Aug. 31, 2021

308: The Monkey Business Illusion (feat. Jeremy Todd)

308: The Monkey Business Illusion (feat. Jeremy Todd)

Are you missing things right under your nose?

Are you missing things right under your nose? In this episode, Jeremy discusses selective attention and how it may be impacting you without you even knowing it. 


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We can become great at doing the the things that we do well the things that we focus on like I'm I think our audience is great at selling Liberty I think we have been amazing at doing that. Welcome to The Brian Nichols Show Your source for common sense politics on the we are libertarians network as a sales and marketing executive in the greater telecommunications cybersecurity industry, Brian works with C level executives to help them future proof their company's infrastructure for an uncertain future. And in each episode, Brian takes that experience and applies it to the Liberty movement, you start to ask questions that pique his interest and get him to feel like okay, this guy's actually got something that maybe you can help me out. And then in your asking him questions and trying to uncover the real problems build that natural trust. I know, it wasn't a monologue there, man. Instead of focusing on simply winning arguments or being right, we're teaching the basic fundamentals of sales and their application in the world of politics, showing you how to ask better questions, tell better stories, and ultimately change people's minds. And now, your host, Brian Nichols. Well, Happy Tuesday there, folks. That's weird to say, Yeah, Brian Nichols here on The Brian Nichols Show. Surprise, surprise. That's right. You're saying wait, Brian Nichols on the Tuesday for The Brian Nichols Show? Well, I promise you there's there's a good reason that reason being we're going daily. I know I'm surprised myself we are We literally going to have an episode seven days a week. And this is probably going to be one of the longest intros you hear. And it's gonna be like a minute or so long, because I want to explain what's going on going forward. So yeah, we're going to be doing these fun new shorts on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, with Tuesdays and Thursdays being conversations about sales and marketing one on ones with your very noted and trusted gurus. We have here The Brian Nichols Show, Chris Goyzueta, Jeremy Todd, and of course yours truly. And then on Saturdays, we're going to have one on ones with some past guests, who have been here on The Brian Nichols Show talking about some certain solutions that they're bringing to the table. Come up here actually, on Saturday, we're going to have one of our good friends and past guests just mirrors doing a warm all of you guys for a special past guest short there on Saturday. So I'm very excited for this brand new iteration of The Brian Nichols Show as we move forward. Yes, seven days a week. So folks, if you have not had the chance yet, of course, make sure you've hit that subscribe button. So you're not missing? Yes. All seven episodes of The Brian Nichols Show every single week. So kicking things off here for our fun Tuesday short episode, Jeremy Todd. So that being said onto the show, Jeremy Todd here on The Brian Nichols Show.

Welcome to The Brian Nichols Show. Here on the we are libertarians network. If you notice, I'm not Brian Nichols. We are starting a series of some solo episodes from different great guests, myself, Chris Goyzueta. And those of you may have become familiar with here on The Brian Nichols Show in the we are libertarians network. Our hope is to bring you some shorter content every day. And that's gonna get you prepared for the day. And that's what I what I hope to be able to bring to the table. So you know, I'll start with a little anecdote that's rang true for me for for many years. And it's a story of two loggers out in the out in the forest. And their job is to meet a quota of certain logs by the end of the day. And one guy a certain number of trees cut down essentially. And one guy, one of the two loggers he gets right to it works really hard swings hard with his axe, cuts hard and fast with a saw, never takes a break, never stops, at the end of the day, collects his pile and says, Oh man beat that barely comes in above quota. But the other gentleman was seen throughout the day. Not, you know, laying axe or solid wood, taking some breaks intermittently. And at the end of the day, when he tallies up his his hall and logs show you say for the day. He had doubled quota more than twice as much as the other man who'd worked harder. And the question was, well, how is this possible? I worked harder than you I never stopped and the second gentleman goes, Well, there's your problem. If you don't stop to sharpen your axe, it doesn't work very well. And so our goal here is that I can give you a little something that's going to sharpen your axe every day. And get you prepared to take on this world for liberty a little better. So I want to start with a psychological study. It's it's often known as the inattentional blindness, or selective attention study, essentially what these doctors did is they recorded this video, and in this video, there were six people passing a basketball back and forth to one another. And they bring in a study group, a testing group, and they say, We want you to count how many times that basketball is passed. And there's two groups and they kind of mix and match. And they kind of move around throughout the video. And at the end of the video, they asked the participants in the study, to say how many times that ball was passed. Now, that was a pretty easy question to get correct. You just counted the number of times it was passed. But what made the study really interesting is that in the middle of the study, in walked a gorilla, a person dressed in a gorilla costume, walked right through the middle of the people passing the ball.

And guys would you know, 46% of the participants in the study, almost half, never noticed the gorilla come into the frame at all. And there are new versions of this where the background changes color, and these percentages get even higher. And so what do we learn from this study about the way we interact with other human beings. And what I believe this study shows us that what we focus on and what we pay attention to, is what we're going to find and what we're going to see and in others, in ourselves and in this world. So basically, we sit we we find what it is that we're looking for. And so if we have assigned mal intent to another person, or another group of people, we're going to be monitoring their actions really closely. And it's going to be really easy to find those things that they do that confirm what we're looking for, almost as the counting of the basketball. But what's really interesting is that 50% of the time or greater, we don't notice the other things that that person or group of people is doing, that's very good, and productive, and valuable. And that might make us like him. Because that's not our goal, Ryan, we are we set out and we decided upfront, we're not going to like these people. And we're going to look out for these things that we believe that they do. And it leads to a lot of conflict that leads to a lot of unhappiness. And I believe that is something that ultimately we can control if we have awareness as to what's going on. And so that's the goal here in in understanding this inattentional blindness or selective attention. So, think I want everybody to go through an exercise really quickly as you're either driving in your car or listening on your jog or wherever you may be. Think about that person that you interact with that you have decided, this is a bad person. This is somebody that I'm going to assign negative things to and ask yourself if I just been looking for that in them. And trust me there, that's not always the case. There are people are blocked on Twitter, there are there are people I avoid and don't want to interact with because, you know, they they tend to bring this sort of negativity into my world. But there are also a lot of others that you may want to ask, have I actually given them a fair shake of things have I potentially assigned this idea of I'm just looking for the passes of the basketball, and I'm missing the gorilla walking in front. Now here's here's a bigger question is do you do this to yourself potentially? Do you wake up and say, well, the evidence has shown me that I am this person. Do you believe that you can't accomplish a certain goal or tasks that you've set out to a mission? Do you believe for instance, that you're not good enough? Well, if if you are pre determined to look for those things, well, what you're going to Look for in your life, all of those failures and all of the shortcomings. And it's really easy to breeze over all the things that you do really well, I'll give a personal example here because I only have personal examples. Right now, my house is probably a wreck, we just had to spend the night in a hotel. Because our air conditioner went out, we're back in today. The the weeds in my backyard are taller than they should be. And I feel overall, like, man, I am just kind of, I'm dropping the ball and failing as a father. And then I take my child today and we're we're getting him set up with a babysitter a daycare of sorts. And she she tells me man, I can really tell that you've been I've been doing this for 20 years. And this is one of the most why died. Awake, like aware, smart, basically babies that I've seen at this age. He's, he's ahead of his milestones. And I go, man, you know, I don't think about that. I don't I don't I guess in all of these things that I'm I'm thinking about, oh, man, am I failing as a dad, I'm seeking those problems out.

I missed the gorilla in the room. And that is that my kid is doing really well. And he's healthy, and he's happy. So don't overlook don't miss your gorilla. That's, that's coming through the screen, basically. And all of this may seem really it may seem really abstract and like, Are we really getting down to things that matter here? What does this have to do with Liberty? Well, here's what I think it has to do with liberty. And I'll end on this until we are able, individually to make the unconscious conscious. The things that we feel and don't know that we do or feel until we can make the unconscious conscious, it is going to continue to control our lives. And we will call it fate and luck. And we will blame something else. But the reality is, if we can take the time and awareness, to study ourselves to study those around us and become more effective well in the things that we want to create in this world, freedom, compassion, liberty, we're going to be able to do those things. But our first obstacle is ourselves. So hopefully this helps you do that. I hope you absolutely have an amazing Tuesday. And thanks for tuning in.

Alrighty, folks, that's gonna wrap up Jeremy, Todd's conversation with you. Yes, our one on one part of our new seven days a week here on The Brian Nichols Show. So if you enjoyed the episode, obviously please let Jeremy know make sure you go ahead and share the episode and also make sure you give me a shout to I want to hear about if you enjoyed it at be Nichols liberty. But with that being said, coming up here on Wednesday, Adam kriegler is joining the program from the curricular show a great conversation to be had, make sure you hit that subscribe button so you're not missing a single episode. But with that being said, it's Brian Nichols signing off. You're on The Brian Nichols Show for Jeremy Todd. We'll see you tomorrow. Thanks for listening to The Brian Nichols Show. Find more episodes at The Brian Nichols if you enjoyed today's episode, don't forget to subscribe. Want to help us reach more people? Give the show a five star review and tell your friends to subscribe to find us at Brian Nichols and download the show on Apple podcast, Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts. Follow me on social media at V. Nichols liberty and consider donating to the show at The Brian Nichols forward slash support. The Brian Nichols Show is supported by viewers like you. Thank you to our patrons Darryl Smith, Laura Stanley, Mike olema, Michel Mankiewicz, Cody John's Craig Acosta and the we're libertarians network

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Jeremy Todd

Born and raised in Alabama and a salesperson from an early age Jeremy brings his Libertarian view of the world with a persuasive southern twist. He has led multiple sales teams to record breaking success in his career and is currently a gubernatorial campagin manager and candidate for LNC Rep at Large