July 20, 2021

284: Sell Liberty Effectively with Brian Nichols on the On The Run Podcast

284: Sell Liberty Effectively with Brian Nichols on the On The Run Podcast

Sell Liberty Effectively with Brian Nichols

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Time and time again, libertarians ask themselves "why aren't others immediately buying into my great ideas?" Remso is joined by sales expert Brian Nichols ("The Brian Nichols Show") who has just released a new ebook targeting why people don't listen to us, who our target audience is, and how to earn the respect and votes of those coming around to our way of thinking.

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4 Easy Steps You Can Implement Now To Sell Liberty to Friends and Family: In a world where "being right" appears to be the utmost importance to some in the liberty movement, at The Brian Nichols Show, we're focusing on meeting people where they're at, talking about the issues they care about, and offering solutions that solve their problems. That's why I'm excited to announce my new e-book, "4 Easy Steps You Can Take Now To Sell Liberty to Friends and Family", which is a step-by-step guide to how you can better sell liberty to friends and family today!

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