Oct. 4, 2021

340: Closing Freedom (Sales Guide For Today's Liberty Activist) -with Harrison Kemp

340: Closing Freedom (Sales Guide For Today's Liberty Activist) -with Harrison Kemp

Trust the process and close the deal!

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If you're a liberty activist looking for an easy to read, practical guide to helping elect libertarian and liberty candidates, then today's episode is for you!


Harrison Kemp joins the show to discuss his new book, "Closing Freedom (Sales Guide For Today's Liberty Activist)".


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Harrison KempProfile Photo

Harrison Kemp

Author/Political Consultant

Harrison is a political activist, organizer, author, entrepreneur, and candidate for City Council.
His third book, Closing Freedom, is dedicated to teaching you how to grow your liberty oriented organization, political party, caucus, and talk to your friends or family about the benefits of freedom.
You can find all his books, blogs, and interviews on his website and schedule a training session for your team at heliosnationalconsulting@gmail.com