Aug. 20, 2021

301: Ron Paul Was Right (20 Years in Afghanistan) -with Kenny Cody

301: Ron Paul Was Right (20 Years in Afghanistan) -with Kenny Cody

How did a 20-year war crippled the American Empire?

"Ron Paul was right."


Ron Paul was trending, Scott Horton was trending... Are people trying to pay attention?


After 20 years of a failed foreign policy in the Middle East, President Joe Biden brought American troops home, signifying the end to our two decades of occupation in the region.


However, warhawks and neocons galore are looking for any opportunity to hold on to the narrative, pointing to the unraveling and chaos unfolding and Afghanistan.


Do they have a point? We dig into all this and more with Kenny Cody on today's episode.


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Well, Happy Friday there, folks, Brian Nichols here on The Brian Nichols Show. Thank you for joining us on Yes, of course, another fun filled episode. And today we have our returning guests. I'm so excited to have him on the program. Good friend, Kenny Cody. He's returning to the program. And yes, the overarching theme, as you will hear, as we're discussing Afghanistan, Ron Paul was right. Yes. Ron Paul was right. Ron Paul had 30,000 or so tweets back here earlier this week, Scott Horton was trending on Twitter. People are starting to ask some more questions. But people are starting to realize Yeah, maybe ron paul was in fact right. So Kenny discusses the the narrative right now that we're hearing from many of those in the more neo-con camp. And really, what is their response to those in the non interventionist camp, a great conversation discussing all things right now foreign policy, Afghanistan, and yes, Ron Paul being right, so with that being said onto the show, Kenny Cody returning to The Brian Nichols Show Hey, Ron, how are you brother glad to see your shows doing well. I'm glad to be back on Kenny so great to have you back my friend and and yes, as I mentioned, you were my literal first person I hadn't a show and we did the new video iteration of the program and my friend we have seen just the show's been blown up here on YouTube but I I'm pleasantly surprised I didn't think you'd actually be something we would get some some actual traction with but then I look over at the downloads also eight I think it's having a correlation there as well. And Kenny hit gonna say it's gonna be must be something with you joining the program here to get us launched off it was a good starting off point. But my friend, you've been busy as well. I have here on the YouTube folks can see scrolling across the bottom of the page, all your accolades and all the things you've been staying busy with your Cobb County GOP chair. You also and you just had some new announcements. I don't want to spoil the announcements. Kenny, what's been happening in your circle there? You've been very busy talk to us.

Oh, man. I mean, I started a job at a coffee house school here in East Tennessee teaching economics and an English course. Glad to be back at my alma mater as well. I joined new projects so we have a me and the executive board of the Tea Party project which is a which is a home okay, one out, which is a project that dedicated to having Liberty senate conservatives elected in the United States similar to what the unfortunate Lincoln project is done and similar to what the booboos project has done on the populace robbed the Liberty route one absorber response to that and I have joined that project as representative at large public transport of a political affairs advisor and I'm excited to help a project and grassroots movements to help like Liberty City Republicans as we see less and less of those these days and I'd like some more you know, similar to what why y'all does with young Americans for liberty for knocking doors and things like that we want to help fundraise money and you know, give some attention and well deserved teaching to celebrity centered conservatives. I'm happy to be a part of that group. And hopefully it goes a lot moving forward.

Look at you look at you, Kenny, you're you're making it happen, man. And this is what we talked about right? You can you can either a be someone who just yells and complains or be be someone who does get involved in your getting involved in the GOP, which I dare say Good for you, like you're going in the belly of the beast. It's an uphill battle, but you're fighting the good fight. And to the point, we see Liberty Republicans have won. It's it's you can't deny it anymore. You see New Hampshire, they're one of the most free states. And that's almost entirely due to the Free State Project taking a entirely Liberty based approach to politics platform our other party began that is, with liberty based Republicans, I think the Speaker of the House in New Hampshire is a self avowed rothbardian. So I mean, come on, like, you can do this. We can get Liberty republicans in the office. And I dare say, Kenny, right now, it's more important than ever, that we have Liberty based Republicans who need to be speaking up setting the narrative straight, especially with what's going on in the world. We're recording here today, on the the 17th, the Tuesday's airs on this Friday. So who knows what's going to happen between now and Friday as we record, but we're currently watching over in the Middle East Afghanistan for 20 years. We are leaving Afghanistan, but of course with it, hastily removing ourselves from the the region and things going into absolute chaos. So Kenny, we need to have some Liberty republicans at least being out there and helping, dare I say go back to the words that we heard from one ron paul back in 2011. Right when he was saying we should be out of out of Afghanistan, we should march in just like we marched out.

Yeah, I mean, I think the four words that can arraign true no matter what kind of President we have, no matter what kind of house representative speaker we have, what kind of majority we have in the Senate. Ron Paul was right and wrong in that phrase can be said over and over and over and over and over and over again, about nearly every single issue from 2008 on. To me, I'm glad to see a lot of Republicans disagreeing with the withdrawal tactics and the withdrawal of the baton administration delaying President Trump's desire date of may 1. You know, there was really no reason for bond to do this now. Right? Like there's no real reason to withdraw troops in the midst of the of wartime what they call the war spring and the war season in the Middle East. When towns are as dangerous and areas are as dangerous as war zones as they can be at any point year for what reason bought and delayed. President Trump's withdrawal date, I'll never really know. But the point is, we never should have could have been there as long as we were we shouldn't have been in Iraq in the first place when 911 happened. And we went over there to come back Saddam Hussein. But instead of you know, we went to Afghanistan a lot lighter. And we accomplished our goal rapidly. But yet we stayed there for 20 years. Look, I understand that we protect the Afghan people and we have a printed Afghan people from Taliban, but we are not the world police. And we shouldn't be the world police in the Middle East as well. If anybody feels more sorry for the Afghan people we're at right now. The Afghanistan, the people right now it's me. I do. I've seen the videos and the images coming from Afghanistan as we move on. But the problem is this, these things would not have been happening if there were certain tactics and certain specifics that would have been combated and done during this withdrawal. And what was the point of delaying for months and months and months? From May till September? What was the point of laying if there was no plan in place? Okay. There's really no reason that there was for this withdrawal to happen if there wasn't going to be specifics put in place to why the delay happened. Okay. So yes, I do. Ron Paul was right, Donald Trump was right. Rand Paul is right. And to an extent Joe Biden is not wrong for withdrawing troops from Afghanistan worked. Don't let Joe been pretty much messed up with these partisan politics in saying, well, we're just gonna delay this day, because if you Donald Trump said this day is proper. That's insane. To say, to keep we are now sending more troops back to Afghanistan, 6000 to 10,000. troops back to Afghanistan to help evacuate the region help evacuate the Embassy of Afghan citizens find refuge. Why wasn't this being done the last few months? This just proves that Liberty republicans like Rand Paul, Rob, that not only should we have got out, maybe we should have got out beforehand, too.

So right now, there's a big push, I would say and we're seeing it right now on the mainstream news to look at what's happening as is a just absolute failure, which let's address Yes, it has been handled as an absolute failure. And that's entirely on the Biden administration. They completely bungled this. And, and yet, it's important I think, that we we do not miss up, you know, and this is why it's important for us to have this conversation. We don't conflate the Do you can't go in saying, Well, you know, this wouldn't happen if we had stayed No, this wasn't going to likely happen. And and here's the the dirty secret is that this is beyond a, you know, argument of should we have left now should we have left six months earlier should be about left six months later, this is an overarching problem that we need to address. And that is we need to stop going over into places that aren't within the parameters of the 50. Geographic United States. Now we can we can argue about national defense, which, hey, what's the libertarian logo? It's a little porcupine, right? Because we firmly believe in in self defense ask a libertarian, and I'm gonna almost guarantee that they're probably some of the most, you know, pro to a folks you'll find. So we have the ability we have the capabilities within the military we have for being you know, absolutely, you know, defend, are able to defend ourselves, we have two natural defensive barriers on either side of us, we're incredibly blessed having those two oceans there. And the fact that we have been for the past how many years now Kenny overseas, doing something, whether it's decades, right, whether it's it's going in saying that we're trying to, you know, help people trying to instill democracy and still freedom and liberty, the words that we would either be empathetic towards, or at least be a little warm towards as Americans, right. You know, you hear those words, and you're thinking, Well, yeah, we celebrate that every July 4, right? Shouldn't we let other people experience that firsthand. But I think we have to also stop being so arrogant as Americans, not everywhere in the world lives, like America. And I think we're seeing that right now, as we're seeing the videos coming from Afghanistan, the rest of the world isn't like America. And Kenny, I think it's also important for us to really recognize the privilege we have not as different classes of citizens in America, but just being Americans, the virtue of being Americans. And I'll end with this, and I'll turn it back over to you. There are people literally hanging on to a jumbo plane from the United States military, that were falling 1000s of feet in the air, because they were just trying to get onto that plane to leave Afghanistan to come to America. Just context, you need to really understand when you go out and you complain about the things you see in the world, there are people who are doing anything trying to get to America to escape, real oppression, real problems that are out there. And I think it is important for us to lay that out. Because that is one thing I think Americans we need to get back to looking at as also we are very privileged in that respect, just being Americans by that very virtue. So Kenny, back to you, my friend. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to go in a monologue there, my friend. Oh,

no, you're no, no, you're fine. Yeah, I mean, America has been fighting these sorts of needless wars for I mean, like you said, you can go back decades. I mean, if they could have tested from the Vietnam War. I mean, we try to nation build. And there's a reason that America doesn't have to have a the nation building is because we have such a firm pillar of freedom, individual liberty, and other aspects to go into the American way. The problem right now that we're suffering from is because like you said, we were there, this was going to happen no matter what we did. The problem at it is, you know, you thought you talked about how there's a third of the logo of the Libertarian Party is a 45 porcupine that defends itself against all triggers, right? So the idea that this sort of delay, right, this withdrawal, you know, forgot about American citizens and the safe withdrawal for American citizens was really my main criticism of the withdrawal. I have no problem with the withdrawal. Overall, I want to do I'll call for the withdrawal. And I think that Trump and others, Rand Paul and Ron Paul been rot for nearly two decades about the withdrawal from Afghanistan and the needless placement of troops in Afghanistan. But right now, we're suffering from a point where we are sending troops back, we are leaving Americans behind. And we needed a better plan to facilitate that we needed to protect Americans, we need to protect interpreters that we had hired to be Americans to act as and we have the American military, for our defense, right. So we needed a better plan. And the problem that I really found in the withdrawal overall, was that we had no plan. We just said we're going to withdraw. You know, there's phases that we could have done this in and you know, last September, we minimize the amount of troops in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Because we had a plan because we had phases and for some reason we didn't see this coming in September wasn't that far away, and I don't really understand where or what reason there was to delay in the withdrawal. I mean, the sooner to me to the sooner we got troops and Americans out of there, and even to the point where we got the Afghan citizens out of there when we knew the Taliban was going to take over, because like you said, they were going to the Taliban as soon as the American troops left the majority of American troops, whereas the Taliban was more than likely going to take over. So the problem that I found find the most with the withdrawal policy was there was no plan in place for a withdrawal policy. The September 11 withdrawal date is literally a month away. It was four weeks away, and why weren't we evacuating the embassies? Why weren't we getting interpreters elsewhere? Why are we getting American shoulders out phase by phase by phase, so we wouldn't be left to the Taliban? You know, putting soldiers in citizen American citizens diplomats in danger. The entire point of being an anti interventionist as I am, as you are, is to protect protect American lives. So why weren't we doing that? Why wasn't the baton administration doing that? And I understand that is that this is no a no partisan problem. Let's not forget that God Himself voted for a Republican, led Iraqi war effort in the 2000s when George W. Bush was president, he voted to invade Iraq. This is a part of this is a bipartisan problem. You know, there's people on the left those like Tulsi gab or there's people on the rap those like Rand Paul, who agree with each other, that the anti interventionism is the way forward forward in terms of foreign policy. It's the thing I'm worried about the most Brian and I brought this up to my friend Glenn Jacobs. I worried that the anti interventionist mindset looks very bad right now. Okay. And it's not a bad mindset, I hope, this mindset and it's one of my main priorities in terms of policy. But yeah, you're the interviewer. But I'd like to ask you a question. And it just had this conversation. What kind of impression is this gave on anti interventionism? Because when the first anti interventionist policy that we've seen in decades under any president looks this bad, because it does look very bad, if they're anti interventionist, this looks horrible.

Oh, it's gonna say, like, from a political standpoint, and from an optics standpoint, this is this is a huge black guy to Biden, especially with a timeline of things. I mean, originally, the whole, the whole reason this was pushed back and looked like was to be a PR stunt. It was gonna be September 11th, you know, look at us, 20 years later, we are leaving them, you know, Afghanistan is flourishing democracy. And what do we have now, Kenny, now we have pictures of Afghanistan, right, you know, the Taliban. In the palace, our embassy completely just gutted. And you see, it's just going right back to where it was 20 years ago, I'm hearing friends who they serve over in Afghanistan, and they're literally on social media, just saying, what did I just do? Why did I spend so much time? So to your question, Does this make the anti intervention argument weaker? Actually, I think any Believe it or not, I think to the contrary, a lot of those people especially are are seeing that like, was this all for nothing? Fair point. And you know what? Yeah, we can't and this is the part we have to, you know, kind of be that friend, right? We have to be the people to say, Sorry, pal. Yes, it was, unfortunately, all for nothing. The people who did make out positive from this, you know who it was, it was Raytheon. It was Halliburton. Right? It was those organizations, those corporations who were working hand in hand with the government in the middle. I mean, who did Eisenhower tell us to bow beware back in the 50s, the military industrial complex, and who made the most money over the past 20 years? The military industrial complex? I'm sorry. Yes, I'm so sad to say this, but I'm so sad to see. My friends have to acknowledge this in mass that yes, all the sacrifice that the limbs blown off that the friends sacrifice, it was for nothing. And I think that is actually waking a lot of people up. They're saying no more than, like, we know what we can't keep doing this if we're just gonna send our brothers and sisters overseas, to just get blown up, have years of PTSD that they have to now deal with. And, and we spend trillions of dollars. I mean, you can't even comprehend the number of zeros because it's just it's so make believe at this point. And, and what do we have to show for it? And this is, this is the ultimate argument against government, right? Because this is what happens when you monopolize an entity that has the ability to initiate force saying it's good doing it on behalf of us, right? They do it with a big hole American flag on the side of their vehicles. And and that's the image that a lot of little kids are gonna see. And that's the image that they're gonna see is that American flag plane flying away. I mean, goodness, Kenny, I know we talked about this back when we talked about ron paul in 2008, talking about blowback, blowback should come from this. And you know what, it's not a matter of a anti interventionist policy, this is the inevitable outcome of a policy other than perpetual war. And that was the only alternative at this point. Absolutely. Yeah. I

don't disagree whatsoever. It's mainly a criticism of my own party, mainly. Because really, my social media feed is filled with, this is why we shouldn't have left. This is why we should have stayed. We had to protect these people, we had an obligation to protect these people. We're no obligation to protect Americans, we have an obligation to protect our veterans who fought these wars needlessly, we have an obligation to protect our diplomats. And we didn't do that the last 20 years. And that's mainly My message is why you all think that this is a bad thing. And it is. But the bad thing is this would have happened if you did it five years ago, 15 years from now, or 20 years from now, it would have made a difference. Now, I have my criticisms. And I laid that out. And my news article, my name is Max article called bonds of Afghanistan dissolution. Okay, I understand that the thoughts of the bottom ministration in this policy may have cost us to send more troops back in the first place, and that we wouldn't have had to send back if the if the withdrawal would have been phased better. And the policy would have been more nailed down all that stuff can still be true. But the only thing I'm worried about Brian is I don't want the republican party who has who has been going back anti interventionist over the last four years when Trump was pre anti interventionist in terms of foreign policy, at least not putting American lives in danger at the very, very pleased. I wore I do I worry that the Republican Party and the Democrat Party both are going to revert back to their interventionist ways. And I'm not saying the party, either party has drifted much far away from it. I think it's been a a vocal minority, if you will, of both parties. But the problem is, I'm worried that the republicans and the democrats are going to buy that argument. I think that they're going to buy that interventionist argument. And that's what I'm more worried about. I'm not necessarily saying that the anti interventionist mindset does look bad right now. It does it to me. It does it to me I the if anything, I wanted the anti interventionist policy sitting on the Barton administration to be more nuanced. And to be more specific in how they did this. So it did not look bad or give these people these Warhawks, the advantage on the argument of we should have stayed there because of the images you're seeing you're seeing on your television. I didn't want to give them that I didn't want to give them that policy. And I think we have the more specifics and more of a nuanced way and phasing of doing this, that wouldn't have happened. But my problem is, I don't want neo cons and Neo liberals to take back foreign policy that we've had for the last four years, we've convinced both the right and the left to be anti interventionist. I don't want to lose that. And I'm worried because of these failed efforts. And because of this failed phase, it's gonna go right back.

This is why and I don't mean to, you know, just fluff the show up. But, but this is why I took such a big pivot back in August of Oh my god, it's been a year holy cow a year at this point, where we went four days a week, right from the once a week. And we took a complete turn, instead of just talking to libertarians or talking to politicians. We were talking to anyone, you know, specifically those though, who are candidates who are running and are actually going to be making the changes those who are going to be, you know, the future. So looking at, you know, our demographics of our future voters, looking at Gen Z, looking at the folks like the people who are hurt by the lockdowns, looking at the people who are gonna be empathetic to our messaging like those entrepreneurs and sales professionals. So I said, we need to get better at selling liberty. And the reason being Kenny is exactly to the point you're addressing is that we see the problem, this is a great opportunity for the neo-con foreign policy, to retake the narrative. This is why a solutions based approach to selling our ideas is so important right now. Now, yes, we talked about doing things more from a local based perspective. But if you're having a larger conversation with someone on a grand issue like this, it's gonna be more difficult to offer, you know, a true tangible solution. You're not in direct control of this at this point. But what you can do is help change their mind and you don't do that by belittling you don't do that by by, you know, making them feel bad. But what you do is by asking better questions, and being able to be principled, be able to articulate the context, the nuance that is needed you can be against going into wars and these endless wars while at the same point. Time acknowledging that the process of removing troops from Afghanistan has been absolutely botched by this administration to things, believe it or not, can be true. At the same time. I know that's shocking to some folks. But it is true. So with that being said, Kenny, we're already getting close to time. So how about this? Let's go ahead, give you the last final thoughts here for the show. What would you want to make sure you leave the audience with your this week,

just because this has failed us because this phase and withdrawal has failed does not mean that the anti interventionist policy is not the preferred one. Anti interventionism means prioritizing American laws, we need to be more specific and nuanced about how we do it. tighter, which doesn't mean what's gonna look best for PR, it doesn't mean what's gonna look best in terms of celebrating when we went there and celebrating and trying to get back at whatever group, we're gonna be targeting, that this has been 20 years this has happened. We need to be firm, and we need to stand firm on our foreign policy ideas. And television is the way forward, we need to protect American lives and protect foreign interest or even the American elitist interest in the military industrial complex. We need to be more nuanced about every single policy that defends liberty. And if we do that, we're going to be able to convince more voters and more people to vote for liberty, similar conservatives and liberty center individuals to serve in our government book so they can stay out of our lives. But just because this has failed is because this withdrawal has failed. And don't get me wrong, it has I wrote about it in the article is that Joe Biden and his administration have failed to this withdrawal and we've cost more like allow us to put more American lives at risk, we now have more troops there than we had before. However, that doesn't mean the anti interventionist policy is a bad one, we need to continue prioritizing American lives instead of the latest interests. And if we do that, we're gonna be able to have a foreign policy everybody can buy into and that's, that's my takeaway.

We will make sure by the way we include that link. in the show notes. You can follow him on twitter at KD Cody, TN, click the the artwork in your podcast catcher, he will bring you to The Brian Nichols Show page. And then you can go ahead check out our app or on our episodes page. He will be a little guest Profile button click that he'll bring you right to Kenny's BIOS, you can find all his social media plus all his bio and some other the work he's been doing. He's a noted columnist over at Newsmax, as well as Town Hall. Kenny, you've been so busy any any exciting projects coming down the pike here.

I'll just encouraging everybody to follow the Tea Party project on Twitter. We're gonna be doing some big things I think going forward at least going to be very involved in the 22 election in 48. Prioritizing representatives, senators and other state and government legislatures that are going to be prioritizing Liberty Liberty center conservatism and in in the same way that we've seen activism on Twitter, Bobo's project, Lincoln project, all that kind of stuff. We want to be that only to prioritize individual liberty center candidates and individual liberty centered movements. So I encourage everybody to follow that key follow me on Twitter, I'm going to write as much as I can for liberty centered conservatism and classical liberalism and in defending those principles and just just just hope that we realized that authoritarianism and interventionism all the wrong way forward

2022 guys it's right around the corner it's time to start paying attention Kenny's already lead the charge so with that being said, it's been a great conversation. As always, thank you for joining us in the program. Kenny Cody. Thanks for stopping by. Thank you Brian. Appreciate it brother. You've heard the name evils but now you need to remember my delta eight from the same people who brought you evils my delta eight is delta eight THC offering a semi sedated physical sensation without the overwhelming mental simulation of delta nine THC resulting in a smoother and much milder experience both evils and my delta eight offer both best quality product and customer service in the industry from helping manage chronic pain, anxiety, depression and more. The reviews are in folks both evils and my delta eight are truly game changers as a natural alternative to Big Pharma drugs and hey yours truly here The Brian Nichols Show can vouch for the quality of evils in my delta eight having to deal with a herniated disc in my back plus years of sports injuries evals and my delta eight offer relief for generic medicines simply mask the pain and did you know you can get evals and my delta eight delivered right to your door at a special discounted price? That's right all members of The Brian Nichols Show audience can use promo code TMS at checkout and boom discount applied again. That's code tbms at checkout to get the highest quality CBD and delta eight THC on the market delivered right to your door one more time. The code is tbms at checkout.

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