know why we're really, we're really messed up right now. It's because we have 50 plus percent of Americans who just don't participate. So what happens? We end up with 40 to 49 plus a percent, we'll just use that as the number. And then you split that in half. That's who's deciding what the direction of the country goes, the majority of the minority, what are we doing? Why are we why are we doing this every for every two and four years, where we're determining the direction our country is going to take. And just do so on a whim more or less and just see every single election cycle, more and more of these corrupt politicians get put back into office. And then they fill these different departments and bureaucratic organizations with lifelong appointees who are going to be there and milk themselves with a government check every single year and they're gonna have a great pension when they retire. And nine times out of 10 their job can be automated by you know, an auto attendant like what are we doing? Go ahead

Kyle Sefcik  29:44  
to your viewers, to your viewers to those listening. That are borderline you know, should I vote should I not one coming from somebody who has been exactly where you guys have been in like not even care that much. You know, I'm saying I'm not I'm gonna be doing their thing. There's smart people are doing their thing right like trust the process as someone who now sees how it really is please take my word for it you can trust me on this when I say that your vote is going to matter more than ever it really does you keep here here and Your Vote Matters well guess what now it actually does because the people that keep controlling these games especially those listening that are more on the libertarian and conservative side that want Maryland to be better because it's about to become full blue I'm telling you that right now the Republican Party here is dead in the water their Lieutenant Governor and Governor don't even get along it's a shipwreck and everybody sees who the real the real libertarian slash conservative and that's me. Okay the Republican Party's dead in the water you are going to have a blue you are going to have a Democrat candidate that believes in all the wrong things and is going to push the Biden agenda if you do not write my name and I'm telling you this right now you're gonna watch this later be like dang he was right I should have when freaking wrote his name now Bob you I promise you right now you are going to have this state be completely destroyed soon if you don't go right in Kyle's septic on November 8 Okay, so to those of you thinking your vote doesn't matter, it does more than ever and I'm telling you now the people that own this game the eat the people especially Maryland that own this political game, those people go vote because they know how it is and they know how to you know I gotta get you they know how to get the people to go vote that play the game unfortunately that's what it is. So you need to understand Your vote matters more than ever

I'm still here brother.

Brian Nichols  31:42  
There we go. I was like that would be a perfect fit for the feds to cut it right there like he's speaking too much truth. We can't have this happen anymore

Kyle Sefcik  31:51  
bro when I did the freedom convoy 2022 The feds role and all my stuff my computers were working my phone wasn't working they showed up with 13 Different agencies on the National Mall. They had like freaking every kind of agency outside my hotel room when I had my family I'm in line with with with three cops on each side it was absolutely nothing I've ever experienced in my life so when you say that stuff it's not like a joke it actually joke anymore. What it's not a joke anymore. Okay anymore so ever since I've been on the radar is running for governor and then start seeing like holy crap there's this young kid 35 years old business owner fighter you know owns a gun company you know works with police works with military has a lot of connection. You know, we got we they started looking at me real quick, especially when I when we brought you know the convoy over to Hagerstown, Maryland. You wonder why they stopped in Hagerstown, Maryland, you wonder why we were based there you guys, I made that direct. You hit me up after it when I made the direct message to the President of the United States. And no matter what they tried to do to stop me, I still showed up there with the only person I was the only person to pull the permit for the State of the Union address for the National Mall. And there I was on the stage that like I said, I wouldn't no matter what they tried to do to stop me and you saw what followed after that with the trucks and stuff like that, you know, I'm saying and what they were doing to stop us so when you say stuff like that, bro, that's been my life. Kind of the last, you know, year year and a half with everything I've been trying to with doing the defeat the mandates walk and all these things. I've been a big part of oh, man, do they want to stop it? Now? I'm not saying that's why my phone glitch. All right. But that you triggered that because I mean, you saw how it just went off because you'd be surprised of everything that started happening. But bro, I'm right here. I got nothing to hide, man. People know people know what I'm about. And if they want to come at me, dude, like I said, I'm ready to leave my reputation. My life, my business is whatever I am doing what's right and standing for what's right,

Brian Nichols  33:37  
Kyle, sef check. So normally, these episodes are like 2025 minutes. So your average listener to the show? Hey, guys, I know we're a little bit over on the host. So we get to do that kind of fun stuff I get to call an audible cuz I'm the quarterback. So I know. Right? With that. Thank you for taking some time with us and joining us and obviously talking not just about what you're looking to do when you're going to take over the government to help us leave folks alone and hopefully reel some things back there in Maryland. But also, you're you're helping us from a cultural standpoint, we talk about this all the time politics is downstream from culture, if you want to see things, in particular policy actually get changed. It requires us to change the way we do things you talked about. The men not showing up. We talked about this a few episodes back what's happening to our men a lot of things and we have to address the root problems of those issues. So it requires us to have that conversation. Now, Kyle, what we're doing here on the program is we're trying to ask those tough questions. But here's the reality, folks, we can't do that without it costing us some some dollars to actually put on what we're doing here. So here's where we need your help. Now normally, the one thing I would say is you can go to the Brian Nichols show.com forward slash support $5 A month over on the Patreon you could come to have a supporting listener or you can go and do a one time PayPal donation wherever you want, but I want to actually give you a chance to get something in return. So I'll go ahead and show with some of our awesome new stuff we have over on our shop over at proud libertarian I am so excited to show you this because I've been working really hard now my my secret passion project Kyle is I like graphic design stuff yeah so almost I'd say like 90% of the stuff you see here on our website is something I've designed otherwise we have Colin Olivia and Hunter when they are two of the the gents that work on my show doing some graphic design stuff. They designed some stuff as well. But let's look at some of our new stuff. So on our Brian Nichols show shop by the way, the Brian Nichols show.com forward slash shop you might check this out. So we have right here our brand new good ideas don't require force hoodie. We have our brand new no farmers no food shirt, or Michael Scott 2024 shirt, which is I'm a big office man. I thought that'd be fun. It's our magic money tree shirt. This one's been selling like crazy here. Let me see open this. So our magic money tree shirt. This one took forever to design because I actually had to go in every single one of those leaves is $1 bill. So I designed that went that was a that was a fun one to do. So I got a magic money tree one and then going back here. We also have new on the shop. You scroll down next. Here we go. So we have our liberty, our liberty legends shirt. So a lot of icons on there. We have our no marks shirt. And then we have our Now that's what I call tyranny Klaus Schwab shirt. What happened in 1971 and then that sweater the good ideas don't require force are meet people where they're at. So Liberty swag, and then the state is the great fiction by which it serves everyone else shirt a friend or best yacht quote. And then again, our magic money tree shirt as well also trust the experts. Yeah, let's trust the right experts. We have our Mises Rothbard and Friedman shirt. So all of this by the way, folks, if you are interested in getting some of this swag, the Brian Nichols show.com forward slash shop. And also, by the way, yes, the proceeds are going to Brian Nichols show as well as to proud libertarians are just you're supporting a Liberty based business and also to help you out as well. If you want, go ahead and get some awesome presents for the holidays, which are a few months away, get ready, use code TBNS at checkout 15% off your order. I hope you guys go ahead and get some value from this and enjoy it as much as I did creating it. And also it's fun to make your friends laugh. Remember, we talked about this in the beginning, Kyle, if you can get someone to laugh once they see it, they can see it. And like the Klaus Schwab one. I mean, this one, I laughed so hard creating this one. Here we go. Like that's, that was just fun, Klaus Schwab. And that's what I call tyranny. WTF. Yeah, he wants to do the great reset. Well, yeah, that's tyranny. All right. That's all I have for you guys. Kyle, Chef, check. What do you have for final thoughts for our audience today?

Kyle Sefcik  37:51  
Well, one, you know, I'm not going in there to take over the government, you guys, I'm going in there to lead. And that means getting the government out of our damn business. That means getting them out of our money, getting them out of our personal lives. That's just what it is. And I want to make that very clear. I'm not coming. I'm not coming in there to rule. I'm not coming in there to conquer and to dictate, I'm coming to get the government out of our business and out of our pockets. Other than that, guys, you can help me out at Kyle subject.com. I need your vote more than anything. I'm not like these other politicians, you guys, you can find that out for yourself. Just look into me. That's all I ask. And other than that, keep me in prayer. You know, guys are taking good care of me as ever since I gave my life to Christ three years ago. I just want to encourage that as well. I'm gonna keep Christ at the top of my life and make sure that everybody listening today, Christ is the answer to everything. So thank you for having me on, Brian.

Brian Nichols  38:36  
Absolutely. One last thing, Kyle, if folks are in the great state of Maryland, it is a right imbalance. How do they go ahead? Do that make sure they're not accidentally voting for Kyle Seth troll or Kyle Sefton or something

Kyle Sefcik  38:47  
like that? So quick education thing for you, even if you spell it wrong, because I'm the only other candidate, the Board of Elections did say if they spell it wrong, do I support do I trust them on this? I don't know. But they said, Kyle, if it's just a K and a wife, so be it. You know, I'm saying if it's SCF, c l k, so be it, we know who you're taught because there's no other candidate. But then I go back and say why can't you just put my name on the ballot? Why can't you just put it on my back on the ballot? Anyways, k YLESEFC Ik, you can visit me a cost center.com Check that out. But other than that, write it in, fill in the bubble and where it says right in Kyle snapchick. And we're going to take the state of Maryland do what's right.

Brian Nichols  39:27  
There you go. All right, folks. Well, if that doesn't get you fired up. I don't know what Well, thank you for joining us. I had a great time today talking to my good friend Kyle sceptic. He's running for Governor of Maryland. And by the way, folks, did you check out we had an awesome episode this week. I can't. I gotta keep on talking about because it airs today premieres today in all MCs across the country that is eternal spring. So I had the director Jason Loftus. Now this movie is Canada's applicant for the Academy Awards for Best Foreign Film which normally I'm like the academy The word okay, but no, I got to pre screen this film. Oh my god, it's absolutely incredible. So the entire premise without spoiling the movie, we go back to 2002. Over in communist China we hear the story of 20 absolutely incredibly brave activists from the Falun Gong movement who fought back against the Communist Chinese propaganda. And they actually hijacked the state media waves to help set the record straight that Falun Gong is not some wild, crazy, corrupt practice, but rather they're just trying to basically practice peaceful yoga more or less and what that entailed the response from the Chinese government but also one of those activists he is the the art the artists for the entire show. He is an absolutely amazingly gifted artist. He did work for projects I think was like YuGiOh Star Wars and another another great noted series, so please go ahead, check out my episode, I had a great interview with Jason Loftus, I will include that link right here if you're joining us below on YouTube. Also, we are over on rumble we are over on Odyssey so wherever it is, you're catching us on our video feed please just do me a favor hit that subscribe button little notification bell so you don't miss any single time we go live and also to paraphrase slash kind of steal the expression for my my buddy there, Tim. Tim Poole at Tim Cass be the notification sometimes, yeah, folks are saying I'm not getting the notification the show's going live what's going on there? Well, you know what help defeat that be the notification, share the show. And that when you do please go ahead and tag yours truly at be Nichols liberty. That's all I got for you, folks. Thank you for an amazing week. And yes, we had an amazing week of guests go hit subscribe check out all of our past five episodes this past week. But with that being said, Brian Nichols signing off. You're on The Brian Nichols Show for the one and only Kyle Steph chick Yes. Running for Governor of Maryland.

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We'll see you next week for listening to The Brian Nichols Show. Find more episodes at the Brian Nichols show.com

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Kyle Sefcik is a father, small business owner, professional athlete, and community servant. He is running as Unaffiliated for Governor of the State of Maryland.