July 18, 2022

547: HERO 22-Year-Old Ends Mass-Shooting - How a Good Guy with a Gun Stops a Bad Guy with a Gun

When a madman with a rifle started shooting at an Indiana mall this past weekend, a good guy with a gun stopped him—and saved countless lives.

When a madman with a rifle started shooting at an Indiana mall this past weekend, a good guy with a gun stopped him—and saved countless lives.


The 22-year-old hero was at the mall when he saw the madman pull out his weapon and start shooting. He immediately pulled out his concealed pistol and killed the shooter.


Unfortunately, three people were killed in this attack, but thanks to this brave young man, many more lives were saved than lost.


Brandon Williamson from Young Americans for Liberty joins the program to outline how this conversation on self-defense is a winning one, with this being a perfect example.


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Brian Nichols  0:05  
focusing on winning arguments. We're teaching the basic fundamentals of sales and marketing and how we can use them to win in the world of politics teaching you how to meet people where they're at on the issues they care about. Welcome to The Brian Nichols Show. there folks, Brian Nichols here on the blind. Another fun filled episode I am as always, your humble host. And guess what? Today we're going to talk about a good guy stopping a bad guy with a gun. How about that not just a good guy, a good guy with a gun, stopping a bad guy with a gun but before we get there, want to go ahead and give a shout out to today's sponsor and today? Yes, it is the one the only expat money show head over the Brian Nichols show.com forward slash expat and you can go ahead and subscribe to this amazing podcast hosted by the one and only McHale Thorpe that will help you protect the money that you worked so hard to earn from those ambulance chasing lawyers, nefarious creditors and greedy unjust governments. our good buddy McHale Thorpe is also going to say hey, I help people just like you invest internationally secure second passports and residencies, eliminate your tax bill and take advantage of offshore structures so you can travel the world freely and never have to worry about money again never have to worry about money again. Doesn't that sound nice folks? Well if this all sounds exciting head the Brian Nichols show.com forward slash expat where yes, you can find the amazing expat money show but also you can sign up for the amazing expat money summit taking place November 7 through November 11. Five days 30 expert speakers you ready for this? The one and only Congressman Ron Paul will be one of those speakers so make sure you head to Brian Nichols show.com forward slash expat and get your free Yes, I said free tickets to the expat money summit one more time Brian Nichols show.com forward slash expat Alright folks. So we're going to talk about it a good guy with a gun took on a bad guy with a gun. And guess what the good guy with a gun took him out and save a lot of lives. In the meantime, also joining us today talking about Young Americans for Liberty revolution. 2022 Brandon Williamson, welcome to the program.

Unknown Speaker  2:18  
I appreciate you having me on man.

Brian Nichols  2:20  
Absolutely. Looking forward to today's conversation because yeah, the myth from the left. Do you ever see those stories about a good guy with a gun stopping the bad guy with a gun? I don't see it. Here we go. Got a perfect example. This just took place here over the weekend over an Indian and now I'm not saying this jubilant at all because unfortunately, it did lead with the loss of life. I think it was three innocent bystanders shot by a lone gunman in a mall. I think it's in Greenwood, Indiana. And the shooter is also now one of the confirmed dead because he was shot down by a 22 year old who was concealed carry in the mall a hero and yeah, it's an amazing story. But before we get there, Brian, I'm putting the cart before the horse. Do us a favor, introduce yourself to the The Brian Nichols Show audience and what's your roll over at Young Americans for Liberty?

Brandon Williamson  3:06  
So um, my name is Brandon Williamson. I'm a, an infantry veteran and over at, right, yeah, what I do is I run our social media. So I'm the director of social media. Basically, I make memes and like other graphics and videos all throughout the day, and you know, stuff like that. I do a lot of things for like, I've written a number of times for us on various issues Second Amendment veterans related. And I also do like with revolution 2022 Coming up down in Orlando, me and one of the other guys, we've been putting together some graphics for that we've been putting together some, some playlists for, you know, the music, the ambiance, the walk ons for the speakers, kind of like, my main focus is social media. But whenever there's something that needs to be done, you know, I'll hop in and do it because someone's got to do

Brian Nichols  3:57  
it. Somebody's got to do it, that I think that's the role of any small business and now count Young Americans for Liberty as a quote, small business because at the end of the day, we're, you know, we're in the liberty movement, we have a very strong passionate base, but when you look at the microcosm, that is the American political world, we are a speck really in the movement when you compare it to all the other forces that are out there and behind them the just oceans of cash that support these other organizations right so you we have an uphill battle and with that, you know, it is it's kind of all hands on deck, right? Like everybody, you're the sales guy, you're the marketing guy, you're the HR guy, you're doing all sorts of different roles but at the end of the day, I also find it makes me a more well rounded person if I'm young my sales were Why do a lot of my marketing a lot of my you know outreach and stuff on my own I do a lot of my cold calling. know a lot of sales guys don't even do their own cold calling, which blows me away. I'm sitting here I'll do like 50 to 75 dials because I'm like, hey, I want to find good qualified leads myself. And you know what, I think I'm getting better leads and some of those other sales guys out there who don't Don't do that. So I think doing the extra things makes you an all around well rounded person. I don't know how we go off on this tangent. Let's go back to Young Americans for Liberty revolution 2022 You guys got some amazing speakers. It is one of the speakers from the expat money Summit, Ron Paul, I think I saw he's gonna be headliner there as well. And also some familiar faces and voices. I say voices because a lot of podcasters yours truly included will be there as well talk to us. Who else can folks expect you to see over at Rev 2022

Unknown Speaker  5:29  
Oh, man, so we got a list. So I can't actually remember them all off off the top of my head. Like last year when I was doing the music for the walk on state. There are way more names than I remember from last year. It was so long like I'm doing I'm putting all the music out there. I'm like, man, there's a lot of people here I don't remember this many but we got like Rand Paul, he's gonna be there virtually. You know, he's gonna tune in over zoom. I assume. I don't know. He's gonna be doing a big speech there. We got Dave Smith is coming. We've got Kennedy. I'm trying to remember off the top of my head like there is a lot of people. There was someone else I was really excited about. Let me pull up

Brian Nichols  6:09  
your I think I'm one step ahead of you. I'm pulling up right now. The Young Americans for Liberty, Twitter.

Unknown Speaker  6:16  
Oh, we're gonna have Brandon Herrera there. So the aka guy so everyone loves him right.

Brian Nichols  6:22  
Here we go. Full speaker drop this for our YouTube by the way.

Unknown Speaker  6:25  
There we go. That is that is the answer. That thing is so convenient. Ron

Brian Nichols  6:30  
Gabbard, Rand Paul Kennedy, Glenn Jacobs, Dave Smith, Spike CO and Larry Reid Cory D Angeles, Brad Palumbo, Hannah Cox, Lauren Daughtery zubi. Brandon Herrera, Justin Amash. That's just the top blog for our audio listener playing along at home. And then a slew of other names that a lot of folks we recognize, like our good buddies, Clint Russell, Mark Claire, read Coverdale. I see a lot of other folks on there that I'm like, Oh, yeah. Dan Taylor, Jack Hunter, and also some of those names in the top there. We had. Let's see. We've had Justin Amash in the program, Hannah and Brad many a time, Cory many times spike many a time. Glenn Jacobs. I mean, yeah, this is a very familiar list here for the audience of folks, this is what you get over at Young Americans for Liberty revolution, 2022, you get basically, it's a best of The Brian Nichols Show, if I'm going to be honest,

Unknown Speaker  7:18  
it was pretty great. And I gotta say, like, I'm super excited for, for Brandon Herrera, he's how I got into liberty movement. You know, like, I'd read books and all that type of stuff. But after I got out of the Army, you know, I was sitting around working a factory job didn't really have anything that I was doing. And I watched one of his gun meme reviews and saw the the ad for operation went out the door and I was like, I'm gonna put an application they're gonna want someone with experience and, and you know, things relevant to politics and ended up got a call from the dude that was running the grassroots department. He was like, Hey, man, you're what we're looking for. Veterans tend to do really good. So we're gonna bring you on. And I've been here ever since, you know, different roles, but I've been working for Liberty ever since then. And it was a phenomenal experience. So I mean, if you can't make the rev 20 to try out Oh, WD you'll love it.

Brian Nichols  8:09  
Oh, and let's let's transition because I actually kind of worked out well for a transition into the the QA debate conversation. I know, it's a debate at this point in time. It shouldn't be a debate. Our rights are not debatable, but this has become a conversation yet again. It really started back I think, is it a month ago, two months ago now that you've all the shooting an absolute tragedy took place down in Texas 23 I think it was innocent lives taken from a just an absolutely insane person with a gun in a school and 400 armed law enforcement officers standing by and doing nothing, holding actual parents back from going in and trying to save their children versus what just happened here over this past weekend, as we're recording on July 18. And that was in the the mall in Indiana, where you again I had a 22 year old 22 year old with a gun a concealed carry stop and another madman trying to shoot up and cause mass mayhem in a public space. Now about the gentleman that is a gentleman here's nothing in general or manly about this guy have the power that that Unleashed hell at this mall. He was one of the people that were taken out of here, but so were three innocent bystanders, before he was taken down by our hero here. So let's talk about this. You you obviously have a different perspective, because you've served in the armed sort of GS armed forces. There we go same armed services and armed forces at the same time, and you get some forces and furnaces and it just doesn't work out. But now you've had experience being someone who has in some folks, his eyes The reason to carry a gun versus now you live the life of civilian someone who you have the right to carry a gun. So what do you see when you're looking at this conversation taking place across the country? I mean, I've had my opinions. The audience has heard it many a time but I would love to hear your perspective being someone who's had a foot in both camps.

Unknown Speaker  9:57  
So when I was in, I was An infantry man and I was a 240 Gunner. So I carried the seven, six to the big machine. And now the 50 caliber one right under it. And somehow, I went from being trusted one week to carry that to the next week, I was out of the Army, and I'm no longer trusted to own that. Like, I don't see how that works. Like, yeah, sure it was walking in an ashram, but I have a gun safe up to my guns. And when I'm not shooting home, or if I'm not carrying, like, to me, it just doesn't make sense that you can say that one day because the government has sprinkled magic fairy dust on this guy, and he gets a paycheck from them. He is good to go and can carry that gun. But a week later, when he's no longer getting that check. He's suddenly less responsible. It doesn't make sense to me. And like when I look at the vault a thing, right? Yeah, there was it was 400 Cops, right? Yeah, yeah. So and they stood around for I think it was around 90 minutes, about an hour and a half doing nothing. Like if you're in that job, if you're carrying a gun professionally, you're you are buying that risk, and there is a definite chance that you will die in the line of duty. Like, it sucks. If you can't accept that risk, you need a new job straight up. So there's no reason for you to stand around. Like they've said all sorts of stuff. They've tried to say that they had comps, as you I don't need comps with anyone else in that situation. All I need is that Forman fire team around me to say okay, yeah, we're gonna go you know, doorway, right stack on me and make you know, make entry battle drill sticks into the, into the room. It's not hard, it's up to me when I look at this, and I talked to my uncle and some cousins who are cops to get their opinion on it. And even though they said the same thing, that it was simply cowardice, there was just a lack of willingness to go into harm's way to save kids and to me, if you can't do that, if you're not willing to put your life on on the line, especially for kids, like what are you doing? You're in the wrong profession, dude. And I think it goes to show like, you know, the Supreme Court has said more than once that the police don't have a duty to protect you, their only job is to arrest criminals and and prosecute. That's it. Like outside of that to and outside of enforcing the law, no duty to protect you. So this whole thing about like with the shooter in the mall, you know, the left is upset because he disobeyed policy, the malls policy and carried on like, how does that make sense? Like the cops aren't legally required to protect me, but somehow me just like ignoring a, frankly, stupid policy that I'm not allowed to protect myself? Like, how does that make sense? If the cops aren't required to protect me? Why should I not be allowed to protect myself criminals go after places that are soft targets. You know, you never say a mass shooting in a gun show or in a gun store or you know, at a shooting range. Because there's guns ever a people are armed, you know, they are ready for things to happen. They're probably not expecting it in that situation. But they have the means to react. Every mass shooting you see it happens in a school, a movie theater, a mall, it places that, you know, either federally or by state law prohibit the carrying of firearms. I think that if you keep seeing the same thing in the same places, maybe it's not the item being used. That's the issue. It's the laws keeping you from protecting yourself.

Brian Nichols  13:09  
Yeah. And who is it? It's Chicago's Lori Lightfoot, who always makes the argument. Well, it's the guns coming in from states like Indiana to Illinois. And that's where all the problems are coming from. And you can say, well, you don't see all these mass shootings taking place in Indiana like you are in literally not just the state of Illinois, but in let's just look at Chicago, specifically. Now, let's take even the example of this past weekend when it is a shooting. It gets resolved by someone with a gun who's a good guy with a gun in this case, someone who broke to your point a silly rule from the mall. Thank God he broke the silly rule from the mall because if he hadn't, what 1015 20 More warm bodies on the ground, mowed down by this madman? We're not for this 22 year old. I think I've seen him called The Good Samaritan is gonna call my hero comedy is. You know, I think not only do we need more folks like this 22 year old hero but we need to get more folks in a position to be like this 22 year old hero to not have silly restrictions in the way that are keeping them not safe. And in many cases, actually putting them into danger. I just moved from Philadelphia pa i see the videos come in on the constant of the madness that happens there whether it's the mass shooting that happened at a block party literally a week after I was down there in the exact same area. I was visiting some family for a wedding and you hear that take place where 12 people were shot and killed. You look at there's a guy getting shot and killed and then his car taken at a gas station and he just pumping gas on his way to work. You see people out walking their dogs getting shot just to take their cell phones in their wallet. I mean this is this is not uncommon in cities like Philadelphia, but for Philadelphia basically has one big one big gun free zone sticker on it. And guess what? The criminals they're not listening. I remember fondly sitting in bed at night for seven plus years when I lived in Philadelphia playing is a is it fireworks? Or is it gunshots? And I didn't like playing that game that game suck because I if it was fireworks, that's great, but I knew it was because it was gonna be like, you know, October 3. So with that being said, hey, maybe we should reexamine our gun laws, maybe we should have a different conversation, but not from the adding restrictions, if anything, it's the added restrictions that have categorically led to more problems across the board.

Unknown Speaker  15:41  
Yep. 100%. Like, if you look at it NamUs day with a loose gun, like loose gun laws that has mass shootings regularly like and I'm not talking like the sensationalized ones on the media alone. I'm talking like actual FBI statistics, any shooting that claims I think it's three or more lives in one incident, like every single one of those places that has them routinely. Is a democratic console trolled city to be quite frank, you know, it's like Chicago, to where it's, you know, if four people get shot, it's just another Tuesday there like nobody even notices because it's so common. Like, I'm from Alabama, we don't have stuff like that happen. Like if there is a single shooting in the town. It's a big, it's a big story, you know, like everyone takes notice of it. You know, I think that really the answer is and, like, I think people need to be carrying more guns. You know, I think, you know, if you arm yourself and you protect yourself, like put yourself in the shoes of the criminal, are you gonna go after the dude that's walking down the street obviously isn't carrying a gun, but you know, dress nice, looks like a good target. Or you're gonna go after the guy that looks like yeah, he can take care of himself, you know, maybe you see a bulge under his under a shirt or something like that. Who are you going to pick? You know, I'm not going to have to porcupine you know, if I'm a wolf, I'm staying away from the thing that can hurt me personally. But

Brian Nichols  16:59  
Yep, yeah. Well, and let's, let's talk about where we're heading from this right, the left seems to be very, very motivated about they're having the moral superiority in this conversation. It's frankly, exhausting and nauseatingly gross to go on social media and see this conversation just become a left wing jumping off point every single time something happens. But at the same point in time, I also see that there is a strong pushback for the first time in I think liberty, politics, and liberty politics, because we've been doing a pretty good job in fighting back but maybe in the first time in the, quote, silent majority, actually standing up and becoming a vocal majority and saying, No, listen, we're not taking these moments of mass hysteria and turning them into opportunities to strip us of our rights. And we've seen more states like Texas stand up, for example, and not only say, Hey, listen, we're not we're not listening to this federal conversation. But states like Texas, are ready to secede. They're either they're on the ballot right now for coming up this next election cycle to actually have a vote to secede from the Union. That's a big deal. And states like Texas, I would say there are a lot of other states, right behind them are more than happy to say all right, bye, bye. You know, we're gonna do Brexit tags, it flags it. You name the state. It's gonna get weird with all the states that start with vowels, though. That'd

Unknown Speaker  18:33  
be I live up in Wyoming right now. And every time I

Unknown Speaker  18:39  
Wex it yeah, we'll try

Unknown Speaker  18:41  
it. I like that one. Every time I talk someone up here and that conversation gets brought up. Everybody is on board with it. Like, you know, we've seen the stuff that the federal government is doing, you know, they're attacking your gun rights relentlessly, even after like the recent Bruin decision from the Supreme Court immediately, like a week and a half later, what does New York do, they introduce a law that makes 90% of the New York City a gun free zone. Like they they do not respect your rights. And then on top of that, they want to tax you and spend until we go off the fiscal cliff. Like we're we've had a couple quarters now of negative growth, if I remember correctly, so we're in a recession. And I personally think we're heading towards a depression. You know, these leftist policies, they have destroyed our economy, they've destroyed our country, and they're trying to destroy your rights. I don't see a way for this to end well. And personally, I'm kind of getting on the mindset that maybe the best thing is to do with the Declaration of Independence. Part Two, you know,

Brian Nichols  19:37  
I'll be careful saying that because I have people thinking that you're big, radical and revolutionary. I mean, if only we were gonna do an event called Revolution 2022 Next

Unknown Speaker  19:47  
month, we could have got that idea from

Brian Nichols  19:50  
well, hey, for the Feds watching, see you there. But no, thank you for bringing this up. Brandon, because you know, this is this is a conversation we're having here, not just on The Brian Nichols Show, but across across the country. And I think it's important for us to make sure we're leading not just with the emotion, but also with some common sense. Now we do know because we talk about sales and marketing here in the show that emotion sells, but emotion sells. But people also will rationalize after the fact with logic and reason the two has to go hand in hand. And what we've seen is the left has just had this monopoly on emotion. And the right has seemingly been fixated and had this monopoly on logic and reason, what we need to do if we're going to be effective, and actually meeting people where they're at on the issues they care about is to bridge the worlds of emotion, logic and reason, lead with the emotion, catch them and win them and hold them on the logic and reason. And then I think we can actually get our ideas to stick which I'm seeing happen here in our movement. I know you guys are seeing it over at Young Americans for Liberty, you're having success and changing the conversations restarting and in many cases, resetting narratives, but also you're winning elections, you're having folks actually have electoral success across the country. As we wrap up here, please, Director of social media, talk to us about some of those wins, that you've had Young Americans for Liberty on the state level, and what we're looking forward to as we go towards the midterms in 2022.

Unknown Speaker  21:12  
Well, so we've done a lot to get folks liked it, I can't remember the exact number, but it's, it's in the ballpark of 250. Now, we're definitely going to hit that's been our goal for a year is is 250, we're definitely going to hit it like that is going to happen. So now. I pretty sure I'm allowed to say if not, oh, well, we're looking towards the next thing like what's next, like we know, for a fact we're gonna get it like we are very confident. So what do we look to after we get 250 state legislature, state legislator members elected, you know, so we're thinking about that, you know, we've been fighting for school choice, constitutional carry health care, freedom, right to work legislation, all this type of stuff. We've, we were big, we played a big role in getting it passed down in Texas, Constitution carry that is, we've done a lot on right to work up in New Hampshire and, you know, the Northeast states, you know, break the union. And, you know, they, the unions being able to use their their influence for political purposes that might be contrary to their membership. And also requiring people to be in a union to work just doesn't sit right with us, you shouldn't be forced to be part of an organization to, to feed yourself, I don't think personally, we're doing a lot of stuff like that, you know, we're having some internal conversations that I know, I'm definitely not allowed to talk about right now about what our next goals are be. And I'm shooting big, I think that we need to go to the moon personally. And I think it's very possible like, if in the next year or so you hear some huge news from yell, don't be surprised at all, like we are on the right track, we are going to do amazing things. And we're gonna do everything we can to make millions more people free in this country.

Brian Nichols  22:47  
You're gonna do amazing things, you're gonna do amazing things amazing. It's things it's gonna be great. And I'm along for the ride with you guys. I'm so excited to see not just the success of what you've already accomplished as it really starts to grow. I mean, we planted the seeds. Back when Young Americans for Liberty was really starting to get the word out there. Now it turned into actually getting people into office. Now those folks are getting Policy in the Office. And to your point, as we start to grow and reach more people looking at what Young Americans for Liberty is doing, man, the sky is the limit. And with that being said, Yeah, folks, please make sure if you have not had the chance yet I know that this spots are limited, like in my limited. I mean, like barely any left head over to Young Americans for Liberty, why a liberty.com and make sure you grab if there are tickets. I know there might not be tickets left, but make sure you head over there ASAP to try and secure your tickets. When's the Young Americans for Liberty revolution 2022 Taking place Brandon.

Unknown Speaker  23:45  
So a quick correction for you. It's why liberty.org.org I tried to sign up. It's all good man. And the sign up link for revolution 2222 which is going to be August 4 to sixth is why liberty.org/revolution and like he said yet spots are limited. Like if you don't get an ally like I can't guarantee there's going to be any left. So as soon as you see this hop on there and sign up your you don't want to miss this. It's gonna be wild. I

Brian Nichols  24:11  
am excited to be there. I'm excited to be hanging out with folks this year. Because last year, right the just the joy that is flying from Philadelphia cuz I was in Philadelphia at the time. This was when Spirit Airlines was going through their big debacle there and I was one of the folks caught up in it. And I have unfortunately, I think the closest flight I could have gotten would have had me there on the Sunday you guys wrapped up because it was gonna be like three connecting flights to Chicago.

Unknown Speaker  24:37  
I remember that story. I remember getting told about that during the event. Yeah,

Brian Nichols  24:41  
well, I going around because I had my buddy Chris down there with a laptop and he was the one walking around as I was interviewing people via Philadelphia, but he wasn't actually there on my behalf. So yeah, I was the weird guy. But now I'm actually gonna be there in person this year. Excited for that. And I'm excited to actually see a lot of you folks because believe it or not, I've only been to Have you actually big Liberty conventions, I was out in Philadelphia for a long time, went to yell con back in 2018. That was a lot of fun. And I suppose I'll go see you guys last year, unfortunately, got a little screwed there. And then other than that, I've spoken at a few different conventions, different events across the United States, but nothing really too big and wild. So this is gonna be a big event. I'm excited to see everyone and of course, Brian, I'm excited to see you guys and the amazing team over at Young Americans for Liberty, do us a favor, give us a shout in terms of where folks can go ahead, follow you on social media they want continue the conversation and of course, final thoughts for the audience today.

Unknown Speaker  25:34  
So it's basically why Liberty for everything, like if you, you know, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, it's all going to be the same like on Facebook, you might actually if you're searching it in the search bar, it's gonna be Young Americans for Liberty, but if you just type it in the URL bar, that's why Liberty that's making nice and simple for you guys. So

Brian Nichols  25:52  
yeah, perfect. All right. And any final thoughts from the audience today?

Unknown Speaker  25:57  
You know, guys, just keep on doing whatever you can to make us more freedom this country like freedoms, important, you know, we don't want to lose it.

Brian Nichols  26:04  
Ain't that the truth? Um, I've had some family and friends who have either married into families outside the United States who are coming from some very, not free areas. But to be able to hear what the experience was like for them in those areas versus the the importance of maintaining our sense of freedom and liberty here in the United States. I know for them, it is paramount. It's also why the left is losing the conversation with our friends in the Hispanic camp, Latin Latina X, whatever the hell they try to say. Guess what? That doesn't really jive too well, with your average Hispanic individual. I say that because I have family who are married into Hispanic family. So yeah, I've heard that firsthand. They are not a fan of that. And by the way, they're also not a fan of socialism. Why? Because they probably came from a country where socialism was prevalent, but that's a conversation for a different date. Brandon Williamson, thank you for joining us on today's episode of The Brian Nichols Show, and folks if you enjoy the episode, but please do us a solid go ahead and give it a share. When you do, please go ahead and tag Young Americans for Liberty and I'll make sure I include all their links by the way in the show notes. And also please tag yours truly at be Nichols liberty. And by the way, folks, did you hear? Yeah, I talked about it last week. I unfortunately had to break down why libertarians don't win. And hey, if you did not catch that episode from Friday, no worries. I'll include that for you right here below. I'll see you over there. And otherwise, for our our audio listener will Hey, click the podcast catcher artwork, it'll bring you right to Brian Nichols show.com, where you can find today's episode, the entire transcript of the episode all the links, and by the way, you can find the video version of the program. When you're over on the YouTube hit the subscribe button and also do us a favor and hit that little notification bell so you don't miss a single time we drop an episode live here five days a week. Alright folks, that's all I have for you. Thank you for joining us on today's Monday episode. With that being said, it's Brian Nichols signing off here for Brandon Williams and we'll see you tomorrow

Unknown Speaker  28:06  
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Brandon Williamson

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Brandon Williamson is a U.S. Army veteran and the Director of Social Media at Young Americans for Liberty. He lives in Wyoming.