Dec. 8, 2021

400: Dear Georgia Republicans- "You're Welcome!" -with Shane Hazel (Libertarian Candidate for Governor)

400: Dear Georgia Republicans-

"If I if I'm to blame for that you, as Republicans, get to blame all of this on Democrats? You're welcome."

Is Shane Hazel playing spoiler in Georgia in running as a Libertarian? Or are the Republicans just running terrible candidates that aren't focusing on the issues their voters care about, so they're looking elsewhere?


One Georgian GOP Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene seems to think it's the latter, which is why she shot out a tweet thread raising the alarm on the rise of one Shane Hazel.


So, naturally, I asked Shane to return to the program to address those questions head-on, in another fun-filled episode of The Brian Nichols Show!



Shane Hazel: "...let's just say for the sake of argument, I did cost the Republicans the [Georgia Senate] election, man, you better, as Republicans, you have to be extremely thankful look at what's going on in DC right now.

With the ridiculous amounts of spending with the authoritarian overreach with you know, what was for Pelosi up there with the National Guard guarding Congress. Like, when when you see all of this and you go, man, the Republicans aren't in control right now. They are not in control in the Senate. They're not in control in the House. They're not in control the White House.

Well, you're welcome.

You're welcome.

If I if I'm to blame for that you get as Republicans, you get to blame all of this on Democrats."




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Victor Antonio  
selling is all about really it's we're not selling a product you're not selling a service you're not selling. You're not selling whatever you think you're selling a solution you're selling change Welcome

Brian Nichols  
to The Brian Nichols Show your source for common sense politics on the we are libertarians network as a sales and marketing executive in the greater telecommunications cybersecurity industry, Brian works with C level executives to help them future proof their company's infrastructure for an uncertain future. And in each episode, Brian takes that experience and applies it to the liberty movement. And this is why we talk about being the trusted advisor you should be able to help us that expert guidance and all the opinions that I'm sure that you have and help lead them towards not just a decision but the right decision. Instead of focusing on simply winning arguments or being right. We're teaching the basic fundamentals of sales and their application in the world of politics, showing you how to ask better questions, tell better stories and ultimately change people's minds. And now, your host, Brian Nichols. Well, Happy Wednesday there, folks, Brian Nichols here on The Brian Nichols Show. And thank you for joining us on of course, another fun filled episode. I am as always your humble host, and today we have a returning guest. And it's been far too long to have him on the show. And it's my fault because my schedule been crazy. And I'm so excited to have on the show because well as I discussed in the intro with him. He has recently been brought up into the topic of conversation in modern News Discussion specifically focused on one georgia gov race because one Marjorie Taylor green brought him up in the tweet thread as the libertarian alternative Shane Hazel returns to the program, discussing why Yeah, he got 115,000 votes and he ran back in that special election as the US Senate Libertarian candidate and why the Republican candidates are just so gosh darn frayed of one Shane Hazel. So with that being said, a great conversation here on today's episode. So onto the show Shane Hazel here on The Brian Nichols Show.

Shane Hazel  
What's happenin, brother? I am tickled to be here. Do you know I think you were the first podcast I ever gotten in but come to you. No kidding. Get your intros like, man, look at this intro. It's badass these days. Like, yeah, it's incredible to see like, just the evolution, the friendship and all this man, I'm humbled to death to be back with you.

Brian Nichols  
And honestly, the feeling is like why Shane, you you've been fighting the good fight, and I'm so honored. And I sometimes take a step back, and I'll know I'll be getting ready to wind down at the end of the night. And I'll just be kind of thinking through things. And I just smile and be like, You know what, got some really good buddies here that I've established in this, you know, this, this greater Liberty world. And you asked me 510 years ago, you know, where do you see yourself in five to 10 years, I never thought it would be in this world. But I am so thankful that I found myself not only with this group of people, but the fact that we're not only sharing these ideas that we've all kind of stumbled upon. But now we're making a difference. We're having the chance to reach new people, people who are asking questions, they're excited about it. I don't know. I've seen people like almost that kind of magic Christmas morning feeling when like you see the presents under the tree when they discover this new idea. And I think COVID Despite all the negatives that's come with it, as given a lot of people the opportunity to start looking for other options. And Shane, let's address the elephant in the room. I had just scheduled for the show in advance here for a couple of weeks now. And all sudden, you get brought up into the news cycle by one Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor green, talking about you're running for governor in Georgia in 2022. And she mentioned that you're running back in the US Senate campaign where we had that special election that took place where Come on man, you got over 100,000 votes and you split the vote in the Democratic ended up winning. Shane, you took those votes from the Republican Party if only that silly libertarian hadn't been there. So let's start off here. Number one, Shane, what's going on? You're running for governor, are you looking to just go ahead and get those Democrats into office? Or is it something else?

Shane Hazel  
Yeah, I'm not into siphoning votes, man. It's a it's really just all about what I preach on radical, it's peace and liberty and consent and free market. So the idea that I'm a plant or I'm siphoning votes, or any of that kind of stuff, it's just it's so silly man. And, and, you know, there were 1000s of hours of content out there, you know, mercury, Taylor greens. You know, tweet, I don't know, tweet thread. It was like Christmas morning, man, you wake up and you're like, I got one of the most hyperbolic, you know, Congresswoman who can't say anything without being politicized. Coming up with a thread tweet mentioning, you know, yours truly is like, well, let's have fun. And to be fair, you know, I'm not gonna I won't go too far. But to be fair, I think she was writing a lot of it.

Brian Nichols  
Thinking that, so she's writing to a lot of it, because when I'm looking at it, she was right, in that. Then I thought she was right, in that. She said, Hey, voters, they're out there. They're paying attention. And they're tired of the same platitudes. They're tired of the same empty promises. They're looking for people who are out there actually willing to stand up on issues that they care about, and in speak truth. And you got over 100,000 votes in that US Senate campaign, you raised up a lot of concerns that weren't being met by the establishment GOP. And I think it was it was Purdue that you you were facing off there. And that that now, right, is

Shane Hazel  
that? Yeah, Purdue it is off, man. And the greatest part about the entire thing was, you know, to garnish 115,000 votes, you know, about two and a half percent of the the total vote count. I didn't spend a dime, I didn't knock on a door. I didn't attend, you know, any, you know, real events. You know, like, it's not like you, you know, when you're running for office in a statewide like, especially as a libertarian, when we're in a weird season of this country in terms of lock downs, and people are scared out of their minds to come in content, like it was just podcasting. It was doing lives on Facebook and Twitter and the rest of that kind of stuff. And so, I what's happening right now is the Republicans have already started to concede that they're going to lose Georgia for the governorship because they've got such crappy candidates that won't come to the table that won't engage libertarians that won't go after the independence. And, you know, for Purdue, you know, to have the chance to come on to my show for an hour after coaching him and telling him Hey, man, I got a laundry list for you. What do you think about you know, a through z in terms of taking this and presenting it to know the people who voted for me to see if you can't win this election? Funny thing happens when you send Rand Paul into the lion's den and only thing Rand Paul can talk about on my show for David Perdue is Rand Paul and how David Perdue actually just kind of sucks. And Republicans Democrats are kind of the same. It was really a tough moment, you know, even as a rabid fan, it was just kind of like this, oh, this this is terrible image, you know, for for the Republicans in the Senate in GOP in general. And that's when you know, produce all the the whole thing go down the sacrificial lamb from Rand Paul being slaughtered on my show, you know, and not not viciously just, you know, with with actual real questions from somebody that's not paid media. So, it was I mean, it was one of those that he voted for David Perdue in the runoff election then voted for him in the general election and you're just sitting there like well, Did I did I inspire people not to vote for him? Because I don't know and that that's not my thing either. Like I'm not telling you don't vote for him I'm saying that maybe vote on principle and maybe that's resonating as well which you know for us great good i I'm not here like I'm not here to play in their system I'm here to destroy their damn system and and that's the thing is like, Oh, we can rebuild the constitutional republic No, you can't it's never gonna happen. We're gonna balkanize some way or another we have to balkanize some way or another and you know, the idea that we're going to be the same after we're done in terms of system why would you want that why would you want this ridiculous you know, no centralized planning murder cult type of system in charge of your lives through quote unquote a democratic system like, can we just use a voluntary system is 21 attacks I

Brian Nichols  
wrote, I wrote down the word expose you you exposed both the they establish watchman GOP but also exposes the and this is the other side, right we had to kind of reframe the the way we look at this, sometimes it's also exposing the left, because now you have people like off out there. Now you have the radicals out there like Stacey Abrams, who they are running hyper progressive to the left, and your average Democrat has been kowtowing to that hyper progressive base. And now when you're there as the true foil, where you have the squishy Republican, they're not able to differentiate enough. And when we're talking about that in sales, and this is something by the way, folks, I'm super excited about we're going to be doing more as we go into 2022 is taking the things we talk about from the sales and marketing perspectives, and really bring in you know, guests like Shane here to show how to do this stuff in actual political applications. So in this case, Shane, you differentiate yourself, you were the the Liberty based alternative and not just an alternative, right, your solutions were better than both solutions being presented to the voters from the Democrats and the Republicans. And right there, the 115,000 voters that you got, they are the part of the market that is paying attention. And I think there's more of those voters who are in that marketplace that we can start to appeal to, but they haven't been able to enter into the marketplace because they haven't seen a genuine product that they feel comfortable putting their vote behind. And now it's starting to show when you have these squishy Republicans and these hyper progressive Democrats that if they're just going to be running us off a cliff, and one just happens to have the pedal to the metal in the other one's going 25 miles an hour. I'm sorry, we are looking for a true alternative. I think it was Carla Howell I had in the show. And she mentioned this about resetting narratives, you know, it shouldn't be, hey, we're going to cut the budget back instead of it's going to be 5% growth, it's going to be you know, 3% growth, which that would just be imaginary numbers. And in our wonderful world, if we could rewind back to that, but no, rather we should be saying no, we're gonna cut $2 trillion from the budget this year entirely across the board, actually, you know, what we're going to go ahead and repeal is many different agencies that we possibly can get rid of the DEA get rid of the the Department of Defense or the Fed, get rid of the FBI, get rid of the FDA just go down the list, and we would have some fun doing that and reestablishing narratives, you've done that. And that's why you are a threat. That's why that you have a sitting Congresswoman going out of her way to not only address the elephant in the room that there is a Libertarian candidate in Georgia who has been causing a ruckus. But the reason being is that you're actually offering a real substantial alternative.

Shane Hazel  
Couldn't have said it better myself, man. I don't maybe there's not even much left to say, I will say this, though, you know, as you're saying all this, you know, and taking a you know, a lot of heat from you know, everybody that doesn't really understand voting and politics and those types of things. In Georgia, there's a runoff system, you got to get 50% of the vote plus one vote to not go to a runoff system. And then obviously, I'm not in it. So, you know, if I let's just say for the sake of argument, I did cost the Republicans the election, man, you better as Republicans, you have to be extremely thankful look at what's going on in DC right now, with the ridiculous amounts of spending with the authoritarian overreach with you know, what was for Pelosi up there with the National Guard guarding Congress. Like, when when you see all of this and you go, man, the Republicans aren't in control right now. They are not in control in the Senate. They're not in control in the house. They're not control the White House. Well, you're welcome. You're welcome. If I if I'm to blame for that you get as Republicans, you get to blame all of this on Democrats. They're not going to do it. But yeah, I mean, in terms of differentiating yourself, in this space is, you know, I get into a lot of, you know, kind of save Liberty battles with guys or like Mises GOP or Liberty GOP guys, and like, I'm all for them, and what they're doing, they they can't stand that I'm, you know, doing what I'm doing. And that's okay. Like you, I think, if you want to be in this liberty space, and you're looking to the future in getting rid of the old systems in the in the past, and the bureaucracy, and the force and coercion, and the centralized banks and things like that, like, you've got to be bold, and you've got to be able to take the hate and you've got to sit there and say, Listen, I'm not going to bend like this is not for sale, this is going to be principal, all the way. I mean, for me, it's peace, liberty and consent, right likes peace, liberty, consent, if I if I am away from that, then I'm off principle. And if I'm off principle, then I lose the trust of my base and I I'll tell you what man it like to be where we are now in Georgia with you know type of optics coming in already where they think they can win because of people like me didn't good right like good we have done our job in pushing Liberty into at least the back of their subconscious right like they are scared to death and they're freaking out right now and it's not because of Stacey Abrams. It's because their power it will it will never return as long as somebody like myself or you know anywhere else for that matter is is in the position that we are that they have to come to the table like they're never going to be in power again.

Brian Nichols  
Now you ran Shane is a big L libertarian right now I firmly believe it's it's indicative on us as an AI I've considered myself I'd say for the past years so like political party, kind of agnostic, I definitely support our big L libertarian candidates at the same point in time. I believe that we also need to have our Thomas Massey's in the world who are going to go out there and fight the good fight, unfortunately, with the are next to their name, but at the same point in time, and is where I wanted to be go ahead and steal man, the best way I can I want to hear your response is to say, well look at what happened over the past two years. Shane, you look at an maybe it's the difference between you running for office in the US Senate, where it's a federal office and now for Governor right. And let's let's look towards 2022. So you're running for governor, as a libertarian, we just saw the state just literally to the south of you, with one Governor Ron DeSantis, who he wasn't really a, you know, a rock rib Liberty Republican when he was a GOP rep in Congress. But then you fast forward to this era of COVID. He has been easily one of the best governors on the COVID issue across the United States from the onset and part of me and then you know, now removing myself into steel man, I have to say I am empathetic to the position because I'm coming from a pure and a blue state and I see family and friends living in hyper hyper blue states in just how important it is to have the the the ability to stand back against the duopoly but in a meaningful way, when like one of those members is going to take over and really use the state in a negative way, which we've seen happen in states like New York, like New Jersey, especially like Michigan, like Pennsylvania. So let me ask you this shame. The steal man doesn't make sense, though, from a state level, to at least have some safeguards in the GOP against what we've seen take place in this hyper hyper hyper progressive blue states, where the COVID regime has taken such authoritarian power already.

Shane Hazel  
I think, you know, like, I'm all like the Rams the Massey's the bigs, you know, and I'd be remiss if I didn't say Mike Lee, you know, some of those guys have done, you know, just what they're supposed to do, right. Like, you know, they're like, it's not a high bar to be the best in Congress right now. So, with that being said, like, I'm all like, if you got GOP ears out there that are doing these type of things, you know, at state local levels, good. This, like, make allies find common ground. And I mean, it's, it's not hard. And here's the thing that I will say is like, I think this is the you know, this is really what the libertarian moment needs to understand the the movement and the moment is that when we are successful as Big L libertarians, we're not looking for power, we're not looking looking for a place in the structure with this bureaucracy, we're not looking for that what we're looking at is a collapsing Empire because of non saleable money. Because it's not hard. It's it's definitely immutable. And it's, it's beyond it's, I mean, it's, it's ridiculous, you know, what it's become because of these things, now, with what we're seeing in these hyper blue states, and in in America is a movement both on the Republican side and the Democrat side, and obviously, on our side, towards balkanization and secession and within those hyper blue states, like California, you've already started to see that the people that are not in the cities are saying, we don't need these guys, we're gonna do different things, places like Oregon, Washington, on the eastern side of the state, there's like, man, we're done. Like we are looking for possible ways out of this, not only through, you know, legislation, but through resolution and saying that our county, our cities are not going to be part of this kind of thing anymore. And what that is, is taking a step back and saying, Wow, because these guys have gotten so tyrannical in this time. It's such a shame order because of a collapsing fiat currency, they have slipped, they've pushed too far too fast. And there are people that are literally drawing lines in the sand and say, You better not cross this man, because this is it, we got a gang full of people out here, we'll deputize them. And we will make sure that if you are, if you're out here to take our life, liberty and property as a community, whatever that community is, you're going to be met with deadly force. And I think that is such a beautiful return to what, you know, we thought in what we were always taught America was from the very beginning is like, Listen, you can stand up to the most gigantic, tyrannical empire that has ever existed with you and your local, you know, friends and family and community and fight off, you know, tyranny and do something new, do something exciting, because let's face it, you know that the framers didn't get it? All right, they got it a lot more right than the guys that centralized it under the Constitution. But they didn't get it. All right, they messed up in some big ways. Now, what we're talking about is no kidding, a volunteer type society with a new currency and an absolute opportunity to usher the human species into a new understanding a new paradigm, where we've never been before. I think it's an amazing time, if you actually just kind of take a step back and look at it for what it is.

Brian Nichols  
No, no, it absolutely is. Shane, it I think, you know, part of what you've just helped outline is it shows we have a very touchy subject, right? You talk about the balkanization like, this is a subject for your average person. They're like, Oh, it's like a duck. It makes me uncomfortable. Right? And it makes people weary. But at the same point in time, what you've done is you've helped you've helped show what would happen in the next step. And we talked about this in the sales process as well, right? Where you have an it's funny things, timing, my episode, or my morning sales letter, rather than aired this morning. In my inbox for the the subscribers there have earned our morning sales on email, it was about the issue where people have buyer's remorse and the idea of if you're the sales guy, right, being able to help them see, Hey, you made this big decision, right? Here's, here's what's next. Here's what to expect next. And here's other people like you, who also had these same concerns. And here's what they ended up doing. And here's where they ended up. And you've painted the picture to show Listen, it's not going to be this big, scary thing. But rather, it's actually going to give you the chance to live more likely a lifestyle you want to live, you're not going to be forced to live under the you know, 50 plus 1% of a, you know, quote unquote, democracy. As we've been taught in our government schools, that is a good thing. No, but the contrary, we're starting to see that's not a good thing. We shouldn't have a situation where everybody is constantly looking at an election every two, four years. And everybody gets super angry at each other because now one side is going to use the political football and you crush the other side. It's it's annoying. It's it's disgusting. And I think it was Dave Smith, who put it best he was talking about, you know, do you really want it is oh, you know, it was his breakdown with Hasan pikers, your discussion about bringing communism to the workplace, right? And he said, Do you really want to bring politics to the workplace, because that's what it would be. You're bringing politics to the workplace. And in him saying that, it really shows people don't like politics, which is why I think we have to stop talking like politicians like Politico's, and instead chain just start talking like people, because that's who we have to talk to is your average person, the Politico's are more likely than not already on one side, or the other. And this is where the old GOP or sorry, the old GPO GOP, the old LP, on that I think is on its way out, has been playing the game. So wrong, they they've, they thought for the longest time that if you were to be friends with these Politico's and you're able to have the opportunity to you know, pick their brains or you know, then give some influence. And while you're at it, you can also go ahead and maybe get some publications of yours put in their, their their articles and such. They don't care. They really don't you you have been in their eyes, just a useful idiot along the way to serve as the foil versus a true alternative. And this is where, you know, when I first came to the liberty movement, I was a little naive, I heard people say, you know, I left the LP, I don't want to be part of the LP and I'd be like, Why like I you know, I think it's a great alternative. It's a you know, the biggest third party it speaks about libertarian ideas, the ideas of not hurting others not taking their stuff, What's there not to like about that? And then I saw like, what the internal LP politics was in where their vision was in not just the goal. But the intent, the intent behind those goals. And that's where I said, Come on, really. And then I kind of I get it I saw, you know, the the man behind the curtain was like, oh, man, the LP is full of just you know, people who really don't care too much about the big picture and they are more focused on playing this, you know, this clubhouse game, which I just am so tired of playing Shane, which is why thankfully, and I know we're going towards the tail of the conversation here. But that's why it's it's we're appreciative to have you but also refreshing to have you as somebody who is leading the charge. So as we, as I mentioned, you have an election coming up here. It's not even a year away now at this point, which is just wild to think about 2022. You are running as a libertarian in Georgia against now David Perdue, he said he's running for governor, is that correct? Or no?

Shane Hazel  
Yeah, David Perdue just got into the race seriously. So I think your throat I think they're trying to honestly throw it to Stacey Abrams at this point is like, let's create as much distrust and confusion and heartache for the GOP. And maybe they'll just stay home because they're so sick of this nonsense. And meanwhile, Stacey is unopposed.

Brian Nichols  
Well, that's fun. So yeah, we have, we have some interesting things to look forward to in Georgia in 2022. So with that being said, Shane, obviously, we want people to be able to not only continue the conversation, but also go ahead and give you some love and support in all your endeavors here in Georgia. So we're gonna go ahead and do that

Shane Hazel  
radical Brother, they can find anything and everything. There's the governor page. So there's the healios project, and I will be starting a new project on post traumatic stress. It's called the brave mission. And I'm going to take a bunch of vets and do a whole bunch in terms of helping them recover through psychedelics, and I think it's going to be an absolutely amazing cultural shift up here in Appalachian Stan, so Brian, I want to thank you again, man. It's it's always good to hang out with you always good to talk with you. And I don't mean just honored to be friends with you and have you in this space with us.

Brian Nichols  
Absolutely. Shane. Hey, at the end of the day, my I tell us my sales team. Yeah, find your why. Right. And as I sit back, what's my why my why has always been? Oh, no, no, it's not it hasn't always been it has really been reaffirmed over the past. I'd say two, three years, especially over the past year and a half, as we've refocused here at the show, is to help the greater Liberty world be able to bring these ideas and not only sell them to more people, but make it just the obvious this makes sense. Next step, and I think we're having some success. I'm feeling good knowing that the conversations have been changing, and has been changing, because we have people like you who have been leading the charge. So that being said, Shane, thank you for all you do and thank you for the kind words, what we'll do is make sure we'll make it as easy as possible for folks to go ahead and find you support your campaign. But also Yes, go ahead and subscribe to the amazing podcast the radical podcast which I cannot recommend enough folks, I subscribe and I listened to every single episode I cannot recommend enough. So with that being said, Go ahead, click the artwork in your podcast catcher. It'll bring you to today's episode where you can go ahead Yes, get all the machines social media links, but also the entire transcript of today's episode plus, yes, elephant in the room, Episode 400 plus all other 399 episodes of The Brian Nichols Show. Oh, and by the way, all the other bonus episodes with that being said as well, Shane Hazel, thank you so much, my friend for joining us on today's episode of The Brian Nichols Show. 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