Sept. 8, 2021

316: College Students Fighting Back, Rand Paul Was Right, and #FireFauci -with Trent Ortner

316: College Students Fighting Back, Rand Paul Was Right, and #FireFauci -with Trent Ortner

Learn how college students are fighting back against campus administrations and their restrictive COVID policies.

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Learn how college students are fighting back against campus administrations and their restrictive COVID policies, as today I'm once again joined by Trent Ortner!


Also, how about that... Rand Paul was right about Fauci!


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All right. And with that onto the show here, Trent bordner. Returning to The Brian Nichols Show. How are you, Trent? Hey, Brian, what's going on, buddy? How much Trent it's been a hot sex. And we had you on the show last time how has all been in the world of Trent ordner?

Well, my organization we've grown and grown and grown, we rebranded. We had some naming disputes that was going on with my former partner. So we just decided to drop the name. And we ran into voices against tyranny. We're a carry committee, and we are also a political caucus. We're growing a media brand and a media conglomerate, we're putting together a profile of like seven different podcasts that are going to be running soon. And we're going to try to do a new segment every day.

Wow, every day now I'm gonna just elephant in the room, right? Cuz like we just went daily here at the program. It's a lot so stressful. It's a lot of fun, though, because you do get the chance to build the audience in a different way. I've had the chance. Now with my three extra shows, having both Jeremy and Christie are on the sales and marketing shows be able to do one on ones with the audience. But also, I'm going back, I'm having some old guests come back in the program, and do a one on one with you guys talk about things that they're curious about. So yes, the the podcasting medium trend exclusively from a marketing sales perspective, it's one of the best ways to build not only an audience, but to build a network. And I think, let's let's kind of focus on what you guys are doing right now over voices against tyranny, you're building a network of like minded people who are focused on in this case, standing up against mandates. Now, you had reached out to me Actually, originally, to discuss what's going to be taking place over on October 11th. And it's gonna be every, not just one, not just to every university in the United States, October 11, is a national anti mandate protest, what led you to build this network of folks standing against these mandates, specifically, Trent, on college campuses? Well,

you know, the, like you were talking, you know, the podcasting medium is taking off and the medium is the message or the message we're trying to carry over is that you have to stand up now, to be able to combat what's coming in the future, like this may seem like a menial little thing, you know, getting a shot to go to school, but the fact that they are forcing college students to have to get something with this, that a lot of them aren't comfortable getting in order to get an education that they are paying for is just beyond belief. I and so there are a lot of colleges out there, there's a Quinnipiac University in Connecticut are going to start finding students $200 if they don't, and they'll lose Wi Fi access, if they don't get comply. Rutgers, we're working with Sarah Razi, you know, she's done a lot of good work over there with the mandate that they were the IRD, they originally tried to start, they were the first university to do it. But now they're gonna start disconnecting school emails, and did nine people even come on campus if they don't have it? Ohio State has a mandate that if you don't do it by November 15, they are going, they're going to lose all class eligibility and not and lose electronic resources for those classes.

Timeout. Okay. So this is probably news to a majority of people like we've heard, the mandates we've heard, you know, if you want to be able to go back to school, you got to get your vaccine. But I don't think people have heard just, you know, the extra parts the losing your Wi Fi, because you're not vaccinated. Like this is an morphing trend. It's not it this is not the approach that the quote unquote, good guys take, I'm sorry. And all of them

are going to every university that we've seen so far, that is instituting these mandates are going to deny any on campus housing. So these 18 and 19 year old kids coming from across the country aren't going to have anywhere to live.

So who, let's let's let's let's focus now, right? Because this is this is piquing my interest and it's getting my blood boil a little bit. This is coming from top down. It sounds like right, these these universities, are our guests I standing against what you would think would be the the will of the students. Where's this coming from, though? Is it the actual administrators or


This is from the from the university heads from the board of directors and the people that run any kind of policy control in these universities? We think it's coming from the federal government. We think that the federal government are probably putting pressure on these top administrators and these colleges, you know, restricting federal funding and threatening them with a blockade of federal money. And that's how that so you know, that's multi billion dollars that they're going to lose. And so these universities don't want to walk away from that.

Can you blame them? I mean, no, right? I mean, the incentive structures, we talk about this all the time in the Liberty world, incentive structures are real. So if we're going to pretend that college administrators, college faculty, that they're not playing the same incentive structure game, well, I have a nice bridge somewhere in Alaska. So yeah, but that's not the point. The point being though is that you look at who is actually impacting, you raise it up, you have 18 and 19 year old kids who are quite literally flying, in some cases across the country, dare I say, across the world, to go

to school,

only to be told, if you aren't vaccinated, not only will you not have Wi Fi not have access to schools, now, you're not even going to have a place to stay. There's very real long term implications of this. But there's also very real short term implications, Trent, essential versus non essential, your vaccinated versus non vaccinated? Well, I'm sorry, I guess you don't have a place to stay. For the place going to college of all places.

Right. And, you know, this is this is how, like, you know, going back to our name, tyranny, this is how Thai radical institutions take hold is they start mandating these policies that separate and divide and alienate people. And so, you know, I'm vaccinated, I'm pro vaccine, most of us are vaccinated and pro vaccine, but we're against the fact that you, they're forcing these people to get something in order for them to be a part of the rest of the crowd or be a part of the rest of the free people and that state and you know, it's a precedent that is going to be set. And if we allow it to be set, now, it's going to affect generations to come. It's going to allow other presidents to be set, because they're going to go back and look back and be like, Well, you know, we get it to college, isn't it working colleges, so we can Institute it in this? You said,

the part of the team, right, excuse me, they're like off the part of the team mentality. That's interesting. I just watched Lego Movie last night for the like, 33 watch. And the reason I love like a movie, why? Because it is an overtly libertarian movie in and I'm going to do a special at this sometime in the future, talking about the underlying themes in different movies specifically like a movie, but you hear I mean, goodness, that the one song that they sing throughout the entirety of the song, everything is awesome. When you're part of a team. Yeah, part of the Lego Movie, no spoilers guys has been out since 2014, for crying out loud, is that you have a president business and it sounds you know, all businesses, the bad guy, but actually what happens is, you have president business, who has taken over the government, and now is going to instill his vision of perfection. Right? And and what he does is he does this through the notion and the mentality of Well, we're all on the same team, guys, you're part of the team. This is what yields success is doing what's good. Without thinking about yourself ever. For the benefit of the team, you see this mentality trend very quickly translate over into academia into I would dare say progressivism, you see a lot of folks in the left, and I say left, also academia almost synonymously, because they are so often left when you do see this mentality, right, that this this collective hive mentality is not only the answer, it's the common sense answer where where are we missing some of our friends there on the left trend when they're approaching society through this collective lens?


man, you know, that's funny, because I, I hold a whole lot of liberal ideals, like there's a lot of things that I stand for that are liberal, like I'm pro choice, and I'm Pro, I'm pro vaccine, but I'm against the mandates and I'm pro I'm Pro, you know, anything, you know, they're a liberal things that go on. But allowing them to institute this sort of hive mentality at the very baseline of growth as an adult, or it's going to carry on further and further and further generations where it's, you know, you know, this generation right here that's going to college, it's being institution, and then once they go through then the next generation behind them, and so it's going to be common practice, and nobody's going to think twice about it. And then once you do that you are able to indoctrinate, on and on and on and we've already seen that happen with the radical left and a lot of college students that have existed in the last 10 years like that, that go out there and are out on the streets protesting but they're not protesting for themselves are protesting this team and a hive mentality that they've, they've been taught. And they've been taught to stick together and to fight against people that you know that are different from them. That's the biggest problem is it's it's the alienation is fighting against people and pushing people away that are different than you.

Did you see Randi? Weingarten are sweet? No, no. So she had said, Well, we didn't use to let our kids deal with this. Right? Our kids, and now they're bringing the battle to our kids. And she's talking about the public schooling system, the mentality that they're our kids, right? This collective mine? Yeah, yeah, you see this a lot. And the language that they they speak, when they're talking about certain issues, it almost is signaling to that mentality. So I think we have to reverse engineer almost trend with and that's kind of go back to, you know, why you're on the show. And that is because you see that this high up this height mentality. And I got part of my talk today, this hive mentality has been fostering in these places of higher education, specifically academia. And what's happening, now you're having the direct implications of these policies, hitting the very person and people that they should be trying to help the students. And now you're starting to see instead of this kind of academic mentality where the professor is working with the student, and there's a symbiotic relationship that the professor is going to be able to almost say brainwash, but move this, this student towards this hive mentality. Now, a lot of students are entering into college instantly, with their defenses up exclusively because of what's happening. That's fascinating, right? And I'm actually kind of curious if this is gonna maybe break down this cycle of perpetual leftism coming out of our schools.

It I mean, it's, it's, it's starting in the high schools to like it's starting, you know, I have my stepsons in high school is a first year this year, and they're already trying to alienate kids that aren't getting vaccinated there. And it's that they're, they're teaching it younger and younger and younger. And it goes like, back in back in when Hitler when the Third Reich was around there, their philosophy was to start at the young child started the child and move to the adult, if you can, if you can train the child and make them into what you want to be, you can train all of the adults that come after them to be exactly what you want them to be. It's, it's a quick it's not it's a quick way to start a long term process. But then let the radical left I mean, this this is this is right in in their in in their playbook like yeah, I don't think that is disbanding the radical left I think that it's empowering them. They they claim to be something that they're not and that's something that that's that's gone on for centuries is like, you know, the left will claim to be or not anti slave. We're not anti this, but they really are and like, you know, they they they push these messages of not accepting people that have differing views than them like they call they call people that believe that that that followed Trump or in anything right wing insurgents, they're terrorists. They're labeling labeling people like me terrorists domestic violent terrorist, because we don't agree with the way the system is being enacted.

I remember back in the good old days, Trent when you drive past progressive coexist bumper sticker and you'd smile to yourself. Oh, really? You want to live with me? And now I see it. I'm like,

nope, they don't they?

I mean, we see Joe Rogan, he gets COVID and he says he uses that one drunk. I'm not gonna say the name monks. I don't get my show banned today. Um, and he's better in three days. And yet, dude, I don't know if you've noticed this. But though vitriol, especially from the left. And this is It was shocking. It was truly shocking. Like, there are people who were AD AD, openly advocating, there we go. I was hard to say, openly advocating for him to perish because, yeah, prove their point. And he would get what he had coming to him. And

that was mentality. I had a really good one of my best friends did the exact same thing that Joe did. And it's same exact same result. Later. I'm not just saying that to to follow, follow lead here like I swear to God, I can show you proof like it's the same result.

Well, and this is why it's so important for us to make sure that we are speaking out especially when we're seeing things that are wrong. So let's go back to I'm truly back to while you're on the show, talking about that October 11 event, the anti mandate protests so it's everywhere. So what kids students have to do in order to take part in this one day, nationwide, they have protest.

Right now we're using the youth against or I'm sorry, um, yeah, well, and we're using students for liberty, um, that we're using their infrastructure to help push the message down to eat ginger individually University. We're right now we're trying to get exposure I'm working with, I'm working with two media sources that are going to cover the protest. And we're basically we're just trying to, it doesn't have we say, every university but we know, you know, you know, reasonably, that's impossible. But we are going to get a very large portion that is our drive is to get as many people as we can in one day to stand up and say, This is our life. This is my body, my choice. Like I hear that all the time from the left my body, my choice, but now that when somebody wants to do it in regards to vaccinations, like no, no, no, it doesn't. It doesn't it doesn't apply to that it doesn't apply to that.

I laugh because I so for the Patreon, we just did Chris Goyzueta. Jeremy Todd night, we did a trio episode over there. And we are just talking about how you all sudden heard that that mantra, my body, my choice, suspiciously absent of the Texas abortion conversation, maybe because of what's going on in the world right now. I don't know. But it is funny how sudden that that argument, the my body, my choice, was just nowhere to be found in an era of COVID. Yeah. It's amazing how things like that happened. But how about this trend, because we are a sales focus show. And we're trying to show people that there are positive outcomes there to help solve the problems they see in their their surrounding areas and in their life. So let's kind of focus the end of the conversation today. On the positive outcomes. What is the goal of this anti mandate protest? Is it just to get people fired up? Or are we actually trying to get some people's lives better

here? One one starting out is yes, to get people fired up and just to get people feeling like they're not alone knowing that you that you don't have to follow along in in response to what your public schools policy is making in order for you to get an education we want people to feel like they have somebody that can support them and advocate for them. And that that, that we're building the anti thesis for their team, a hive mentality where we're coming back and saying, like, no, we're different. We don't feel like this is something that you can force us to do. It is not right for you to tell me that I have to put this medicine in my body that I don't trust or I don't I don't I don't trust the research on it or there isn't enough research on it. And that's that's the whole vocal point right there is people just don't feel like they can inject something in their body that they don't know about I mean, how unreasonable is that the think that way that when somebody is your government who have lied to you for your whole life is telling you But this time, it's okay, this time it's right this time, it's good. You should do it this time. But people know they know that people are scared and there are millions millions and millions of people that aren't getting the vaccine because they don't trust what they are being told in the mainstream media and the mainstream media their whole ideal and philosophy is the is the batter down on anybody that says that anything against their narrative like you were talking just a minute ago Brian about the you know that redacted word that we're not going to use you can't use that that word now because the pharmaceutical companies are pushing so hard to say that we're gonna pull funding we're gonna pull funding here we're not if you use this against what we're trying to push the the Pfizer vaccine and the the Madonna vaccine and the Johnson and Johnson vaccine is a multi billion dollar industry just in this quarter alone. And the next two quarters it's going to increase you know, incredibly now there's a third dose there's going to be a probably be a fourth those roles are going to have to get booster every six to nine months. So people aren't people are starting. But the positive side though is that there are millions of people that are starting to see the bullshit. And they're starting to actually think Wait, no, this doesn't feel right. And you're getting that that that backdraft from the the government mandated policy makers that are that are sitting there pushing this idea, this agenda where they have their followers, but then they have this whole set separate section of people that we haven't left libertarians that we have been targeting and trying to get to go and do Something against what we're being forced to do and and going back to the abortion thing too that's another mandate that we're we're going to start fighting we're going to we're gonna I'm starting to organize stuff here in Texas I live in Texas and I'm starting to work with the Libertarian Party Texas to organize stuff here to get stuff going to fight back against this the government's offering people $10,000 to inform inform people that get abortions but you know that that's another story. Um the whole thing is once you allow these mandates and things to be set in place, and to be become natural then the other forced injections of policy can be will become natural to and it'll grow and grow and grow to the point to where everything you do is dictated by what your but what big government tells you to do. And that's what that we're fighting the first battle right here on the ground against against the injections.

Trent as if that could happen here. Like, are we gonna see quarantine camps and complete society shut down in the 21st century await I'm sorry, Australia. I didn't mean to talk about you like that without you knowing Yeah, it's happening. And you need to wake up folks, if you're not paying attention. I know I tweet it all the time. Do you get it yet? Like it is happening right now. And if you're not going to stand up and fight back, well, please don't be a useful idiot Galloway. Like I'm sorry, I'm tired of the ag junk Cato scholars telling folks why mandates are actually a libertarian position. No, no, no more and also when the the narrative. I mean, this episode is gonna be airing tomorrow is where we record here on Tuesday, Trent, but like we just heard that the entire narrative about how the actual what that virus got out, was that what it was it was a bat a bite by a bat or something like that? Oh, that's what the NC Yeah, yeah. Well guess what rumor is. And by rumor, I mean, the intercept just released an entire article where they went through 900 plus pages through the FOIA documentation process that basically shows guess what Rand Paul was right? I know, we had an episode with Kenny Cody a couple weeks ago, Ron Paul was right. What today Rand Paul was right. And what what he was right about, he called out Fauci saying, hey, did we by chance, have any of our tax dollars going? Yeah, from the NIH to the ruin of virality. lab, and he's like,

they had this working together. They had they were they were working on joint projects together.

No, no, Fauci, he says, No, of course, now, you don't know what you're talking. Frankly, you don't know what you're talking about Saturday, Paul, like that's that was the approach. And guess what? They just found out that those claims from Dr. Fauci and the rest of the NIH were entirely on truthful. What I'm sorry, I was told that if I even raised up the idea that this got released from a lab, that I'm a conspiracy theorist, my ideas are dangerous, and I shouldn't be a person anymore. Actually, you know what, Brian, you should be on person, you shouldn't be able to be online, you shouldn't be able to access your bank, you shouldn't be able to do anything that an average person does. And by the way, we're going to make sure that you can't go to restaurants, you can't go out in public, you can't be a person anymore. And that's been the mentality that a lot of people have taken even back as little as a year ago. But the things that we were saying a year ago that were conspiracy theories are now becoming headline news in 2021 trend, it's truly mystifying how this seems to happen, and only on one side of the aisle.

And you know, right on the head, I mean, it blows my mind because, you know, I used to dabble in conspiracy theories, and I used to be like, you know, I used to, I used to, you know, question because at that, then that's where it starts, is when you start questioning things. And that's when you what you got to do as natural human beings and people that are questioning authority is always question it. Always have some, some some other arguments and think, well, what if, and, you know, the, the the days of alex jones yelling at the radio, and people calling him an idiot are gone. I mean, he is a very volatile, crazy person, but he there was a lot of truth in the stuff that he's preaching about. And it goes on and on and on to these people that they have misrepresented and thrown to the side and kept them in this little little section of crazy conspiracy theories, news, people that you should be careful to listen to, but listen to us, listen to us. But we know if you listen to them, make sure you question what they're doing. With. Easy,

it's easy to build the straw man. When the guy you're Doing the straw man is our turn the friggin

frogs gay

like that's easy to go ahead and build up as this guy. He's crazy. And it's that's not the reality though. And I think what you're finding your average person really noticed this if they were paying attention especially Dr. Gupta, like Scott Gottlieb. These aren't radicals. Dr. Buck Bhattacharya No, like what are we there from Harvard and Yale and like, we have top epidemiologist and you're saying that they're Alex Jones, what are you doing? I have Eli Klein on the show. He's a democrat business owner from New York City fighting back against the lockdowns and mandates in New York City. And he's a lifelong Democrat. And he said, Brian, you know, my faith been shaken, because I saw what happened when the people that I voted for had all the power, and they had a crisis that they were not going to go and let it go to waste. So now I think you know, we have a chance to take those people who are saying something's up and speak to them. So here we're gonna have two action items for the audience today beyond obviously helping support a month from now October 11, the the National Day of protest against these mandates but to to shop items that you guys got to go ahead and purchase over The Brian Nichols Show shop. I'm proud libertarian, number one, something from the question everything series, because Yeah, you got to start questioning everything. And number two, are awesome stop trusting government bureaucrats t shirt, because that right now, I think is number one. And number two, what is top of mind, people are in fact starting to question everything, and rightfully so. And also they are starting to realize that maybe these government bureaucrats that we have never elected and they just exist and are there in government for decades, and they don't face elections or really any consequences of any sort. And then they can just willy nilly set policy, you know, like a rent, eviction moratorium, or you're just locking people down in their home school, and you're just randomly. It's fun. It's a great load of fun. So with that being said, obviously, we want to go ahead and make sure we're pointing people the right way, they will learn more about this national day of protest. And of course, they want to go ahead and forget all the negative things I talked about today. So with that being said, coming up here, October 11, we do have that national anti mandate protest. But folks might go ahead and learn more Trent, where can they go ahead and check you out.

We are on Twitter at untere any caucus. And if you have any questions or any concerns, or if you want to help organize or help plan your local areas, feel free to feel free to pm me I will have one of my meet my social media guys will get it and they will they will get the message to me and we will start working on it and we will get you in the loop and we'll get you involved. We also have our website at untiring calm, it's you in TY are a in NY on tyranny. Um, and that is where we are best reached at. You can feel free to email me to at t o r t ner at untier any calm, my firt my first initial and my last name and untiring calm. And that is that's basically where we're at. We have a good team right now we're building and we're organizing Well, like I said, we're using the yellow and the SFL infrastructure to help delegate now and get these students to start standing up, you know, just to show up and say, Hey, I don't feel right about this. You know, it takes it takes. That's the first step. And like I said, one thing that I'm really excited about is the millions and millions of people that haven't gotten vaccinated and are starting to question the authority that is there. I've been doing a lot of statistics and the last 12 years 37 to 41% of our country has voted and that's the people that we're looking at right now that that majority, that silent majority of people that are questioning these vaccines to get them riled up and get them willing to work and get in their communities and get on the streets and talk about these things that they just don't agree with.

You are not alone. I think that's gonna be the episode. Because at the end of the day, people want to know that they're not alone. So with that being said, if folks you want to go ahead and check out more from the voices against tyranny and learn more about trends, go ahead, click the show notes. You can click the little artwork opening rates website page and go to trend try to check all his links there. But with that being said, Trent ortner. Thank you, as always for joining us here on today's episode.

Thank you, Brian. I enjoyed it. I'll always love talking to you, man.

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