Feb. 8, 2022

439: Meet Libertarian Party Chair Candidate Tony D'Orazio!

439: Meet Libertarian Party Chair Candidate Tony D'Orazio!

How would the LP look under Tony D'Orazio as chair?

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With the 2022 Libertarian Party National Convention just a few short months away, the race to become chair of the Libertarian Party is heating up!


Past guest and current chair of the LP of Los Angeles, Angela McArdle, is one nominee seeking the nomination...


The other is today's guest - Tony D'Orazio!


Tony is currently the first Vice-Chair of the Libertarian Party of New York and had previously served as Chair of the state party and an At-Large Committee Member before that. He also has been active at the county level – serving as vice-chair of the Monroe County Libertarian Party for three years.


Today, Tony joins the program to outline his vision for the Libertarian Party, who our target market is, what the top issues if the day are (and what our messaging should be), and how LP National did on addressing the government lockdowns.


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Tony D'OrazioProfile Photo

Tony D'Orazio

Candidate for LNC Chair

Tony is a current candidate for LNC Chair. He is the former chair of the Libertarian Party of New York, and current LPNY First Vice Chair. He's been a Libertarian for more than 25 years and active in leadership for the past six years.