Sept. 23, 2021

329: How Do You Build Relationship with Total Strangers? (feat. Chris Goyzueta)

329: How Do You Build Relationship with Total Strangers? (feat. Chris Goyzueta)

(Hint... it's all about adding VALUE!)

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How do you build a relationship with total strangers? Chris G returns to the program to show how adding value with the right audience might be part of the answer!


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Chris Goyzueta  
How do you build relationships with total strangers, someone you want to do business with? Somebody went network with someone you want to collaborate with? It's all about adding value, right? That's something we throw around a lot in the marketing world, right? So what is adding value? So in Bryan solo episode this weekend, sorry, I forgot my I forgot my jacket with the with the elbow pads, my little professor, Professor jacket to go thrift shopping for Christmas here. Get one of those fancy jackets now. I'm kind of jealous. I actually don't have one yet. Do I have one? Maybe I have like 10. Professor jackets anyway. So Brian is so episode talked about messaging, right? So it's all about messaging and knowing who you're talking to, as I always say, know your audience, right? So in that episode, he had a message that's focused on solutions, and building genuine relationships with people, right? So how do you get your foot in the door with someone even if it's someone you're not really trying to sell to? Like whether you're selling the Liberty, philosophies and principles to someone and liberty solutions to political issues? Or if you're just trying to build a relationship with someone? If you're trying to collaborate with someone with an influencer? or other podcasts or right, how do you get your foot in the door? It's all about building relationships or adding value to those relationships. So how do you add value? So a couple of these will come from the book, Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook from from Gary Vee, right? It's basically entertainment education utility by added a couple more to it. So I have five ways you can add value to develop relationships and get your foot in the door, right? So the first one that I'm going to go over this one, I call it community building. So especially in the Liberty movement, oh man, community building is massive, right? So building a genuine, authentic relationship with your local community, and it should be with you. So you have two communities, right, as a creator, as a, as a candidate, whatever it is, you always have two communities, it's the actual community that you serve. So if you're in a in a county or a city, right, where you're running for election or something, you're, you're serving that community and adding value to that community. And then you're also adding value to your industry, right? So the industry would be the Libertarian Party, the Liberty movement, right? So you're trying to add value to that community, and your actual local community. So what are some things you can do for your local community, you know, at least organize volunteer events, right? Go out with other libertarians or other like minded people, and go volunteer, right, I used to be part of this church in South Florida, where we would go every first Saturday, we call it first Saturday serve, where we'd go volunteer on medium, we get so many volunteers eventually, where we had like five or six different projects. And when the volunteers showed up, they already have an advanced, they could sign up for one of the five or six projects. So of course, you can start small and start with one project. But that could become a big thing, right? So do a quarterly served community or a monthly service community and go out and actually be active in the community that you want to try to help and reach out to? And then the other thing is collaborate with local businesses, right? Figure out how you can promote local businesses. And then if you're building a real authentic connection, they're just gonna promote you already. without you even asking, you don't even have to ask right if you really pouring a lot into that relationship. And if you're a content creator, a podcast or you're part of a local Libertarian Party, I talk about it all the time, we should have a local LP podcast or YouTube channel or something. I'm part of the Orange County, Orlando, Florida LP and just brought up in the last meeting that we should start a YouTube channel. So that's on our agenda for next month. You know, for old business, I was writing a proposal now for the YouTube channel that's going to look like maybe I can create a template proposal that that y'all can present. So anyways, into that I was interested in wanting something like that, feel free to leave a comment on a YouTube video. And I'll be glad to share that with y'all. You know how to a little proposal on creating a podcast or YouTube channel for your local LP, if you're in the event space or posting events, right? Why not host a local food truck event or a farmers market community art fair, right? create events for the community. It doesn't have to be big, elaborate, expensive events, you can just do small scale events where just a bunch of local businesses and vendors or artists working together to put on a really cool art event for the little community. Right? So community building first way to add value to your community and your industry. The next way to add value is entertainment. That's pretty straightforward, right? You're putting out something that's entertaining to to people, whatever, whatever it is, right? If it's a genre of entertainment, whether it's a political podcast, whether it's a political YouTube channel, you're also a musician and you're creating Liberty minded music. You have some very specific depth, there's definitely more of a need for that. I I have a Twitter list on Twitter, that's all Liberty musicians. And that list is not very big, right? I could use a bigger, bigger list for that. So there's any artists out there that are in the in delivery space, definitely reach out to me, I would love to add y'all to that list and connect with you maybe even have you on the podcast, that'd be so much fun. So entertainment is the second way to add value to relationships, right? And, of course, art is subjective, right? So entertainment does fall in the art sector. So it's got to be subjective. Some people are gonna love it, some people are not gonna like it, I would say there's people that are giant fans of the Beatles. And there's some people that don't really, really care about the Beatles, right? It just is what it is. So just just because you're creating entertainment, you're creating art doesn't necessarily mean it's going to add value to everybody, right? So you have to create art that's for a specific niche first with a group of people. So if you were super into Liberty space, creating art that's specific for the Liberty space and entertaining to that world would be great, right? He's constantly worked on your craft to become a better better artist and better curator, if that's, if that's your way of trying to add value to relationships. The next one is education. And I feel like that's what Brian does amazing here on The Brian Nichols Show, right? So education is another way to add value where on this podcast, we're teaching you how to sell and promote liberty, right? It's our education, educational orient, you're adding value to our community, right to our liberty podcast community. So education, people who are always looking to learn something, whether again, it's through podcasts, YouTube channels, if it's through a blog, right, or set, putting together checklists or tutorials, I'm gonna be a great way to even collect email addresses from people. So people love to learn. So education is a third way you can add value. The fourth one is as utility, right? So the definition of utility is the state of being useful, profitable or beneficial, right. So utility, I also call this convenience by making something just more convenient for someone. So if you wanted to network with someone, right, maybe they're coming into, into the city that your conference that you're going to maybe go a little bit early and offer them to give them a ride, right and be somebody you've already connected with online or over email. There's a little bit somewhat of a relationship there, but you haven't had the opportunity to sit with them. They're going to this conference, you know, they're going to be busy, offered to meet them at the airport and give them a ride to the hotel, right? And have, you know, 1520, maybe 30 minutes talk during the car ride a little creepy. But if you have decent enough, build a relationship and beginning that that could be a way to add value through utility, right? So technically, usually, when it comes to utility, there's always things convenience, how can you make something more convenient for someone, if I, if I pick up this phone, I can now press a button, and someone's going to pick me up with their car. That's super convenient, right? I can press another button and someone's going to deliver groceries to me that that is utility as well. Right? That's convenience. So something that will make someone's life easier. And then and then the last way to add value is co promotion. Right? So co promoting other other businesses working with other businesses and co promoting each other's you're adding value to that business that's within your community. You're adding something of value maybe to their, to their customers, and they're adding something back in value to you. Right. So an example of that would be I did a concert with a band called Enter to haggis. They're an Irish rock, Irish rock pop and they

had a really good song, but mixing it up with another band called something called Russell Crowe. I punched Russell Crowe in the head like or crop up anyways. Long tangent and not relevant as your eyes was the band. So what we did, they played a concert in downtown Orlando. And right down the street from the the venue was an Irish Pub. So perfect place to promote an Irish band, right? So perfect place to collaborate with have them post some, some tweets and some posts on Facebook, have them send some emails out to their customers, and vice versa help promote the business, right. So what we did with them, they put up posters, they put up a bunch of bunch of posts, we put up post that this business is promoting this event. And then we also organize the band after the show showed up at the Irish pub, right. So it was kind of a free after party. We paid for the band's food to come to the Irish pub, that Irish pub helped promote it. And the band newt was aware of this, they agreed to this. And a bunch of fans came to the pub So not only did we co promote each other, but we got some customers from from them that came to the concert. And then we had some fans from the show, go to the Irish pub and eat some food there and drink a lot of beers and have a really, really good time. Right? And then the last way to to add a value was dancing at five looks like have six or so community building entertainment education, utility promotion. It's been a long day. I've been teaching all day long, and I'm cranking out this quick little solo episode for y'all. But anyway, so there's a sixth one, I'll just call this a bonus. But the sixth way to add value currency right so I didn't say money, I'd say dollars right? amongst a fiat currency, just currency whatever currency someone is willing to accept. So that could be US dollars, which is useless. Or it could be cryptocurrency, right if someone would rather have Bitcoin or theory If you're gonna pay me to do some some content for y'all pay me Ethereum or Bitcoin, I better have that and Fiat, or if you're if you're collaborating with an influencer, let's say an influencer from Twitch, I'm really, really into the twitch platform right now i'd love to do an episode with Brian on Twitch down the road and how Liberty podcast, this could actually utilize twitch to actually monetize their platform a whole lot faster, right? Because real excited quick side tangent on Twitch. The great thing about Twitch, you don't need a lot of people to monetize your channel, right. So if you're doing a podcast you need about, let's call it two to 3000 downloads per month to start having a conversation with potential sponsors, right, ideally, probably 5000 plus. So I distribute my podcast to Lipson and Lipson I need at least 5000 plus downloads per month to even get that conversation started to having sponsors on my on my shows, but on Twitch, you need 50 followers, right, and then your you your account gets upgraded and then now you can have a paid account. So these 50 followers can now pay you for subscriptions, they can give you tips and do all kinds of stuffs on Twitch. Really, if you have 50 to 100 people that follow your channel, you can already start monetizing your podcast on Twitch so right so that's a really great way to make some money sooner than waiting to have those 1000s of downloads and then reason I want to talk to twitch is on Twitch, they have a currency it's called bits, right? So bits is slow the currency on Twitch so you tip your, your musicians or your podcasters or your, your gamers with with bits. So that's the currency that's value over there, right. So maybe someone will, will do something for you or do a collaboration with you if you pay them in bits. So whatever the currency is that they prefer. So that's the last way to add value. So just to summarize, real quick right community building, getting involved in your in your local community and and in your industry. Then you have adding entertainment value. So being a creator, education, teaching, teaching somebody something utilities, we're creating convenience or someone co promotion, and currency. Those are six different ways you can add value to relationships, and and start developing those relationships with whoever you're trying to build relationships with. I hope this was useful. Thank you all so much for listening, signing off for The Brian Nichols Show. And as I always say, Go spread love, positivity and kindness in the world and live the life you love. Peace, everyone.

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