Sept. 7, 2021

315: Building a Stronger Relationship with your Fans, Customers and Voters! (feat. Chris Goyzueta)

315: Building a Stronger Relationship with your Fans, Customers and Voters! (feat. Chris Goyzueta)

How do you take your superfans and ensure they are fans for life?

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How do you take your superfans and ensure they are fans for life?


Chris Goyzueta takes the mic on today's mini marketing episode!


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How do you prevent losing your entire following overnight? Mrs. Cox has recently lost their entire Facebook group overnight, over 10,000 followers gone. social media platforms are currently constantly D platforming, suspending banning accounts, right? How do you prevent losing your entire list of followers that you've built up over? Probably a long period of time? How do you prevent from going to having a big amount of followers to going to zero? So what we're gonna talk about today is list building and adding value to relationships. So what's going on y'all? I am Christie, Chris Goyzueta. I am hijacking The Brian Nichols Show today with a quick little lesson on on list building and adding value. So let's dive in. Why should you build list right for for one is the example I gave at the beginning, right is from preventing losing everything overnight. I mean, these social media platforms are constantly changing the way they work. And they're also constantly changing their algorithms, right. So even we don't get banned. I mean, you can be shadow banned you can get, you can be posting a bunch of stuff, and nobody sees your posts. And people don't really see your posts to begin with, right? When you post something on social media, let's say you have 1000 followers, zero to 3%, see your post, unless you get engagement with the post, right? Unless you have immediate engagement, and it's tricks and hacks you can work around. Or you can be part of a comment pod, where you will maybe have a text message thread with some friends or discord group. And whenever someone posts, y'all post the link to that post, and then try to get a bunch of people to go like, comment, share right away, and that's how you will get that organic traffic immediately. But that doesn't happen at zero to 3%. See your posts, and as not a lot of people, right. So one of the benefits of building a list is one preventing from from your followers your following all of a sudden being gone overnight, when these social media platforms just decide to change everything or ban someone. And the other thing you get more people to see what you're posting where people see your content when you're building a list. And what are the types of lists. You can build an email list, right, you can build a text messaging list, or you learn to build a mailing list where mailing people stuff, and depending what your business is, or if you're a candidate, depending what your goals are, is what should determine what type of list you want to build first, so But the great thing with email is when you email someone 20% open your email on average, right? If you doing a good job would be much higher, it could be 30% 40%. But the great thing about that opening email is an engagement right? So it's like someone engaging commenting or sharing your posts not even liking it's like them commenting or sharing the post. And that's, that's 1% or three significantly higher than zero to 3%. Seeing your post. The other benefit is how many people actually see that you email them probably close to 80 90%. Right. So it's a very high chance that email gets seen. Now the crazy thing is when you build a text messaging list, there's great platforms like community out there, close to 90%, open the text message. So that's a very high percentage of engagement, right and compared to your your social media platforms. So there's so much benefit to take people off third party platforms and build lists, you get their undivided attention, you're more likely that your content is delivered to your audience. And is also not swamped with ads and other distractions right on Twitter, especially you have so many posts probably in your timeline, or when you search a topic on Twitter, there's probably so many posts plus there's ads, if you're on Facebook, there's a column on the right, there's a column on the left, there's an ad here, when you're on YouTube, there's an ad running in front of your video and you might end up clicking the video, and you're not even seen the video originally wanted to watch, there's so many distractions on all the social media platforms. Also, when you have someone on a list, as long as you're adding value, which we'll talk about in a second, people are also much much more likely to make a purchase and it's much easier to build a relationship right and you build relationships by adding value to those ships. Also by having them on on a list we kind of funny saying this word these days we got to control the narrative. So you can kind of tell someone your your followers your customers your story over time, right? So we want to figure out is what is your ultimate goal? What's your end goal with the list is for them to buy something is it for them to vote for you? Is it for them to be an advocate and a super fan to where they are sending you other business right other voters and really a great quote from from Keller Williams though the real estate guy is if your customers aren't bringing you customers, you're not doing it right. So the goal part of your end goal is to create Advocates super fans, right? People that will go out and knock on doors for you to make phone calls for you, they'll send you other customers, regardless of what type of business you're in. So figure out how you're going to get to the end goal. And then work backwards from there when you're figuring out what your your messaging strategy will be over those emails and text. And we'll, we'll dive into that in another solo episode. How do you tell your story, right? While you build a strong relationship over email and text messages, but quickly on adding value, you know, Brian always says meet people where they're at. And that's really how you add value, right? Find out what it is they need, what is it that they care about? And whenever you add value to relationships, what are three main types of values entertainment, education, and utility, right? And, and most of those are probably not creating utility apps like like Uber, where you're literally getting food delivered to your house or your click a button, you can have someone pick you up and take you somewhere or your get your groceries delivered, right? We're probably more in the entertainment or education space, right? So think of those things when you're sending some to your audience. Is it educating them or entertaining them? And that's how you really add value to a relationship over social media over email or text messaging, whatever it is, right? And when you add value, what do you want to think about? What's the coolest thing about a bank account with that relationship? Right? So every time and unfortunately, a call to action, or an ask is worth more than adding value. So whenever you have add value, look at it as you're putting $1 into your bank account. And then whenever you have a call to action, or an ask, look at it is withdrawing $3 from bank account, right? So if you add value once, and you ask for something, now your bank count standing in negative $2, you never want to be a negative standing with your relationships. You never want to be friends with the guy who always asks for something, right? Hey, can you help me move? Hey, can you give me a ride? Can you do this for me? You don't want to talk to that person. So don't be that person. Right? So figure out how ways you can continually add value and keep your relationship account in a positive balance. And, you know, sometimes part of adding value is not necessarily asking person like, hey, how can I add value to your life like figure figure it out by having conversations with them, because most people don't really know what they want. So you learn it by having conversations and getting to know your your fans, your customers, your voters, right? Tony Robbins has a really great quote is fall in love with your customers more than your product, right? Because your product can change. And any customers change too sure. But if you if you mold and create a perfect product for your ideal customer, your ideal fan, your ideal voter, then there are gonna be much more likely to support that product because it was custom made for them. Right, folks that's in the undefeated marketing system always talks about not having an unlimited amount of money by 2030 issues, that you're trying to ram people down people's throats and like liberty and to death literally right? When issue after issue, find the one to three issues that your your voters, your community or your potential customers that what they really care about. And you can find it out by surveys, you can find it out by having conversations, right? You can find it out by studying what they're posting on social media to figure out what they care about their or if you're trying to reach a certain influencer or podcast or youtuber creator, right? listening to what they talk about on their shows, listen to your shows. And that's how you really get to know who they are. And you can start figuring out, okay, how can I add value to those relationships. Other ways you can add value, it's once you figure out what what they what they care about, you know, you can other thing you could in other ways, I guess you can add value to somebody by trading lists, for example. So if you're building a list, and they're building a list, they have 1000 subscribers and you have 1000 subscribers, you're not necessarily sharing the subscribers because you're not supposed to be read as illegal or what but it's definitely ethical, which is to give all your emails away to someone which happens all the time. And in campaigns I've I signed up for for a specific candidate before and I get bombarded with all kinds of stuff from from the party or from similar things. I'm just like, I didn't sign up for any of this. So don't trade list because that's, that's not cool. It's not right. But what you can do you can email your list about another creator another candidate about another business and they can do the same for you. That's a way you can trade list trade. Also, if you want to collaborate if you go on on shows are a podcast, again, be able to offer some value to go on those shows. Right? So either you're able to get an offer some kind of education, something that they are looking for something that they need, or some kind of entertainment value that they're that they're looking for. Or you have a similar amount of subscribers, right you have a YouTube channel with 10,000 subscribers, they have a YouTube channel 10,000 scribers are similar close in numbers. you collaborate you work with each other and hopefully some of their subscribers become subscribers to you and vice versa. Or you can hit them, you can offer them money, right? So if you have 1000 subscribers or someone with a million, and you really don't have any kind of value to offer that they get what they want, then you pay them mostly will take money, doesn't have to be cash doesn't have currency, it can be cryptocurrency, right? It's in them, a couple of satoshis, or whatever. And that's a way you can add value as well, right. And then it gives you an opportunity to be on on their platforms and hopefully,

reach their subscribers. Another way you can offer value, maybe you have a skill, maybe you're really good at editing videos, or creating graphics or editing audio, and you notice their, their video editing could be better, or their audio quality could be better, right offer to do something for free for a few weeks or for a few months. And that's another way you can add value. And then you can get in front of their audience and their customers. And hopefully try to build your list. And to build your list. You want some kind of lead magnet that we've talked about in the past on Brian Nichols Show, but Tom Woods does this does this so well. I mean, he has so many free ebooks that he gives out his COVID charts, books, book or ebook is great. He has the the AOC ebook. What was the E book things that he was wrong about or something like that, but he has so many great free offers to build his list, right? And those are educational ebooks that offer value. Brian has the E book of four ways to Was it a win over your your friends and family and bring them to Liberty movement. I don't remember the exact title but have something of value to offer to build your list. So just get don't just ask for stuff, right? So just ask for money all the time. Figure out what do you have a value and we have an opportunity to be on someone's other platform have that freebie for their listeners or watchers, and you listen to help try to build your list and to get more followers on your list not on your social media platforms. I'm sure that helps too. But again, when those social media platforms go away, or they ban you or blocked you or shadow ban you, you're not going to reach that audience anyway. So try to figure out ways to build your list. And doing by doing that you're going to build a much more powerful business a much more powerful campaign and you'll be able to reach hopefully all of your goals and dreams. So thank you all for watching listening hope you gained some value out of this thanks for being a subscriber to The Brian Nichols Show. If you get a chance leave a quick review on the podcast reviews help a lot and if you if you feel an extra generous go check out his Patreon page and and pitch it and he did did a really fun episode there with Jeremy and Brian I and style exclusive for for Patreon fans and hoping to offer a lot more more value in maybe some in depth tutorials and how to build ads and all kinds of other fun stuff over in the Patreon so go check that out. It's all at The Brian Nichols Show calm and thank you all for listening. And I know Brian has this his way to sign off his show I have a way I always sign up my podcast. So to make you all familiar with that, I will say just forget to sign off. Go spread love positivity and guidance in the world and live the life you love. Peace, my friends.

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