May 19, 2022

506: Hunny, Where's All The Baby Formula? (w/ Kenny Cody)

Where's all the baby formula!? Store shelves are empty, and the Biden Administration was caught seemingly off-guard by the nationwide baby formula shortage.

Ask any parent with a newborn, and the fear is real...


Where's all the baby formula!? Store shelves are empty, and the Biden Administration was caught seemingly off-guard by the nationwide baby formula shortage. 


Kenny Cody returns to help explain how we got here.


Also discussed: the GOP primary in Pennsylvania is SO CLOSE between Dr. Oz and McCormick! What happens next!?


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Brian Nichols  0:05  
The focusing on win arguments. We're teaching the basic fundamentals of sales and marketing and how we can use them to win in the world of politics teaching you how to meet people where they're at on the issues they care about. Welcome to The Brian Nichols Show. Happy birthday there, folks. Brian Nichols here on The Brian Nichols Show. Primary baby formula shortages. Oh my Yes, it's all that and more on today's episode of The Brian Nichols Show. But first, I want to give a shout out to today's awesome episode sponsor and that is the expat money Summit. 2022 sponsored by yes the one the only mackell for it from the expat money show, head over to the Brian Nichols forward slash expat where you can grab your free tickets for this virtual summit that will take place November 7 through November 11. Five days 30 expert speakers, join us at Brian Nichols Forward slash expat folks. Yes, I mentioned it there at the intro. Got a lot on the plate today and I can't bring it down myself returning to the program. He tends to have some concerns and I'm sure he's going to share them with us today. A regular on Cody's concerns. Kenny Cody, welcome back to The Brian Nichols Show. Hey, Brian, how are you? Brother? Doing good, my friend. How are you?

Kenny Cody  1:20  
I'm doing great. I'm doing great. We're wrapping up the school year. Tomorrow's the last day of school and then we're gonna be out for the summer and I'm sure all the kids are glad but the teachers were also glad to so

Brian Nichols  1:28  
I was gonna say I'm sure the teachers are quite as glad just as much as the kids are if anything

Kenny Cody  1:32  
100% aligned on the on the and vacation break.

Brian Nichols  1:36  
Well, hey, let's let's dig right into the thick of things folks are familiar with you're in the you in the audience. If not, folks, please go check out Kenny on the the program. We've had him here many times. So all you can do is click your artwork and your podcast catcher. If you're listening to the audio version, it'll bring you right to today's episode, you can go ahead and find all other episodes that Kenny has been on as user profile there as a speaker, a guest on our show. So yeah, with that being said that we have a couple of big topics to dig into. And one of them is kind of a recurring conversation from our last time you were on the show. We were talking about the rise of a conservative was a conservative helped me the word. Celebrity conservatism is out. Thank you. Yeah, I was I was like, I know its popularity or something like that. Yeah, celebrity conservatism. And we talked about Herschel Walker, and then also, Dr. Mehmet Oz who was running for US Senate in Pennsylvania. Well, we just had our primary here back on Tuesday. And Kenny, not only is a very hotly contested primary last I saw there within a couple of 1000 votes of each other met ons and then the runner who is facing against is a McCormack I forget his first name. Help me out there, David. David Cormac, yes. Thank you. No, Wall Street CEO. They are so talk to us what's going on up in Pennsylvania with this GOP primary

Kenny Cody  2:54  
race, one of the closest Senate races that I've ever seen, it's actually quite fascinating. So methanol is I think, is a head by around 1200 70 votes somewhere around there. And a think seven person primary so he's about point 1% of the votes this is pretty much gonna go to a recount because they you know, Pennsylvania has a law that any any election that is point five percentage points or under has to go through a retail. So we're gonna see a recap from this, of course, there's only 1% of the vote remaining. I think it's around 17,000 ballots. And of course, these are the mail in ballots so controversial over the last few years. But really interesting. I think that a lot of people put a lot of stock in the people like Kathy Barnett, who is going to end up in a solid third place. Excellent. Third place from both Formic people on Twitter and a lot of people have Democratic campaign themselves. Both fail. And and of course, I've talked about it before, you know, I'm not really a huge fan of McCormick. I think McCormick is a neocon. He is support Bob nominee, he's said he would support pro China trade policy. This law thinks that a lot of conservatives, a lot of conservative libertarians, disagree with you know, I said almost a month ago, when I think somebody that's very Trump, lads, think blank slate, he is a ram recenter an American first campaigns in our country. Cinema, Congress has your back and people are working for his campaign. You'll be as good of a senator as Pennsylvania winning state who's some company pulls us out here likes tea will like probably won't. The actual results of the election predictions like that for the week, and we will know the actual results probably three Canada's done. But I'm hoping all a victory for you to think Awesome.

Brian Nichols  4:55  
All right, well, it can't be by the way. We're a little bit of mic issues there. So maybe just pull your camera A little bit closer just to be safe. But no 100% right now in terms of where this campaign is, it's, it's very close. It's very difficult to see where it's going to be headed. And, you know, I know Trump has already you I think you're mentioned in the mail in ballots, right? If Trump's already toe to toe in a little bit thing, you know, fake news that ballots are rigged, which I mean, you look at what's happening in PA it is interesting, the conversation because if you go to the gubernatorial side, Master Reno, it looks like he's gonna be the GOP candidate. And he's basically, from what I've seen, he said he will not approve any Democratic electors for the 2024 presidential nominee. election if he is, in fact elected governor, because he firmly believes that the mail in ballots that was pushed in through the past election here during COVID, that that was completely unconstitutional. So it's gonna set up a very interesting situation there where you're gonna have a lot of a lot of schism taking place in the Keystone State Kenny. Yeah,

Kenny Cody  5:58  
I mean, I think that mas masyado is probably a little bit of a little bit of a more of a rock candidate than oz. McCormick would be probably in Pennsylvania seen in a long time. You know, Lou, Beretta was more of a libertarian and maybe the more than moderate in that material race. But I think he'll still be fun. You know, I mean, I think it's still a toss up for governor. You know, most Jonah was a decorated war veteran is a, you know, has been a political activist and author for a very long time. You know, I think he still has a pretty good chance and I think that whoever wins the Senate primary has a pretty good chance against John Fetterman. You know, phentermine has been under scrutiny for a long time of being sort of a follow up progress up or I'm sorry, a far left progressive, a far left populist not very, that they're popular with the modern day and the modern day Pennsylvanians, you know, that have always been pretty moderate themselves have always been pretty middle of the road, as you can tell with a lot of their a lot of their presidential winners, a lot of their senators, you know, like people like Pat Tim, he was actually retiring and in replaced by Fetterman or AWS or McCormick. So I'm really interested to see how the swing state has affected you know, I think somebody like AWS or McCormick can keep the seat read. And that's what we really need to see. I would love for the Republicans to take back I'd give it a tutorial seat. I think that'd be fantastic. But it's it's gonna be difficult, I think, for the Democrats to gain momentum. I mean, I you know, this might like Connor lamb, you know, that John Fetterman beat in the Democratic primary, I think that'd be a lot different. Lamb is a lot more of a moderate moderate Democrats from a union democrat and a that, of course, attaches on to the factory workers in Pennsylvania. But somebody like Fetterman, who has been a progressive for a long period of time, you know, for pretty much all his career, he's never been an establishment politician. And, you know, unfortunately, or fortunately for however you want to, however you want to phrase it, he has been a pretty controversial and pretty, you know, controversial figure out that I think of in the Democrat party and just in politics in general in Pennsylvania, and that's not who these people want it, you know, the same way that the GOP didn't want Trump 2016 or 2020. These people don't really want John Fetterman, but he's won so much, and what's so dominantly that he's that he's the SP, the nominee? And Mastriano you know, I think he said a lot of controversial things in the past, you know, to kind of try to attach on the Trump base, you know, Trump likes to hear the election fraud stuff, and his base does as well. That's why you see all his McCormick kind of going the same route in terms of election fraud. But I still think the most general will get is gonna have to try to appeal to moderates, they're gonna have to try to appeal to the modern man in Pennsylvania and the amount of the modern day man or woman in Pennsylvania. So I think you'll see him take a little bit of a more moderate stance in the general dislike the you know, McCormack and Charles will try to cut to the more general election stance and more moderate stance and heading towards the general election against John Federer.

Brian Nichols  8:48  
Any other surprises from primary day Kenny, they caught you off guard? I know there was a couple elections across the United States and a lot of the eyes were obviously focused there on Pennsylvania but anything else that caught your eye

Kenny Cody  8:58  
Masse call for getting beat was was definitely one you know, and Congressman, two years you know, he had a lot of controversy love the North Carolina establishment one and after the dude. You know, it's it's it's fortunate and unfortunate. I think there's there's two situations the GOP is viewing it as right now, our view is unfortunate, because I think he was awesome in Congress, you know, was advocating for eliminating the departments like the DEA, the ATF and things like that was a very much an anti Central Intelligence guy was a pretty a pretty against the federal government intervention. And once you eliminate the income tax, I mean, he was great voting record wise, I realized he was a young guy just 26 years old around my age, I think maybe a year older than me like maybe he's 27 now. So it's unfortunate. I think for us update the GOP views. It probably is a positive because he was very controversial, had a lot of controversies both on the internet and comments he made on some podcasts and things like that. So that part is unfortunate. Our personal a lot for Congress for Cawthorne. It was a great representation in terms of us being young and you know, young conservatism being a real thing, you know, his election crew. That's a good that, you know, young people can be involved in the GOP and could win. But it's just unfortunate. You know, I think a lot of controversy surrounded him. You know, all the DNC establishment targeted about the Washington establishment tolerate him and there's just so many targets that you can afford to have on your back before you get paid by the establishment. And I think that he gained too many, but I think he was anti war. He was anti federal government. He was anti tax. I mean, he was a really good congressman. voting record was at least but you know, that wouldn't surprise me but it didn't. You know, it's kind of predicted today that that he would probably lose with everybody in North Carolina going against him. And he's right next to me here in Collin County. I mean, Cocke County where I'm from borders his district over on the North Carolina State lawn. So I was hoping to see him succeed, but I'm not really surprised he got beads. But to see just one term Congressman get ousted in his primary or her primary is a surprising result. Always, you know, I thought the I think he only lost about like about one or 2% if that so that was a little bit surprising. But not nothing too much. I think there's been some upsets across the country with incumbents in primaries, I forget what that name wasn't somebody who was in Missouri, they have names Schreiter is a progressive that upsets end income and income a Democrat, but not not a lot. I think the the both the Georgia, the other one, the North Carolina one was a little bit surprising in terms of Ted, but being a McCory by Pat McCormack, not Pat McCrory, about as much as he did, of course, was a former governor and a former former congressman. You know, that was a little bit of a surprise, but just about the math about the margin more than anything. I don't think it's an it's a true surprise. And but one that was predicted to win, but definitely beating him, Bob. And I think 20 or 30 points in that is that senatorial primary was pretty significant. And then, you know, but being probably the most rattling politician in comparison to Tom Tillis in him replacing who's been replaced, but I think that he is a you know, he's going to be a libertarian and, you know, Liberty leaning Republican, and we need that in the Senate right now. You know, Rand Paul and Rand Paul Maclean need to need some a so I'm hoping to Oz and Herschel Walker in Georgia, who has his primary next week all succeed, because we definitely need some more liberty Republicans in the US Senate.

Brian Nichols  12:20  
Need some more liberty folks just in general. And you know what, I know, I'll get a lot of flack for this. But you know, Amash has a point when he points to people like Jared Polis over in Colorado, who, yes, he is a Democrat, but he has been easily much more in favor of libertarian small l libertarian policies than then we would see a lot of the other traditional governors. So in does that excuse him for what he did back with COVID? Absolutely not. I have, you know, I think we have to make sure to going back to that issue. We do have to continue to keep these, these pro COVID locked down pro COVID mandate governors to task for what they did, regardless of party affiliation. Yeah, it is. It's just insane that we allow what happened to happen for two years. And, you know, I will say thank you to people who have stood up and are trying to change their minds. But yeah, I will take some some wins wherever I can get them. I guess you're looking at me like Jared Polis on the left, who was a little bit more libertarian leaning, and then obviously more liberty warriors and the right but Kenny, before we go to our next topic of conversation, which, yes, we're going to talk about this baby food shortage. First, I want to go ahead and make sure folks if you've not had the chance to head over to Brian Nichols, Or you can go ahead and sign up for our morning sales huddle, you can go ahead, get yours truly in your inbox once per week. And when you do, you'll go ahead and not only get sales secrets and tips that yours truly used to help teach my sales team to their success. But I'll also send over a free copy of my ebook, four easy steps you can implement now, to help sell liberty to friends and family. That's over at Brian Nichols. Make sure you go ahead and sign up today. Now Kenny, let's go back to this baby food shortage. It seemingly came out of nowhere, but that's not true. It's been really building up behind the scenes for quite a few months now. And this really stems from Abbott being forced to recall and shut down operations for a number of a number of weeks here because of some issue with some tainted baby food and correct me if I'm wrong. So talk to us what's going on here with this baby food shortage hitting America? Well,

Kenny Cody  14:23  
it seems like with any product that usually has problems, you know, you've seen it, you've seen it with chicken you've seen it with you know, other products that have salmonella and things like that. And the same thing is going on with baby former coming over the border and problems and Mexico problems in the border and problems with the imports. But unfortunately, the solution that the bad administration has proposed is let's throw some money at the FDA to see if they can solve the problem for us, which is the really the problem with inflation or price gouging or anything in the first place. When we throw more money at a problem or throw more money in a federal department. It's supposed to automatically, you know, fix things and I just don't agree with that. I don't see how that's gonna help the solvency you know, there's a Word of baby for me right now. Do you know I think the problem is that the senators and the GOP and both the Democrat Party and the GOP, I'm opposed to just even as the GOP move, especially the GOP people like Mitch McConnell and Susan Collins, who make trips over to the Ukraine, during their global into h revisionist obsession with the Ukrainian and Russian war, constantly doing things like that, instead of opening up trade policy or proposing new ideas about you know, getting in contact with some other countries that have diplomacy and trade, to actually get us in the baby forest. So babies aren't starving, and mothers are struggling. But instead our establishment in Washington has decided to go out and make a trip to Ukraine and have nowhere to have a photo op of autumn here in the landscape. And then demand administration, of course, wanting to throw money at the FDA, you know that and I think the bill actually got passed, unfortunately, in the house and also me good Republicans vote for it. Unfortunately, I think they want some solvency. And I get it. But you know, in the same way that Ron Paul brought up a, you know, a an opposition to the unanimous Ukrainian aid bill, I wish there would have been some Republicans that would have offered some amendments or some oversight of actual how the money is going to be used, that we're giving the FDA, I think needs to be done more than anything else. Is there's more diplomacy and is the opening up of trade with the with countries in Europe or even in Canada? Or what or what have you wherever we need to get it from and actually have some conversations about how much inflation is impacting our country and others and see if there's anybody who would be willing to trade with us in a time of need, but no, that's not there. That's not the solvency here, no, we're gonna throw more money at the useless FDA. Just like we throw money at the CDC just like we throw money at the ATF to solve you know, our arms deals or our problems the problems in gun control or problems in you know, gun death are good problems and drugs with the DEA, let's just throw some more money at federal departments and see what happens. That's the solid see the most Democrats under the fortunate Republicans are coming up with this issue. But this just proves that there's a unit Party won't really Washington and we need to elect more Republicans that actually care about fiscal responsibility and actually solving problems rather than just throwing money names.

Brian Nichols  16:59  
Now, despite the fact check from routers, that Bill Gates investment in lab produce breast milk company is unrelated to baby formula shortage. Contrary to posts online now, I don't have my tinfoil hat on I actually have my good ideas don't require force hat, which you can find over the Brian Nichols forward slash shop. But if I were to take this hat off and put my tinfoil hat on, and you look at, you know, with this plus what's happening now, plus, to your point, just the fact that we have so many barriers in place to actually get other formula in other baby food from other places. And then also you look at like Facebook, and Facebook is censoring formulas and recipes from the 60s, from your grandparents on what they used to feed their children. Because one of the ingredients which is Taro syrup was a questioned ingredient because now they use corn syrup, which Kenny taro syrup is is a form of corn syrup. So they're fact checking a very minut detail. And, again, no tinfoil hat on right now. But I mean, it's a little weird. No,

Kenny Cody  18:09  
it's very, it's very weird. It seems like when there's any private consultation or any private commentary on solutions the government wants to sell to the corporate arm of the government wants to sell us they want to make sure Oh, we know what the problem is. So unless it's a government solution, or listening to politicians in Washington lady know the solvency is gonna be don't try to come up with your own ideas, and they'll try to come up with your own solutions. Don't look back how we used to do when private people and private citizens actually offered solvency to the government and solvency to private corporations and private businesses that help people, no limit always be the corporate approved and the government approved solutions. Never think for yourself and never think of your own solutions. Just make sure that it's the actual government and the government officials, the CDC, the FDA, or what have you, the man comes up and tells you how to solve the problems that the government made themselves, make sure it's always the government making problems and solving them from the sales but the private privacy and the private citizen cannot make their own solutions. It's a joke, Brian, you know, people like Bill Gates who have our arm and arm at the bottom administration people like, you know, CNN, the media corporations that to CNN, even Fox News, people like Chris Wallace that were on Fox News, you know, MSNBC, with a Washington Post, which is owned by Jeff Bezos. People like that are supposed to tell you how to solve problems don't do for yourself, do what the government tells you to do. That's the idea that our government has they don't care if what will private citizens come up with they don't care that Elon Musk is offering to offer a private corporation like Twitter to actually have solvency and promoting free speech and against censorship. The same way they want to censor private solutions like they have censored on Facebook are like they have stated on other social media and saying it's a dangerous thing even though it's been proven that it's not dangerous. It's a corporate arm again, you know, I've appeared on your show before timeout the corporate arm of the federal government wanting to silence critics in silence, private speech and private solutions. And we're just seeing that again. Unfortunately, we really need to elect more liberty Republicans and others always the message that I promote on here that we need to move the needle I like to morally recenter people. So this kind of legislation is passed silencing of private solutions are not being done.

Brian Nichols  20:17  
Kenny Cody, it's like you listen to our episode yesterday with Caleb friends, where we talked about the very long history of misinformation here in the United States. And yeah, how it's not a new thing. And actually, it's been used and weaponized by government many a time over history. This is just another iteration of said government using its big old club to force what he considers to be the truth, right, what is considered fact versus fiction through? So yeah, this, this is not a new conversation. It's just another chapter in his very, very long, miserable and tiresome book. And hopefully, we're going to be getting towards some better prospects here moving forward with Yes, like you mentioned, the advent of Elon Musk taking over Twitter and fingers crossed turning it into a free speech Haven. And you have Yes, some Liberty Republicans, and hopefully, hopefully we get a bunch of them swept into office here in November 2022. So with that being said, Yes, we have a lot to look forward to. And obviously Kenny, you're leading the charge and keeping folks educated, enlightened and informed in terms of what's happening on the ground in the greater GOP political world. Talk to us where can folks go ahead and continue the conversation with you and also find all the great stuff you're writing?

Kenny Cody  21:31  
Well, you should prove out usually promotes all my articles on my Twitter account on my Facebook account on my Instagram account. So just hop in Kenny Cody on Facebook or Instagram you'll probably find me at Twitter is right below my name tag right there. At Katy Cody t n. Probably all my archives a lot of articles and things like that are over at Newsmax a town hall so you can find my profiles on there. But if you want to see an archive of all my articles that I've ever written, you gotta look and just search for amount of money and Keeney Cody and you'll be able to find over 40 articles that I've written over the last three years about any any subject that you're interested in, I probably wrote about in in the political sphere. So keep on following people like Brian, you follow people like me, dispelled Liberty people, whether they're in the Libertarian Party, the GOP, and maybe did the Democratic Party, foreign Liberty single people and make sure that you keep up with them, and we can win.

Brian Nichols  22:22  
Yeah. And by the way, when I was talking about, you know, looking for those those folks in the left who are Liberty leaning, yeah, I know, I know. There's like six of them, I get it. But I'll take those six who are open minded. And also, I'll take those individuals who have been abandoned by their political parties, both on the left and the right. I will take those those questioning open individuals and say fear no more, we have alternative solutions that we're bringing to the table. And Kenny Yes. While we are talking about the political conversation here, we also promote those overtly non political solutions that will help create real solutions out there for people to say, Oh, this is a great idea. And I don't have to use state to get this enacted. These are great ideas that neural people can go ahead and get into action on their own. So yes, that's what we're trying to do here at The Brian Nichols Show. And folks, yes, if you enjoyed today's episode, where you can go back and check out 500 Plus episodes we have here on the program and you'll find a bunch of different solutions that are being raised up all across the board. So make sure you head over the Brian Nichols check those out. And oh, by the way, you can check out all the other episodes that Kenny Cody has been joining us here on but with that being said, Kenny, any final thoughts here for the audience that I

Kenny Cody  23:31  
keep up with his pa Senate race, it does matter. Keep up with all elections, they do matter and make sure that you are prioritizing promoting Liberty Center people like Brian and myself.

Brian Nichols  23:40  
There you go. All right, folks. Well, I'll leave you with this. If you missed yesterday's episode with Caleb friends where yes, we did talk about misinformation. No worries, I'll include that video right here below. It should pop up anytime now here in the YouTube but for you audio listener, make sure you go to the Brian Nichols And you can check out that episode. But with that being said, it's Brian Nichols signing off. You're on The Brian Nichols Show for Kenny Cody. We'll see you tomorrow

Kenny Cody  24:01  
for listening to The Brian Nichols Show. Find more episodes at the Brian Nichols

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