Dec. 10, 2021

401: The Problem with The Republican Party (Cody's Concerns feat. Kenny Cody)

401: The Problem with The Republican Party (Cody's Concerns feat. Kenny Cody)

"The establishment controls, everything is a monolithic party. That's what we have to target. And it isn't through progressive candidates. It isn't through establishment politicians. Is it through squishes like Dan Crenshaw."

Kenny Cody: "The establishment controls, everything is a monolithic party. That's what we have to target. And it isn't through progressive candidates. It isn't through establishment politicians. Is it through squishes like Dan Crenshaw."


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Brian Nichols  
you're selling change Welcome to The Brian Nichols Show your source for common sense politics on the we are libertarians network as a sales and marketing executive in the greater telecommunications cybersecurity industry. Brian works with C level executives to help them future proof their company's infrastructure for an uncertain future. And in each episode, Brian takes that experience and applies it to the liberty movement. And this is why we talk about being the trusted advisor you should be able to help us that expert guidance and all the opinions that I'm sure that you have and help lead them towards not just a decision but the right decision. Instead of focusing on simply winning arguments or being right. We're teaching the basic fundamentals of sales and their application in the world of politics, showing you how to ask better questions, tell better stories and ultimately change people's minds. And now your host, Brian Nichols.

Kenny Cody  
Hello, Brian Nichols shows listeners is Kenny Cody here in this week with Cody's concerns. Today, I want to talk about a tweet that I had last week and not because this whole episode is going to be bad tweet but more about the topic of the tweet. The Republican Party sucks. I think we all know this in our hearts, as conservatives and even as a true conservative myself as a GOP card holding member. I'm a county chair. I've never voted for another party of a Republican. I never will vote enough for another party by Republican route. Now the Republican Party is at a crossroads. And I know we've had this conversation a million times are we going neoconservative or going libertarian? Are we going establishment? Are we going anti establishment. But today, we need to talk about winning and losing, doing what we need to do and holding up on promises as elected officials or for our elected officials. or book a party that needs a deep reflection in the way that they have lied to the American people oftentimes, it has been proven they can win elections, and they can win over the electorate. But the problem is, is what do they do when they get there? And this is a question from a lot of third party candidates and a lot of libertarian party members. Conservatives talk all the time about fiscal responsibility. Upholding western values upholding Judeo Christian values. But when it comes to passing actual policy, or supporting candidates that actually uphold these issues, they're very feeble. There are far more moderates in the Republican Party than there are the Democratic Party. You hear a lot more Republicans that falter on very close votes, because they want to either appease their states, or they want to appease their colleagues or they just want to do enough to stay in office. And that's the problem that I'm mainly talking about. For some reason, Republicans are always more than are allowed upon an exception of maybe a few senators like Joe Manchin and Kirsten cinema that are feeble, people like Chuck Grassley, Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, these moderate Republicans oftentimes are the reasons that for some reason, there are a lot of pawn as swing votes. And why is that? Why is that we have doubled the Republicans almost 15 in the Senate, and 10s upon 10s in the house, that uphold policies, such as the Endless Frontier act that help hold policies such as Dan Crenshaw voting for a vaccine database, upholding others Federal Government was the Republican Party, the only party in which there are moderates that are a lot of pawn for the opposition's policies. It doesn't make any sense. It never has made any sense. And that is because there is a part in wing of the Republican Party. And there is a part, nearly all the Democratic Party that is beholden to the establishment. And I know the establishment has been used as a sort of a populist term over the last. I mean, I'll say four to five years as this collection of people in DC or these collection people in Congress and his collection of people in, let's say, the federal government, the State Department, the Defense Department, that all are not beholden to a party. They're not beholden to values. They're not beholden to anyone besides each other, besides their own interests. There's a reason that Mitch McConnell propped up Donald Trump and embraced him and then got his wife a cabinet position, and then abandoned the President as soon as he could, as soon as his wife resigned. There's plenty of reasons why Mitt Romney moved to Utah

and ran under that monolithic Mormon vote in Utah for Massachusetts, because he knows he elected and still be the moderate squish that he has ended up being in the Senate. There's losing the Dan Crenshaw ran a Liberty Center campaign has turned out to be one of the most establishment neoconservative Republicans or politicians might have you in the entire country. This is a problem that we have got to solve. This isn't even about ideology. This is about being true to what we campaign on the main true to what we promise the American electorate as Republicans, we try and to embolden fiscal conservatism and upholding the Judeo Christian values, fighting back against progressivism fighting back against social progressivism being infiltrated into the American public by a embolden in strengthened federal government, or embolden or in strengthen local and state governments. We are supposed to stand up against that. But tonic time again, it's always relied upon the squish moderates in the Senate, or in the house or in your own state legislators that just go and I can't vote for this, I'm going to have to do my buddy a favor. I'm doing lobbyist a favor, I have to do my stock market investment holders a favor. And this isn't necessarily applicable to people even like Susan Collins, who is in a blue state and oftentimes has to vote and maybe why she doesn't agree with because of where she's running at. Okay. Knowing where purism can be applied is a very centric value and a very centric strategy. I'm not necessarily talking about those people. But people like Dan Crenshaw, people like Chuck Grassley, Mitch McConnell, from red areas that can afford to vote on the same record as Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Ron Johnson and others. These politicians, these Republicans can afford to vote in a way that is upholding of Republican value systems. But they don't. And we're the only party that lets that happen. There was a Congressman from Texas who was was pro choice on abortion. And as soon as Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and several other members of the squad, as much as I hate to call them, Matt. As soon as they found out that he was pro choice, they funded a primary against him for one centric issue, one house member at a 435 to hold the held a position that was different from the Democratic Party. They found a way to primary him and get him out as soon as possible. Because they could afford it. Why are we not upholding what we campaigned on? Why are we letting our value systems get trampled on by the people who have an R next to their name? And I hear all the time. We need a big tent party. You're absolutely right. We need a big tent party. That tent should not include people who have an R beside their name, just because they have to have one. I have many campaigns that I've worked that I've worked on that I've supported. That may we do need moderates in certain districts where if we don't run a moderate, then we will have a progressive Democrat I'll give you that. Yes, maybe we do need moderates in those areas, but where we can afford it, and House districts that we can afford it, and state legislators, so districts that we can afford it in Senate seats, that we can afford it, why are we caving? Why do we continue to cave? It doesn't make sense and never will. To me. Every time I look, I'll look at a Democrat bill has been passed during the mountain ministration. I always look at the hours in the DS. And there's never any days they have to worry about besides two, and we have nearly 17 that we have to worry about. We can always rely, even if we throw Romney Murkowski, Collins and others out the window of the moderates, the more than likely may vote for a democratic spending bill. We still have to worry about others. We have to worry about corner. We have to worry about Grassley, we have to worry about our own Majority Leader voting with the Democrats to pass a spending bill because it has been interpreted that Mitch McConnell and his posse are some sort of political masterminds that they're doing for the greater good that they have some strategy in the row. But we never really see that strategy come to fruition besides in judicial nominations, which I do give Mitch McConnell credit for.

But when it comes to bills that they want to kill, or it comes to a legislative action they want to kill, it's always about the future. It's always about years down the road. Wasn't the last time that Mitch McConnell did anything besides confirm Supreme Court Justice that benefited you? That upheld Republican value systems? At least during the administration, that's not happened. I'm thankful that we vote on joint resolution last night. Suppose about Tennessee Senator Bill Haggerty that disapproved of vaccine mandates or the OSHA mandate. Glad about the before too often, it seems like we are the ones that always have to be the moderates. And it's never the Democrats. It was never the Democrats under Trump. The only thing that the Democrats ever voted for that was pro Trump was probably anti war policy, maybe in the house and maybe in the Senate, as well. They ever caved on that it cave on his nominations to this cabinet. They didn't cave on judicial nominations such as Brett Kavanaugh, and me county Barrett or Neil Gorsuch. They didn't cave. Why we lose. And why we are struggling right now is not because of ideology. We went on ideology, ideology, purely. People trust Republicans with their money if they trust bankers, we are entrusted with money when the economy fails, Republicans win. But we never do anything with it. We never get in power as a power with a very quick a lot of quotation marks around it because I don't want to use federal government power. But when we get elected as the majority in the House and the majority in the Senate, what have we got done. We couldn't even repeal Obamacare when Trump got elected, and we had Paul Ryan and we had Mitch McConnell as the leaders of those two parties. Because of a squish lot, John McCain. We still couldn't get anything done. We couldn't get the one thing that Republicans campaigned on for eight years. First propping up how dangerous Obamacare would be until got passed, and then talking about how dangerous it was. And we still couldn't get that repealed because of squishes like Mitch McConnell and I squished like John McCain and others and the failed leadership of moderates the head the party like Mitch McConnell. When are we going to sit back and finally realize that we've got to start electing small government? liberty loving, freedom loving, strong Republicans quit electing political masterminds quit electing politicians or Republicans that know the name of the game. Stop. They've never done anything for you. The most a lot of them ever done. Is confirmed judges the happens anyway. We need a long look in the mirror of who we're nominating. We need a long look in the mirror about who our Republicans are, and the federal government. People like John Bolton are still getting national security jobs under a president who has been adamantly anti war. You know how far of a rage to the federal government are I I'm sorry, we're establishment Republicans have within the federal government and establishment period as the federal government. The establishment is a political party and of its own. The establishment controls, everything is a monolithic party. That's what we have to target. And it isn't through progressive candidates. It isn't through establishment politicians. Is it through squishes like Dan Crenshaw, who had rather trashed Thomas Massie, because he doesn't love war as much as Crenshaw does, and other Freedom Caucus members in the House who prop up it would rather defend Adam Kinzinger than a Freedom Caucus member. These are the Republicans that we need to primary and we need to get out period, the end. Somebody who campaigns and lies these are the people we need to target. Know who we can target as well. If there's moderate districts that are bottom plus, Tim, but there can be Republican there because they vote decent every now and then the Democrats, fine leave them.

But can we please avoid electing Republicans that are in our plus 10 r plus 15 Or even r plus eight districts to go to DC and vote like a Democrat or cave to Democrats? More often than not. I've always despised the sense of purism and a lot of different ways I'm sure libertarians have her that they are purists and they're not nobody's good enough for them, oftentimes, but I become more purist in my old young age of 25. Let's start by acknowledging the establishment has a hold on Washington and electing people who are going to increase its influence while the establishment still has control of it. Let's reload Republicans who are Republicans not moderate establishment Republicans who are going to cave to Democrats every single time. This has been Cody's concerns, and I will talk to you soon.

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