March 29, 2022

471: You Can Do It! Spread Positivity... Recklessly! (feat. Brian Nichols)

How can changing your outlook help your mental health AND your career prospects!?

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On today's episode of The Brian Nichols Show, it's you and me again for a one-on-one Morning Sales Huddle!


"Now, we're going to be talking about the ideas of spreading positivity today. Because if you look around the world, everybody seems to be negativeall the time. And it's exhausting.


And frankly, I'm tired of it.


I think we need to be the change we wish to see in the world. And yes, it's easy to follow, you know, the easy path. And that is the path of least resistance. And then many times ends up being the one where we complain where we go out and we spread negativity. But today I'll talk about spreading positive positivity recklessly


You can do it."


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Brian Nichols  
Ever focusing on winning arguments, we're teaching the basic fundamentals of sales and marketing and how we can use them to win in the world of politics, teaching you how to meet people where they're at on the issues they care about. Welcome to The Brian Nichols Show. Well, happy Tuesday there, folks. Brian is here on The Brian Nichols Show. And thank you for joining us on of course, another fun filled episode. I am as always your humble host. And today, it's mano a mano, you and me. We're going back to Yes, another one of our morning sales huddles, and thank you for for joining us. We know we've had quite a few amazing guests here over the past few weeks. If you have not had the chance yet. Please take a moment. pause the podcast really quick. And do me a favor, go back. And if you have not had the chance, like I said, download those episodes, give them a listen. Absolutely. fan tastic fantastic conversations. We talk about battling addiction. We talk about pediatric cancer being attacked with cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies we're talking about. Let's see the blue divide in America, there are so many conversations that we've had over the past few weeks, it's hard to keep track of them to be quite frank, because they've all been so great. So do me a favor, go back and give that a check. But when you do, please do me a favor, make sure you hit download for all of them. So it goes right into your podcast catcher. But with that being said, Yes. We're going to be discussing our morning sales huddles today. Now, we're going to be talking about the ideas of spreading positivity today. Because if you look around the world, on a very relative notice this. Everybody seems to be negative all the time. And it's exhausting. And frankly, I'm, I'm tired of it. And I think we need to be the change we wish to see in the world. And yes, it's easy to follow, you know, the easy path. And that is the path of least resistance. And then many times ends up being the one where we complain where we we go out and we spread negativity. But today I'll talk about spreading positive positivity recklessly. And this is going back to one of our sales huddle morning sales totals over, you can get that by the way head, the Brian Nichols You can subscribe right there in the homepage. But it's for March 7. So when you're a sales pro, you hear the word no 90% of the time. And by the way, yes, as an aside, this, of course is going to be relayed to the world of sales. So yes, we hear no 90% of the time, it's exhausting. It's mentally draining. And it's why so many salespeople become cynical and bitter. When I sit down to coach sales teams, I hear the pain in their voice after each rejection. When you get that rejection, it hurts. And sadly, more often than not, salespeople will take the pain or rejection, and they'll return it tenfold to their prospects. See this is a losing strategy, both as a salesperson and for your mental health. See, we can easily put ourselves in our own shoes. I mean, after all, there are shoes, but it's much more difficult to place yourself in the shoes of someone else, especially if that person just rejected you. So instead of taking that rejection personally, what if you instead took a breath, try to empathize and then try your best to leave your prospect with some semblance of positivity. Because imagine, if you're getting ready to call your prospect in the morning and unknowingly to you. He found out over the weekend that his best friend was diagnosed with terminal cancer and only has a few months to live. Today just happens to be his best friend's birthday. You call looking for the appointment only to be caught off guard by the morose, negative sounding prospect on the other side of the phone. Well screw this guy, you think to yourself as you hang up. But what if you had approach this differently? What if instead of placing expectations on your prospect to take the appointment, you put yourself in their shoes and you hear that something is obviously wrong in their world? And said taking that rejection personally what if you had responded to their objection with contagious optimism and positivity? When you call a prospect, you might be catching them on the worst day of their life. So why only feed into that negativity that they're exhibiting on the phone? People might not remember what you say, but they'll certainly remember how you made them feel. If you made them feel worse in their down moments, then that's the emotion they will begin to associate you with. But if you leave with positivity, rejection be damned. that'll pay more positive dividends, both in business relationships and in your own mental health. We become what we put into the

If when faced with negativity, you respond with negativity, then surprise, surprise, you will have a negative life. But if you face rejection and challenges with optimism, and positivity, not only will people remember that, but your mental health. Yeah, it'll Thank you too. Now, let's go back to a time, believe it or not even positive, yours truly cheerful, yours truly, definitely was facing some demons and a lot of negativity. This goes to our morning sales huddle for March 16, titled, you can do it. What do you do when you're struggling? What's the best way to get out of a rut? Whether it's in the world of sales or in life, whenever things get tough, it's important, remember to control what you can control. All the good things and the bad things that happen in your life that are a direct result of your actions or inactions are all within the realm of your control. Back when I was in my early 20s, I found myself leaning far, far too often on alcohol as a sort of crutch to help me get through tough times. And those instances increase in frequency up to the point I started to realize I was finding myself drinking way too often to deal with things, versus addressing them, and confronting them head on. work, life, physical fitness, all those things that mattered to me, which coincidentally, were the areas I was struggling, were all reasons I would drink. And yet it was my drinking that would end up causing more problems in those areas in the first place. Instead of looking to blame others or circumstances, I was more than happy to numb the pain with alcohol. And all the while causing more problems for myself along the way. Looking back, I wish I had stopped drinking sooner. And of course, hindsight is 2020. And yet, it is in the struggles in life, where we learn and where we grow. Now, I get the opportunity to tell my story to others, and share the opportunity that there's a different way to do things, a different way of approaching life. And it's many, many challenges and obstacles. There's no magic pill to life that makes things perfect. Whether it was my trying to lose weight, stop relying on alcohol, improve my mental health. All those different challenges have helped me become the person I am today. And it's because of those challenges. I can look back and I can smile, seeing I'm objectively in a better spot in my life than I was in years past. Don't get stuck in the way things are. Don't let yourself get tricked into thinking you're helpless to making a change no matter how big that change might be. You can do it. Alright folks, that's gonna be our morning sales huddle for today. If you enjoyed today's episode, I'm going to ask you to do me a favor, please go ahead and give it a share. And when you do, make sure you go ahead and tag it yours truly at B. Nichols liberty by the way, have you given us a five star rating and review yet I go ahead I read every single one. So if you have not yet please go ahead. And when you do tell me exactly what value you're getting here from The Brian Nichols Show. I love to hear the the not only the things you're learning, but also the fact that we're seeing, we're seeing the conversations change, and things actually happen because of those conversations changing. And speaking of which, I'm going to ask you to do me a favor and please keep an eye on your podcast catcher specifically. If you are a big podcast fan, there's a you know certain big podcasts out there that you listen to on the regular. I might be appearing on one of those big podcast I can't say which one as of yet. But let's just say by the end of this week, you should be refreshing your podcast catchers quite frequently. So yes, make sure you're keeping an eye there. And of course I'll make sure I air out the episode when it does in fact go live. Don't miss it. Follow me on Twitter at be Nichols liberty. But with that being said, Folks, thank you for joining us on today's episode of The Brian Nichols Show. That being said, it's Brian Nichols signing off for our morning sales huddle. We'll see you tomorrow. Named The Brian Nichols Show, find more episodes

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