July 12, 2021

280: Selling Liberty- Features vs. Benefits -with Jeremy Todd

280: Selling Liberty- Features vs. Benefits -with Jeremy Todd

People don't want to be "good-ideaed" to death, but rather to have their problems solved.

Features versus benefits.

This is the great battle that has been waging on for over a generation at this point within the greater libertarian movement. 

On one side, you have the features folks… those who are focused on educating and good-ideaing their target prospects to death. 

Then, there are the sales folks. Those folks are the ones who focus on actually selling. And we don't do that by talking about features all day long, but rather the benefits of those features and problems that they solve. 

Sales professional Jeremy Todd returns to the program to help outline how the libertarian movement can stop focusing on features and specs that nobody really cares about, and to start meeting people where they're at, solving their problems, and offering real solutions that yield a tangible benefit.

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