June 4, 2021

258: How Can Songwriting Help Sell Liberty? -with Wes David

258: How Can Songwriting Help Sell Liberty? -with Wes David

Songs tell stories in ways few mediums can rival. Learn how we can leverage songwriting to help sell liberty to more people today.

Songs tell stories in ways few mediums can rival. Learn how we can leverage songwriting to help sell liberty to more people today.


Wes David is a singer/songwriter and libertarian who joins the show to help outline how the art of songwriting is a skill libertarians can learn from in terms of effectively communicating complex ideas layered with a sense of emotion.



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just note that we got Brian on here who's getting congressman Massey on and our typical lineup includes like homeless people that believe in Bigfoot. Welcome to The Brian Nichols Show Your source for common sense politics on the we are libertarians network. The Brian Nichols Show is the fastest growing Liberty podcast that brings together people from all means of political thought, as we seek to have meaningful conversations about the issues you care about. At The Brian Nichols Show. Our goal is to leave the audience educated, enlightened and informed. And now your host Brian Nichols.

Well, there'll be Friday their votes. Brian Nichols here on The Brian Nichols Show. Thank you for joining us on today's funfilled episode and today we are talking about songwriting. I am joined by musician Westling, David and we are discussing how songwriting is something that we libertarians or folks in the greater political world can learn from, how can songwriting help us sell Liberty? Well, I was so thankful to have Wes on the show because he dug and dug and dug into that and more so with that being said on the show was David here on The Brian Nichols Show. What is up, Brian? Not much, man, thank you so much for joining the program. How are things over in your neck of the woods?

Can't complain, man, it's it's sunny and 67 here in Long Beach, California. So not too bad.

Oh, Robin. Yeah, we have, you know, not so sunny. You know, okay, let's be real. It's gray. overcast just got done with like, back to back thunderstorms here in the armpit of liberty that is Philadelphia. And I i can i think confidently say that after the past year and a half I've had to deal with of just insane city government. So I'm sorry to those Philadelphians who maybe felt a little offended by that. But hey, I too, am a Philadelphia and so I think I can say that. But hey, sunny skies. 67 degrees. Yeah, well, while you're rubbing it in your face out there in California, I know it is California. So I mean, you have you have your your across the bear as well having out there was so let's start things off. Right. You're from the music world on that's partly I'm sure the reason you're out in California. But you you're approaching this Liberty world in this kind of conversation that you're entering into today from a different lens, more of an artist more of that perspective in that music realm. So let's do a quick introduction to The Brian Nichols Show audience who is Wesley David and what is this Wesley David music we've heard so much about?

Hello, Brian Nichols Show audience. Yeah, that's thanks for having me on. Yeah, I'm a lifelong songwriter, and musician. I went to school for music, actually in Massachusetts. And I grew up in New Jersey, then we move to Pennsylvania. I went to high school in Pennsylvania. Not too far from you, actually. There, Brian. And then I made my way, eventually westward to play, do a piano work Piano Bar entertainment and dueling pianos other kind of entertainment, actually in Arizona and Phoenix and in Vegas, and then eventually made my way out to LA where I'm doing some of that stuff and also original music and things in the music industry. Nice. That is my Yeah. Wow.

So you dueling pianos, I love I play piano as well. So I mean, I'm not Oh, nice. I'm not to the extent though that I'd be confident just be like, Yeah, let's go out and just, you know, do dueling pianos name a song playing play like a jukebox like oh, no, let me get my phone out and pull it up. Yeah, I mean that that takes a lot. I don't think your average person can appreciate just the the skill set that that requires because you have to be pretty much ready for anything. I mean, you could be going from something as mainstream as playability. Joel's piano man to like, go play Hornsby. You know the way it is, and it's right Exactly like you can go into such a diverse, different, you know, genre from just whatever the audience wants. And that's, I think, very interesting in terms of the way it does correlate into the world of politics. Because and let's How about this for our segue? Hmm? libertarians Don't. Don't listen to the audience. We don't know how to play the songs. We don't know how to play dueling pianos. Right? We can't be there to sit and know. Okay, we have to be able to play piano man for that crowd, but also to be able to play the more intricate you know, Bruce Hornsby in the rain. So how how have you been able to throughout your music career? kind of bring that that knowing of what speaks to an audience in terms of politics? What speaks to people from from a political perspective?

Hmm, that's an excellent question. So you're you're tying like, those songs to philosophical parts of the Liberty movement? Maybe like, Billy Joel Er, yeah. Yeah. Why not? Yeah, it's a it's a fine my life.

Right. My life is like an overtly overtly libertarian song.

Yeah, it is for sure. Yeah. There's a lot of, or there used to be a lot of confident individualism in music and rock and roll. I think there is a little bit still and again, some don't hip hop or something. But yeah, I mean, it's, it's a tough thing. I would I'd be lying to the audience. If I said I was, you know, that's since the really the pandemic guy, you know, actively a participant in libertarianism as far as like the party goes or anything like that. It's I'm definitely more of an outsider right now. But I think that libertarians I think all groups do this. All groups focus on a human tendency just to to want to be right, because we all feel our new psychological like our what they call like our basic narcissism. So we all believe we're right, we want to be right. And we let our our groups either our immediate groups who are our tribe, reinforce that sense of rightness, which is great for feeling validated when you need that. But it's very bad for being flexible with a message I should listen to the one you just did with Angela McArdle about just that, as far as trying, as far as trying to find sort of a flexibility between, you know, focusing on, I think, the broad appeals of liberty movement and of libertarianism, which are, I think, very broadly appealing, even to younger folks, Gen Z, and what have you, yeah. And how to find maybe a comfortable point there, where we stay out of the weeds, or let the, you know, those of us who feel like we want to get into the intellectual weeds of of libertarianism, or what have your like nieces, or hyack, that's fine. But the broad sort of the broad points, I would say are more important than finding finding a way to broaden that message wouldn't be a viable path

forward. For the party. If the party was i'm not i'm not involved at the party. I'm a I'm a spectator at this point. But, you know, just like if the party is really interested in getting above that one, or 2%, and, you know, has a serious intention about being a third party player at the national stage, and not just an ideological contributor to the discourse, it's definitely a rich area to mine try to get into and figure out super important right there like to know what the role of the party is to and I think we've seen more and more over the past few years, then there has been a kind of come to understanding that if you are in the Libertarian Party exclusively to be kind of philosophical, education oriented, which is not that that's not saying that that should not be a priority. But it shouldn't be the priority of a political party. That's not the political party's job is not the Republican Party's job to educate voters about republican policy, our conservative policy ideas, that's not the job of the Democratic Party in order in terms of educating policy or policy prescriptions to voters. That's why you have think tanks, that's why you have grassroots organizers. That's why you have those different tools, those different resources out there. And I think right there, maybe Wesley in it kind of goes hand in hand with this notion almost goes against the libertarian idea of you know, we understand that in the marketplace. When you're able to work with each other, and you're able to do you know, the things that you do best, the best version of it, you can and somebody else can do the best version of whatever they do the best version they can. And then in that marketplace of ideas and or in the marketplace of true goods or services. Those, you know, mutually beneficial relationships and exchanges of goods and services and ideas will help raise up all tides. But when you look at the libertarian movement, we think we can do everything that we can be okay, I'm gonna be the best salesperson, I'm gonna be the best marketer. I'm going to be the best engineer, I'm going to be the best, you know, organizer, I'm going to be the best policy prescriber like it's like no that you don't have to do that. nor should you because at that point, you're just going to be spinning your wheels. And I think maybe that just taking a bite of humble pie and understand that we don't have to be the best in everything across the board would actually be very beneficial to us and helping us move forward as a movement by and large.

Yeah, boy, that's that's, that's very well said. Yeah, I agree. I just I think that I think I'm not qualified to talk about what the party is doing. So I don't really know. But I've been to enough events back in the day, and also, like meet meet up event just for folks who share the same kind of basic ideology that, you know, messaging, unfortunately, in the day and age we're living in is almost everything, and could probably go down a rabbit hole about symbolism being also very important. Unfortunately, I may be the most important thing right now in the social media, landscape. So finding the right mix of messaging and symbolism to appeal to a broad, and I would also say younger, younger demographic would be pretty important just as a, as a, from the outside looking in at the Liberty movement.

Yeah, younger demographic, I'm writing that down, because you've brought it up twice now. And I think there's a reason for it, right? Because, you know, hear me out because I agree 1,000,000% Gen Z is overtly libertarian, small l libertarian in just who they are, as a generation, they are super individualistic. They are they hate the idea of like, you know, the PC like I am one of many, like they super want individualism, they super appreciate being you know, who they are and expressing themselves. They're also super cause driven and they they hear the the moral ideas that libertarianism truly is built on not hurting people and not taking people's stuff. And they understand I think, do appreciate and empathize with those ideas. And also, by the way, they grew up in a world where the base technology is a smartphone, which is basically a supercomputer at the tip of their fingers and research. Yeah. And they research everything. I mean, in a world where were we we're so accustomed to going outside and saying taxi, right to get a car to like, hey, let me look as I'm sitting down at dinner still, and I know I'm having my dinner

right here in the 30s printed out MapQuest directions, like every time you have to go somewhere,

but think about it. Now we can sit there, like I'm finishing dinner in 15 minutes, I can schedule a ride from this little device. It's unbelievable. It's gonna pick me up at my restaurant and bring me home. And all I have to do is push a button. And that's, that's now the status quo. that's who we're talking to. So what is it from your perspective? Because that's how I view Gen Z. And that's how I viewed reaching out to the younger generation. What is it that you're seeing in the younger generation, as you know, appealing to this this Liberty sentiment?

You're asking me really good questions that I wish if I if I was an academic, or if I had more data, I wish I feel like I'm almost unprepared to give a qualified opinion about it. But from it from a Twitter standpoint, or social media, just checking out what what is or Tick Tock what's kind of the seemingly the norm. I mean, I think what you what you brought up as far as activism, Gen Z, caring about causes now that can also go somewhat against almost Unfortunately, the direction of mainstream libertarianism, like if we get into woke culture, or trying to use communal power versus social media to achieve an aim, whether or not the ethics of that are very certain. But I think there's a lot in libertarianism that should appeal broadly to Gen Z. I mean, for me, something that got me very into the ron paul movement and going from there was his stance on foreign policy. And for me learning about it was a watershed moment to learn about what libertarians really think about foreign policy and even many libertarians feel about you know, borders, open borders, some feel about open borders and so forth, or more open borders, that that message of peace and trading and non instrument not not acting in the world but non interventionism especially militarily when you look at the history of both parties, including the Democratic Party and that is a knockout argument for an 18 year old even a woke leaning left leaning 18 year old who is perhaps from a cultural standpoint might not have the most in common with a fair amount of libertarians you know kind of white libertarians from like an sake say that but but nevertheless there is such an overlap there with wanting you know, the to move away from the US Empire project with mode which most of us would libertarians are also first on board with that we don't want I will never forget Ron Paul saying at a breakfast meetup. They went to Ashland, Arizona, why do we have so many military bases? I mean, not just from the the cost, but also from the ethics standpoint. And from the optics standpoint, you know, we have we have military bases with you know, the most advanced weapons that could destroy the world over in friendly nations in Germany, and in many nations, which we were allies with? No, What's what? Why aren't we able to philosophically look back into the ethics of that and really examine? You know, I don't think for me, I think most libertarians to reanalyze that would not be to diminish the US power, or the power of the dollar or the power in a positive way, but to diminish what we don't even need anymore. The Cold War is over, you know, we're not. Right. It's this is long, you know, the wall, the wall has fallen. So, Ron Paul, let's talk about that. That's kind of what got me into Liberty a little bit. So um, I think I think there's more there's more than that to I think there's a lot of hopeful message and a message of, you know, you do you boo, could be summarized for for the for Gen Z is like, hey, that's it. That's that's what the party is about. That's a very promising message,

and hope, hope and promising painting, the better future, I hear a better future. That's the overlay that are the overlaying of what we do in sales. And that's what we need to apply to the greater Liberty world. I think, as we move forward, and I this has been why I did a complete 180 back in August 20 2020. For the show, I said, this has to be the approach going forward. Because otherwise, we're just going to be spinning our wheels talking about these ideas. I mean, I've always said that I want to talk about the issues that people cared about. But I never really understood why I was doing that. And then I realized it's because when you talk about the issues that people care about, they're going to be more engaged, they're going to want to learn more. And that's a great opportunity for me to say, hey, while I have you here, come here, I have a great, here's here's Bill, Bill, Bill's great at telling you about other things and liberty and other questions you might have, in terms of you know, how this, you know, this philosophy on what I just helped supply or apply to, here's the problem you presented, right. And here's how it can be applied to other areas in life, I think that's where we're going to find more value. And that's candidly, what I've been finding has been working is, is playing that kind of that role. So you you come in from a music perspective, you have this as your tool. What is it? Because they're in a frame? why I'm asking the question this way, when you're writing a song, you're writing it for two reasons, I'm assuming number one, because you want to get what's in here in front of the audio listener, I'm pointing at my mind because I get it like there's you hear the song in your head. And now you're like, what tools do I have at my disposal to get it out there? But then number two, also, what will people like, and I know we don't want to always say that we like to, like, acknowledge that that's what we are thinking about. Because we don't want to always be thinking about what what people like but like, what will help get this song to get stuck in people's head that they want to keep coming back to playing the song over and over and over again. So I think that that formula is something that I see some similarities to, but talk to us, you know, you're the professional musician, what's your kind of formula for a song? And how can we learn from when you're writing a song when we're trying to help sell Liberty?

Man Yeah, no, that's a that's a timeless tension in music and arts between doing you know, the most authentic and creative thing for you and then also the thing having a in the back of your mind you know, what is accessible to the most amount of people and depends on your audience of course, as on your, your genre for talking about music, but I just I think finding a way to resolve that tension is probably returning it back to libertarianism is probably the, the biggest thing you know, you know, staying true to the roots of the ideas and the philosophy which has a you know, a proud tradition since offshoots of Adam Smith and john Stuart Mill and eventually to the modern guys, but, you know, the core of that and then finding the way also to make it the three minute or now, two and a half minute, you know, workout playlist ready song that somebody can pop on and, and get value from, they can go deeper if they want to. I hope this is sort of what you were saying. I mean, my music is I'm an I'm an indie rocker, and piano bars A lot of you know, classic rock and roll and top 40 and some newer music too, but it's got a lot of meat, meat and potatoes, music. It's always it's funny and music. It's definitely a timeless tension between like record labels and, and bands and artists. You know, the band comes in with album Ah, song is like 10 minutes like Stairway to Heaven back in like the 70s or 80s or something and the record guys like I don't hear the single, you know, where's the single so I'm just finding away to Yeah, it's like give people gotta give people the single you want them to buy the album. The single first Yeah, well, I

mean, so one of my favorite bands at this point, my audience is like we get it Brian you like a Jr. But I'm sorry, I love AJ, they're, they're, I think they're a really fun band. And they do really well they can, they can hit you with a single, that you're like, Oh, that's good. And then then they catch you with the rest of the album, you're like, that's all really good, too. So like, they'll hit you with bang. everybody's like, Oh, I know the song, bang, bang, bang, here we go, right, like, and then you go and you click on that. And you're like, Oh, that's part of their Okay, Overture album, and then you start listening through that. And then I discover three o'clock things. And I'm like, oh, three o'clock things. I really, really like three o'clock things. Because they I can relate to a lot of the lyrics in that song. And then you start going through the rest of the songs, you're like, Oh, I like this one, too. That's how I think it works. When people are looking at Liberty, we have to be bang, we have to be name, you name, the single hit here, right? We have to have those people, we have to have those ideas, those policy prescriptions, we have to be presenting that those hit singles in order to get people to come into the conversation with us. And then to want to look deeper into the album. Right? And I think that's maybe a really cool maybe comparison, we can draw here because I think it does correlate very easily to the world of music into the world of liberty. So how about this is we're kind of segwaying more towards the end of the show. What would you say Wesley is you're you're approaching the world of liberty, what are some of the things that libertarians can do better when we're trying to reach people from the eyes of a musician?

Man, I was I was all geared up to talk about a rock and roll and piano bar. I you know, I, if I could share if I can answer that by giving a little personal anecdote of how I came to this in the first place. I grew up in a very extreme religion, actually very extreme religious upbringing, which I later left actually, I'd be I would also be a left leaning libertarian. I think I think the nice part about libertarianism also is that one can be there's a shrinking middle, unfortunately. But when one can be sort of in the center, or right leaning or a little bit left leaning, and still subscribe to the core ideas about libertarianism. And maybe maybe that is also a kind of a good selling point in the sense that I mean, yeah, Gen Z, I think arguably definitely craves that. I think they talk a good game. I'm not sure if they walk the walk, but they they talk a good game about wanting the freedom and individuality. In fact, we could probably go down a rabbit hole about social media and Gen Z. collectivism if we had time, but so I'm not I'm not so sure they always walk with they talk, but they do talk about it. So yeah, I mean, you know, but the ability for the I think the core libertarian ideas, to go beyond that it has to be right versus left. And somehow we have managed to mature this answering your question, somehow we've managed to politicize everything and come, you know, have a moral panic about absolutely everything in our society, including masks, and what we've just seen with the pandemic, and everything now must be politicized. Everything has to be right versus left, you wonder if this is not already unsustainable, but going to be unsustainable as the younger generation eventually gets into seats of power and kind of went one day, the terrifying thought for the audience No, but one day, you know, 20 years from now, when when, you know, 15 year olds, 18 year olds are all occupying more seats of power in Congress and local districts that will it be sustainable for every thing that comes up to be a moral panic about every issue? is an outrage to 11? Or do we want a world In fact, which is more pluralistic and more? You do you boo, you do your thing? You know, that's to me, that's the essence democrats will say that's the essence of liberalism. I think it's it's a worthy debate. But I do think that's the that's the real ideological standout point of libertarianism, which has a broad appeal. If this answered your question at all, to folks who lean lean a little bit one way or lean a little bit the other way?

Yeah, no. And so that's why I asked the question the way I did, because I wanted to kind of just get your broad perspective, because part here's here's part of sales and marketing, who you think your target market is and who your ideal buyer persona is, isn't necessarily your effective target market or buyer persona. Here's a really great anecdote. I've been reading a really great book with my marketing guide, Chris Goyzueta. It's the five step undefeated marketing system by Philip Stutz. And in that, in that book, he tells a story about how he was working with this one company and the company. I forget what they sold but they they they They were overtly leaning towards, I think it was like middle aged women, they thought that that was their target market. And as such, they were advertising predominantly on, I believe it was on Facebook. So they were going to go and spend, I think, like 15 some odd million dollars on this massive marketing advertising campaign. And they hired Philips, that's campaign or a team and you're like, here's, here's what we want to do for the campaign. And he's like, Well, why are you putting all your money in on Facebook? And they're like, well, we that's where our customer base is. He's like, Well, are you sure? And then well, yeah. So he's like, well, let's, let's actually dig into it. So they do a massive data dig into who their actual customers were. And here's what they found. Not only was their customer, not who they thought their customer was, it was not the the middle aged mom, but rather was a younger customer. And here's the best part where they are finding the company the most was on Pinterest, not on Facebook, right. So if they had just gone in, all 100% in, you know, this Facebook marketing approach to the people they thought that they were trying to reach, they would have not seen the return on investment had they focus on who they actually were best suited to be offering their product to, and where they were entering the conversation. In this case, it was in Pinterest. So I think there's a lot that libertarians can also extrapolate from that in understanding that where we think we're entering the conversation on what we think is important from an idea standpoint, that that's not exactly what the people we're trying to reach or the people that are we're trying to resonate with. That that's not maybe their top of mine issue. I think that does, you know, very, very much so correlate.

Yeah, no, that's that's really well said, My market research standpoint. I'm not I'm not involved. I, I part of me wants to one day, but I'm not involved level of the party. So I'm not sure what I'm sure they have people who do the research. Actually, I enjoyed listening to the to the you spoke with Angela McArdle, and she was touching on the same thing that it really is all about that that research, you might find some surprising answers. But I just keep coming back to that. I think there's a lot in the Liberty movement, we talked about messaging. optics also matters. So it's an easy criticism to throw at the party. But yeah, the need for leadership, you know, at all levels, but you know, ever also every once in four years, if we're going to keep trotting out candidate to, if not outright, right now, when the presidency at least have a very meaningful contribution to the discourse, finding, maybe even a new generation of leaders who can see the movements and understand the intellectual roots of it, but also find a way to translate it to a broad, a broader, you know, and also frankly, yes, younger, you know, younger demographic, I think would be important I voted for I'll proudly tote my card here. I voted for Joe Jorgensen. And yeah, that's right. Yeah, I was probably the only one here. My Local little, my little voting booth. Yeah, I Joe, Joe is great. Nope, no complaints about Joe or for me, Gary Johnson, or the guy who my my guy who brought me into this on the first place was was Ron Paul, and then the surrounding. Kind of the figures that Ron Paul talks about a lot as far as the core kind of ideas of the movement. But yeah, finding the messaging, yeah, the market research and then also if possible, finding leadership that can have that broad appeal, I think would be a question of, of how serious is the party about going beyond just being kind of a gadfly, like Socrates is gadfly stinging people with information or how serious is the party about really taking that next step towards who knows maybe one day in our lifetime winning winning at the very highest national level? You know, that'd be nice.

How about this for something entirely different because you are you know, a musician let's let's go through some of your your least favorite songs to perform and most favorite songs to perform.

Okay, least favorite most favorites boy least favorite. You get a lot of requests these days for like Baby Shark stuff like that whenever there's like a lame song or a YouTube sensation song Yeah. Gangnam Style. You know, whenever whenever some back back there's MCC arena back whenever whenever, like a big enough YouTube song catches fire. You'll just be flooded with cardi B which will get us fired as good white piano players can really play some cardi B and most most piano bars. But it comes up because it's that's that's what young people are listening to. I so probably my least favorite some of that stuff. I most favorite. I like I mean I love I grew up with classic rock and and 990s alternative so I love I'm in my 30s I love 90s you know anything 90s pop rock, the old school, old school hip hop, love r&b 90s and love to play. And I have a few pet favorite songs I always play at a piano bar. Frankie Valli can't take my eyes off you classic. Love it. I don't get tired of playing don't stop believin a lot of a lot of piano bar players do it. It's I don't get tired of it because I enjoy the challenge as a vocalist to try to do it. Okay job of it. And then it's fun. It is fun to get the crowd like those few big songs if you go to a piano bar like come on Eileen. Oh, hi, man. You play piano it's a tough song. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, those those those big hits I mean, I'm tired of playing piano man if I'm if I'm being honest, most Billy, most Billy and Elton I'm pretty tired of but otherwise the big songs it's fun because the crowd gets into it and their energy picks you up. So

it's gotta be exciting to to get back to normal normal kind of ish life. I'm assuming soon right.

We've gotten we've gotten a lot more bookings. That's been great. That's been great. I'm actually about to I'm doing my original music project which again is somewhere cross between classic rock and 90s alternative indie stuff so if anyone's interested they can check out my Spotify Wesley David. But yeah, I'm actually I've I've put in I've had a little career in dueling pianos. So if anything, I'm sort of the pandemic was an opportunity for me to reset a lot of personal priorities. I wrote this album called never late and better and I'm gonna go tour it for lack of a better word, some open mic touring, and go from there. But yeah, overall, as far as just opportunities for music and for the arts, and the entertainment sector, it is wonderful finally that it's it's coming back online for sure.

Exciting stuff, and well, eight. Well, thank you so much for joining the program. That was Yeah, a lot of fun. And definitely folks if you're interested in learning more, we'll include the Spotify link to the Wesley David's music. So folks, if you're interested, go ahead and give them some support there. But that being said, thank you so much for joining us here in The Brian Nichols Show. Thank you sir. Thanks for having me. You've heard the name evils but now you need to remember my delta eight from the same people who brought you evils my delta eight is delta eight THC, offering a semi sedated physical sensation without the overwhelming mental simulation of delta nine THC resulting in a smoother and much milder experience both evils in my delta eight offer both best quality product and customer service in the industry from helping manage chronic pain, anxiety, depression and more. The reviews are in folks both evils, and my delta eight are truly game changers as a natural alternative to Big Pharma drugs and hey, yours truly here The Brian Nichols Show can vouch for the quality of evils in my delta eight having to deal with a herniated disc in my back plus years of sports injuries evals and my delta eight offer relief for generic medicines simply mask the pain and did you know you can get evals and my adult aid delivered right to your door at a special discounted price? That's right, all members of The Brian Nichols Show audience can use promo code TMS at checkout and boom discount applied again. That's code tbms at checkout get the highest quality CBD and delta eight THC on the market delivered right to your door one more time. The code is tbms at checkout.

Alrighty, folks, that's got to wrap up my conversation with West David, thank you for joining me on the show today, Wes and thank you folks for joining us here on today's episode of The Brian Nichols Show Yes, we learn how we can learn from songwriting to help us sell liberty and why branding is so important and we can help learn how to do that through effective storytelling and yes, storytelling songwriting it goes hand in hand as we talked about here on the show all the time. I know you guys are like Brian, we've heard this story a bajillion times I get it I know you're like listen, tone it down now this is consistency in sales that's what sells is consistency as well so being consistent on what works that's what we're gonna be focusing here on The Brian Nichols Show. So with that being said if you enjoyed today's episode you got something of value will do me a favor, go ahead and share it and when you go ahead and share it, please go ahead and tag yours truly at B Nichols, liberty, Twitter, Facebook. Mine's calm and parlor calm. Also, if you enjoyed today's episode, email me Brian at Brian Nichols show.com. Also if you think you could be a good guest or if you know of a good guess you represent a certain someone in you know, either politics or for a certain company, whatever it may be, please email me Brian and Brian Nichols Show calm. We'd love to hear your pitch and why you think you'd be a great guest here on the show. Also, like DEF CON 20. You know, Michael skarn like, what's the threat level midnight? There we go. I need your help. Like peek behind the curtain. I have a problem. I don't have a candidate for this coming Sunday's episode again. I know thankfully Jacob Turner jumped in clutch last week. Joining us on last week's Sunday candy highlight series. Don't have a candidate again. So I need your help. If you represent a candidate who is running for office, who is a pro Liberty candidate doesn't have to be or libertarian doesn't have to be a Republican. Heck, I'll even take it down. Have a cry if they are a pro Liberty candidate. come on the show. I'm happy to have a conversation and raise up your campaign. So email me, Brian at Brian Nichols. show.com. I want to hear you or your story, your message. And hey, if there's areas we disagree, we'll talk about that. But I want to hear what issues you're hearing in your area and how you're seeing your message resonate with voters. Is it resonating? And if not, maybe we can have a conversation to learn how we can effectively help you communicate the ideas of liberty to your area. So again, email me Brian at Brian Nichols show.com so with that being said, what's happening on Sunday? I don't know um, well if I can get a candidate between now and Sunday so if you are able to get on the show on Saturday morning email me please again, Brian, The Brian Nichols Show calm I will record with you early. But if not, I have a couple of episodes in the bank ranging from you know, am I gonna tell you who they are because Well, fine here. Pull it off here for you guys. Again, you're not gonna see it here here. So we had a couple conversations in the bank. Three awesome episodes, I've recorded one with Wiley great now Wiley gray is from veterans of war.org which is a great organization helping with plant medicine alternatives for a lot of issues in terms of PTSD, your traumatic brain injury so on and so forth. co codes go hand in hand with the microdose dot buzz or event the heroic dose that I was one of the the not pass What the heck was a moderator? I was like what the heck is no turn I was gonna be I mean, I was the moderator for the rogue dose. So discuss that and how plant based medicines in this case, I Alaska is helping with healing allow these issues that a lot of veterans particularly had been dealing with, had conversation with Jess Mears. Yes. The amazing Jess Mears who does everything Liberty assumes and talked about clubhouse Yes, you've probably heard of clubhouse and we dug into the value of clubhouse and how she's been using it to help not only network but have really interesting conversations with some pretty interesting people. And I had an awesome conversation with the gents over at follow the science on lockdowns and liberty. We learned exactly why they are doing this awesome documentary that yes does follow the silence science. And we recorded this episode actually, back here early this week as the Fauci emails our morally so Oh, that was a that was fun to dig into as well. So we have three episodes that I can choose from. But I say that very loosely, but I want to have a candidate. So number one, if you can hop on the show between now and Saturday, Sunday, email me, Brian at Brian Nichols Show calm, but also, if you are a candidate, I want to hear from you. I need to get some candidates having some conversations with me so I can get your episodes ready to rock and roll for our Sunday candy highlight series. So again, email me, Brian, at Brian Nichols. show.com. Also, folks, if you enjoyed the program today, I would love to hear about it and go over to Brian Nichols Show calm and head up to the top of the page. You'll see right at the very top it says reviews. Yeah, click that. And when you click that, you can go ahead and give us a quick, you know, five star rating and review and tell folks why you listen to the program. What value do you get from the show? I would love to hear about it. And also if you could do me a favor if you've not had the chance yet to become a supporting listener? Well, what's holding you back is you're here every single week so you're getting something on the show. Well, why not take it a step further become a supporting listener of The Brian Nichols Show? Yes, our patreon.com forward slash The Brian Nichols Show all my account executives and my entry level sales executives get one of these awesome don't hurt people. Don't take people's stuff. bumper sticker dumper sticker bumper sticker. There we go. It's been a day, we're going to get through this together, folks, I promise. I know. I've been saying that every week because here's the here's another peek behind the curtain on top of my full time job on top of work, working out in the morning at 5am every single morning and doing sometimes three, four or five shows in a day. I also am a person so I get tired a believer not so yes, it's been a day. But thank you for sticking with us as we're going through on our like 1517 I don't know what our end is right at this point. But we are we're growing something here at the program. And here. I'll take a step back why I say that? Because we're doing something really cool here at The Brian Nichols Show at the greater we're libertarians network. We are growing. We're talking to amazing people. You know, we have our Sunday candidate highlight series, we have our conversations with Jeremy Todd and Chris Goyzueta, where we're talking about sales and marketing specifically for the Liberty world. We're having conversations with people who are Liberty curious, and maybe they're not in the Liberty curious state of mind, but they are just aware that something's not right. We're having questions or conversations with them and answering their questions showing how to sell liberty and then we're having conversations with noted experts, C level executives or or economists, politicians, elected officials and more. And it's exciting to know that you are a part of this beyond if you're a Patreon subscriber or supporter rather. Which there I'm so thankful for for you guys out there who are supporting us. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for supporting not only The Brian Nichols Show, but what we're doing here and trying to reach more people and helping sell Liberty meet people where they're at. This is not possible without you also at the big channel, yes, we are selling advertisements. So we are reaching collectively over, you know, 50,000 or so people per month as a network. So if you have a business or you, you know, are looking to reach a market of people who are engaged every single week, downloading every single podcast, well, we're now collecting opportunities for you to advertise on not just my program, but the entire we are libertarians network. So if you're interested in hearing about how you can advertise on the we're libertarians network, and yes, hit all 50,000 of you downloaders downloaders subscribers, listeners that we have every single month. Email me Brian at Brian Nichols. show.com. I am so excited to tell you more. So coming up here on Sunday. I don't know we'll see what happens. So strap in folks by get a candidate thumbs up. If not, you're going to be hearing from one of those three conversations. I previewed there before. So that being said, folks, thank you for joining us here on today's episode of The Brian Nichols Show is Brian Nichols signing off for West David. We'll see you Sunday.

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