Aug. 29, 2021

306: Sunday Candidate Highlight Series: Kyle Sefcik of Governor of Maryland

306: Sunday Candidate Highlight Series: Kyle Sefcik of Governor of Maryland

Maryland has never seen a gubernatorial candidate like Kyle.

Back to our Sunday Candidate Highlight Series!


Meet the unaffiliated political outsider running for Governor of Maryland. Today I'm joined by Kyle Sefcik, who is seeking to represent Maryland as the first ever unaffiliated governor in the United States. 


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you start to ask questions that pique his interest and get him to feel like okay, this guy's actually got something that maybe can help me out. And then you're asking him questions and trying to uncover the real problems build that natural trust, annoy a weapon a monologue there, man.

Instead of focusing on simply winning arguments or being right, we're teaching the basic fundamentals of sales and their application in the world of politics, showing you how to ask better questions, tell better stories and ultimately change people's minds. And now, your host, Brian Nichols.

Well, Happy Sunday there, folks, Brian Nichols here on The Brian Nichols Show. Guess what? That's right. We have a candidate i know i'm i'm floored as I'm sure you are as well. It's been a while since we've had a candidate here for our Sunday Kenny highlight series, but have no fear. Today, we are joined by Father, a small business owner, a fighter and a community activists, one coyote sceptic, who is running on affiliated for governor of Maryland, a great conversation hearing about the issues that folks in Maryland are facing. But I think we're going to hear folks and this is across the board a lot of reoccurring issues that we are all hearing and seeing across the world and really in our backyard. So a great conversation with Kyle on today's Sunday candy highlight series. So with that being said onto the show, Kyle Sef jack here on The Brian Nichols Show. Thank you, Brian decided to be your brother. Absolutely. Kyle, thank you for joining us here on the program. I know we were recording here on Saturday, the day before the Sunday can a highlight series episode will air you've been busy out. We're out there talking to voters, we're trying to get back to normal. You're fighting the good fight in Maryland not only trying to get things back to normal, but you're running for office to help at least get some of the political winds to also go in that direction. And you're running unaffiliated, Kyle. So let's start off here. Introduce yourself to The Brian Nichols Show audience Kyle, who are you? And what got you want to run for office not only running for office, but as an unaffiliated candidate?

Yeah, so it's very important. Like let's start off with just who I am not what I'm trying to be now. Right? I'm not here. I want to tell you who I am. My name is Kyle ception. As Brian said, I'm running for governor of Maryland. And I'm running as unaffiliated. You know, I unfortunately, the last four years ago, I ran for county council and loss. I'm not gonna say unfortunately about that. I'm gonna say unfortunately, about the fact that I got to see how both Republicans and Democrats react in the political realm and just didn't like what I was seeing on both ends. And that's what people keep asking me why am I running is unaffiliated, affiliated, because I don't believe it's going to be one party due to other that really starts making the biggest changes, it's going to continue to have, you know, just division, which is what's happening. And I believe getting somebody in unaffiliated in there to serve both sides, because I love all people, man. I'm not just all good Republican Party, I agree with everything. They say, We're the federal government. I see. I see both sides. I have these people, my friends, my families, the nonprofit's we work with the nonprofit I have the companies that have, I'm in touch with so many different people. So I see both sides, and I've been able to hear things, you know, I don't want to talk too much. But I hear things and I just see like really what the community needs and our state needs. And I want to really represent those people who might not who might be a little more fearful about speaking out against the things they believe in and stuff like that, you know, so I'm going to affiliate to be that middle line. And hopefully, hopefully, my whole goal is to really, you know, get that division out of our state and to really start represent people getting things done right and like you said, back to normal.

I really quick, really quick, fearful speaking out, there are so many people, Kyle, who just sat there in the audience nodding furiously in agreement, because and I'm just gonna, you know, quickly, I'll let you go back. But I'm hearing this across the board, coworkers, friends, family, they have certain beliefs, but they're terrified of having a conversation, for fear of being lambasted canceled, whatever it may be,

brother. So going off of what you just said, I knew a lot of people, a lot of nurses, a lot of teachers, I mean, a family that are teachers, nurses, and I know a lot of doctors and I want to be straight up, I talked to these people, we have good relationships, because I don't want to listen to whatever I see online, I want to talk to people I've been in the streets since COVID. Started, okay. And that's a whole nother story we'll talk about a little bit, I've still been connected to people more than ever during the COVID. So I can really get a sense of what really is going on by both left and right hearing everything. So I can make a real judgment on what I've seen, not what I'm hearing on TV and the pose and this and that, because we don't know what the truths are with that, right. So I've been listening to the doctors, the lawyers, the parents, the kids that this and that. And I'm gonna tell you straight up these teachers, these doctors, these nurses, they're scared to speak out what they believe is the truth and what is going on because they might lose their job. And that's straight up what it is. Or they are worried that a group of friends or people will like or family, like them for what and that's that that is what I've heard the most of, I just got out of a rally we did here and it's called unmask the kids right here, I just I just left in Annapolis at our States Capitol. And that was the most things I was getting messages to me a copy. And we wish we were there. And we saw the turnout. That's what's cool. But there was there was 10 times that amount of people messaged me going Man, I wish I was there couldn't get there. Oh, Kyle, you know, I can't be there because of this. And that's so unfortunate. You don't I'm saying I'm not bashing them, I'm bashing the situation we're in. Because they can't, they can lose their job over literally wanting to mess somebody up or not, or get a vaccine or not. Or do this or not, or do this with their business or not. And that's the situation we're in. Yeah, it's sad.

Because you're seeing people want to have the conversation. And they're, they're terrified, but they look at you. And they say and I see this a lot to people who are looking to people who who can speak out. And candidly, I think you have the ability to speak out because you kind of you're you're almost in that unconsolable type of mentality, you are your own person, you're not beholden to anybody else out there, you're not. And this is part of your your, your kind of your I'd say your your buying persona or not buying persona, your value add, there we go is that you are not able to be bought, you aren't one of the traditional Red Team Blue team, you don't have a team. And not only that, but you've been building the solutions people are looking for in the private sector by doing charity work by offering what people are seeing out there as the problem saying, here's a solution. And I'm not going to force you to have to take the solution. But rather, if you see that this solution can help you, by all means here, let's have that conversation. And I think people are starting to realize that the ability to actually have the choice. That's what we want. We want to be able to engage in a society where you're not forced to have to do something because well, just 50 plus 1% of the majority of people decided that this is going to be now the norm going forward, forward. And Heck, let's be real Kyle, that wasn't even the case in this in this case, this has been unelected bureaucrats who are trying to push this down from the the top down and you see right now people are speaking out. So let's kind of go back to your history. Now. You you aren't a politician, you actually are overtly non political. So what kind of got you just look? How about this? Let's start even beyond looking at why to run for governor. Let's look at where you came from. Who was Kyle prior to this political world?

So I so let me tell you where I'm most well known for I do a lot of different things. One of them is fighting professionally. I play professionally in MMA I am a fighter. So when my tagline is literally fighting for Maryland, I'm a very fierce, fearless person. You know, I'm saying I don't I I don't have any problem telling the truth, speaking the truth on things because in the end, it's either revealed when the Oh, God wants me to speak the truth on things, you know, so straight up, man truth, right? That's why I keep saying that word, and you're gonna and I'm gonna prove it. Number two is a professional athlete. So I have no problem stepping up. You know, I pride myself in the past of working hard for something and getting the challenges and you know what I mess up or lose on this, I fix those problems and keep growing from it. mess. I am a father. Okay, most importantly, I'm a father of two little boys, age four and six. They're starting school. So where do you think my attention is? Where do you think my attention is on these boys safety, on their education on their future and freedom because it's only getting crazier as we see. So the main thing I'm stepping up is as a father, I don't like being a hate kind of subject to me kind of subject. Yeah, yeah, I don't like doing that. I don't. I just have to do Cuz I want to be that leader at this point, I have the energy, I'm only 35 I just turned 34. Man, I have a lot of energy. I want to keep learning from people. I want to be around people and make the place safer for kids make this state better for our kids. You know, I'm saying, I have bigger goals than that. But I'm starting with the seed, I need to prove things. And I would like that opportunity to prove things. Another thing I do is I run huge events in the community. A lot of people know me as a fighter, but a lot of people know me as somebody who's been doing big events. I'm not talking in the last five years over the last 15 years of my life. I've done events on the National Mall, bringing in 1000s of people, I have done a girl power event that they told me would never work. And I thought at this event called girl power, which now has over 5000 women coming to each event. And it's promoting women owned and operated businesses. And they said Kyle man could never create that. I did that. And I will continue to and I will continue to support women. Another thing I have that I'm involved with is the massive freedom 5k that we have coming up on September 11. And it supports our veterans, our military, and our first responders. We've been doing that for 12 years. We also have our seventh or eighth festival coming up the day after that with 17,000 tickets already sold at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds. It's a huge salvadorian Festival, which you'll see me on stage speaking and running the event as I have done for 10 years. Okay helping out. And other than that, we have awesome like, you know, kids events like New Year's at noon and Christmas at kaleva, which brings in 1000s of families and benefiting all these families. I also have a nonprofit called K and K foundation. Okay, can kit foundation it's small, because you know, I'm very grassroots I'm very Oh, this one person needs this. Okay, these 10 kids need this, okay, this elderly needs this. So I'm always dispersing to different people, okay. It's not like we're just with the kids or just with that. It's I'm constantly seeing the orphan with the elderly, or the the poor, or this demographic of kids at this school. And so many more, man, I can keep talking to you about events, but I'm not here to promote my events, I just want people to understand, I've been with so many groups of people already the last 15 years yearly doing this, and will continue to special needs dances, another one we have coming up, doesn't matter. We're going to keep serving the community, whether I will win governor or not. But I need people to look into me and look at my social media over the years and look at a website and stuff like that, not because I'm campaigning right now, because I need people to understand who they're really voting for. Who Who are they really voting for? I'm not a politician. I'm not taking huge sponsorships or donations from, you know, corporations that are gonna have a hand in my pocket. I have real people that I've known over the years, I like how we got you. And I would like more of those people to stand behind us for something that's never been done in the United States and unaffiliated candidates that has no ties to these parties or connections and seeing them go back and forth and win either way, you know, saying, I want to be that first sport that can not just set a tone Maryland, but change the nation. So that's where I stand the strong father, professional athlete entrepreneur, community service, and that's never going to stop. Regardless if I win or not. I promise you that.

That's important. And the audience, especially the folks who really enjoy our sales and marketing episodes, they're just they're smiling, because this is something that we need to make sure, because we look at government, right government right now has the status quo and the solutions because they are the incumbent vendor, if we're going to look at it from a business standpoint, and we need to make sure that we can show that the solution that we're bringing to the table, in this case, Kyle, you are the solution, you are the product as the candidate that you actually can help solve the problems. It's not a matter of saying yes, we're going to go through and have government do these these, you know, different policies and programs, but rather, we're going to empower people. And right now, empowering people, I think is the conversation that I've been hearing more often than not, but let's let's go to the conversation you're hearing Kyle, because to your point, you've been out talking to people across the board, large Events, Small events, all that in between what though when you're out having those conversations are the top of mind issues, that people are saying, Kyle, if only this was this magic one problem solved in my life? What's that problem that you're hearing right now.

So I'm going to go back to the biggest thing that's been around for the last two years, and that's COVID. So with that, when that stuff started going down as an entrepreneur, I have choices to make closed down my gyms, stop doing my businesses, talking to people stop throwing events. So what I did was, I never closed down my gym. I was that was I was told to close down my business, what's what provides for my children, they were going to take that away from me and I would lose my business and be on the streets with my two boys that I'm raising on my own. We've already been through enough. So that's what would have happened. But I stayed open. I stayed open. And we grew during that time, people are finding out like blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, and they weren't recognizing things for themselves like this COVID thing really bow, you know, I'm saying, is it really as big as they say? I don't know, should we be wearing masks? I don't know. So I was I was staying around people and talking to people. I'm talking about nurses. I'm talking about lawyers. I'm talking about police officers. I'm talking about teachers. I'm talking about kids. These are people But I was still saying not just in connection to on the phones, but in person at my facilities. And guess what I was still throwing events, we still had our 5k rounds, we still had our outdoor sound shapes. We still were doing many different things, brother. And we had zero incidents at all, no passing of this or that. And guess what? People weren't required to wear masks. So during this whole time, everyone who hasn't been wearing masks and doing this and that they've been elevating, I've seen that washed my own eyes. This isn't what I'm hearing. That is what I'm telling you. So that's one thing is, I know people are very, this is the thing. They don't believe the kitchen. I really believe most people that 99% of the people I talked to personally do not believe kitchenware mess. Now the topic of masks and not being having to wear a mask or not. That is the issue. And the topic events names obviously another huge issue right now, both of them should be based on one thing, and that's this, the freedom to choose. That's all that's all I'm not saying oh, you wear a mask, you're a terrible person. But just the the choice to choose what you want to do not be made to put something in your body not to be made to wear a mask or have kids made to do this or that it should be option of the family. Right? That's what I hear is the most biggest problem right now going on other than what just you know, popped off in Afghanistan a few days ago, these have been the big topics, should we get the vaccine or not? should people be forced to wear a mask? Or not? Should businesses make people were messing? Should you should the government be able to tell a business owner, you have to make them wear this in your place? You have to do this with your business, that thing that you built the thing that we shouldn't have control over. But we're telling you what you have to do. You have to shut down your business because we tell you to that is the issue. The issue is government overstepping their authority, and I believe testing it just to see what they can get away with for the next thing, it's only going to get worse. I'm a God fearing man. I am a strong Christian, I know what is to come. But we are the salt of the earth and salt of the earth. And I want to preserve and help people as long as possible. So that's why I'm in this fight. And that's what I'm hearing is the freedom we're losing the freedom there's a there's a huge transition happening in America right now. And it's and for some most people, it's very, it's very full of fear, very scary, and people don't know what to do.

Yeah, people don't know what to do. People are afraid to speak out. But I think we're starting to see, you have one of things going to happen either a, you're going to have people go more and more the Australia route. Or B, you're going to have more of the Sweden, Denmark, Florida, Texas approach. Now I throw Denmark in, because they just announced that come September, I think 1510 somewhere in there. They're no more COVID at all, like they're no more restrictions. They're not doing anything. So we're seeing that there is light at the end of the tunnel, so long as we choose to go towards it. And I think a part of it really does come down to Kyle that we have to start being real with ourselves. You look at countries like the United Kingdom, I know. Any country over in the Europe, right? They're not they're not making their kids wear masks in schools. As a matter of fact, they not only are not making their kids wear masks in schools, but they went out of their way to look and see what the possible ramifications of making kids wear masks and schools would be. And what they found was that it was going to hurt the development of children not being able to see facial expressions. So they made it a conscious choice not to have children wear masks in schools. And guess what they found? I think it was like one or two cases of COVID throughout the entire school year when no no mask mandate was in place in the schools. What are we doing? Why are we in now we just found out that natural immunity as acquired from the original alpha strain or what have you, is actually shown to be stronger than two doses of the Pfizer vaccine. According to scientists, as was just reported on by Bloomberg, I think it was his recording here on Saturday. So we're seeing the narratives starting to crumble. And now people are starting to make choices. You know, hey, I had access to the vaccine. I got my shot. I'm good to go. You know, is it perfect? No. But hey, this is as best it's gonna be. You can't shut down society forever until nothing bad happens again. And I think that's at the point where a lot of people are out right now, Kyle?

No, you're 100% on that's where it's going. Like it's only getting worse. And the people that are active and the people that are in the community they're the ones that are talking about this because we know that everybody is legit out here like it shouldn't be so much fear and and what's going on but let's be honest, media has been on top of their game in terms of being able to really mess up people right now. You know, it's too extreme. What a better way for division. And I mean, you probably talk all day about media. That's why I'm bringing this up. But it's like, I really care, because sometimes it's just these people. They're so gone the other way. It's like, why can't this you what we see. And Brian, I can't like judge them for that, you know, this is biblical things people will like, literally will be blind to the truth. And it's like, I don't want to lash out on them, and then go on them. It's just like, overall, there's a bigger enemy here that's been able to spread, we have the elites, we have the devil himself, working his magic man. And you know, I see things like devil when I talk about God, and I talked about being a Christian stuff a lot, because I want you to stand like, I'm very rooted in that. That's like, where I stand on truth. So I'm not afraid to be some politician on here. You know, I ran, I don't even know what you believe, but doesn't matter. I'm gonna stand on what I stand. And just let you guys know, that's what I speak off of, and anything in violation or anything that's wrong. And outside the Bible, I just don't stand by that. And what I'm reading about is, in Bible three hours a day, this is going to happen, like the world is going to continue to get worse. So as a Christian, I get excited seeing the Bible play itself out. But like I told you earlier, we have to still save as many people in and learn as many people what's really going on where the evils really are, and how people are being tricked and manipulated and deceived right now, brother, and we see it firsthand. So it's like, how are we supposed to reach them? How are we supposed to truly tell them? You know, I'm saying, I think that's the issue right now, because the head of media is the main media that people are watching. They're so connected to that they believe everything that that's being said, rather than what's really on the streets, because they're behind the TV and the phone, they're not on the streets actually talking to me and people, main players. And that's where I think I have a good lead in is because I have been doing that. And not just like, you know, the last six months, not just the last few years, my whole life. So I'm really hearing, I'm getting calls as we speak and text and all blah, from real people that trusted me, and no, I won't release their names and get them in trouble. But they're telling me real stuff. And that's where I stand on. So think Brian, how do we deal with this fearful worrying for world that like, we're not supposed to be that in? We're supposed to be in peace and joy and love, it's only going to get worse. So how do we help these people see the truth about what's really going on? You know? Yeah, well, and

now let's go to you know, the hardest part, I'm a sales guy, and I have to face objections all day long. And I know the objection you're gonna hear is, well, Kyle, why should I vote for you? You're unaffiliated, so are you gonna win? And I hear this is a third party, you know, and granted, I'm not registered big L. libertarian, but we hear this in the small l libertarian camp at the very least all the time. Why should I vote for a libertarian, you guys never win. And I hear that argument because it is a big investment people are now investing. And this is one of the over my my email id we just talked about this in one of our emails last week, where you have to talk about what's the investment that the person is putting into pertains to the time that this is going to require what's what's the energy that they have to give, and in this case, it's, well, I could vote for red team, I could vote for blue team. And guess what, I'm pretty sure one of them are gonna win. So let's, uh, let's answer that objection. Let's just entirely block that objection from the onset. Why should people Kyle, go ahead and say, you know, what are all the odds be damned, we're gonna go ahead and cast our vote for the unaffiliated candidate who's running for governor in Maryland.

If there's ever a time to first of all, get somebody who's unaffiliated into office. It's now that's number one is is crazier than ever. And more than ever, things are divided more than ever. There's things we don't know what's happening on both sides in these within these parties, right. Now's the time to get an unaffiliated in. So there's one there's reason to get behind as an unaffiliated candidate to make something happen that's never happened to I am not like the anybody to ever run for office. I've told you a little bit about myself in my events, stuff like that. But that's why I need people to go to my social media and my websites and see the person I then so people don't think that I'm just like some other politician trying to win an election and help out his buddies and how about these people that their basketball but I don't play either way those and here's the best part about it. Imagine an unaffiliated candidate, winning governor in a state. Do you know what type of message that will send to the United States to the rest of the nation? You know, what kind of eyes We will have? And I promise you, I will stand firm and I will be honest, and there will be no weird controversies and stuff like that I will always speak truth. Can you imagine an unaffiliated candidate who goes into office telling you guys hey, this money is going there. We were totally different, like someone who can have eyes on everything and really tell you guys what's really happening with the money. What's really happening with the decisions what's really on the bill that we're not seeing, Hey, guys, what this person is like asking for this is who's going to call people out who was fearless. You know, people worried about their lives, doing the things I'm doing. I don't I was made for this. I've never tried to train for this my whole life, you know, I'm saying I'm not worried about that kind of stuff. Okay. Number two, I have the education for it. I have the street smarts force, I have the physical ability for it, the mental ability, the spiritual ability, I am that person. And I'm not saying this cocky wise, I'm very confident I had to work very hard to get to this position and have this stance to where we're talking today, Brian, I'm saying things like this, I have to have meaning behind it, and actual facts behind it. So when people look into me, when they look up, Kyle sceptic is man, this guy has been what he said, he does do what he says, even people that have done business with me, and they just don't like me, because some people just don't like me, they will still tell you, no, but that dude sit does what he says. He stands by what he says, you know, I'm saying, I am that guy, Brian. So anybody listening to this today, and you know, you're voting Republican or Democrat, I truly believe that's never going to change, say, even republicans gets in there. I don't think it's gonna be the same in America, like you think. And I'm not talking down to any candidates. I respect all candidates, okay? But I'm telling you right now, if you really are all about that change, if you're really all about the change that everybody keeps saying they want, then you need a real change. You need a non politician, you need a real father that whose kids are about to start the school system and go completely through need to be have somebody in there who's been through a lot of crazy things in their lives, and I've gotten through them positivity, who has worked hard on businesses worked hard on his body is strong in faith, that is me. And I stand behind it. Like I said, I say it confidently, because I've worked so hard to get here, right? And I don't make bad decisions on things. Okay. And I really had to really get in the zone and to really become this person said so that I can actually lead and represent when i when i when i when i when that is what I'm going for, statistically, do Should I win? No, it doesn't seem possible. But I've heard that stuff in the businesses I've done in the fights I've token and the events I put on, and it turned out to actually happen. And I'm ready to do that with Governor, you put me in the seat you put me as your governor, and you will hear truth, you will hear a lot of information, you will be part of the process. Now there will be a huge a real father, a real person, a real business owner, that is supporting people and making the decisions that need to be made and stood up for because the rest of the country is going to continue to get a lot crazier guys and you want your leader of Maryland you want your state of maryland safe, secure and making good decisions.

Kyle saff Jackie is running unaffiliated for governor of Maryland, we will include the link in the bio, go ahead and make sure you click the show notes. If you go to the shownotes actually click the artwork, it'll bring you right to the page, the episode page where you can find all of kaios Kyle's notes. But with that being said, unfortunately, we are coming close to time. So Kyle, we want to make sure you give give the audience one final plug. What do you want to make sure folks take away from the episode today?

I went straight up guys, I I need support. I'm not I'm humble enough to say that I need support call center calm. I will not let you down. And I need you just to take five minutes to look into me and I promise you if something doesn't stick out to you that you're like, man, I need to get me on this guy. So be it but I need the support. I need your love and I will be that person to speak in truth and stand up for what's right.

Kyle statue is fighting for Maryland. He is running for governor and he is running as an unaffiliated. You can learn more by checking out Kyle with that being said Kyle center thanks for joining The Brian Nichols Show. Thanks Brian a lot of fun brother you've heard the name evils but now you need to remember my delta eight from the same people who brought you evils my delta eight is delta eight THC offering a semi sedated physical sensation without the overwhelming mental simulation of delta nine THC resulting in a smoother, much milder experience both evils in my delta eight offer both best quality product and customer service in the industry from helping manage chronic pain, anxiety, depression and more. The reviews are in both both evils and my delta eight are truly game changers as a natural alternative to Big Pharma drugs and hey yours truly here The Brian Nichols Show can vouch for the quality of evils in my delta eight having to deal with a herniated disc in my back plus years of sports injuries evals and my delta eight offer relief for generic medicines simply mask the pain and did you know you can get evals and my adult aid delivered right to your door at a special discounted price? That's right. All members of The Brian Nichols Show audience can use promo code TMS at checkout and boom a discount applied again. That's code tbms. at checkout, you get the highest quality CBD and delta eight THC on the market delivered right to your door one more time the code is tbms at checkout. Alrighty, folks, that's gonna wrap up my Sunday kidney highlight series conversation with Kyle sceptic. If you enjoyed the episode, please be sure to share The episode but that's all I have for you in store for today's Sunday episode coming up on Monday. Yes, we are continuing our conversation all things about empathy with Jeremy Todd. But with that being said, it's Brian Nichols signing off. You're on The Brian Nichols Show for Kyle Sef check. We'll see you on Monday. Thanks for listening to The Brian Nichols Show. Find more episodes at The Brian Nichols If you enjoyed today's episode, don't forget to subscribe. Want to help us reach more people? Give the show a five star review and tell your friends to subscribe to find us at Brian Nichols and download the show on Apple podcast, Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts. Follow me on social media at V. Nichols liberty and consider donating to the show at Brian Nichols forward slash support. The Brian Nichols Show is supported by viewers like you. Thank you to our patrons Darryl Smith, Laura Stanley, Michael Lima, Michel Mankiewicz, Cody John's, Fred Acosta and the we're libertarians network. audio production for The Brian Nichols Show is brought to you by DB podcast audio Learn more by emailing inquiries to Wm at dB pod

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Kyle Sefcik

Kyle Sefcik is a father, small business owner, professional athlete, and community servant. He is running as Unaffiliated for Governor of the State of Maryland.