Nov. 4, 2021

371: Civil Disobedience (feat. Fritz from FritzCast)

371: Civil Disobedience (feat. Fritz from FritzCast)

You don't have to be violent to be revolutionary.

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Fritz from Fritz cast joins the program for a special solo short, today talking about Civil Disobedience

"But you don't have to be violent to be revolutionary.

Being revolutionaries, something as simple as businesses in New York, banding together, stating that they will not comply with orders put out by the governor or then or the mayor of New York City.

It could be a business, like In N Out Burger telling San Francisco in California, "We're not your police force and we're not gonna be and you can't stop us"."


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selling is all about really it's we're not selling a product you're not selling a service you're not selling. You're not selling whatever you think you're selling a solution you're selling change Welcome

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Hello, my name is Fritz and Brian asked me to the show. Do a little monologue. And I sat there and I thought for a little bit. What can I talk about? Like what can I really bring out that that hasn't been brought out? You know before or or add some substance to it, you know, not just regurgitate the same old thing. And unfortunately, there's times where that needs to be done. There's there's times where clearly, you need to double down on your message. double down on your message and try to gather as many people to your message as you possibly can. I want to start off with a quote real quick from Edmund Burke, who was an English statesman. He was an Irishman, an English Parliament back during the times of the American Revolution. He was very well known for speaking out against the Crown in Great Britain, its control over the colonies at the time. Edmund Burke is quoted saying when bad men combined the good must associate else they will fall one by one and unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle. Edmund Burke didn't mind being a thorn in the side of the crown and it's quite amazing you can pick up a lot of different Edmund Burke quotes and philosophy it's really an interesting he's really an interesting character to look at. But that quote, when bad men combine the good must associate else we're all going to fall one by one. During these times of COVID, Coronavirus, lockdowns, uncertainty, there's mass uncertainty. Everybody is kind of feeling at the end of their ropes when it comes to government power mandates and other dictates of our daily lives. When it comes to the government, see you can have several different viewpoints on Coronavirus. But you could still be united even with differences of opinion on Coronavirus and COVID and lockdowns and the best way to handle it. Let's face it, does anybody think 9000 workers in New York not complying with a mandate? Does anybody think that that is something that we want to see 9000 New York city workers are on leave as the vaccine mandate takes effect. I know what some people might say. It's just a vaccine going Get it. But there's the larger argument at play here of should the government be able to mandate what you as an individual puts in your body? It's a medical thing, right? We have this argument all the time. Sometimes it's semantics. Sometimes it's in depth, and it's really serious. Now, you can pull up 1000 Other arguments for this, whether it's abortion or any other forms of health care, including people who are lobbying for universal health care. But with 9000 employees on leave as a vaccine mandate takes effect. What about other companies? What about what about In and Out Burger in California and San Francisco In and Out Burger got into a lot of trouble and got shut down because they were not enforcing a vaccination check, if you will, quote, We refused to become the vaccination police for any government and and our chief legal and business officer, Ernie, one singer said, quote, We fiercely disagree with any government dictate that forces a private company to discriminate against customers who choose to patronize their business, and quote, that's ruffling the feathers nowadays. Accompany standing up to the government saying that we're not your police force. We're not going to enact a mandate from you, upon our patrons, or our potential patrons. If you want to do it, come and do it. We're not a wing or an extension of view.

Unknown Speaker  
That's voluntary association. In and Out Burger can clearly state as a business, that they will welcome any and all patrons, they could say that they're going to have mass mandates in their facilities or not, they could say that we want to see vaccination proof or not. And when the company is doing it, when the company is standing up, and saying that against the government, that needs to plant the seeds in people's brains, you see, you can be for getting the vaccine, you could be for expanding the vaccines availability to as many people as possible. But you can also be one who is against the government mandating that somebody take it. I know quite a few people who are vaccinated, thankful to be vaccinated, and never wanted to see a government mandate anybody to take it. So weird thought. But those same individuals can line up with the people who don't want the government to have that mandate in place and who don't want to take the vaccine themselves. What happens if all those people band together and say, We're not going to allow the government in its authority to have such an extent of authority, that it will dictate how we run our lives, run our businesses? That civil disobedience, ladies and gentlemen see, when people think about how do you fight against what seems like tyrannical, overreaching, power grabs by the government? They think, well, I can't vote my way out of this. And guess what, you you really can't vote your way out of this. I know, everybody's on the heels of this big victory in Virginia for for Younkin. But voting your way out of something doesn't necessarily work. And people don't want to go the violence route. People don't want violence. They don't want to have to be in such a corner on such a defense, that they would feel that they had used violence and it's not practical. But you don't have to be violent to be revolutionary. Being revolutionaries, something as simple as businesses in New York, banding together, stating that they will not comply with orders put out by the governor or then or the mayor of New York City. It could be a business like In and Out Burger telling San Francisco in California. We're not your police force and we're not gonna be and you can't stop us. Mind you, they were shut down. When you get into the civil disobedience, you can have a few people stick their neck out. But that's not enough. It has to be a unified front for civil disobedience to work. Sometimes it starts as small as a woman on a bus sitting in the front seat when she is expected and demanded to sit in the back, but doesn't. The woman goes to jail, but people take notice, and other people start stepping up. And soon, soon enough, you have so many people participating in this act for this cause for this righteous cause of standing against something that is wrong. Where you have the strength, because you have so many people uniting together to say no, this is not how this is gonna happen. Anybody can do that right now. Whether you're for whether you whether you've got the vaccine yourself or not, whether you're pro everybody getting the vaccine or not. You can stand next to the person who hasn't got it for whatever reason, whether it's medical, or just personal. Civil disobedience is the key. Civil disobedience. Think about the great quotes of people if a law is unjust a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so. One has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws.

Unknown Speaker  
Even the great Martin Luther King, an individual who breaks a law that conscious tells him is unjust, and who willingly accepts the penalty of imprisonment in order to arouse the conscious of the community over its injustice. is in reality expressing the highest respect for the law. Now, some people might not see lockdowns and mandates, vaccination as overbearing and over authoritarian but many, many people do. Many people think that that shouldn't qualify somebody to live their life. So if you're wondering, where do we go from here? Think we have a good starting point. I'm Fritz. I host Fritz cast. You can catch me on Twitter at Fritz Qs Fritz cast. And if you YouTube me, Fritz cats, you can get my page and all my episodes, solo interviews, memes and other crazy shenanigans. Check it out. And thanks for listening.

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Fritz is a 32 year old, liberty loving podcaster for 5 years. A loving father to an adorable and handful of a 2 year old daughter, husband to an amazing wife for over a decade, and avid nerd.