April 26, 2021

235: Sunday Candidate Highlight Series -Trisha Butler

235: Sunday Candidate Highlight Series -Trisha Butler

Libertarians never win, eh? Well, what if I told you that today's guest not only is a Libertarian, but also WON her election!?

Meet Trisha Butler, Councilmember from the Clarksville, TN, who joins the program to teach Libertarians how to be human to your average peson!

Libertarians never win, eh? Well, what if I told you that today's guest not only is a Libertarian, but also WON her election!?

Meet Trisha Butler, Councilmember from the Clarksville, TN, who joins the program to teach Libertarians how to be human to your average peson!

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we got Brian on here who's getting congressman Massey on and our typical lineup includes like homeless people that believe in Bigfoot.

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Happy Sunday there folks, Brian Nichols here on The Brian Nichols Show. Thank you for joining us on today's episode of our Sunday candidate highlight series and today we are joined not by a libertarian running for office, but rather a libertarian who has won and that is one Trisha Butler. She has joined the program and she is the council member for the 12th Ward down in Clarksville, Tennessee. So Trisha joins the program to help us learn how libertarians can be human reach people on a human to human basis, entering conversations that they're already having and meeting people where they're at. She has the skins on the wall, she has won her office and now she can help get policy into action. Folks, this is an opportunity to learn and how it's done. So that being said, I'm gonna show Trisha Butler here on The Brian Nichols Show. Hey, thanks for having me. I appreciate it. Absolutely. Trisha from Clarksville, Tennessee. You are the 12th Ward, council person and elephant in the room. Well, you're not an elephant. You're a libertarian, a porcupine. And that's something that we tried to raise up. Here's the program the successes, and Hey, there you go. That's right. And we're on the video version of the program, folks. So this is usually airing on Sundays and now folks can get to see the interview as well. So let's start off your attrition we like to tout not just libertarian candidates on the Sunday highlight series. But we also like to tout in this case some libertarian success stories. Now, I know you were saying tongue in cheek that we haven't had too many policy successes yet from a standpoint of getting stuff into action, but I dare say you're changing the conversation. So Tricia Butler, let's start off introducing yourself to the program and what got you into this world of libertarian politics.

Oh man. Alright, so I'm Trisha Butler. I do serve Ward 12 in Clarksville, Tennessee, Clarksville, Tennessee is the fifth biggest city in in Tennessee. Most people don't realize that. I also happen to be in the biggest Ward because we're about to redistrict. So I have around 20,000 constituents what brought me into libertarianism I would have to say well, I had a friend who taught me about libertarianism during my second no mentor leave my first tour from Iraq. And she was really the big into Bob bar and stuff like that. So she got me interested way back when but I finally bit the bullet and registered as a libertarian. I was living in Pennsylvania at the time. So I have my card. I'm really proud of it in 2016 because I was like we're not doing this Trump thing. No, we're not. So

yeah, the Trump thing I think it woke a lot of people up in terms of wanting to find something different they they were like Oh, it especially if you're in the GOP and that's where originally I came from was the I was in the Rand Paul camp. I was thinking Oh, Ron Paul son, this just makes as a natural sense that progression also I got to see him you know, standing up and doing a filibuster about how it's not cool to go ahead and just you know, unilaterally drone American citizens without you know, them being I guess found to be an actual criminal or, hey, timeout. Should we even be having this conversation, my droning USA this time it is a weird conversation to be having. So that was my approach and then you see Donald Trump and to paraphrase john Delaney I mean horse in the hospital, nobody knew what the heck was going on. And people's kind of stood back and let him really in the GOP primaries, steamroll everybody, and then the narrative change. So I was looking for a home. And I think that's where a lot of folks in the Libertarian Party, they did gravitate, especially in 2016, away from what was presented as the bad option from the right, but also a bad option from the left. And one of the things I think we've been having some success in is reaching people where they're at on particular issues that are overtly left or right. Okay, I love that you love that, because that's something that we've been focusing on the program is meeting people on the things that matter to them, I don't care about us like what we care about, because in the day, they're not going to really care too much, either. They want to make sure that their issues are being addressed. So let's talk about the friends in the left, what have you found to be some of the number one issues that are on the top of their radar? Here we are in 2021.

So obviously, a lot of the police policing the police and things like that, I'm on the same side as my friend, and I do have friends on the left, the girl that sits right next to me in city council is a outspoken progressive, and we agree on most we don't agree on most, then we get along really well. So you know, of course, the police and we agree on cannabis issues, stuff like that. So there's a really, it's really a lot more. As long as we're focusing on what we agree on, instead of what we disagree on it really, especially at a local level. There's a lot more, you know, yeah.

Well, and that's, I think what people are looking for, I was actually just having this conversation with a good friend, and he's gonna be on a program in a little bit from next door. And, you know, we approach things a little differently in terms of, I look at trying to build more coalitions and collaborate with people on issues that we can, I would say, actually accomplish. And I find that policy is infinitely more consequential than rhetoric. I mean, I'm just I'm so tired of the mentality that we have to be more focused on who's saying what versus who's actually doing stuff and accomplishing things. And here's, I'm a sales executive by trade. And one of the things that I like to do is help with solving the reality gap. Where are you right now? And where are we going to end up? And as we end the local level, especially local levels, start to answer those questions that people are currently asking. And then once the policy is in place, regardless if it's a Republican, a Democrat, in this case, a libertarian that passes it, as it starts to have a positive success, and it serves to show those people the value of the policy, that's when we can say, hey, by the way, that happened to be a libertarian policy. How about that? We thought of that. Thank you. Yeah, there you go. So um, yeah, go ahead.

Definitely a thing that I was in big agreement with a lot of the people that would be considered left and honestly, when I sit up on city council, I'm not really looking at affiliation, like seriously. But one of the big things that I did have in common with a lot of the democrat leaders around here was the short term rentals. I tried to repeal the short term rentals, ordinance. So what

what was them? So when you're talking to the friends in the left, and they're bringing up these issues? I think part of the problem I've found is that they look to government to be the ultimate No, in this case, judge, jury, executioner any policy prescription that's put out there. So how can we maybe help change that conversation so that we're pre framing almost the the context versus saying, government's going to be the solution and the person or in this case, the organization solving the problem, and rather changing it to start looking at more market based solutions that they would actually entertain?

You know, what's funny, I can't really a lot of the left leaning people that I work with on city council, they actually agree that the government I Wow, Aaron, I live in an area where everybody's kind of upset with the local government right now. So I don't run into that as much as until we start when we start talking about national or state stuff. That's when it comes up. But I really don't have that problem in the local level, yet.

Yeah. So let's talk about local level. So obviously in Clarksville, I'm sure the lockdowns have impacted your area despite being a rat. No.

I, and again, this might just be me. I feel like we've been pretty good about that kind of stuff. As far as lockdown. We've been allowed to leave our house. It's like I want to say May of last year last like a month the whole shutdown. Wow. However I I make I make a conscious decision to kind of I've been making the conscious decision to kind of stay, you know, out of politics so much, but I was going last November, I was going to events that had 250 people No one was wearing a mask. So I don't think this is the same thing. People were like, it's such a bad. It's so bad. And I'm like, I feel like we have been protected from that here in Clarksville to some extent,

I think the context. So number one, this just speaks to why federalism is so important because I live in Philadelphia. And I mean, still we have restrictions on restaurants here, in terms of what you're able to do. And I, I still can't believe it. Sometimes I will be driving humps, I was literally driving home from the office today. And I saw a guy on his bicycle, wearing a mask without wearing a helmet. What are we doing in the car?

Everybody? Everybody in Clarksville has their mask on alone in their car? And I'm like,

and I don't get it. Yeah, exactly. I don't get it. I think maybe there is we're seeing more and more. There's almost to America's which I don't like that we're getting to this point. But there's the folks who are like, I just don't get this approach. Like what it's more so of like a top down approach. Like, why are we looking at the federal government to say this needs to be the policy, especially when we look to places like where you are in Tennessee or states like Texas and Florida, who are doing the exact opposite policy that's being promoted by the federal government, and they're having infinitely more successful results.

I don't even have anything to add to that. Because I've been watching in Texas, because you know, something will come out on the news. And as Texas is, is lifting other, wait till you see the spike. And then you know, a couple weeks later, you're still like, Oh, where's the spike guys, and I don't pretend to understand how COVID works, I never have. But the one thing that I said from the beginning, I'm gonna do what makes sense in my head. So that's why when I go certain places, like gas stations, for instance, someone always breathing down your neck in a gas station, I wear a mask at the gas station. So I do what makes sense. But it's just yeah, it doesn't make sense. And and it has absolutely 150%. But what weaponized, oh, I would love to see what happened if this had not been presidential election year. And it's like, this is people's health that you're messing with. You cannot use this for politics. It's crazy. We don't know, we're not getting information when we get information. We don't know if it's trustworthy. And it's like, it's flabbergasted me from the beginning. And you know, when people are saying election infection, I had to giggle because I'm like, it's true. It really was. And I'm not saying it. COVID is not real. But I'm saying if you have any question in your mind, whether or not that has been used to influence all of us and the electoral decisions in the last year, you are being willfully blind.

Yeah. Well, Bill Maher, who I mean, he's said a bajillion times before that he's libertarian ish of some sorts, but he's kind of making some libertarian spidey senses tingle, because he just went across his channel, they're talking about the absolute insanity and how, when you look at the narrative of what COVID was supposed to be versus what actually happened, what did COVID actually do? And here's the dirty rotten secret that people don't really want to address is that if you're under the age of 50, you're relatively going to be okay. Now, goodness, folks, yes, we know, for for certain there are folks who are going to get sick that are under the age of 50. That's not what we're saying. But what the point is, is that you cannot just arbitrarily locked down society indefinitely. And we've seen this with Dr. Fauci. But also when the data just isn't backing up that narrative.

Well, we're not looking at the data, right? It's the whole problem that I have. It's never been about facts and data. It's always been about control, in my opinion, like even when they were telling us not to wear masks in the beginning, I truthfully believe that the reason that they told us in the very, very beginning not to worry about mass, it wasn't just about the fact that they didn't have enough health care workers, I think it was because they were trying to keep us from freaking out. And then when it when it behoove them to do so then they made a mask, man, you know, and that's the biggest problem is that there is no truth and how are we as citizens supposed to make the best decisions for us in our family, if we cannot get anywhere to find truth? Because it's all partisan? And it's all about your side winning?

Yes. Well, and that's what happens when the conversation is weaponized, right? If you can't enter into a conversation in good faith, and we saw this if you're not even allowing dissenting views to enter into the conversation, then people that they should be very skeptical of what it is that you're promoting as your truth, your version of the absolute guaranteed objective reality that and this is I think, very helpful for libertarians across the board is that and I'd love to hear your Your thoughts in this trip is that we've seen as more and more folks have watched what has happened as government has started to go through its response to the COVID lockdowns and then folks realizing how wrong the government has been in so many different areas that people I think are becoming more inherently skeptical of government just across the board.

Agree, I can't, I can't really add like a whole lot to that. I would absolutely agree. I think that you can see that a little bit with the passports. And again, I feel like I live in a sheltered area, I immediately made it just so happened that when the passport thing dropped, I put my two cents about that during a city council meeting, kind of at the at the end, you know, and basically, I said, Hey, listen, you've been saying this together from the beginning, don't start separating us by our vaccination status. Now, you know, and I and again, sheltered but I haven't really heard like a whole lot more about that coming down anywhere around here so

well, and I guess it's making a difference. So let's look at maybe something that's going to impact the future. And that's from an educational standpoint, school choice has been just running rampant. I've had Corey the angels in the program talking about the merits of school choice and him trying to get more and more states to start funding students, not institutions. So Tricia, has there been a conversation of school choice, especially during an era of COVID lockdowns where students are being forced to sit home from school.

So let me explain a couple of things. First of all, in Clarksville, our county handle schools, so I don't have any kind of vote on what goes on with schools. However, I have four children, and three of them are school aged one will be starting kindergarten in the fall. So this is something that is important to me. Um, it's been kind of cool. Again, here, we had the option whether to send kids to school or not. And when you start talking about school option, we were forced into this situation by COVID. Well, you know, by the government with COVID. But we ended up finding out that we have at least one child that does infinitely better being schooled at home, and we have another child, well, actually two or two other, our two boys, they needed to go back to school. So that's been kind of neat. But I think that, to me, that really highlights the fact that we need to be doing what's good for our kids, and not even family, by family, by individual word party individuals, right. So even your individual kids matter. So for us, we have serious overcrowding in schools. And one of the things that happened was they ended up opening the cyber school, it's like, indefinite now, that is an option, which has really been around here, because we have a lot of military kids. So again, I feel like a spoiled brat. But I feel like it has worked better for us on Tennessee tends to be like give out vouchers type of state anyway. Um, but this is something that I listened to a lot of clubhouses about, just because I find it interesting. And if I should ever go up toward a state level, you know, it's something that I would have to be, I would have to at least know what's been going on for the past few years. You know what I mean?

Yeah. So Trisha, what you're saying is, I'm gonna put Kathy Newman head on. So what you're saying is, is that we're gonna have to have you on again, in the future for the Sunday candidate, highlight series for a potential state run. Okay, note, and we're gonna put that down here in the notes. Also, one thing that I do like to hear and I like to, you know, obviously have some fun here. But one thing that you're talking about, specifically with school choice, and we're seeing this across the board, as people have just started to realize that government didn't have the answers. And this is such a great opportunity for us to talk about spontaneous order right now. We don't have to call it spontaneous order. But we can call it what pandemic pods was that what the term was, we're just spontaneously across the United States. parents started to Yeah, they start to work together, going on Facebook groups, and building little communities, hiring teachers on their own to teach their kids and my libertarian like self was just like, beaming from ear to ear because nobody 10 years ago, five years ago, a year ago, could have even imagined this being the reality. And yet, here we are, it just pops out of nowhere. And that just speaks to the value that hey, government doesn't always have to have the answers. And actually, government usually doesn't have the answers. And who ends up having the answers the free market.

Yeah. And the governor, I love that the way everyone always says, I'm not saying that it doesn't need to be there doesn't need to be a solution. I'm just saying the government is never the best at finding a solution. And I do think that we do better with that. And the pod system is a really good example of that. I agree. So we talked

about what we do well, because we can talk about what we do well, all day long, but my show is on sales and part about sales is looking at the things that maybe we don't do well and we can focus on getting better at so Russia, you get an open platform here to talk to libertarians directly. What can we do better to reach more people as you like to do and I said, meet them where they're at.

I that's always I always use that. It's like, it's an old Christian thing, I guess from growing up Christian, you know, meet people where they're at. And so I do really like that what you say, another one of my favorite things to say is, you know, brush your teeth and put on a blazer, like, it's not that difficult. We like to as libertarians, we're smart, we're philosophers, I get that I happen to be a libertarian that doesn't read a lot of books and isn't more of the smart philosophers. So I am trying to bridge that gap between being smart philosopher guy, and normie because, you know, when I decided to run for office, I was a stay at home mom, like, and I'm not trying to Okay, I get in rothbard and, and nieces and, and ran, it's all really great. But I have four children running around my feet, I'm not gonna sit down and read a book right now. So it's extremely important. And I say this a lot. Our current vice chair, my very first state convention, he he had done a speech and he said, you know, we have these important parts. We have leaders, we have candidates, we have the philosophers, we have the activists. And I think right now what we need to do is work together within those capacity is on each other's strengths. Like one of the biggest problems that we have, is instead of finding a campaign, instead of finding a race, that is a winnable viable race, alright, which mine was in the beginning toward the end, it kind of wasn't. But when we find a winnable viable race, find a candidate for that race. Instead, it's like whoever stands up and says, Hey, I'll do it, then we're like, yeah, and and a lot of times those, you have to have skills to the community. Something that libertarians do not love, because they consider this unprincipled is that when you run a campaign, it's all about branding, you're talking, you said, this is about sales, right? It's all about great campaigns are about name recognition, and branding, you know, so if we have someone who's just extremely principled, but cannot articulate that, in words that a normie could understand, these are the places then they get caught up, and they get on these tangents, wild tangents. And you know, the voters want to know, you said this earlier in the show, too. What can you do for me? And that is why meeting them where they're at matters, you know? So yes, I would knock a door and someone would say, Well, where do you stand on abortion? And I'm like, this is a city level race. I'm never going to vote on that. And they're like, Yeah, but it's, you know, this. It's a litmus test. And it's like, Alright, fine. You even have to find ways to tell them the answer to that question, while not shutting them down completely. And you know, us we like to be contrarians. And when you're running campaigns, you cannot be like it's all about branding, and you don't keeping your mouth shut sometimes doesn't mean that you're not principled, because I'll tell you what, if anyone ever asked me I told them the truth, you know, as softly as possible sometimes.

Yeah, well, silence can never be misquoted, and you can never have to be in a situation to take something back that you didn't say so. And I've seen this too. And this, I guess this is just in the greater Liberty unity world. So here peek behind the curtain, folks. We're recording this episode here on Tuesday, the 30th. And tonight, I'm going to be joining Reed Coverdale. So folks, this is airing on Sunday's episode, make sure you go ahead and check out that episode with read. But we're talking we were talking about and are going to be talking about tonight, how we can bring the idea of meeting people where they're at selling liberty, but helping bridge the Liberty unity gap where we currently are focused too much on the issues, we think that matter. And instead, again, meeting people where they're at solving their problems and being good listeners and helping making sure that people feel like, Oh, these libertarians actually care. And I'm sorry, I've never really found somebody to enter into a great conversation just from being a smartass or contrarian. And to your point, it never really seems to work out too well. People seem to resonate more when you come across as somebody genuinely caring, understanding empathetic and yes, I know empathy is is something we don't want to focus on entirely, but guess what people want to feel cared for. So there's a reason that we have a lot of room to grow. That's why I want to make sure we had in the show Trisha, because you're showing how we can accomplish these these wins across the board. Now, I'm going to look at your your elected role here as an absolute win because now you're reaching more people, and it's gonna give you more of a chance to get some policy so what some policy action that you're looking to hopefully get moving into action as we move forward here through 2021.

So let me tell you a little something that I have learned in my first Three or four months in office. Um, this is politics is very much a game. And it is a lot dirtier than you could even imagine when you're looking at it from the outside, there are people that you want to work with that will vote against something that they agree with just despite you. So I am trying to navigate that. And I jumped right into this and fulfilled all of the things that I had said that I was going to try to accomplish when I was campaigning. So I put forward a cannabis deregulation resolution that was kicked down, we did the Second Amendment sanctuary city that was actually passed. And then like I was saying, I tried to repeal the short term rentals. And that passed first reading, and then failed the second reading. So politics is very much a game, and I'm going to have to work on my diplomacy and stuff. So see, even even I have a good idea as a libertarian about diplomacy and campaigns. But now that I'm in the office, it's learning. So one of the things that I kind of have done is, since we're getting ready to do budgets and stuff, I'm gonna simmer down on some of the legislation. But the things that I put in are already things that the people told me. So what happens is, even if it fails, I get to come back and say, you're failing, you're, you're failing your constituents, they asked me to put this forward. You told them no, you know, and so it's about accountability and transparency. And that, and if my if that is all my failures accomplish, that is good enough for me. But as far as, as far as getting some legislation to actually work out, I am trying to build those relationships and stuff, so that we can do that. futuristically. But I'm always, I'm always open to ideas, I try to tell my constituency that I'm like, What do you want me to do? I'm not here, I'm representing Now tell me what to do. You know?

Well, it's great because you get to talk to the people who are actually experiencing the policy firsthand. And here's here as we wrap up the show Trish, I think this is a great way to segue to the end. And we talked about this beforehand. What do people need to see that we are that we're not robots, they need to see libertarians as humans. So this is the challenge, we need to make libertarians human again, okay, because otherwise, people are not going to be paying attention to us, we're just going to be the 14 yo page of text on Facebook, that they're going to go ahead and scroll right past and that's who we've been. If we are gonna keep doing the same thing over and over again, we're only going to get the same results. So well. You sound like a populist. Oh, goodness. I know.

I'm a normal. libertarians are normal people. We are we literally like the bulk majority of us. The loud ones. Yes. People are saying that the loud people in the Libertarian Party are not the bass like a lot of people around are just libertarian by nature. I was one of those people. Ron Paul just told me what libertarian minutes, you know, so especially me around here with veterans, we all just want to be left the hell alone. I don't know if I can say hell. No, it's good. Yeah. But yeah, so so just then, like I said, I get yelled at you're well, you're just the populace. Well, I ran on, I'm here for the people, you deserve to have the power back. And you know, I care I it's funny that you were talking about empathy and saying that I wrote I care on all my door hangers when I put them out. Because that's all I need. Look, I left, right liberty, it doesn't matter. I'm your representative. Reach out to me anytime. And I'm going to listen to you. And I do I think that it's like the softer side of Sears or the you know, the Libertarian Party, we just need to be exactly what we are and take situations and the libertarian spin on a situation is, you know, relatively organic. It's something that most people can deal with. Even my hyper left friends. I give them example. And they're like, Yeah, I don't really agree with that. But that makes sense. Actually, you know what I mean? So and the one thing and this is super cool. The one thing that people always say is, even if I don't agree with you, you're consistent. So as long as we're as long as we're saying the same things, no matter what we can't be let in our emotions, or our personal stances. get in the way of that, like, the Liberty and the freedom of Yeah, even if I don't agree with you, you get to do that. It's your inherent human right.

Yep. And honestly, this is the type of conversation I've been saying this more and more frequently, because we've been having some really good conversations in the program lately. But this is the conversation that people care about this. People don't care about the the split of the Libertarian Party. People don't care. About which strategy worked in the 90s versus today, like, let's talk about 2021. And what just happened like to all of us with an entire, like society that was shut down arbitrarily, for, in some cases still happening. I mean, look at Canada, like, Oh my god, Ontario, they're arresting 12 year olds for being out on their skateboards. What's happening? And I think we sometimes and I think it was actually Dave Smith was focusing on this our moral outrage, we only have so much moral outrage that we can go ahead and have expended every single day. And when we're extending the moral outrage in areas that are completely just wastes of time, like, what are we doing? Are we spinning our wheels trying to focus on being right, or we spinning our wheels, trying to actually get people into our movement, change people's hearts and minds? Trisha Butler, that's what you've been doing down in Clarksville, Tennessee. So with that being said, I want you to make sure we can go ahead, point folks your way give us plugs, show plugs, all that kind of fun stuff and where they can go ahead and support all that you're gonna be doing here is maybe state elections come down the road.

So I actually have three more years and I've already said I'm not going to run in two years, I want to, I want to give my constituents what they elected me for. And that was four years ago, my campaign page is still love, you can still donate there. It's Trisha butler.com. I swear eventually, I'm going to update that page. I can be found on you know, all the regulars Instagram, Facebook, all that good stuff at Trisha Butler, TN which is down there. Correct. And you can always reach out to me Facebook, my all of my informations public knowledge. I'm not going to put my telephone number out here. But if you want it, it's pretty easy to find.

It's nothing weird, folks. Come on. Nope. Don't be weird. If we want to get in touch with Trisha, we'll we'll include the show the show notes here with all the links. So it's easy for folks to go ahead and find you that way. No phone numbers to be had. But Trisha, thank you. And I say this to every single candidate who is out there running and now I can say to a candidate who not only ran, but one thank you for running and thank you for all you're going to be doing helping promote Liberty going forward in Clarksville, Tennessee. Trisha Butler, thank you for joining the program. Thanks for having me. Who likes going to the grocery store to pick up the car head to the store shop amongst the Kobani masses stand in line for hours at checkout then drive all the way back home only to have to lug your groceries into the house? Well, what if you were able to get all your groceries delivered right to your door with savings of the fifth person off of the big guys. Brian your Thrive Market order has arrived. Thrive Market is one of the top grocery store alternatives on the market featuring hundreds of products for specific diets and lifestyles. So we didn't paleo or whole 30 or if you live in that keto life perhaps you have celiac like yours truly and you want some gluten free options that actually taste good so I don't thrive literally has one of the best gluten free pizza crust I've ever had literally ever every single week and here's what's even better not only do all orders over $49 get free shipping but members of The Brian Nichols Show audience get 20% off their first order plus get one month of their thrive membership for free. So head over to the show notes and click the link for your exclusive Thrive Market offer and start skipping the grocery store today.

Alrighty, folks, that's gonna wrap up my conversation with Tricia Butler thank you so much Tricia for fighting the good fight not only running for office but winning elected office as a libertarian folks if you enjoyed today's episode will do me a favor number one, make sure you go ahead and share today's episode especially if you were in the greater Clarksville Tennessee area or if you're just in general a fun loving libertarian who wants to go ahead and raise the word Yes, there are libertarians out there who are winning elections and making things better let's tell that story and let's tell Trisha story so folks when you go ahead and share today's episode make sure you tag Trisha I will include her social media in the shownotes and give yours truly here a tag as well at be Nichols liberty, Twitter, Facebook minds.com and parlour.com. Also folks if you have not had the chance yet head over to Apple podcast give us that five star rating and review and if you're a longtime audio listener, yes there is a new video version of the program head over to YouTube click the link in the show notes hit that subscribe button number one number two hit that magic little bell icon I would rate probably right if you're looking at the video version like right about here or so. So you're not missing a single episode and yes, we're airing four times a week here Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Traditionally on the podcast version for YouTube though you get to go ahead and catch the program before everyone else that's right. Every Sunday night, Monday yeah Sunday and I had to get the days right Sunday night. Tuesday night and Thursday night folks 8pm. Eastern. You can tune in on the YouTube and catch the program before anyone else and actually coming up here tonight we are going to be joined once again by good friend of the show max ago poker. Now Max is an economist and he's been on the program before talking about a variety of things from the green new deal to Joe Biden's economic policies and all that in between but today or tonight rather he's going to be joined the program and we're discussing number one, the messaging as it pertains to the lockdowns did libertarians maybe go a little too far and not have the proper messaging? I say, I don't think so. I think actually, maybe we should have gone much further max as maybe we gone a little too far. So make sure if you've not had the chance yet to hit that subscribe button. So you're not missing tonight's conversation airing on YouTube. But for you longtime audio listener, you will get that amazing podcast episode hitting, hitting, hitting. It's gonna be one of those day folks hitting your podcast catcher. They're on Monday morning. So we're going to get here folks. With that being said one last ask Patreon. If you've not had the chance yet, head over to our Patreon and give us a subscribe over there. You can be a supporting member of the program as an entry level sales executive here at The Brian Nichols Show and you can first get one of these awesome don't hurt people and don't take people's stuff. bumper stickers, every single Patreon subscriber will get one of those bumper stickers and then a slew of other options. As you enter into number one, if you want to be an entry level sales, as I mentioned, not only do you get the chance to get that $5 per month sales, but also as you head over to the Patreon. When you hit the entry level sales, you also get the chance to enter into a mastermind group with yours truly, and a bunch of other awesome guests when that time comes. And of course, you'll be joined up with amazing folks in our Facebook group as well. And also you can go ahead and become an account executive at $10 a month, get one on ones with yours truly, and a bunch of other neat little perks there behind the scenes and at the same point in time helping grow The Brian Nichols Show helping reach more people and leaving folks Yes, educated, enlightened and informed. So folks, thank you so much for joining us here on today's special Sunday candy highlight series with Tricia Butler. And for folks looking forward to our program up here tonight with Max Coker. Make sure you've hit subscribe so you're not missing out but to those folks. Otherwise, it's Brian Nichols signing out here on The Brian Nichols Show for Tricia Butler.

We'll see you tomorrow. Thanks for listening to The Brian Nichols Show. Fun more episodes at The Brian Nichols show.com.

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