Aug. 9, 2021

295: YAL Revolution 2021!

295: YAL Revolution 2021!

We meet some of the vendors at YAL and the problems they're solving.

Check out some awesome conversations from YAL REVOLUTION 2021!



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but it's really great. Oh man, oh man, well that's why we have Chris there at least on my behalf for the time being but uh yeah it's it's an unfortunate reality I was reading an article there on the insider about what's happening with uh with Spirit Airlines which I unfortunately was silly enough to go ahead and get myself sucked into so yeah I guess I get what I deserve. In that case,

decided to go ahead anyway. I think you probably, oh yeah. So we were just sitting here wondering how are these going because I haven't seen how it's affecting you. Yeah,

it's it's I think it's it's hitting us around I know I've always just Newark in Philadelphia and then turns out across the United States but yeah I'm not sure what we're gonna do with all this going on, hopefully.

So hopefully people don't get stuck down there. Geez. To. It's because they have a pilot shortage right now, remembering. Yep. No. Yeah, it's it's unfortunate but yeah hey, you guys are in great hands down there with Chris Goyzueta At the very least, he came in clutch was able to help us out so thanks thanks to Chris honestly. Okay.

Oh, no kidding. Well tell us a little bit more about that. I do Tell me, tell me more about that

was gonna say I think we've we've definitely seen, and this is a reoccurring theme we've heard in the show whenever people come on that Ron Paul really kicked off a lot of, I would say your modern libertarian activists political careers or their interest in the Liberty politics I mean heck I'm sporting his son's shirt, when he was running for president in 2016 I was a big Rand Paul supporter so I think you see that across the board Jim it's it's not just Ron he's been reaching out and his, his legacy lives on I think he's gonna be making a sneak appearance there if I heard correctly to if I if that's correct.

That's right now. Again, Big job right now. Another 60 days. It's really a matter of time, not change ever changes. The time

presidential campaign in the late 80s, obviously, is rushing on second

presidential nomination. Never when he changed his style was messaging, the framing

of a lot of credibility from, from a lot of, lot of major players, respectable spelling lesson, they didn't always agree with it but this is somebody who's, you know, he's not just, whatever, whatever, to say to get your vote. Yep.

So anyway, that makes us a matter of timing, the American Eagle sliceable American Eagle we're not ready for him in 1988.

I think the internet. Yep, because it was the money back in November of. 2007 happened with the internet, and coordinated. I remember, I heard about the application need because of those sine waves. They were using this new app was brand new in 2007 and US voters were unable to figure out where to do a sine wave, and slowly made a big difference in the ability to leverage this message now. The other thing that might have been beneficial to say but the timing, it's got to be a little bit I guess it's like a lot of people are ready to take spontaneous action. And they did take that with me was not the wrong time campaign around 2007 820 12 Was it not think about those things that money aside. Well, that was spontaneous. So that's really cool, yeah. Anyway, very proud that he was the Libertarian Party candidate first was certainly a critical thing for the libertarian movement over the last 30 years. Prior to the wrong thing happening in 2007, eight and to get 2012. Most of the people who come into the libertarian movement

through ein Rand. I'm not kidding. Yeah. Wow. Wow, really. I ran into people were saying, decades. Change 2007 and eight. Vast majority came in through a rock. So he rejuvenated the movement in a massive way. Well that's. So, he's our hero because of it. Already he wrote, Mount Rushmore, of the hero. Yep.

Well I think it's, it speaks to the importance of needing to have a strong communicator, I think at the end of the day we see a lot of times, Libertarians get stuck behind being able to articulate the message. So you see when all sudden you have somebody who can reach your average person on the issues they care about with that libertarian lens and and really focusing on solving problems, not just trying to, you know just good idea then to death I think that right there is where people look to Ron Paul differently than your traditional other politician so yeah it's it's interesting to see that that ended up being really I would say the launching off part to why we have a Young Americans for Liberty revolution 21 convention, you know, where we have what 1400 activists who are, I would say strong proponents of the future, I mean these are all young Liberty activists who are helping state legislators get elected, help state assemblies get elected and this is, this is the way the future and I'd say a lot of that comes back to the man myth, the legend Ron Paul himself. No. Yeah, there you go. There we go. Okay. Yeah. Good, as they should, that we need more top of mind libertarians Well Jeff, thank you so much for stopping by. I'm so glad I'm able to see as I pop on here so thank you so much for stopping by the booth and obviously. Me too.

Oh, okay. Yeah, no, I'll blow German, Sorry. Anyway, absolutely reelection campaigns over a couple of months. I would love to yeah absolutely Chris if you could, could you get Jeff's contact information there so we can go ahead and come on, fancy, I assumed as much. Cool. Love it. We're supposed to go. Cool. I know I'm stuck here. Don't worry, don't worry I got good good person there, Chris, but thanks for stopping by. It's good to see ya. Now much brother I call them Jeff I call them, Jim, I call them gel, I think I messaged him up like four times I couldn't hear you at first. What's up, brother. How you doing, oh yeah you sound great, yeah it sounds like you're talking right to me or in person.

Yeah, no, this is perfect. I'm actually recording here on our end too so we can go ahead and have this for posterity sake, too. Yeah dude. Ah, here, Let's make your screen bigger so I can see. There you go. I know I saw Kevin was there, I saw who we got here. The Donnie. How's it going, what's up. Yes, Franklin, I know how you doing, you're telling me. We're hoping we're gonna be working with Chris here we got to go through and see cuz I, number one, I'm hearing that the the four easy steps ebook is going away like hotcakes so I think this is a hot, a hot mission here that we should be going on so maybe get me to a couple of different events so we'll be in touch because we got to figure out what's next, is there any big events taking place here that I don't know about yet

solutionary is, yeah, one or two others. 2000. That's in May. In May, right. Okay, yeah. Okay, yep,

Miami, okay, Miami, cuz I was gonna say everything's in Florida because Florida is the only state that's probably open right now because you guys aren't crazy down there. I actually didn't know it was happening, I, I'm out of the loop, I, I go, When is it

okay, then yes. Okay. Okay, so yeah, I, I'm like so. I want to be able to see everybody in person so now like, I'm just looking for events where I can be like I can see people again so yeah, I'll make that happen. No, we'll make one of them for sure happen I'll aim for the woods one though.

It's good to talk to you too, Franklin, thank you again for emailing me and thanks for stopping in, appreciate it. Do it, rock and roll. Here I'll get I'll get the screen bigger here.

There's oh he's gone. I'm just saying you're smart. Okay, I was like am I just saying here's my link. There we go. There we go. That's fantastic. I'm not just sitting here going, Oh, that's awesome man. Thank you so much frickin yeah you guys send it to Chris we'll go ahead and get that posted on social media, Man,

I'm going to squirt stream into. Yes. Yes. Okay. Cool.

Are you telling me, Chris Goyzueta that I am not as compelling as Tom woods or Ron Paul. Oh, yeah, that's okay well how about this tomorrow, like you can tell people like when you're there, like, what do you want to say like two o'clock 230 Like I'll be I'll be on. Yeah. Yeah, and I will like stream it live on Facebook or something too. Cool, dude, this is, this is awesome, like the fact that we're able to do this and we're like, able to test this a little bit right now this is awesome technology so fun.

I was gonna say dude like when you're talking to the mic, it's like you're right there with me so like that's why it's perfect for the recording here awesome stuff. Yeah dude. Well, so, as you say, Do you see anyone there that wants stop by and talk or is everybody pretty much migrating.

It's probably Kevin, I know Kevin was looking to see me, Kevin D'Amato Yeah. It's good I do a free one. Check this out too. I was thinking that this would be fun. So, I can do sales trainings.

Like, it works perfectly. Right. So I've been, I've been trying to think of how to do this, and I've been brains, I'm like, there's gotta be a way that I can do a fucking oh I can get loud in my. Okay, I'm sorry, there's a way that I can like go ahead and do a whiteboard, and I've been looking online like I was my sister's trying to sell her old iPads, but like the iPads wouldn't sync with my new computer, um, there was like a little like whiteboard, like touchscreen, you can get, but it was, it was very chintzy looking and then I was like, I know I'm in telecom and I'm smart. Not really. So I was like, what if I were to use stream yard and share, like, share the screen and then use a whiteboard app. Boom, so now I'm gonna do is whenever I do like my trainings with the Patreon, we can use the whiteboard, and I can. It's perfect. Technology. Yeah so this app and I just ordered a pen for it so like just touch, yes. You can't see it now for some reason, there we go, like, oh yeah not It's not sharing that's why Doberman, actually, to make sure. Yeah, whatever you want to do, dude. What do you think is easiest honestly what's weird. Yeah. Hold on, hold on such a dork out there I go. Boy, buddy. Oh, you find your dad. In the meantime, share my screen. What's the buying process folks, Brian Nichols here, we're waiting for Chris to get back the buying process requires you to start. Number one, by asking questions there is. I was just being stupid and pretending to teach a class. Oh. You sound like you're in a tin can. Rat. Rat. Rat. Hey there, Chris, you're your audios, sounds like potato, but I can make, make it work.

Oh my god, thank you. That's so much better. Oh my God before it sounded like you were being abducted by aliens.

Okay, so, so I'm thinking of an episode of The Office watch episode of my thinking of it it's been they have Ronnie. Hey guys. Hi, sorry I couldn't make it. I know I was one of the ones that was impacted by spirit. Yeah, that was fun and then the next available flight was from American that was like 600 bucks or so so that was fun. Yeah, one of those situations but how's things going you guys having fun.

For real, like thank God Chris had a print shop literally next door to him because I had all the the merch, and I was like, well I don't know what to do so he like printed off the ebook and then got some bumper stickers and clutch. Thank God for Chris. Cool. Well, good to see you guys, thank you for bugging me stopping and say hi. So you guys. So I said this is like when Pam is at art school, and they have Ronnie and Michael's like bring office. Hi. How's it going, I'm just, I'm, I couldn't be there to say hi to people in person so I'm just saying hi people wherever I can. So Hi, how's it going,

Okay, what do you guys do. Oh, fantastic. That's fun. So, is it kind of like America's future but more driven for actual campaigns. No, no.

Very cool, very cool well hey, we'll have to have one of your your folks on the show at some point in time. Cool. Nice to meet you. Wow. Well, dude, no worries, well, we'll sync up tomorrow. I'll, uh I'll end up. It's funny, I completely forgot so I get home today, and I almost like set off the alarm system I forgot my wife had already planned to go to New York to visit our friends who just had a baby, because she was like, Oh, well Brian's not gonna be home so she sent me plants and so now I'm home like all by myself, I'm like well fuck. So now I have nothing to do, but like, I have everything to do so. Like seriously, anytime tomorrow. I'm pretty much just here, so let me know what I can do and I'll stream in other words, we're going to be working on stuff. Yeah, this is great, this is actually like works really really well. This I'm surprised this is awesome. Cool, well hey dude, you want no I'm gonna call it quits there. Yep. I'm gonna end the recording real quick. Sorry. There we go. Cool. Oh jeez, it's been, it's been rough dude. It's been very rough, sorry to re enter my password, why, why do I have to reenter my password. Well, what's his name.

Negative. Chris Palumbi, huh. No, no I don't recognize that now. Yeah. That will be a tough race, by the way did it mind speaker. Am I loud. Again. One. Oh yeah, how was he. Yeah. Yeah, he's he's so great. Okay, dude. Yeah. That's fantastic. that's brilliant. As it should be, Honestly. Okay. Yeah.

Isn't that awesome when that happens. That's so cool dude. Are you having fun, by the way. I know, I know. Are you at least like meeting cool people and stuff and like getting value out of networking. I genuinely I every time I think about this, I'm just like I'm so sad, like I see people posting pictures and I just be like, I want to be there, so pack. Well, and like the fact that the next available flights were like literally two and a half times or double Yeah, two and a half times the cost I was like, no, because it's Newark Newark is the closest one it's 40 minutes away, and they're, they're just they're actually more expensive. Yeah, hi Astrid. My cat just scratching at the door. Hi. Yeah, let's see if he's gonna be there if you want if you see him. Yeah, we'll see if he if he can. Um. Yep. I want to tell you all. Yep. Just do it. Yeah, the confidence to do it dude, I Well hey, I won't tell if you won't. Um, by the ways, there was, I was looking at the, the pod page, and I, the guy I emailed their support because there was a, there's gonna be like an email contact on the page. And he said, It looks like there's an issue with the MailChimp code you're using, it should be at the top of your sidebar, I do see a pop up for MailChimp come up. Do you have a code for an inline form from them. Where would I get an inline form Do you know where I'd get that from. Yeah. Um. Oh, I didn't. I It's funny, I didn't even notice you didn't. Oh, dude, priorities, don't worry, I'm a sales guy I know how to prioritize.

Let's see which one was that. Yeah, yes, yes, it was an awesome episode, I'm actually trying to get him on the show. Yeah, there's another guy he interviewed too that was a as an Asian guy, and he was just the Asian guy. No, it's not the Asian guy. There's another guy, he just interviewed and I was like that was an awesome episode was it. Yes, I wrote down to. I wrote that down for my team. I think I did the training on that that day actually.

Yup. Oh yeah, when the guy was like, pushing them back. What the hell's his name of his show. The under. Where is it. I know I downloaded it, I subscribe to it. I've sent you the episodes. Oh yeah. So how's it going, like, Are people stopping by and enjoying. Now, yeah.

Oh, sorry the episode I'm thinking of is, you are the brand storytelling masterclass with Mike Kim. That episode was fucking awesome. Yo, yeah. So good. Why is this not showing up in my thing. Oh, that's why he's from Charleston, but he's in DC Stephen Kent rim. And he was recently on my show. Well now I'm curious how recent Do you think. Now, a video episode. Joe Evans, now he's from Idaho. Donnie gebert

Yeah, cuz now I'm now I'm really curious. Jack Conner, Jack Hunter. Yep, Jack Hunter, as soon as I saw the name I was like I know who it is. Yeah, Jack Hunter oh he's great. Yeah, it's shit yeah I know he's there Hannah Cox's there. Everybody, Olivia is there. No. Okay. Yep. Interesting, okay.

I was gonna say dude like the, the fact that my goal was so fucking generous, like, please feel free to like give them away because at this point, like it's, it's, I was thinking about this when you were talking we texted me earlier like, it is literally like perfect marketing and perfect branding because now the takeaway that they have, it's a physical thing they see not only the book but the sticker too. Yeah, seriously, go for it. Yeah, why pick some interest. Hey, that's step two. Yeah, step two of the the ebook, you should give us your email so you can get the ebook. Cool dude. Well hey, I appreciate you. Thank you. Yeah, I'm fun. At least that's the main thing, I mean, that's, that's why. And that's like partly what is about all those events like when I did this in 2018 when y'all was here in Philadelphia, like it was just fun, like you get to see the people like when I had Matt Kibby his booth is right next to me, like that was just so fun and like you can't, You can't put a, you know $1 amount or like anything towards that experience, it's just it's really priceless man.

Yeah. Okay. Well, hey, stay in touch. Text me, um, let's sync up for tomorrow, I'll be happy like if you may be getting a big idea maybe like a nine episode but like a session or something, I don't know. That sounds a little extra, Just kidding. I scare people away,

rubber. If you want me to make something I can if I can do that too. Let me know man. I'm here, I can do to help here. Cool. Alright brother, I got you. Bye. Appreciate you.

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