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Jeremy Todd

Born and raised in Alabama and a salesperson from an early age Jeremy brings his Libertarian view of the world with a persuasive southern twist. He has led multiple sales teams to record breaking success in his career and is currently a gubernatorial campagin manager and candidate for LNC Rep at Large

Nov. 2, 2022

616: GOP vs. LP? - Are We Winning Hearts & Minds, Winning Elections, …

Are we winning hearts and minds, winning elections, or both? On today's episode, I'm joined by Kenny Cody and Jeremy Todd to talk…

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May 31, 2022

513: The Libertarian Party & The Great Reno Reset (w/ Stephen Decker …

The Reno Reset is real! And with it, a new leadership at the helm of the third largest political party in the United States - The…

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Dec. 12, 2021

403: Sell Liberty with Jeremy Todd: Looking Forward to 2022

Jeremy Todd is solo on today's "Looking Forward" episode of Sell Liberty!

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Oct. 25, 2021

361: Let's Fix This Fundraising Email... -with Jeremy Todd

Ever have someone "oversell" to you?

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Oct. 16, 2021

352: Sell Liberty with Jeremy Todd (Guest: Spike Cohen)

Spike Cohen joined Jeremy for the FIRST EVER EPISODE of Sell Liberty that aired LIVE EXCLUSIVELY on the Sell Liberty Facebook pag…

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Oct. 11, 2021

347: NEW PODCAST! Introducing "Sell Liberty" -with Jeremy Todd

Meet the new podcast on The Brian Nichols Show!

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Oct. 5, 2021

341: Applying the Laws of Physics to Sales (feat. Jeremy Todd)

What can we learn from Isaac Newton when it comes to sales?

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Sept. 28, 2021

334: The Responsibility of Freedom (feat. Jeremy Todd)

Why personal development is one of the missing pieces in the greater liberty movement?

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Sept. 27, 2021

333: How To Effectively Prospect (And Get Results!) -with Jeremy Todd

How can being a master at prospecting make you a master at sales?

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Sept. 2, 2021

310: The Pygmalion Effect (feat. Jeremy Todd)

How to use self-fulfilling prophecies to your advantage.

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Aug. 31, 2021

308: The Monkey Business Illusion (feat. Jeremy Todd)

Are you missing things right under your nose?

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Aug. 30, 2021

307: The Change Triangle (A Guide to Working with Emotions) -with Jer…

How can we move someone from a state where they'll do anything to avoid emotions to being in an openhearted state of mind?

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Aug. 16, 2021

299: Value-Based Empathy in Sales -with Jeremy Todd

Speak to your prospect's values; not yours.

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Aug. 2, 2021

291: Practicing Active Empathy in Sales -with Jeremy Todd

How can empathy help spark curiosity to help sell liberty?

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July 12, 2021

280: Selling Liberty- Features vs. Benefits -with Jeremy Todd

People don't want to be "good-ideaed" to death, but rather to have their problems solved.

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June 28, 2021

272: Telling Stories that Sell -with Jeremy Todd

How can we take complex ideas and relate them to your average person on a hyper-personal level?

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June 14, 2021

264: Becoming the Trusted Adviser (Uncovering Pain Points) -with Jere…

How can asking better questions lead to better understanding and solving more of your buyer's actual problems?

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May 31, 2021

256: Overcoming Objections (Turning Confrontations intro Conversation…

Helping you prepare and overcome common Republican and Democrat objections to Libertarians and third parties.

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May 17, 2021

248: What Makes a Good Salesman? -with Jeremy Todd

So, what makes a good salesman? Jeremy Todd is a sales professional and joins the program to answer that very question, plus how …

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