Oct. 12, 2021

348: Giving the GOP Some "Tough Love" (feat. Mahgdalen Rose)

348: Giving the GOP Some
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Switching things up and having our "Saturday Guest" episode air a tad early this week in prepartion for the launch of "Sell Liberty" with Jeremy on Saturday!


Today, we're joined again by Mahgdalen Rose, who's helping us better understand the temperature of the GOP, where it's headed, and some "tough" love to the GOP for future success.


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Unknown Speaker  
everybody, I'm Nigel rose, I'm really honored that Brian's Give me one of these chances to talk to you through his Saturday monologues. And I actually work more in the conservative wing of politics in the Republican Party wing, more people who are not libertarians, or social or fiscal conservatives, or both. So tonight, I'm going to talk about what's going on in that wing of the political world in America. And the reason I talk about that is because there's so much discussion about who the 2024 Republican nominee is going to be at a lot of libertarians are really concerned about who it's going to be rightfully so because they don't want a continuation of what's happening now with the expansion of government at the rate that's being expanded, especially with this infrastructure bill that's being debated and voted on. And so there's a big focus on who the Republican nominee is going to be in 20/24. And a lot of people have a misconception, I think, who are not actively working in republican activism or conservatism that every republican or most republicans want it to be Trump, Donald Trump, not the son, the president. And that's just not true. A lot of us don't want it to be Trump. And that's not because we're not actually conservatives, because we're neo cons. We don't want it to be Trump from a strategic standpoint. And what I mean by that is, when you look at the 2020 election, as somebody who was involved in conservative politics and activism and strategy, what I can tell you is in a large part, it was a campaign about nothing and I said this in a previous interview with somebody else, the Trump 2020 campaign was like a Seinfeld episode. It was really big you were tuning in, but it was about nothing. And the reason for that is because the Trump platform, the mogga platform isn't actually about anything. It's not ideological, there are certain tenants to it, where you're not being you know, woke, you're not putting America last in economics. But if you ask somebody in that world, in the Trump inner circle, what does maga mean, they can't really tell you aside from saying a couple talking points. And the reason for that is it's not based in anything ideological. It was really designed as a way to let Trump have a platform in 2016. And in the early days of his being an office without ever actually having to adhere to anything so he could say something about trade one morning completely changed his mind the next because it was all under the mogga banner maga was whatever Trump said that day. And that worked for a while it got him elected. But once he was in office, people want ideological standpoints. They want to know where you stand on things, and he couldn't deliver that. So for republicans and conservative voters, there's a lot of people who want it to be run to Sanders, who wanted to be somebody in business, they want the 2024 nominee to be somebody who has not got all this negativity attached to him. And a lot of people have asked me, libertarians, liberals, some conservatives, you know, why is everyone so sure he could win a primary again for the Republican Party for the nomination, if he's so unpopular in so many areas, and the reason for that is because when Trump was in office and running in 2016, he didn't spend a lot of time trying to expand the party, no matter what he says there was not a huge expansion of outreach to the republican party or to moderate voters. What he spent a lot of time doing was cultivating and adhering to, whatever this small group and by small I mean, a couple million people People who supported him early on wanted, that is his base. His base is not the Republican Party. His base is this smaller group of a couple million people who he knows will go vote in the primaries for the Republican nomination. He knew that in 2016, and he'll know it again in 2024. And what I mean by that is these are people who go caucus in Iowa, there are people who will be at the South Carolina primary people who will deliver him the nomination. The issue is, once he gets the nomination, he will not be allowed to run a real campaign. He's off social media, he's not going to get back on social media, unless there's a really big turnaround in the court system. And I don't see that coming and could be wrong, but I don't see it coming. So he's not on social media. He's a pariah in the entertainment world. And that does matter, especially for younger voters. I can tell you that when you know, for example, Taylor Swift says go vote for those who don't go vote for them to sign his petition. It matters to millions of young women especially. So being completely provided from the entertainment world is a problem and he wasn't completely pariah in 2016. You had people in sports endorsing him, he had people who had been in the entertainment industry working with him or just not publicly hating him, and that went a long way. So you have those two issues. But then you have this third issue, which is that, like me, a lot of Republicans are exhausted by the Trump circle. And what I mean by that is the Trump circle is not just Trump in the family. It's it's the people he brought in to help run things, there's a lot of grifters of it. So for libertarians who are wondering, you know, if Trump gets the nomination, is he going to win? I don't think he will win, because I don't think he'll be allowed to run a real campaign. But if he did, when one of the things I would advise libertarians to do is to really make him work for every bit of support that you possess. And what I mean by that is, if you want Rand Paul to hold his feet to the fire, make him not hire Warhawks, and put them in his cabinet because he did that. If you want Trump to adhere to some level of small government policies, you need to play hardball with him. And that's something that conservative part of the conservative movement, and the Republican Party never really learned. They learned how to assuage his ego, they learned how to puff up his ego, but they never learned how to be on equal playing field with him. And they should have been, because at the end of the day, he's one man, the Republican Party, the conservative movement is the only other choice really, aside from Democrats in a major race in a presidential race. So they should have been on an even playing field with him, but they weren't, you need to make sure that if Trump gets reelected, you're on an even playing field with him. And just finally, I think a lot of libertarians are rightfully worried about the direction of the Republican Party, because you see the Republican Party sort of as the the alternative choice, the lesser of two evils, if you will. And I see it that way. A lot of times too, in comparison to the left and the Democrat Party, you're worried about the stability of the Republican Party, and you should be the Republican Party is not stable. Right now, you have all these major issues going on, you have the fact that there's a border crisis, inflation is rising infrastructure package will pretty much make the entire United States just an entitlement place. And republicans tweet about criminal justice reform, they don't care, they're not paying attention. So as a libertarian, if you're really concerned about the future of the country, you should be terrified about what's happening in the Republican Party and the conservative movement. Because until those two things, get their act together, really, you're just trying to fight against the democrats and the left. And that whole ecosystem, which is really, really strong, scary and brutal, and we've seen how brutal they can be, and what they're willing to do to utilize their connections in the FBI or in the social media world, or in Hollywood, they will do whatever it takes. So if you want to fix the country, if you want the country to have a fighting chance, you got to sort of get rid of the Trump network a little bit. And that might mean losing a race that might mean not being able to say republicans are back and they're winning and libertarian, tell them it might mean showing the Republican Party some tough love because until you do that, until Trump in his network of people is proven to be a loser in terms of winning reelection and winning elections. I don't think you're gonna be able to turn the country around, no matter how many people tweet about it on social media. So thank you all. I really appreciate this opportunity that Brian's give me and this is a great show to be featured on.

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Mahgdalen Rose

Mahgdalen Rose is a 21 year old college student and currently a Junior in College. She first became involved in American politics in early 2018. She is the host of “The Mahgdalen Rose Report” on The McFiles Network. On her show, she interviews politicians, education experts, and activists to cover American politics, the Education system, international affairs, societal issues, and political strategy. She is the Co-Host of the “Stop Yelling Start Thinking Podcast” on the Freedomists platform. She is the host of the Mahgdalen Rose Report on the Crusade channel and the political affairs correspondent for the Crusade channel. She is also a writing contributor and Board Member for TRINICY international, which is an organization that provides mentorship and resources to young conservatives and Christians who are isolated in their schools and colleges. She is a Live Streamer. Finally, she is the author of the Pro-Life Children’s book “I Can Hear You: The Story of a Not Yet Born Human Being.”