Sept. 28, 2021

334: The Responsibility of Freedom (feat. Jeremy Todd)

334: The Responsibility of Freedom (feat. Jeremy Todd)

Why personal development is one of the missing pieces in the greater liberty movement?

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Why personal development is one of the missing pieces in the greater liberty movement? Jeremy Todd returns for another solo short to show how the liberty movement can learn from sales pros when it comes to getting better and self-reflecting.


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Jeremy Todd  
Good morning, everyone. Welcome to a brand new show. Tuesday sales short, I am your host, Jeremy Todd. Joining me this morning, um, yesterday, I guess it's today right now. But yesterday, as you're listening, heard a speech from Coach Lou Holtz, of Notre Dame, Arkansas, South Carolina. And, obviously, a lot of what a championship coach said, resonated for our profession, in sales and how we can be effective as humans basically be champions. But I wanted to talk today about one of the things that really stood out the most to me, and that I feel like we don't talk about enough within the Liberty movement. See, you have to understand what your perceived weaknesses are. Whether it be from your competition, or your your prospects, your your potential clients, what do they perceive to be your weakness? And when it comes to libertarian philosophy and liberty, the ideas of freedom and liberty? that always comes down to that there's a lack of social trust, and a lack of Can I depend on other people? Well, we deal with that a lot in the sales profession, too, right? So what actually helps build trust? See, I believe trust comes from when you know what you can expect from the other party in an interaction. And so as salespeople some of the things that we can do on the front end to help establish that trust is to set clear expectations and then follow through on those expectations and meet those expectations. Here's the problem. Is that both for our profession and the world as a whole. We have really seen that trustee road because People aren't really doing necessarily what we would expect them to do. They're not behaving in ways that we would expect them to behave. And there can be a lot of reasons for that a lot of theories can in a lot of rabbit holes and social psychology that you can dive into to figure out why are Why are these social bonds that allowed us to have trust in strangers and neighbors seeming to fall apart? But instead of talking about that, what I did want to talk about is what we, you, me, other salespeople have done before, to sort of correct that course, when we've dealt with it in our careers, and how potentially we can apply that to the Liberty movement. So for starters, I think it all begins with self accountability. The key to freedom is responsibility. See, that's what's one of the more uncomfortable things about the ideas of freedom and liberty. You know, people say, Oh, you just want to strip off speed limits? Well, yeah, because we believe people want speed. That that whole concept and idea really relies on our trust, and belief and accountability with one another. But that doesn't exist. So how do we sort of get that back? Well, number one is we have to be an example for ourselves. So just like you would, on a team, if you wanted those around you to be committed, if you let's say, let's think of it in the sales profession. The most autonomous career, your commission only you develop your own leads, you're going out and you're you're you're prospecting on your own. And basically, your paycheck depends on what you generate, and what you can come up with. How does that impact your activities, isn't there a bit of responsibility when it leans on you. But now, when you take on the responsibility of being an example, for others,

you tend to raise your own level of self accountability, because you have to provide the proof that it works. And see, I think we face a lot of those same dilemmas in preaching and promoting the product of liberty, and that we have to be able to provide the social proof. And so what does that look like? Well, it means having a high standard set for yourself. Does your life when you embrace freedom? Does your life look like what somebody else would see and say, you know, I want that. I want what they've got. See when you go out today, and you enter your, your job, your workplace, and all of those things, your success at what you do as a parent, as an employee, as a leader, community involvement, your success validates your belief system. And so if you don't absolutely go out and give it everything you've got and live the right way, and absolutely hold yourself accountable to your goals and your vision, and your own success. People don't want to follow a loser. People don't want to follow the ideas of somebody if they're not winning, so don't ever go out and just be average, set yourself the incentive structure that you might need to say, you know what, I have to first be a shining example. And that's one of the keys to liberty. Now. The other piece to this is that you are going to have to defeat the narrative that people get what they don't deserve. So if you go out and you work hard, and you are a high achiever, and you accomplish in your field, in your world, a life that other people see and desire, whether that be financially through personal freedom, like time, focus on family, maybe it's the house you want, it's the boat, it's the car, whatever that goal is, when people see they're gonna wonder what your secret sauce is. What we know is that that secret sauce really comes down to accountability for ourselves, the standard in which we hold ourselves to can create the world that we desire. And then we get to be a shining proof to others that when left to our own devices, you can achieve great things it is. And that's Joe Rogan put out this video today. Or he shared it, I believe it was made by somebody else. But he talks about how freedom itself is the incubator of great things that we've seen society do both art, technology, creativity, philosophy, all of those things are the product of a free environment, and people are allowed to pursue what they're passionate about. But we are quickly losing that because people are star people, we've lost our great leaders that we look up to. We've lost our great examples of success. And in fact, lost them to a degree that most of society looks at them and hates them, the ones that could be so what is all it is on us to live. In order to live free. We have to take on the responsibility of building a great world. Whether that be through our voluntary action, helping others, whether that be through building a business, or an industry or a family that really does help others, or being the best version of ourselves, and being so successful that people stop and wonder what is it that they've got. So freedom is great, but don't for a second, believe that freedom means you get to lose accountability and lose responsibility. It's the opposite.

And it's our job as libertarians to go out and prove that people left to do their best can actually go and accomplish great things. Because there's a lot of people out there guys that believe that it has to be done for them. It has to be given to them has to be handed to them. And that's the only way that they're ever going to see anything that they can't actually go out and get it be successful. Well, there's something I have always loved about the profession of sales, is that I control my own destiny. That's what it taught me that I have an unlimited opportunity. Because I have freedom. Freedom means control, but control means responsibility. So be responsible, be responsible for greatness, and prove to the world that freedom can work. I hope you guys have an awesome Tuesday. Thank you so much for your time.

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Jeremy Todd

Born and raised in Alabama and a salesperson from an early age Jeremy brings his Libertarian view of the world with a persuasive southern twist. He has led multiple sales teams to record breaking success in his career and is currently a gubernatorial campagin manager and candidate for LNC Rep at Large