June 30, 2021

273: Meeting Gen Z Where They're At -with Isabella Riley

273: Meeting Gen Z Where They're At -with Isabella Riley

Technology is only new so long as you don't remember the technology that took place before it.

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One of the fastest-growing demographics in the American electorate is Gen Z.


And while many in politics like to do an "old man yells at cloud" routine when discussing issues with Gen Z, we at The Brian Nichols Show understand that Gen Z is quite literally the future, and with that, share a lot of fundamental beliefs that those in the Liberty Movement share as well.


So how do we effectively meet Gen Z where they're at?


Isabella Riley joins the program as an old soul in Gen Z, but helps us better understand how to effectively communicate and reach those interested Gen Z voters who are curious to explore alternative solutions beyond what has been presented to them as the "status quo" by the older generations their entire lives.


WATCH ON YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PqCIfsWK9r0


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