Sept. 6, 2021

314: 3 Easy Ways to Get New Customers -with Chris Goyzueta

314: 3 Easy Ways to Get New Customers -with Chris Goyzueta

How can the right combination for ads, content, and networking win you customers for life?

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How can the right combination for ads, content, and networking win you customers for life?


Marketing extraordinaire Chris Goyzeta returns to the program on today's episode to outline just that, plus we dig into the importance of building up your online communities on a platform you own (no rented land!).


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Who doesn't like going out and having a glass of wine and celebrating Liberty? Well, if you're in Alameda County, don't worry. I have an amazing event for you coming up on Sunday, October 3 at 1pm, the 15th annual wine and liberty celebration at Westover vineyards winery sponsored by the Libertarian Party of Alameda County questions email Elizabeth stump elpac vice chair at Vice we can become great at doing the the things that we do well the things that we focus on like I'm I think our audience is great at selling Liberty I think we have been amazing at doing that. Welcome to The Brian Nichols Show Your source for common sense politics on the we are libertarians network as a sales and marketing executive in the greater telecommunications cybersecurity industry, Brian works with C level executives to help them future proof their company's infrastructure for an uncertain future. And in each episode, Brian takes that experience and applies it to the Liberty movement, you start to ask questions that pique his interest and get him to feel like okay, this guy's actually got something that maybe can help me out. And then you're asking him questions and trying to uncover the real problems build that natural trust, annoy, and a monologue there, man. Instead of focusing on simply winning arguments, or being right, we're teaching the basic fundamentals of sales and their application in the world of politics, showing you how to ask better questions, tell better stories, and ultimately change people's minds. And now, your host, Brian Nichols. That's right. It's fun day. Oh, my God, it is Labor Day. Happy Labor Day. Is that? Am I allowed to say that labor Happy Labor Day on a libertarian leaning podcast, I don't care where you guys have a day off. That's what matters. And of course, we're not taking a day off here and The Brian Nichols Show, we're daily if you haven't heard, and continuing with our conversations of sales and marketing, focusing on marketing today, good friend, and marketing extraordinary. Chris Goyzueta. We missed you, my brother, how are you? Welcome back to the program.

What's going on? excited to be back man speaking sales and marketing. Right now is the time libertarians pay the F attention. Right now you literally have the democrats being really pissed off at the republicans about the whole Texas abortion thing. And any of the republicans still really mad at the democrats about the whole vaccine mandate thing. So they're all bunch of freaking hypocrites, and it's the most opportune ideal time to bring people to the Liberty movement to the Libertarian Party. And if we can't do it now, then we just really suck at sales and marketing.

Yeah, well, and that's kind of why we're here, right? This is why we do what we do. We saw problem in the market. And that was not the best that maybe conveying the ideas that we see the the end, here's the way we're going to start things off today. Because we want to start focusing, obviously, in the marketing, but let's start off talking just about to your point, what's happening in the world, things are on fire. And your average person can feel it, they can see it around them. And they're aware they're having the conversation and what do we always talk about, enter into the conversation that people are already having. And as long as you're able to enter into that conversation in an empathetic way, this is what Jeremy and I've been focusing on on the sales series on the off weeks with the the empathy series talking about how not just to talk about the issues that the person cares about. But the emotional journey, we talked about that the change truck, train, yeah, the change triangle, going through how to get them from one emotional state to the other from a state of being completely reserved to a point that they're willing to make changes. And there's so much to the empathy. But it goes with understanding what's happening right now and with the fact that people are waking up. But let's talk about those top of mind issues. And make sure that people are seeing the value in what we're bringing to the table. And let's let's bring Top of Mind issues, specifically hyper focus to the Liberty movement. This is something now it's a little bit a couple of weeks ago, it did get resolved for now. Right? And that is the Libertarian Party meets this caucus fake Facebook group, which had just shy I think, around 10,000 or so active members, boom, one morning, gone all of a sudden, just out of nowhere, without any rhyme or reason. And all the sudden you had lpmc scrambling trying to get things back in order to get the group back and going. Now this goes back to a point I think it may have been the first episode you were on with us, Chris. And you talked about it was a concept and what I'm saying isn't really a theory, but it's more of a concept that was brought up by one jopa Lizzie and that is no rented land. Make sure you own the areas that you have your audience. So events like a Facebook group being nuked and we had this happen over the we're libertarians group we had our group around 2000 Members are actually they made around 3000 just completely gone and that's never come back. So this is not something that is, you know, just a random one off occurrence. This is something that has been consistently happening. And it does go back to this reoccurring theme Chris, stop putting your your products on rented land without having a backup. This is not being critical This is we need to make sure that we're covering our butts because they will be going after us. Especially as we grow.

Yep, absolutely. And I like what you almost by accident accidentally said much better than Facebook. Suddenly, You almost had Facebook, which are like way better? I did. I did. Yes. I'm coming in hot today, Brian,

entirely on accident, too.

But um, yeah, you want to own your audience, right. And the way you own your audience is by having the most direct contact with them possible. So emails, phone numbers, and even personal address if you can, one of the awesome things that Brian does, we need to talk about this. But if you join his Patreon, he mails you a sticker. Well guess what, when he mails you a sticker, he now has your address. And when you join his Patreon, he has your email address. So he has direct contact to his most loyal truest followers, right. And the great thing about that is no matter what happens, no matter what Facebook does, Google does Twitter, whatever platform you're on, no matter what they do, you can always tell all of your people, hey, we're going to be here now. Because this platform sucks. And we have a much better new platform where we can go to and communicate with each other and build our community, right. So stop using rented land as your as your sole core. Like, I guess, as your sole core place to keep your your community your business, right, it's okay to use it, it's okay to use those platforms cuz they have a lot of tools, a lot of tools, a lot of great resources, right is a great way to easily reach people because that's where everybody else is on. But again, those platforms can go away at any time, they can change the rules at any time. And even though the mississaugas got their their group back, it could go away again, anytime. I mean, Facebook is probably Facebook and Google are probably two of the most radical of the social media platforms are not in a good way. They're the most likely to to ban you, they have the most restrictions. The guts, really I run a lot of ads. And it's really hard to get What's the hardest get ads approved on on YouTube, Google. And it's almost just as hard to get as approved on Facebook. And even recently sizes notice a new update on on YouTube. So there's used to be two parameters on YouTube on when you can monetize your channel, right, and those where you have to have 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours. Well, now the type of content you post is a new parameter. And I forget what what YouTube calls it, I should actually try to pull it up while we're while we're here. But one of the parameters is basically your I think they call it your behavior or whatever. But let me pull it up real fast. It's almost a one more click away. So I don't like doing this well. So it's a community guidelines strikes. So I have zero community guidelines strikes. And the more strikes you have for not following the community guidelines, the the more they punish your channel, and you can actually lose monetization on your channel. And it's hard to work to 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours, right? So YouTube, don't ban us for free saying this, but there are other platforms that will not have strikes against your your community guidelines or violated community guidelines.

Yeah. And this goes also back to the point. There are tools, right? And we see too often you'll have it makes me laugh. I had I forget who it was. But there's some young little kid and I heard them talking and they're like they're talking to like an older person. They're like, why do you want me to grow up and I'm like, I want to be an Instagram influencer. And it just kind of struck me funny. Just the idea that that was a potential career and that that child's vision but like, this specific vision of being an Instagram influencer, and thinking like, well, what happens if Instagram goes away? What happens if tik tok goes away? Right? And all of a sudden you have all these people who have built up. I mean, let's let's talk about only fans, right? Only fans just reverse their decision to originally they're going to get rid of all explicit content, which sent a lot of their users in an uproar. But if you were a content producer on only flash, only flash, it's a day only fans and you're producing explicit content. Well, hey, guess what, all of a sudden, you have now lost the distribution medium. This sounds so bad of your money making content in this case, from only fans but it speaks to the reason why it is so important to look at these as tools and to make sure at the end of the day, that The valuable stuff, right the stuff that actually is the stuff that the companies are looking for from you. And that is the information, the data that that's yours, you own that at the end of the day. And, Chris, we talked about this because as you go out and you start to use different tools, you are going to be giving them different information. But you don't want to have a situation where all sudden, it's you know, you're giving an ad to Twitter, for example, and Twitter, you know, they decide five weeks later, you know, that was a great five weeks, we're just gonna go ahead and nuke this and never give you an ad again, oh, by the way, we're going to get rid of your account to then what then one? And that's why it's so important. Let's go into what we want to talk about moving forward today. And that was ads, content, and networking. Let's start off with ads. Chris, where did you want to direct the focus of us when we're talking about ads? Sure. And

speaking of real quick, the wrap this up the whole taking people off platform, right? One thing to me says Congress should be doing right now, they haven't done this yet, post in your group, at least two to three times a week for people to give you their email, and maybe even their phone number. So just in case the group gets nuked. Again, you can build a new group really quickly, elsewhere, right, and you're not going to get all 10,000. But if you can get 7000 8000, that that's a great step forward. And now again, you own your audience versus using rented land, right. So where is rented land useful, it is trying to acquire a new customer. And once you turn that new customer into a loyal customer, that's when you want to get them off as quickly as possible. But it's three different ways to get a new customer as content networking, right. So we'll start with ads, ads, the one of the easiest ways to to reach a lot of people really fast, I give you a really great content and networking strategy. ads is basically just adding fuel to the fire. So if you have your content, networking, perfected, running ads, just makes it go much, much faster, right in the music world is all these people that pride themselves on having built a whole business or an audience all organically without running ads. And that's great. You know, it's awesome when someone can do that. But imagine you did that amazing content, and networking. And you now add it adds on top right, as we've talked before, anyone that doesn't know who you are yet is considered a cold audience, right? So you need to work towards getting a cold audience to get to know you first, right. So as I always say, know, your audience, so know your most ideal audience and how to reach them. And then not you can't it's not just content network you can use to reach them, but ads as a way to reach them again really, really fast by because the app platforms, you can go in and choose so many different parameters, especially on YouTube and Facebook, right. So again, I don't love those platforms, we kind of just trashed them. But you can also use them to get new customers really quickly with with ads, and you can literally find customers by keywords by targeting certain on YouTubes. It's super easy because it for all the libertarians out there, right? You could basically there's some tools we give you that give you all tool, there's a tool called tube sift, that makes it really easy. I will challenge you to pay for his tubes for one month. And no, I'm not sponsored by tube sift. But what tubes have does is saves you a lot of time. So take every channel possible that you feel like your audience might be on right so The Brian Nichols Show. I don't Tucker Carlson, Fox News. Ben Shapiro, Dave Rubin, like anyone that has at least 1000 or more subscribers so that their channel is monetized because you can run ads on monetized channels, right. And there's tons like Dave Smith, Tom woods, Ron Paul, right. Those are all people that have over 1000, scribes and a half monetized channels. So with tube sift, you can literally plug in that channel into that platform. And it'll automatically go through all the videos that are monetized and you can you know, either up to 200 or 300 videos even. And you'll gather all these videos from the channel. They're just monetized. And then you can put those on on a spreadsheet is what I do. Whenever you run it through a quick tutorial, do you think Brian? Yeah, let me just share my screen real quick. Yeah,

while you're doing that, while you're while you're pulling that up. So this is this, this is why it's important for us to take this professional sales and marketing approach for the greater Liberty movement and why we talked about this from a political standpoint, because this is the stuff that works that we have to be able to get in front of people. And again, you don't have to like the platforms that you're using. The tools that you're using, are recognizing for what they are. They're they're merely a tool. So don't think I'm supporting this big, evil conglomerate. Sure, support it until you get destroyed.

Or you lose me. You're up bud. Sorry.

I'm up. Sounds good. I'm up. I just had technical difficulties. So am I able to share my screen over here? Let's see share screen.

Let's share My

Alright. So real quickly, let's go to YouTube. And we have a we have a channel, he prefers to just subscribe Dave Smith's channel to do it. But Dave Smith, part of the problem is he does a super easy. So we're going to do, I'm gonna go grab this link right up here, right so it's the homepage of the channel. So make sure it's not, you're not clicking on something and then click back because then it'll say featured. So make sure it's the right home page, you'll take that link, you want to sift, go by channel will drop the channel in here I do up to 10 2050 100 200 videos, right just for I usually do 200 300 I don't want I don't want too many from one channel, but your list your targeting list should be about 1500 to 2000 videos. So it's okay to go full 300 right. But just for keep it easy. I'm gonna do 10 and then you'll hit Search and invalid input on a Smith channel. I can't target. Okay, well, let's, let's do Thomas. Thomas. Want to fail, Brian? And really quick, Chris,

what are what what would be the value that people are going to get from doing something like this with tubes?

So I'll explain in a second. But yeah, there's there's lots of value that you can get get out of this. Right. So right now what it's doing, it's searching through Tom Woods videos, trying to find at least 10 videos that are monetized and actually remember this from from last time when I went to this view, Tom Woods doesn't have a lot of monetized videos yet. But um, for time sake, hit cancel. And then what will happen, right, so there's one video here, I'm going to go grab the links, and usually a giant list of links. And then I'll go here on the spreadsheet that I've already started for Brian. And I'm actually just going to go straight to the bottom in a spreadsheet. Lots of idiocy, Brian, that's, that's

a, that's a, that's a hefty amount.

So here we go. So I'm going to go here. And I'm gonna click, copy, paste this video right here, boom, now we have 18 137 videos, right? So and I'll just run this process until I have at least 1500 to 2000. And now what I can do when I scroll to the top, I'm going to select all of these videos that I have here soon. On an on a Mac, it's shift command, right? So you select all of them, and I said copy. And then once I run the the ad, then I will copy and paste those videos on Google's ad platform. And now we'll run an ad of whatever video you want to run an ad of in front of all of those videos. So all those 1800 videos, it'll run an ad specifically in front of those. Now there's another thing you can do that's keyword targeting. And what I don't love about keyword targeting is that it'll run anywhere where that keyword might be right. So what I've what I've gotten as a lot of foreign sites, I've run a lot of ads on sites in the Middle East, which have nothing to do with my target audience, right, I've run ads on gaming apps. And the problem with gaming apps is you can run you can look at ads with sound off and sound or sound on so it's a lot of people may not even hear what your ad is saying. And then the other thing is people watch ads on gaming apps, because they get coins or whatever kind of credits they can use today to watch the ad because they care about your ad they only watch it so they can get coins or credits. And if I do something else while your ads running, so I like to run ads in front of specific videos and using those platforms to sift and then putting it all into a spreadsheet is a great way to organize those videos that you're going to target your Raise

your hand if you didn't know you could do that. Audience I'm raising my hand, I had no idea you can you can target specific videos to have your ad put in front of now how can you guarantee how many times that you're going to have your ad put in front of those videos,

there's no way to guarantee that when you run, you run the ad. So he's gonna we will guarantee you how many times it's going to run in front of it, I guess the I guess that's not completely true. So it does run on an auction. And the more you bid for those videos that you're now plugin, the more likely your video is going to show first before another ad, right. But talking about the bid structure, I usually don't bid more than five cents for any of these videos, because you have close to 2000 videos, right? You don't have to bet much more than that. So if you're bidding about five cents on these videos, it should play pretty pretty frequently. And so if you have a $10 or $20 day budget, you'll probably use your entire budget every day. If you have enough videos that are getting enough views. What happens to me a lot with my my I got my podcast, I run it in front of a lot of music, business podcasts, which we don't get a lot of us a lot of people don't care about learning the music business. I'm literally in a niche of a niche. But if you're if you're as long as you're running in front of videos where there's enough views on those videos like 10s of 1000s or ideally a couple of 100 1000s or millions, which is why I threw in Fox News and Tucker Carlson in there as well as channels to target. Then you actually use up your your budget, your daily budget and make sure you get your ads get seen enough, a couple of KPIs to look for maybe one to two main KPIs to look for on YouTube ads is your average cost per per view, you want to try to get that into two or one cents, right. So if you can't get that load and you're targeting just needs to be better. And the other KPI you want to look at his view rate. And my for me view rate, I like being above 60 65%. A lot, there's a lot of marketers are happy with 50% 40%, right? But I'm just, I'm just stingy, I don't want to waste the money. So Mike, my view rate being as high as possible. And on YouTube, a really cool thing is you can literally turn on and shut off videos. Because I'll stop there. If you want Brian, I can pull up an ad and I can I can do tutorials might as well show you how to turn on.

And while you're doing that, so I'm assuming with the ads content, and networking, the content part of this will be specifically to the audience of the YouTube videos that we've selected now that we are specifically targeting Is that the right

ad that the content is just being a content creator, right. So as we talked in the past, like your podcast is just content in general, then yeah, being a content creator. So don't, don't just post on Twitter, like constantly and or post on your social media platforms and not be a content creator. If you really want to build an audience that you can turn into true fans and that you can monetize down the road, then you want to be a content creator. So have a podcast, have a YouTube channel, have a blog, you know, video, audio written, and I do throw in photography in there, but I think video is the most powerful because you can do the most with video for repurposing brand, right? We have all the times like how can we repurpose this I can repurpose that should have three clips for every podcast episode. And we should use the quotes and make quote graphics. And we can use this guy Chris, I got

three 300 plus episodes in the tank now. The tank in the bank, it's somewhere I have them. And I'm exhausted, I look back. And I'm like we got to be able to like to pick apart some of these old old great conversation because there are evergreen conversation. I mean, they're timeless. We had a conversation I reread with Dean Clancy from February of 2018. And it was as relevant then as it was today, despite the world being which is weird, like what, three and a half, four years difference. And it's a different place. So yeah, it is important to be that content producer to always be having things coming out. But also, and I think this is the other thing too. Make sure it's a value. Yeah, don't just be putting stuff out there. Right. This is what you were saying earlier. Don't just post to post don't just make noise make it's quite gone. Jen and Star Wars not sure if you're Big Star Wars fan Chrissy talking to George R. And he says just the the ability to speak does not make you intelligent. Yet, just because you can doesn't mean you should. So make sure you are focusing and making the the stuff you're talking about relative to number one, the issues that the people you're talking to care about, but also relative to what's happening around the world right now. Like we look what's happening right now, as we talked about when we start off the show, you know, there are certain Top of Mind issues that are in the conversation, you can enter into those conversations. So did you find your ad you're looking for there, Chris, I did. Fantastic. Here, you either share screen for us doing a little more share screen. And by the way, folks, yes, this is what you're missing over on the YouTube. So make sure you if you've not had the chance yet, you head over to our YouTube channel and hit subscribe there. So you're not missing all the awesome video content. So when you got here for us, Chris. Alright, so

here is that the back end of my ads. I mean, I'm just trying not to show that the clients name is it is on here. But anyways, if you go in the back, if you click on the ad, right, it gives you all of these options here on the left. And when I was talking about his placements, so I do I sort by impressions, just because of the whole rule of statistics, right? So if you have only like 20% view rape, only 50 people have seen your ad so far. Well, it's not a really good sample size, right. So I like to get at least a sample size of 100 plus. So that's why I sort by impressions. So I'll try to find all the videos that have 100 plus impressions for my ads. And it really for me, I turn off everything that's 50% view rate or lower rates of impressions and view rate right next to each other. And you can adjust the columns however you want however, works best for you but as you see here two cents cost per view. I'm pretty happy with that I'd love to have that one cents cost per view but I'll live with two cents but now I'm just gonna go through here and find whatever add a view it I don't like it's right here 46.3% on this My Chemical Romance video. I'm just gonna go here and I'm going to pause that. So you can do that. You can also go where your ads showed. So from all those channels that I just pulled from videos from on to sift right. These are all those channels so pair more panic At The Disco, My Chemical Romance and so on. So if you are a fan some of those artists, I have a really great artist named summer who you should check out shameless plug. But view rate right here, right? So Hayley Williams is 48.77. So I'm gonna go here, I'm gonna click on Hayley Williams, and I'm going to exclude from ad group, or from campaign if it's under campaign, but was excluded from just this ad group. So hayley williams channel will no longer have my ad shown in front of it. And then one last thing I'll show is you can also go You see, I think it's on here now. No, yeah, you can even now. Let me see that some updates. Of course, of course, that updates well, right. I'm showing you tutorial live. So it is all on edit. But I don't know exactly where it is. Now, let me see show table. Babies, you can also exclude by all these are all my exclusions. So if I click here, here we go. Alright, that's fancy. So you can exclude age groups also, right? So I can see if there's any age groups that have a low view rate. And so I old folks, I say excluded y'all right out of the gate for this ad. Because this is not who our target audience is. Right? Again, you have to know your audience. But it's such cool. There's so much control, which is why I am very pro doing ads, because you have so many features and so many options on you know, on all the platforms. And we've talked about Facebook ads in the past, we new tutorial down in the future, or maybe for Patreon people, but there's just so much control, which is why I love running ads.

And then last but not least, and this one might be the most interesting. And before we go to network and guess it is did we did we wrap up content well for you?

I think so yeah. I mean, we've did a whole episode on content. So just just reference back to that episode, if I remember, I'll throw it into a new description for the YouTube channel. So you guys can reference that and see the entire episode because definitely go much, much deeper. Like we could probably do a two hours on just oh content, but be a content creator, then the main message from that episode is there, there is still space for another podcast, another YouTube channel, another blog, right? Because again, it's coming from your view your perspective. And if you can even localize it, like make it a niche of a niche, like libertarians always talk about winning local elections, focusing there, instead of being too focused on national and federal elections, well, then start a YouTube channel about your local community. Right, so any Libertarian Party chapter out there. So the Libertarian Party of Orange County, Florida, I'm challenging ourselves as well, we should start a YouTube channel where we interview people from our local community, even if it's once a month, you know, because that gets people from our community familiar with our channel and gets, you know, more or more top of mind for our community. So they don't just think Democrat, Republican they learned it is other options for the exact same issues, they care about what actually better solutions.

And it goes into the third part, which is the networking and I was gonna say, this is something that we see that's a huge component in the sales world as well, is building that relationship, because your network of referrals, I mean, that's where you have the top sales guys make the most money because they have a network of referrals that they can have basically come in every single month, and they don't really have to try. Because what happens is they have built up that network of like minded people who are offering value in this case, and they're able to collect, collect referrals from them. Because people want to do business with people they know like and trust. I said, just back when I did my one on one, it's not the features and benefits. It's not good idea being good idea in people to death, it's actually trying to show that you can solve problems and people saying, Yeah, they can solve the problems. And I trust that you can do that for me. So when you can build your network, not only is it going to be helpful for the network of people that you're you're building it with, but there is that reciprocation effect you do see this, you know, if I'm able to help you I know in return that you are going to be able to help me because what do we know, Chris, that the pie does not stay one size, the pie is going to be constantly growing. So as you increase the size of your network, you're increasing the size of the pie that you're now going to be able to collect from and I dare say that's one of the main things we're trying to do here. Is it nice to grow the pie. And ultimately that pie I think one of the main goals we're trying to do is instill freedom if we're looking from a true political standpoint, the Liberty I think, political lens, it's, it's something we can objectively start to measure. We're seeing success states like New Hampshire, they're having success by getting Liberty oriented politicians into office and now getting, like actual policy into into action. It's helping real people, it's making people's lives better. You can tell those stories, and then that network grows. Now you have a network of people who are both on the same wavelength but now they're all thriving and it's a it's a mutually beneficial relationship I would dare say,

yeah, so for networking front, right, so I'm really into music for just a second cuz I feel like there's some some valuable lessons in the story. I always tell when it comes to networking, but when let's say since I'm in Orlando, What's it is Philly since since you're in Philly, so if there's a local band in Philly, and they want to play DC, but you've never played DC before, right? So let's say to go play DC, and in Philly, they're selling 200 tickets to a show, which is pretty nice for a local band starting out, and then go to DC and play just for the bartender door person and a sound guy, right? That's all we play for. There's nobody else there. So that happens all the time in the music world. And why did this just happen to this local band? Why didn't nobody show up in a different city? when they're in Philly, they're probably going to shows all the time, right? So my mantra is, go see shows meet people make stuff that applies to anything, right? So if you're in a libertarian world, it's go to events, meet people make stuff. That is how you're going to grow your brand and how you work your way towards becoming known as Mark Schaefer, Mark Schaefer, great marketer, as he would say, also great book, it's book called known, but the way become known is by doing those things. And when we went to young Americans for liberty, right, that was so much value my wish Brian would have been next I'm probably not, not anywhere near the best face for for the podcast. I mean, it is Brian's name on the podcast. But we made such a big impact, because there's so many new people that have never heard of the podcast before. And so many like minded people that were at this event that we gave stickers to that we gave ebooks to that are now familiar with who Brian is right now. And enough, imagine we ran an ad

it's and Fun fact, I'm sorry to interrupt, just to reinforce this point. Just for fun. I was looking at numbers. And you know, the number one episode has been in the past six months, young Americans for liberty, don't tell me what I mean, it works.

on so many voices on an episode, they probably want to hear themselves talk and probably share it. Who knows. But

and you know, what half of it now you go back to though, is is great is that half the people on that episode? Are people I knew. I've been able to build that network. I mean, we had Eric, we had tamanna we have Larry, we had Rachel, the list goes on. And these are all people that I've interacted with in the past and I've had in my network. So yeah, it makes sense.

Yeah. And, and, and content, isn't it working to write by having a interview style podcast and interviewing people? You're networking that way as well. You know, and he never knows listening, you might see just those little, those little numbers when you first start out on your on your show, right? You know, 50 viewers, 100 viewers. 150 125, right? Or it goes up and down. It bounces back and forth. And you're like, oh, man, it's not really that many people is really worth it. And if the answer is absolutely, if you have five listeners, be grateful to those five people, right? And you have absolutely no idea who those five people might be sort of the thing that happened to me and there's more more. I don't know it's I guess more exciting for the people in the music world. But a guy named Derek Severs, who has been on Tim Ferriss podcast couple times reached out to me, just thanking me for the podcast for what I do for the music community. Right and Derek Severs for those that don't know he's a founder of a company called CD Baby. Where when the the internet, I guess not when it started, but when people started buying music online, the only way you could buy or get your music online was through a major label right? So CD Baby, their servers made it possible for independence to put their music on online. And he sold his company for multimillion dollars when strike ginormous company that he started still very relevant today. But he reached out and said thank you for your podcast, I appreciate what you do keep up the great work. And I was like, I'm gonna come on the show. And he was on the show, which is amazing, right? So you never know who does a few people are that are listening. And now I have a relationship with Derek Severs. Right. So networking is so important and a really cool exercise that I try to do more often. I try to do it every day. But if you take out your cell phone, right, so let's say you meet someone, text them right away. Hey, great to meet you. Right? It's just Sodor in your text thread. So if they give you a business card, take their number text them. Great to meet you. This is christian right away. We just met at the The Brian Nichols Show booth. Now what you'll do, there's an exercise called Connect for that I learned from James altucher show. You scroll to the bottom of your text messages, right? And the last four people that probably the four people that it's been the longest, since you've texted it, send them a text very quick, just saying hey, so and so it's been a while hope you're doing well ask him a question or two and then tell them one or two quick things about you. And then anyways, I know you're busy. Just wanted to say hello. It's been a while by Chris, right? And by doing that one you reengage like reconnect with people that you haven't probably talked to in quite a while. And you also stay top of mind again, right? So if they, you might text someone, they're like, Oh my god, I got I've been thinking about you, but I haven't thought about reaching out. But I have this opportunity that you actually be great for. So by staying Top of Mind and by constantly networking with your network as well. You Never know what kind of opportunities you can create. And when I started this exercise, when I scroll to the bottom, it was six years person on the bottom. Now when I scroll to the bottom, it's like seven months. So almost twice a year, I'm texting every single person that's in my thread. And it's just a great way to stay connected with you with people and just build deeper relationships, right? networking is not just about meeting as many people as you can. But it's also depth and depth is way more important than width, right? If you have 50 people that's in your text thread, and that's all you have, then build the best relationship with those 50 people possible. It's way more valuable than having 1000 people that you barely know.

Should you watch the greatest showmen. Chris.

I have. It's been a long time.

You don't need everybody to love you. Just a few good people. Yeah, it's so true. By the way, he was a master marketer. And I think we should do an entire episode we should rewatch the greatest showmen number one because it's awesome. And number two, because it's a great example of how marketing works. I mean, the entire Barnum circus was marketing, looking at what he did, and I was watching it back a couple months ago, I had that thought and I actually wrote a note, I was like, we should do a show on this. But yes,

yes, being upgraded chairman. So I've been very lucky in my career in the music industry. So I've seen a lot of amazing shows. But hands down top five shows I've ever seen. And this is like Guns and Roses at Frankfurt soccer stadiums on there, the Foo Fighters in a really tiny 800 person club blowing the roof off is on there. And then probably number three, Hugh Jackman live, amazing, completely blown away, seeing wonderful the production that he put on. And then just seeing the pure joy on his face when he's performing live and making people smile, making people laugh, making people cry, like seeing the pure joy in a man's face, it was so genuine and real. And it just made me think I want to do something where I feel that much joy as often as possible.

I you know, it's funny, as you say that, and whenever you watch him off camera, you get that vibe, he just seems like a genuinely good person. And I think that goes back to this is a point we've seen here on the show, Chris for quite a bit now. And that is that people are just absolutely demanding authenticity, genuine human connection, to feel that despite all that's going on in the world, that we can still have this relationship. And and to know that there's a real person on the other side. And I mean, think about the people we watch on TV all the time, and we just instantly feel like yeah, you're, you're fake. You're, you're a robot, right? You're not a real a real person. Because we look at them, like they're not going to be able to empathize with me. They can't understand me. They, they pretend to I mean, we saw the video of Lady Gaga back in the election, pretending to be a hillbilly right to get to get the southerners to vote for Joe Biden. And it's like, okay, Lady Gaga, yeah, stand there in your overalls and beer next to the pickup truck in the farm. And that's going to get people to believe that you understand what it's like to be a country person,

right? Like never your flesh out fit right afterwards.

Exactly. Exactly. And like, and this is why when you see someone like Hugh Jackman in person, in your case, and you can see that there is that genuine, just passion for what he's doing. But because he knows he's bringing his value to people and the sense of joy, right, that satisfaction, enjoyment. I mean, and you see this in the interviews that he does enjoy helping, you know, bring that to people in a way that you just can't get anywhere else. And I think we should be focusing more on people like that and telling more of the positive stories every day. And nine o'clock at night. I make it a point to ask you guys, what did you do great today, because I'm tired of fostering a mentality of, of negativity, and just people always looking at the worst case scenarios. Let's start talking about what people are doing. That's awesome. What value are you bringing to the table and helping making things better? Instead of just complaining and focusing on the things that suck and winning arguments and feeling superior? Let's start solving problems by just doing it. Right, but and then and then making sure we're raising up those stories and telling the stories of the people who are doing great things and the people who are just great people, right? That's partly why I like the fact that I've had the chance to grow this platform is now I have a chance to bring on good people and give them a chance to talk to you so like on Saturday, we had just Mears on the program. Just as amazing. She's focusing excuse lucidly on building communities. And she's been using clubhouse as a means to do that effectively, and be able to hear people like Jess who is just a genuinely good person, and to show what value she can bring to the table. There's more people that we've had on the show in the past four plus years now that we can tell that story about and and that's exciting to me. Because now moving forward, I can make sure that I'm only focusing on the people that are promoting good. I know a negativity man, I'm tired of it in the past year and a half plus of negativity across the board have friendships, you know, destroyed people, angry families ruined, just because of what's been happening in the world. I'm tired of that, I think. Yeah, let's start building something great, instead,

completely green. I love that. That's a great message. Anything else to add to that?

There you go. Well, how about that? Well, we'll wrap up there. With that being said, then, folks, thank you for as always joining us on our marketing episode. With that being said, Chris, where can folks go ahead and find you if they want to go ahead and continue the conversation? They're gonna make it with Chris street COMM And the links to all my socials and YouTube channel or they're awesome. And we'll do we'll make sure if you go to the show notes, click the artwork for The Brian Nichols Show, and it'll bring you right to our website. And then when you're on there, go to the episodes page. You can not only click on Chris's profile there to get his social media links, but you will get all the show notes including the transcription of the show there as well. But with that, it's Brian Nichols signing off. You're on The Brian Nichols Show for Chris Goyzueta. We'll see you tomorrow. Thanks for listening to The Brian Nichols Show. Fun more episodes at The Brian Nichols If you enjoyed today's episode, don't forget to subscribe. Want to help us reach more people? Give the show a five star review and tell your friends to subscribe to find us at Brian Nichols and download the show on Apple podcast, Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts. Follow me on social media at V. Nichols liberty and consider donating to the show at Brian Nichols forward slash support. The Brian Nichols Show is supported by viewers like you. Thank you to our patrons Darryl Schmitz, Laura Stanley, Mike olema, Michel Mankiewicz, Cody John's, Fred Acosta, and the we're libertarians network. audio production for The Brian Nichols Show is brought to you by DB podcast audio Learn more by emailing inquiries to Wm at dB pod

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