Oct. 28, 2021

364: The Art of Being Different (feat. Brian Nichols)

364: The Art of Being Different (feat. Brian Nichols)

How can being different help you be a better sales pro?

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How can being different help you be a better sales pro?


No kidding, it's probably one of the most important things you can do to INSTANTLY boost your up your wins.


Because being different helps you stand out from the competition.


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Brian Nichols  
Happy Thursday there, folks, Brian Nichols here on The Brian Nichols Show. And thank you for joining us for another fun filled episode. I am, of course, your humble host. And I'm sorry, you're stuck with me today. Today we're going to be going through and talking about our morning sales huddles we've been doing over? Yes, if you go to Brian Nichols show.com, sign up for the morning sales hole right there on the homepage, five days a week, you're getting an email hitting your inbox daily around ballpark 6am or so raise, I'm finishing up my morning workout. And what are we talking about? Well, we're talking about the things that are gonna make you a better salesperson a better problem solver. And this is the stuff I teach my sales team on the daily, it's the stuff that has not only helped them become better as individual sales people, but also as helped that so my team is now accounting for 43% plus of my company's entire revenue. So we're doing something right. And I think it really comes down to number one, actually to be number one. And number two, the topic of today's conversation, and that is the idea of differentiation. So we're going to start off we did two Morning Sales huddles back here this week, and I did focus on differentiation. The first one is it's okay. That we do things differently. Think of a car company, literally any car company, Ford, Dodge, Chevy, Tesla, little Elan there. What do they all do? It's an easy answer. They make cars. Now, there's different in terms of preferences when it comes to buyer decisions. So some people might like the built Ford tough approach, and others might like the ingenuity of Tesla and their new self driving electric cars, that likely will bring us a space one day, but at the end of the day, each vehicle that you purchased will do one thing get you from point A to point B.

So how do we correlate this to the world of libertarian politics? Well, we have to remember that differentiation is key in how we approach selling liberty, just because someone doesn't position the product or unique value, save in the way that you would doesn't make their approach wrong. So for example, just because our main man Cory de Angeles focuses exclusively on the topics of funding students, not systems school choice, right. But then we have our man Scott Horton, who focuses exclusively on foreign policy issues, and by the way, kick Bill crystals, but over at the Soho forum debate, kudos, Scott. But does that mean Corey and Scott are in conflict with one another? Absolutely not, it means that they're just taking a different approach to help build an emotional connection between the prospect and the product, which in this case, is Liberty solutions. As a movement, we have to stop looking at those who are doing things differently, as doing something wrong, we can show each other better ways to do things by going out and actually doing them. And by leading by example, so remember, it's okay to do things differently. As a matter of fact, our doing things differently, is what helps us connect with people were others do not. So that was our morning sales, huddle back on the 25th. Going back even further, we're gonna talk about the fact that you can't be different by doing what everyone else does, which basically takes the end of that morning sales Hello, we just listened to and picks it up there. So let's just say you work as a sales executive full time, you know, your company, you know your product, you know, your industry. And you know, your customers. You've refined your messaging, you've done your research, and you have your presentation perfected. But you're still not hitting your numbers. Why? Let me ask you this, how do you know that what you're doing is actually the right thing to do? How do you know that what everyone else is doing will work for you? See, one of the biggest differentiators in sales? Isn't the competition, not your product, not even your company? It's you. You are the biggest differentiator. So if you tailored what it is that you do in your sales cycle based on what everyone else is doing, guess what? You're going to blend in with everyone else. Yep, another faceless voicemail, another impersonal email. Sure that's what everyone else is doing. But is it working? You went through and outlined all the features all the benefits of your product? And yeah, it should be a perfect fit for them. But if that's what everyone else is doing, is it working? breaking the fourth wall

you and me mano a mano this is exactly why we have taken such a drastic turn here at the program in terms of teaching, sales and marketing through the lens of both the art, the science, and the performance aspects that makes a successful sales professional. If we keep doing individually, what everyone else in our movement has been collectively doing, guess what? Nothing will change. And it will be on our shoulders to own that failure. But there is an alternative. And it starts with you, being uniquely you, and different from everyone else. So what do you think, folks? Do you have it in you think you can be different uniquely different, especially when you focus on the things that make you authentically you, that is what will help you win in the world of sales. And also, let's just take a step back. And I'll give you some real advice from someone who does this every single day, you're gonna hear this on a conversation, we're going to have air tomorrow with Tim Walker, he's a sales legend. And he is most well known for the art of asking great questions. And I tell this story, it's a real story happened to me in my day job, I go out and I do sales calls with my sales team. Because otherwise, how can I try to coach them on something if I'm not experiencing it firsthand? So when I go out, and I'm doing sales calls, I just like everyone else will get your pissy prospects, it happens, I promise. It's not one of those unique one off situations, it happens to every single sales person. And it's how you deal with that person. I'll tell you what I did start off use a very gruff and rough person just was giving me short one word responses to my questions. And for those of you who aren't aware that my day job is in the greater telecommunications cybersecurity world, and it got to the point, I'm talking to his CIO, and I literally stopped the call and I say, Bill, what's up? What's wrong, and it caught him off guard, because he's expecting me to sell. He's expecting me to push something just like everyone else. And he was caught off guard, he goes, Oh, nothing. I was like, Well, it sounds like you know, I'm not connecting with you. I wanted to know where I went wrong. He's Oh, nothing with you. My company just got bought, we just got acquired. And I actually might be losing my job, because we're consolidating IT departments. And they might have their CIO take over everything. And I might not even have a career and all sudden hits you that it's not me. It's not my product. It's not the value we bring to the table. But rather, in this case, it were things that were beyond my control. And actually looking at him from a human perspective, it was stuff that was going to really impact him on a personal level.

So I empathized, I said, Hey, listen, I'm not going to try to push a square peg through a round hole. That's not why I'm calling you. I'm calling you to see if I could help you with any solutions that you were looking to implement or problems specifically, that I know, companies like you are currently experiencing. But if this is the top of mind issue in his world, trying to maintain his career, do you think it's going to be a great opportunity for me to have a conversation with him? Of course not. So what I do, I said, Hey, listen, the very least let's just go ahead and connect on LinkedIn. And if something happens, where you know, things work out, and you're still at this company, to have the conversation, then if not, the very least I can do is I can try to help find you an opportunity in the future for career, places that are hiring places that I've worked with in the past that are looking for new blood, or when he does find a new career path. And he is looking for help. I can be there as the trusted advisor, not as a salesperson, but as the person who was empathetic understanding, and more importantly, different than every other salesperson the call and how the story conclude, about 510 minutes later, I think it was I received a LinkedIn notification. And it was Bill saying thank you for understanding. Looking forward to talking soon. It works, folks. So if you want to learn the secrets, being a successful sales executive, a successful sales pro head over the Brian Nichols show.com Make sure you sign up for our morning sales huddle, you can do it right there on the homepage. Also, if you have not had the chance yet, check out our amazing new program airing here on Saturdays for the podcast version airing live this evening, Thursdays on Facebook as well as YouTube Jeremy Todd is having awesome conversations with sales legends. He started off things with Spike Cohen had make Mike Abram notes back last week, both phenomenal conversations and he's continuing the conversations today with one D. L. Cummings talking all day time preference stuff from an entrepreneurs perspective, being a dad and also using empathy. We've talked about that as your greatest weapon. So with that being said, Folks, please again, make sure you head over to the Facebook page or YouTube catch SEL Liberty live this evening at 8pm Central 9pm. Eastern. And yes, you can of course catch this podcast version of sale liberty, airing on Saturday otherwise, with that being said, Folks, thank you for sitting down with me for today's overview of our morning sales huddles talking about being different and that it's okay to be different. More importantly, you'll actually be more successful when you are different. If you enjoy the episode, please do me a favor. Go ahead and share today's episode with someone who you think could use this message. I would greatly appreciate it and if you want to go ahead and give me a tag. Go ahead and tag me at be Nichols. Liberty coming up tomorrow. Yes, Tim Walker I mentioned he is a sales legend and he is known for the art of asking great questions. He joins the program to discuss all that and more. So that being said, Brian Nichols signing off, you're on The Brian Nichols Show. We'll see you tomorrow.

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