June 25, 2021

270: Will the Democrats Really Run Kamala Harris in 2024? -with Anna James Zeigler

270: Will the Democrats Really Run Kamala Harris in 2024? -with Anna James Zeigler

Would the Democratic Party really run someone as inauthentic as Kamala Harris when voters are demanding authenticity?

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Would the Democratic Party really run someone as inauthentic as Kamala Harris when voters are demanding authenticity? 


Based on how Kamala Harris did in the 2020 Democratic Primaries (or rather, how badly she did), it doesn't seem to be wise to present her as the only option... and yet, that might be the only thing the Democrats can do.


Anna James Zeigler returns to the program to show who else the Democrats might consider, and if they do run Kamala Harris, how that could be great news for the Republicans (Ron DeSantis, anyone?).


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Knock knock. Who's there? It's me again, Brian Nichols here on The Brian Nichols Show. Happy Friday, folks. And thank you for joining us on of course, another fun filled episode of The Brian Nichols Show Today we have returning guest, one Anna James Ziegler. Now Anna is returning to the program today to discuss something, it really dawned on me. What's going to happen if the democrats number one tried to run Joe Biden again in 2024. But number two, what happens if they don't? And then it's Kamala Harris. She's so unpopular. What will happen will the democrats actually run? Kamala Harris? Or is there somebody else out there in Ziegler brings all of her expertise, wisdom and more to today's program. So with that being said, onto the show, Anna Jane Ziegler here on The Brian Nichols Show. Hi, it's good to be here. Absolutely. So great to have you back. We're having a couple of technical issues. But my goodness, we're gonna persevere and make this work. We've got a Jerry rigged system up here using the landline and on the internet, we're but we're making it work and in telecom issues, be darn welcome back to the program. I was, I was excited to get you back on the show. And we do, we're gonna have a little bit of a shorter show than normal, about 15 minutes or so. But it's about a topic that I saw you wrote an article about, and it really it piqued my interest, because it's something that's been on my mind, and it's looking at what happens if Biden's not able to finish his term? And let's say he is able to finish his term. Who's next? and looking like Kamala Harris? I just don't see it. I don't. And pretty much the Democratic voters resoundingly rejected her back at the end of the primaries back in 2020. So I are 2020. So I'm just curious, you know, what's next, for the democrats who, who is next in the event that Biden is, in fact, a one term president?

Well, you know, thanks and gone about as poorly as I think most of us who live in reality have expected them to go since Biden and Harris took office. And, you know, he just, I mean, I am I admit, I'm biased. I did not vote for him. I don't like his politics, and I never have but so I think it's hard for all of us to honestly assess how he is doing, but he does not seem to be doing well. Just physically, mentally, and just the stumbles and, and I think that the press knows it, they're kind of going overboard to try to not mention things or just basically pretend like two plus two equals five when everyone can see that that's not the case. Right. And so you know, what is going to happen? I don't know. I just with every day that passes, and especially with him, him coming off this big last overseas trip. He's not up to it. No, and I don't if he makes it a one full term, I will be really shocked. And I felt that way, you know, to a year ago, two years ago, and when he won the nomination, I was like, what, but and I really felt like when we realized that the nominee was going to be him. I knew that vp pick would be a woman. And I think I wrote a piece way back when, specifically about why it's just not the Harris because they, I mean, they didn't learn anything from running Hillary Clinton against Donald Trump. I mean, that's one of the reasons why Donald Trump was president is because they ran him against Hillary Clinton. And I remember having a moment back around 2015, where I thought, are we really going to see Trump versus Hillary? And we did. And I've had the same moment where I saw, are they really going to not only nominate Biden, who is just old, and in I mean, I know some some people in their late 70s. And you know, some of them are, are mentally and physically they're just, they're doing really well, but he is not in that category. And then they pick her. And the Democrats, like you said, they don't even like her. And so the corner that they are painting themselves into is really interesting. And I think it's gonna be just insane to watch it play out, because I do not see him making it one full term. And if he somehow does, nobody, I would assume nobody would make the case that he should run again. Yeah. And who does that leave? I mean, she is the obvious. Next step. I guess that's how it usually works. And I just can't I mean, when they know they might be facing like a Rhonda Santas. You're gonna run him in a national campaign, and it's hard. And I just it, I mean, obviously, that makes me kind of giddy to think about it, but it's still every day that I fear and, you know, she's just, she's terrible. She's absolutely terrible. And she, she really didn't get away with it in terms of her presidential campaign, because it was just a total flop almost from the get go. You know, everybody remembers the moment that Tulsi, just a normalizer on the debate stage over her her record. I mean, when you come at her with her record, it's just there's nothing she can say. That's why she laughs she can't

Yeah, the Joker laugh. She has the cackle. Yeah. It's so it's so inauthentic, truly. And I mean, that right there is is the number one thing that's missing from her is authenticity. I mean, with Tulsi you can feel on the stage. And it's actually funny. I was listening to a podcast. I'm a big fan. I talk a lot about Philip Stutz on the program. And Philip Stutz is the author of the undefeated marketing systems. And he's very well known in I would say, more right leaning political circles as a marketing guru. And he was talking about how are his talking to guests on his, his new podcast, which is going along with his new book. And in the podcast, I forget the gentleman's name he interviewed. But in the interview, that the gentleman he was interviewing, his job was to sit down with the different candidates during the election cycle and basically help them make their brand and make kind of their, their marketing for who their either identity is going to be. And he said, when he sat down with Tulsi, and he's like, you know, what makes you you. And she just got so excited, because she started talking about surfing, and how she just loves to surf. And and right, you can just feel and you see this with Tulsi. Right, there's that one video of her after I think it was that affer mentioned debate, you're referring to where she's in an airport with a ukulele. And she's just playing along. Yeah. And you can feel the authenticity, and then you look at Kamala, and you just you can feel the exact opposite. So it has nothing to do with the sex of the person in this case, but quite literally, he just you can feel the inauthenticity that just reeks from Kamala Harris and just like it did with Hillary Clinton, there was never you every time you hear her talk, you can hear the gears turning because you're it's like, what's the best response? How should I respond? And the average person kind of Gag a little bit, I think we're seeing a complete rejection of that old way of kind of the will. That's just who the candidates are. That's how candidates speak is no people are looking for, dare I say and people who are kinda like them.

Right? Well, I just it's amazing to me, like I said, you know, you'll see it on Twitter, somebody will ask occasionally who is worse, and it is really, it's just really amazing that they went from Hillary, and they may well have found the one other politician who is worse in terms of, you know, being an interested in authentic shrew that, you know, nobody genuinely likes. Ya know, when you when you can't Trust that with, you know, Tulsi and, and because of their debate moment, a lot of times that's the obvious contrast. But she is truly Maybe her like her son cinema, you know, I don't agree with their policy positions on some things, but they're not in authentic and they and you, you feel like you could sit down and they would have a genuine conversation with you about something and they and above all else, maybe they don't seem to crave power in just a really dangerous and insane way. And if you go back and you look at Harris and her and her rise in California, I mean, she thumbed her nose at a Supreme Court ruling regarding their prison system, and and things that she was ordered to do as the Attorney General. And just just unbelievable. I mean, she just, you cannot make an argument that she genuinely cares about anybody or anything other than climbing to power.

Yeah. Well, you said the magic word power. And I think that right there speaks to really one of the major problems that we've seen here is that Kamala Harris, will it I would dare say do whatever it takes very Machiavellian of sorts, to ascend higher levels of power. I mean, there was a running joke that Ben Shapiro had during the campaign saying, you better have a food taster, Joe just to be safe. And now obviously, that's tongue in cheek, right. But let's be real Kamala Harris, she has shown in her history to be a very Machiavellian present or candidate rather.

Yeah. It's, you know, and how if she, if it's not her, I mean, if somebody is smart enough on the left to realize the situation that they are going to put themselves in? And honestly, now, I don't know how they would explain it away. Unless, unless somebody talks her into bowing out, but that doesn't seem likely does it? Knowing all that we know about her. She's gonna make a really terrible candidate, and I don't see how they can avoid. If she's not already the president by 2024. I don't see how they can avoid her being the obvious front runner and why did you know they were so eager to nominate a woman who was not white? I mean, Biden said, I'm gonna I'm gonna nominate a woman of color. And from that point on, you know, everybody, I kind of assumed it would be hard. But until the moment it was announced, there was this part of me that thought, surely they won't do this, because they will think a few years ahead to the situation, this is gonna put them in, where they have truly one of the worst candidates they could put forward. Yeah, but hey, you know, they did. That's where that's where we are now. And she just, I mean, did you see the pictures of her and the luncheon that she threw the female senators? And yeah, yeah.

Well, and I think, I think you're speaking to Now, obviously, you're more in the camp of Republican side of things. But also I see more of just your average person. They're just kind of rejecting this, this narrative. And it's more of this. I don't want to say like the woke ideology. But you have seen that this has been the appeal. And you're asking, I know, you're kind of doing a tongue in cheek, you know, why did they pick her? But they did that because it almost comes across. Biden said he was going to do it. He said, He's gonna pick a black female, because that's what he wants, like, he felt he had to do it. So it seemed like it's like, yeah, that that doesn't really come across as you're putting the best person in the job. And now it comes to the point where, to your point, Hannah, she might be the front runner after, you know, Biden is not going to be able to continue forward at some point, be it, you know, during his tenure, or after he decides to drop out now he's, he said, and he's gonna run again in 2024. So, I mean, our entire conversation might not be important. I don't even I can't even finish that sentence. I there's no way that Joe Biden runs in 2024. Right.

Yeah, I mean, I just, I don't know. I mean, honestly, I don't think that we would have made it this far. Had it not been for, you know, the pandemic because it gave him the perfect excuse to hot literally hide. I mean, he, you know, I mean, we there were so many running jokes during the campaign, but they were I mean, they're, they were funny because they were all true, you know, he didn't do any, you know, he didn't do anything. And of course, without the pandemic, I don't think he wins. You know, but that's another conversation. But I just, I really feel like the truth about his, his mental and physical state would have been apparent a lot sooner had he not had a pretty good reason, you know, supposedly Who knows? To hide in his house and not hold events and not give many speeches, and I mean, he just if anything is off script, you know, like we saw yesterday, he just, he's No, he's not he's not only getting older, he's not a nice guy. And he never has been. I mean, he's been a reporter's head off yesterday. I mean, can you imagine if that had been Trump?

Oh, the headlines would have been going nonstop about Trump attacking the press and Trump's war on the media, Jim Acosta probably would have had a segment about it, you know, at some point in time talking about how, how terrifying it was, and how we just saw the bullets flying over his head.

Yeah, I mean, he just, you know, he has, he has so many handlers, he has, he not only has the media who is, is we know, they are willing to do whatever it takes, you know, he's got Twitter who was willing to suspend the New York Post for the week before the election, because they criticize, you know, him and his son and suggested that that might not all be on the up and up. So he has everyone in the world, helping him, you know, literally, just physically everything. I mean, you go back to that picture that Jill, I think, foolishly posted before their their last, this last trip to the what am I trying to say the g7. And, you know, where she posted a picture of herself sitting at a desk and said, you know, the caption said, you know, she was getting ready, and everybody was like, What? So it's just, it's almost like everybody knows it, but nobody wants to say it, and they're just gonna, I don't know how long they're going to be able to keep this up. I only don't keep I

hope they keep it up as long as they can. Because the longer they do this, the more it ruins their narrative and their ability to control the narrative. Because I don't know about your circles of influence beyond your political life. And about when I'm talking to what I would dare say are normal people. Yeah, like, they, they are seeing it, they are kind of like, Yeah, what is this? What what why? Like, they're asking more questions to me. And saying, Yeah, has it been like this the entire time pretty much, because they know how fervently against things like the lock downs, I was from the beginning. And like I was new, I was facing a lot of, you know, backlash because I was not trusting the experts. I wasn't trusting the the bureaucratic scientist establishment. And I'm like, Listen, like, I'm looking at people that by any other stretch of the imagination, you would also trust. I mean, your top epidemiologists from Stanford, and Harvard. Like, what in your questioning that you're saying they're conspiracy theorists? And now it's like, oh, the entire narrative that has been promoted has been shown not to be true. And oh, by the way, the people who were promoting it, they kind of knew that from the very beginning, but they had to keep the facade up. And I think it going full circle on it. No, that's, that's right there where your average person, they are aware of it now. And before it was kind of like, okay, yeah, maybe the media is a little more bias. Okay, maybe right now, it's like, oh, the media has a narrative, they have an agenda. It's not just, they have a bias, they have a full fledged agenda that is completely and entirely inaction. And things were happening so quick, I think in 2020, that it really made a lot of people aware, just because the media had to keep it going at a level that they hadn't before. And now it's like you finally get that you can only get up to the peak of the mountain before you go over the cliff. And now they're going over the cliff.

Well, you remember, I'm sure the article that was published in time where they after the election where they used the word cabal. And I think about that so often, because I basically it was almost like, they wanted to brag a little bit about, you know, the success of their big plan. But anyway, I just mean, you're absolutely right. I think the longer he's there, the more people are going to see that. There's a whole lot of stuff going on behind the scenes, like almost an actual Weekend at Bernie's type situation.

I laugh because if you don't laugh, you'll cry because it's the president. Yeah, unfortunately, well, and unfortunately are coming close to time here. We're getting a hard press that we had that technical issue and I have another show coming up. But with that being said, I do want to make sure we give you a chance here to give any plugs so obviously you're doing a lot of work over at the Federalists only recent articles, we can go ahead and make sure we get eyeballs to

Oh goodness. I think the last thing I published I'm actually headed I'm headed back to the high school classroom in the fall to teach English and I wrote something there. Other day for the, for the first, just about paying attention to who is taking your child literature. I guess that's the last thing that I wrote. Because parents pay so much attention to the books that are read. And we always see articles about people wanting to ban certain novels, and we don't talk much about, you know, how much power a teacher has, especially as a secondary level, to discuss, discuss things like that with kids, and, you know, their their whole view of the world and their view of things like communism and the nuclear family. And I just basically, I'm encouraging people in that article to ask questions, and you know, find out who is who is taking your children as they age especially. And they rather than worry about banning books, you know, look into who is going to be discussing those books with them, because it's something Obviously, I'm thinking more about. Because it's about to be my job. Once again, I was in the high school classroom about three years ago. And I'm about to go back and I'm excited about it. But obviously, my mind still think politically, and so I, I guess I sort of blended all that the other day when I was writing that just as a warning to parents. So that is probably still up ever at the first and my, my, my page there is linked on my Twitter page service.

And what's the social media handle again, for folks who are looking to follow that will include the link in the show notes, but just for the audio listener?

For me, correct? Yes, I am at AJ Ziegler. That is the AIG l er at twitter.

Perfect. Yeah, we'll make sure we include that in the show notes. But yeah, for you audio listener. And if you want to go ahead, give her a follow, you should be very easy to find you have around like, what was it 15,000 followers or so there? And so yeah, look, I should be the top no Ziegler, you go ahead and search. So we'll go ahead. This episode should be airing here. The end of June. So fingers crossed, we'll go ahead and get the article. Maybe the link to it maybe previewed? I don't know. We'll see what happens there. But I unfortunately have to run we have a show comp here. Next on The Brian Nichols Show. So that being said, Anna James Ziegler. Thank you so much for all the work you're doing, by the way that had to have you back on the show at some point in time to discuss your experience in the public sector in education. I would love to hear about that. So with that being said, thank you so much for joining The Brian Nichols Show. All right. Thanks, Brian.

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We'll see you Sunday. Thanks

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