July 4, 2021

275: SPECIAL July 4th Episode ("To Sell Freedom, Listen More"; Brian Nichols on Kibbe on Liberty)

275: SPECIAL July 4th Episode (

You can't sell to someone until you've ask (better) questions, show you care, and have actually listened to their problems.

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Happy July 4th! A little bit of a different episode today, as we're going back in time to my appearance over on Matt Kibbe's phenomenal program on The Blaze Radio Network, Kibbe on Liberty.

Back at the beginning of the year, we talked all things sales, specifically the importance of asking good questions, creating value, and listening.

With everyone hanging around the BBQ and pool this holiday weekend, let's take some of these tips and use them to help sell liberty to your average, everyday person.

Find the Original Episode: https://freethepeople.org/?s=brian+nichols

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