Jan. 25, 2022

433: A Radicalized Generation -with Angelo Veltri

433: A Radicalized Generation -with Angelo Veltri

Why has Gen Z gotten more radical than generations past?

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Why has Gen Z gotten more radical than generations past?


Oh, you didn't realize Gen Z has gotten more radical? Yeah, neither did I!


Today's guest is Angelo Veltri, Gen Z'er and host of the Liberty Hour Podcast, who joins the program to explain how today's youngest generation is quickly turning into one of the most radicalized.


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Angelo VeltriProfile Photo

Angelo Veltri

Liberty Activist

Former Republican, switched to Libertarian in 2020. I'm 21 years old currently living on Long Island. I work for the Suffolk County LP doing social media and community/youth outreach and I'm also on the LPNY State Committee. Started my YouTube channel back in November 2020 after the election, but have been involved in the political arena for years now since I was 15/16.