Sept. 25, 2021

331: Let's Talk About Abortion (feat. Kimberly Ross)

331: Let's Talk About Abortion (feat. Kimberly Ross)

Often regarded as the third rail in political discourse, Kimberly Ross and other pro-life advocates are leading the charge in bringing the abortion issue to the top of the national conversation.

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Often regarded as the third rail in political discourse, Kimberly Ross and other pro-life advocates are leading the charge in bringing the abortion issue to the top of the national conversation.


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We can become great at doing the the things that we do well the things that we focus on like I'm I think our audience is great at selling Liberty I think we have been amazing at doing that. Welcome to The Brian Nichols Show Your source for common sense politics on the we are libertarians network as a sales and marketing executive in the greater telecommunications cybersecurity industry. Brian works with C level executives to help them future proof their company's infrastructure for an uncertain future. And in each episode, Brian takes that experience and applies it to the Liberty movement, you start to ask questions that pique his interest and get him to feel like okay, this guy's actually got something that maybe you can help me out and then in your asking him questions and trying to uncover the real problems build that natural trust. I know it wasn't a monologue there man. Instead of focusing on simply winning arguments or being right, we're teaching the basic fundamentals of sales and their application in the world of politics, showing you how to ask better questions, tell better stories, and ultimately change people's minds. And now your host, Brian Nichols. Well, Heidi Hill their phones, Brian Nichols, here on The Brian Nichols Show. Happy Saturday. And yes, of course, you know what that means? Get ready for one of our returning guests returning to the program for a solo short, that guest one Kimberly Ross, it's been a few years Believe it or not, since we've had Kimberly on the show, but she returned to the program to help answer the dreaded question that libertarians face. Yes, that abortion question. So with that being said, I'm gonna show Kimberly Ross here on The Brian Nichols Show.

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Hi, my name is Kimberly Ross. I'm a freelance opinion writer with bylines at the Washington Examiner, USA Today, Ark digital and elsewhere. In less than 10 minutes, I'm going to discuss a topic relevant to any who are concerned with liberty, the abortion issue. When you think of abortion in America, strong division and anger automatically come to mind is one of the most popular topics in the ongoing culture war. Generally, those to the left of center support it, and those to the right of center do not. It is an issue that some Americans use as a litmus test for voting decisions. Abortion supporters feel strongly about defending a woman's right to choose. Abortion opponents feel strongly about defending the right to life for unborn children. I'm a conservative with some libertarian leanings, who's felt politically homeless for several years. One plus two feeling uncomfortable with labeling myself, a Democrat or Republican is a bit more perspective on the hot button issues. I'm not perfect, and I have my own biases. But I do believe my personal beliefs have strengthened and mature and as I've been disconnected from the larger, more established political parties. I've been pro life since I was a teenager. I've been involved in the movement for decades, giving time, money and using my words to talk about life. I'm a mother of two young boys and my pro life stance has only deepened through the experiences of pregnancy and Parenthood. At the same time, my compassion has grown as well. Pregnancy, labor and child rearing are exhausting, expensive, time consuming, yet worthwhile pursuits. All of these things are natural, yes, but that is not synonymous with easy. Going through these stages without a support system is something I simply cannot comprehend. Yet many women find themselves in that very spot. Some of them truly believe abortion is the answer to their current and future problems. A key to meeting these women where they are is understanding that not everyone is ready or willing to become a mother. Abortion looks like the only solution to their dilemma of what should I do? That must be understood by those opposed to abortion, whether it be at the first sign of life or in the third trimester. The new controversial abortion law in Texas is shining a spotlight on the incrementalist versus absolute us war among pro lifers. Some prefer a step by step approach, whereby restrictions at 20 weeks and 5015 weeks are secured first. Others prefer what is essentially a complete ban, as is the case of the Texas heartbeat law. In the Fallout, there has been discussion about banning versus ending abortion. As David French notes these are different goals. One is a legal block that keeps a woman from procuring an abortion. The ladder is a continuing cultural campaign to remove the need for abortion altogether. This is a perfect example of legality not being the same as morality. I've always thought that those who prize Liberty above all else should be some of the most passionate pro lifers on the planet. libertarians who believe abortion should be defended are deeply misguided. If anything is a textbook example of the non aggression principle. It's defending the unborn against targeted destruction by way of abortion. personal freedom is well and good and should be supported. Up until that freedom is a direct assault on someone else, especially when the assault is actual violence is become increasingly clear that Americans who are against abortion, whether they be Republicans, libertarians or democrats are really not united in the fight against it. When in pro life log gets on the books, there's a small sense of mission accomplished. With each illegal victory. There's too much of a reliance on what the law can do to write the post Roe wrongs compared to what grassroots change can be made to turn the societal tide away from acceptance and yes even need. We battle and argue on social media. Leave comments on articles, vote for pro life candidates unbeliever true combatants who are making a difference. There's nothing wrong with any of those things. But what tangible effect do they have? How do these activities really truly impact the communities around our nation? How do they address the real needs of women with burgeoning bellies who were abandoned by significant others or family members and feel lost? Without practical assistance and support? Always tethered to compassion? The pro life movement is not much more than any other online drama of the political variety. Sometimes when I bring up the disconnect between online arguments and real world help, I'm met with How dare you pro lifers are committed to grassroots help. Yes, it's true that many are but some are not. as others have noted, if the pro life movement is so concerned with investing in lives in their own backyards, why are pro life pregnancy and crisis centers always desperate for donations? Why does the eagerness to deliver a devastating pro life tweet or status not translate to offline aid? I think in part it's because we've become too comfortable in our belief that laws and internet tirades can accomplish most of what is needed on the pro life front. And since social media is here to stay, we all of us, myself included, need to remember what is and isn't truly assisting the class. There are three things I want to leave with you today. First, know that the issue is actually much more complicated than we've been led to believe. We've been told that abortion is black and white. On paper that may be the case. In real life scenarios The opposite is true. So many factors surround pregnancy, birth and Parenthood. A study from the Guttmacher Institute surveyed women in 1987 and also 2004 and ask them their reasons for choosing abortion. Included among the top reasons given when interfere with education, can't afford the basic needs of life. Not enough support from husband or partner don't want people to know I had sex or got pregnant and don't feel mature enough. And what were the two reasons most infrequently given? was a victim of rape, became pregnant as a result of incest. Abortion is seen as meeting a need in a time of fear and uncertainty. The women at abortion clinics are rarely the blood thirsty types portrayed by the loudest muscle well known abortion proponents. Could it be that they're often just scared women and girls? Yes. And those females need to know they are worth as much not less as the new lives they carry. Second, I challenge you to be pro life. as I've stated, I think libertarian should be some of the most vocal advocates when it comes to protecting life in the womb. Being pro life doesn't require you be a member of either political party, thank goodness, it doesn't require that you'd be religious. It doesn't require that you vote for certain individuals. It does require that you recognize that a separate unique being exists alongside a woman during pregnancy. The child may be seen as inconvenient or in wanton, but their worth is not determined by the definitions others place on them. Yes, a woman's bodily autonomy should be protected. But there's no contradiction in believing both a woman and her unborn child have extraordinary value, and that the child should be allowed the right to life. It also doesn't require that a woman keep her child since adoption is a beautiful option. But extinguishing that new life is neither moral nor in keeping with any consistent aspect of the Liberty movement. Last, I encourage you to be involved in concrete ways that make a difference. Get offline and use your time and resources to help those in your community who find themselves pregnant and scared. practical ways to help include providing safe homes, offering ride sharing programs, stalking pantries with diapers, wipes, toys, and also clothes for both baby and mother food assistance, babysitting, lawn care, home repairs, and child care while a woman finishes her education. pregnancy centers also need monetary donations if they provide ultrasounds and medical care free of charge. The list of needs is practically endless. Over the years, the abortion rate has dropped. abortions have declined when both Democrats and Republicans have been in power. Those who support and oppose abortion should have one thing in common. The desire for fewer abortions. That can only happen if there are practical steps toward reducing need and offering support. Women matter. Babies matter. And if you care about liberty, you should actively care about them both. Any other conclusion is simply not an option. Thank you.

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Kimberly Ross

Freelance opinion writer

Kimberly Ross is a freelance opinion writer with bylines at Washington Examiner, USA Today, Arc Digital, ACN Ireland, The Bulwark, Rare, RedState, and elsewhere. She is passionate about discussing campaigns, elections, women's issues, abortion, family, religion, media, and culture. She holds a B.A. in History from Hannibal-LaGrange University with graduate work in Political Science at the University of Illinois at Springfield. She and her husband are the parents of two boys and live in the southern United States.