June 27, 2021

271: Sunday Candidate Highlight Series: Kelly Carden for Kern County Board of Supervisors

271: Sunday Candidate Highlight Series: Kelly Carden for Kern County Board of Supervisors

Making the most difference by running local.

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Local politics aren't as sexy as national politics. Everyone wants to get involved with their national campaigns and support those ever-popular national candidates.

However, too often than not, people ignore the fact that local politics infinitely impacts their lives, their communities, and the people they care about the most directly.

Today's guest is Kelly Carden, who realized that first-hand and decided to take a stand and run for office not as a Democrat or Republican, but as a Libertarian.

By focusing on the issues that matter most to his community, Kelly is entering into the conversations his constituency is already having is offering libertarian solutions to the problems they see surrounding them.

WATCH ON YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCO4_lp8HJLQosanF1nfWZWg

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