May 20, 2022

507: The Top 3 Ways Libertarians Scare Away The Liberty Curious (w/Chris Goyzueta)

Where do Libertarians drop the ball when trying to win people's hearts and minds?

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Where do Libertarians drop the ball when trying to win people's hearts and minds?


Sadly, in far too many areas...


"The Professor" Chris Goyzueta returns to the program to help me as we outline the top 3 ways that Libertarians scare away the liberty curious.


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Brian Nichols  0:03  
focusing on winning arguments. We're teaching the basic fundamentals of sales and marketing and how we can use them to win in the world of politics, teaching you how to meet people where they're at on the issues they care about. Welcome to The Brian Nichols Show. My day there, folks, we made it to Friday. I know I'm surprised to I am your humble host, Brian Nichols. And thank you for joining us on of course, another fun filled episode of The Brian Nichols Show today. We're going to talk about yes the hard truth libertarians. There are some things that we do that push some Liberty curious folks away. What are they? Well, we have three issues we're going to look into but first we're going to introduce our sponsor for today's episode The expat money summit 2020 to watch for a week reap the benefits for a generation join McKellen Thorpe and a crew of 30 Yes 30 expert speakers five days November 7 through November 11 2022. This virtual summit can be watched by yours truly and others for free by heading the Brian Nichols forward slash expat go again one more time Brian Nichols, forward slash expat and okay, I mentioned we have the topic here libertarians where we've been dropping the ball and helping me walk through that today. It's been a while since he's been on the program. I've missed him. And we're great to have him on that show. Returning to the program, the one the only Professor Chris Goyzueta. Welcome back to The Brian Nichols Show,

Chris Goyzueta  1:30  
Mr. O'Brien excited to be back and brother, good to have you

Brian Nichols  1:33  
back my friend how have things been in the world of Chris G.

Chris Goyzueta  1:37  
Man and so I got a nine to five job again for a little while, you know, things have been been a little tough having a baby since since since COVID. And got sucked back into the music industry. But thankfully, I've landed a full time teaching gig and I have announced this. And my job started till it would sell publicly but I'll be teaching full time starting this fall. And I'm already teaching a class over the summer. So really pumped to be learning again, studying new things and teaching, like putting it into great ways to teach it as a lesson is to students and also be practitioners always and apply to stuff to the Liberty world music world what ever comes my way?

Brian Nichols  2:17  
Yeah, well, you know, I'm seeing this, Chris, I know we talked about this a little bit beforehand. But there seems to be a growing sentiment of individuals who are overtly tired of the political conversation. They're just they're so exhausted of the behind the scenes, smoke filled room, whatever is being done to make the just the big Leviathan keep moving forward, how the sausage is made, right. And I think we're at a point where we not only have the chance to catch a lot of people's attention and bring them our way with our solutions. But I mean, we have a real chance to make things better because people are in this window of dissatisfaction. Former guests in the program, Craig Elias mentioned this in his book shift selling where trigger events and you're looking for when people are uncomfortable, and they're in that window of dissatisfaction before they're actively searching for alternatives. Now you're seeing big names like Elon Musk, who is actively searching for alternatives, who went out and said that he is no longer a Democrat, and he has already chosen the Republican Party. And so why don't you choose libertarians? I know well, and he said that he wishes that there was a third party that is more moderate, less intense. And you know, he's in that mentality right now searching for alternatives and more people are gonna be in that mode as well. But we want to meet them now. Right? We want to meet them when they are in that window of dissatisfaction where they're uncomfortable, but they have not actively started looking for alternatives and are being influenced by others who are pushing their solutions. So let's go ahead and push our solutions Chris and yes, what happens what happens we end up getting in our own way which is why today we're going to talk about the top three ways that libertarians scare away the Liberty curious and Chris we see it all day long, whether it's on the interwebs whether it's in real life, or just the way we present ourselves we tend to scare away a lot of people who would otherwise be our allies and maybe even be libertarians and I think we can both agree that the number one way that we sometimes push people away who wouldn't be on board with us is that we just unfortunately good idea them to death

Chris Goyzueta  4:41  
Absolutely yeah, we try to push so many different ideas and agendas once like someone is a little bit of curious right let's say cuz I know a lot of people right now like a whole especially with Democrats, like you know, being in a music industry. I'm surrounded by people that are liberal progressive or Democrats but a lot We're just sick and tired of the party, like the party doesn't really represent them. But they're like, there's absolutely no way I'll ever vote Republican and the libertarians have no chance. And they start complaining about the things they they are upset about. Right. And most people are or single issue voters or maybe two issue voters, there's one or two things they really care about. But instead of just offering them better solutions to those one or two things, the second we see an inch that they're a little bit interested. Now all of a sudden, it's like the non Aggression Principle and this and then this, and then it's like, they don't care about all this shit. Like they, most people care about one or two things. And it's like, You've been saying it for on 500 Plus episodes now. And spike Cohen says it all the time, like meeting people where they're at, like, it's like, it's been almost two years that I've been like involved in this and seems like most people are just not learning yet. Like, it's still the same shit. You know, so many great messages out there so many great podcasters and influencers in this in the liberty movement, but it's like the majority are still sort of doing the same mistakes and are not really listening to what people actually care about.

Brian Nichols  6:10  
Well, you know what, Chris, I actually I kind of touched on this a little bit, but unintentionally in an episode recently, where I was talking about, I was answering a question from one of our emails from our listener bill. And he asked, How do you like, like, how do you? How can you take a podcast? And effectively, just like, take that information? And then utilize it right? Because I don't know about you. But and I'm sure for, you know, the couple 1000s of other folks out there who are listening right now, you know this as well, like you find yourself listening to a podcast, and then it instantly goes to the next one. And then like three podcasts later, you're like, Why did I listened to earlier today. And then fast forward a week that information is so far back in your mind that you're like, oh, that information is like locked away unless you hear it repeated over and over and over again. And I actually, you know, what I do is I will take the episodes, I will upload them to a transcription service, I use otter AI, which I use here for the program. And it will transcribe the podcast episode that I'm listening to then I'll literally go through and I'll highlight parts that I found important. And and then I'll take those highlighted parts and I'll bring them over to a different word document. And then I'll reread that Word document and I'll take away action items from whatever the podcast was that I can try to institute into my daily routine. And I try to do you know, maybe one a week. I think if you try to do more than one, it gets a little overwhelming. So don't do that. But yeah, what are your thoughts there, Chris?

Chris Goyzueta  7:41  
I think it's funny because I listen to all times podcasts, right? So it's not just like Liberty stuff. It's not just music and marketing stuff. Like I listened to a parenting podcast. And one of the parenting podcasts actually, they do a really cool thing at the end. They have like an actionable step. Right. So like, they used to three key takeaways. So can you kind of summarize the entire episode. And they're like, here's three key takeaways from from this episode, right? Or even like at my church, I do something similar. They take the entire sermon. And they have one takeaway, right. So from this sermon, here is one piece that you can take, and this is your homework for the week. So I think maybe somebody's educational podcast, and that as I'm saying, doesn't mean I should write it just for my podcast. There should be that one, at least one action items, that's easy to remember, like, as long as the three are easy to remember, maybe you create some kind of forgetting the wagon acronym, maybe four to three to make them memorable, then, you know, yeah, you might jump right to the next podcast, but as you're you know, maybe at the grocery store later on, you're at the gym and then you remember the acronym right? It's something that triggers that that memory so having some kind of actual takeaway, I think be really good Amy Porterfield, she's a really good marketer as well. She's a mazing Marketing Podcast she does the same thing. And even like, Tom, was this something similar on occasion? It's not necessarily related to the episode but sometimes we'll have like you know, his ebooks that are relevant to the current trends like I think today I heard him talk about one that's like some of your Facebook friends get wrong about gun control or something like that or but gun laws and he always has this fun like little like ebooks that he puts out right so I think more stuff like that like having a either a takeaway after an episode having a giveaway of the goal on one episode, like a checklist like a guide. I think more of that, I think would really really help go a long way because then it gets especially new people like they're, they have absolutely no idea like what to do next. Like they know like they're they're upset about the school system and they want better options for for their schooling for their kids, but they don't know what to do from there. Right. So it's like, here are three alternatives to public school and maybe they get a checklist or three alternatives and then you'll download this checklist and then on this checklist and say okay, unschooling, here's some more information about unschooling or charter schools. Here's some information about charter schools and so on, I think More lists more action items. More takeaways, I think that's a good solution. What do you think?

Brian Nichols  10:06  
I am bad. So I when you were talking about ways to remember things, I just went off and did my own thing. And I want to share this with the audience because I think that they will appreciate my humor because this is exactly where my head went in terms of how you can maybe go ahead and remember things. I don't know

Unknown Speaker  10:25  
you, but I need to know you in order to sell to you. That is why I have asked you to go around and tell me your names. I have an amazing pneumonic device by which I have now memorized all of your names. shirty, mole, lazy Baldy, sugar, boobs, flax. I have taken a unique part of who you are. And I have used that to memorize your name. Baldy. Your head is bald, it is hairless. It is shiny. It is reflective, like

Brian Nichols  11:00  
mirror. Me Your name is Mark.

Unknown Speaker  11:04  
Got it works. It's very insulting. But it works. I would like you all to give this a shot when you say, but we already know each other's names. Well, then it will be easier for you. But I still think it's worthwhile to give it give it a try.

Brian Nichols  11:20  
Okay. All right. Everyone meetings, absolute classic, absolute classic, like the office is what 15 years old. At this point. It came on 2005 I think doesn't four. So I mean, the fact that the humor from the show, I mean, frankly, not only does it stand up and won't be allowed on TV today. Like that's partly why they're holding back doing a real a true reunion at some point, because you just can't have this anymore on TV with the culture. But it might be changing. And this is why also going back to number one, when we're talking about good idea and people the death why we have to avoid explaining so much. Because when you're explaining you're losing and people can sense that. And we saw this in the Florida the Florida case, when you're talking about the don't say giggle I talked about some Tim Poole right? When you're explaining you're losing and you saw that when Tim or when Tim Poole when Governor DeSantis set the narrative. And he said, Okay, here's the confines K through three, we're not going to teach these kids or talk about these issues with these kids. until at least after third grade. And the very least, if a parent wants to have a conversation with their kid, at least let them be the ones to go and have that conversation. Let them be the ones to to determine when that will be and it forced the the left or forced those who are trying to promote the you know, the say gay, which it's great bill. Chris, you're you're down there and for I'm sure you see it all the time, right. But like it forced the narrative now to have to be changed instead of well, you know, we're just being in we're accepting and we're trying to help make a comfortable environment now it's having to explain why you want to teach kids this very hyper personal hyper, I would say mature conversation like this isn't a conversation that I don't think parents really want young children to be exposed to so it goes full circle again, why we have to avoid explaining ourselves and good ideas to people to death, we have to focus more on actually focusing on the issues and really setting the narratives right trying to delete versus just good ideas and making people feel that we have the best ideas because we have the best books that we throw at them

Chris Goyzueta  13:37  
completely agree yeah. Now side tangent real quick how many office clips do you have on ready to go and someone triggers

Brian Nichols  13:45  
that was just a quick YouTube search for man.

Chris Goyzueta  13:47  
Was that really pretty awesome. Yeah. Thinking like how many clips does he have? Like ready to go

Brian Nichols  13:52  
I have that on hold just ready to roll just for any situation that would be a little little creepy. Greg didn't have probably like 100 like Chrome tabs open at any given time. So I'm sure that that's gonna be you know, crashing my computer in a moment. But no not not not enough of Office tabs that are there Chris that that was just a quick Google search.

Chris Goyzueta  14:11  
That was great. It was very very fitting for the for the for the topic.

Brian Nichols  14:15  
Thank you sir. Well, how about this before we we move forward and talk about our next area where libertarians have been scaring away the Liberty curious, I want to quickly go ahead and give a special shout out so much but more so a special plug to yours truly, because I have The Brian Nichols Show, Morning Sales huddle, which you can go ahead and sign up for at Brian Nichols And where you can get your surely in your inbox once per week today we talked about it's not what it is. It's what it does. Chris it was a great topic. And really a nice way to kind of walk through and explain how we're, you know, showing what it is that you actually do and the results of that the emotional connection versus just Talking about, again, what it is that your thing or product or service, it does its features its benefits, right almost going back to we were just talking about the good idea and people to death throwing books at them and saying read this, it's got a lot of great info. But hey, if you actually do want to read a good book, you do get my copy of four easy steps you can implement now, to sell to liberty, I can say my own book four easy steps you can implement now to sell liberty to friends and family that will be sent to your inbox as well. If you sign up for the morning sales huddle. So again, one more time, Brian Nichols. You can find it right there. On the homepage, Chris Goyzueta. Number two, where libertarians are scaring away the Liberty curious, focusing I'm sorry, know that? Yes, we I should I'm gonna say that focusing on the issues one to the last, that you're not a real libertarian in fighting. Talk to us about that.

Chris Goyzueta  15:52  
Wow. So I think that's probably the one thing that turns a lot of people off, right? Because people are looking for a real alternative right now. And I think there's never been a moment in history where there's a better time for the Libertarian Party to attract some new potential people especially through things like Bitcoin, right? There's so many people in the Bitcoin community that are tired of the system. They're tired of centralized banking, right? And they are obviously doing something that's extremely libertarian by by trading in Bitcoin and trading or buying Bitcoin and the new transactions now in Bitcoin and go into these Bitcoin conferences and I feel like almost 100% of that audience like would probably easily be libertarians don't that's why the audience where you can maybe good idea for people with at least Austrian economics at death, right? But that's that sort of like that audience Austrian economics right. But then someone gets upset about like their schooling like just school choice like you don't have to go talk about all the other things so be focused on like single topics and not I'm gonna shaming someone for not being libertarian all the way and then once they're in like, once they're registered libertarians and they might come to a meeting and stuff seeing all the infighting is a giant turnoff, like I have friends that are sick of their their parties and most of them are liberals or progressives because the music industry that's mostly what it is, but I've always said and believe that I don't think people the music industry really are Democrats, because I've I've been with especially to rappers and EDM artists and pop artists like the stuff that they care about like like the Democratic Party is not aligned with their values that the Libertarian Party does, but then they open like I guess the the door and need to take a look in and then all of a sudden, like we're so focused on and I love the Mises caucus right but but it's like when an outsider looks in and it's like Mises caucus take over this means call the Mises caucus take over that and then all the the old school libertarians being all upset and pissed but Mises caucus and I don't stealing their party's identities and stealing their Twitter accounts. Like all that shit turns people off, and nobody wants you part of it. Like I, I literally just became a US citizen. Last Last week as I was recording, and I've literally almost considered registering independent, because of all the infighting. I've, I think you might like my wife, like, we just he just walked in the door like she's turned off by what the Libertarian Party does. internally. I have a feeling it's it's pushing more people to the Republican Party and attracting them to Liberty minded Republicans and supporting them versus coming to the Libertarian Party, because we're so caught up fighting ourselves and proving who is the better libertarian, like, Spike Cohen has the best message like, Let's vote. I think he's more of an anarchist too. But he says, let's focus on monarchy first, because we are so far away, like, we're closer to communism than we are to the monarchy. So it's like, let's get the monarchy first. And then we can fight like was better ideas, but we need to learn how to like, come together.

Brian Nichols  18:58  
Yeah, the little fish in little pond syndrome. It's real. And it's been real for a while. And I think we have to get out of our own way. We've talked about this before we have to get out of our own way. Start having bigger conversations and getting away from the petty little nonsensical issues that really don't matter. And I think that at the end of the day, you're speaking to how your average person will look at what's happening internally and just be so turned off that is exactly what we have to avoid because nobody I'm going back to like 2018 Brian here nobody will take the Libertarian Party seriously until we take ourselves seriously and that is not necessarily through the and I used to get I used to get people going after me for this because I'd be like we can't be the you know, the the vermin supreme to the world. And you know, I I see the appeal the humor approach the parody approach, but there comes a point where your average person wants to feel that they can trust their vote that their votes on a joke And, and that right there is where we have dropped the ball, we have not made people feel comfortable in our solutions because we have not made them comfortable with us first. And that's where we've missed them. Because we expect them to look at our ideas, look at our solutions as superior because I mean, they are we know they're better ideas. But then we just buy that, that nature by that virtue expect that to translate over to them, just blindly trusting us and then becoming part of us. That's not how it works. That's not how sales works, Chris. And that's why we've taken such a hard nosed approach to the sales and marketing approach in the show to the world of politics, because this is where we have not been entering into the conversations people are having and having effective dialogue. People don't care about who's going for which role internally, they don't care about who screwed who in past lives, what they care about is, can these people who are asking for my vote and asking for my support, actually solve the problems that I see in front of me every single day, that's where we're missing them. And until we change that, nothing will actually itself change.

Chris Goyzueta  21:11  
Yeah. And the other thing that you and I talked about a little bit, before we start recording, I asked you how involved you are in your local LP or if you're even involved, and I'm involved in my my local LP, but lately, I've been saying I'd rather go to jujitsu and go to our LP meetings, because I feel like we haven't accomplished anything since I've been been part of it. And it's things like, if you want to get like the word out there, okay, now people are upset, frustrated, they're parties, and then they go look at their ballot. And there's nobody running for the Libertarian Party for Governor of Florida, right, because we don't want to challenge Ron DeSantis. Or there is nobody even running in my district for for Libertarian Party. So it's like, we got to, it doesn't matter if we win, we lose, right, we got to have a name on the ballot. And if maybe the people are part of these local LPs, like, you know, you've had a meeting and five to 10 people show up, like every single one of those five or 10, people shouldn't be running for something just to put a name on the ballot, to give people the option. But if if we say we're a realistic real option, then we got to be on the ballot, like our names got to be there and still only see Democrat and Republican, then they're like, well, there's no real options. And that's why everybody says that there's no other options.

Brian Nichols  22:18  
And this goes to the the last, the second, the third of the issue areas that libertarians scare off the Liberty curious. And that is where we focus on issues that your average person either a isn't really focused on or be super specific polarizing issues that on the grand scale and scheme of things really impact what maybe a tiny, tiny, tiny percentage of not just Americans, but maybe people in the world, and then make those the large issues that lead conversations on a national discourse and national stage. So I've seen, Chris, we've seen you and I did some work with some candidates who did this behind the scenes to where they just have their issues that they're like, this is what I care about. And I'm like care about right? Yeah, I'm like, That's great. Do your voters care about that? Well, they're gonna, they need to, they need to care about it, and I'm going to make them care about it. You're going to make somebody care about something. Oh, okay. And you're going to and then have them vote for you based on you making them do something. Okay, good luck, if that's the approach, that we're going to have not just as libertarians in the philosophical sense. But then as candidates, what are we doing folks? Like, we have to get out of our own heads and think about our most important issues. They're probably not everybody else's most important issues. And though we're not focusing on the populism, right, and this, this drives me crazy, when you have the rhetoric saying like, well, you just you're just trying to be populist when you're doing sales, because you're just trying to go with what the people want. No, no, no, no, no, what you're doing is you're helping uncover the problems that people see. And then present your solutions, which your solutions are based on, in this case, Liberty principles, you bring those solutions to the table, you show that the way we've been doing things, whether it's using the old government bureaucratic system or using the old duopoly system to force feed this political solution down everybody's throats? No, instead, we have a different solution that's overtly non political and oh, by the way, solves the problem that you see in not not just a more effective way, but in an actual, like, tangible way. You're seeing the problem. get solved. Do we still have drugs, Chris?

Chris Goyzueta  24:53  
To drugs? We do right? Of course, just like with drugs,

Brian Nichols  24:57  
the war on drugs didn't change. too hot, right? We still have terrorism in the world. So I guess, more honorable job. It's an inefficient. And it's core. So we have to stop focusing on trying to get people to see our ideas just as great ideas and instead, again, not good ideas on the death, and instead focus on what is your issue, What's your concern, and then bring our solutions to the table. I'm off my soapbox now, Chris, please take take the mic away from me.

Chris Goyzueta  25:27  
So there's a really great book. And both of you and I have had him on as a guest on our podcast, right, the undefeated marketing system by Philip Stutz. And they've been very successful at winning elections. And I think it's so over 1000 elections that he has him and his team have won with their marketing system, right? It's it's really comes down to focusing on the top three issues that the people in your district in your state or wherever you're running for, that they care about, right? And making it about them. I feel like most candidates and it's on both parties today, not just libertarians like Well, every everyone does this. But I think most people out there running are focusing on the things that they care about, right? So if I was running, I'm focusing on the things that I personally care about, but like, what does the rest of your, your district care about? Or the people that you're going to represent care about, like that matters a million times more than what you care about? Like right, what you care about does not matter? It matters what people are going to vote for you care about and narrowing that down into three simple things. And then coming up with a basic message that's memorable that people can remember and the people that are the best at it that are most polished at it. They're they're easy right Bernie Sanders you know right away what he stands for Rhonda Santas, you know, right away what he stands for, like, it's so simple, the ones that are good at and polished, and that's why they're winning elections. Like I'm, you know, I just wrote down real quickly, like, what will be three points in my area that people care about, right? So funds students that institution institutions, government offer bodies and ownership and poverty, right. I mean, those are three things that came up real quickly off the cuff but like, those are three things you can now build a platform on right like ownership for against poverty, like now we can go against occupational licensing on making it easier for people to buy land and build build something on that not having to go through all these different permitting issues and restrictions from from government. But you have to have just three like very simple ideas and slogans that people get get on board and again, FB related to your area or ever to your people that you're going to represent. Otherwise, it's just not going to work.

Brian Nichols  27:33  
Chris Goyzueta We are unfortunately, already hard pressed for time, which means I know sad face everybody. We're wrapping up the app. I know episodes for the week. It's been five fun filled episodes. We've had some incredible guests here on the program this week. So please make sure folks if you have not had the chance yet, go ahead and double check those past episodes not just this past week. But Chris mentioned the over 500 episodes we have here on The Brian Nichols Show, but before Thank you very much my man and by the way, you just casually dropped it. Congratulations on officially getting your United States citizenship. I have been here 28 years

Chris Goyzueta  28:13  
while I got a spot on Yeah, 20 years me

Brian Nichols  28:16  
Yeah, I do have a good memory because I use Michael's pneumatic devices. But I you've been here 28 years, and you now officially get to call yourself an American citizen. Congratulations. That's a huge feat, Chris. And I know I speak for myself and the rest of The Brian Nichols Show audience we are so incredibly happy and proud of you and excited to see what more you can bring to this great land we call home. But before we wrap things up, please do us a favor please share where folks can go ahead and find you continue to conversation if they would so choose and also you have some stuff that you do behind the scenes where you're helping content producers make it in the world of music and beyond we're gonna go ahead and find that

Chris Goyzueta  28:54  
everything's on make it with Chris There's all my links I'm mostly active on Instagram these days I know most liberals on Twitter but making it with Chris G on on Instagram. And you'll get any news and updates from from those two sources. Sign up for my email list as well. I'll send you a free ebook on how to promote your shows. Like nice little checklist and an eight week marketing plan for free.

Brian Nichols  29:18  
Chris Do you know a thing or two about about shows

Chris Goyzueta  29:22  
on feel like I do.

Brian Nichols  29:24  
Yeah. How so? What did you like? Did you do touring or anything like that?

Chris Goyzueta  29:28  
Oh, like like live music shows? Um, yeah, I mean, I've been in music industry for 16 years and have worked for Live Nation and AEG presents the two biggest concert promoters in the world. I currently work for a venue called the Dr. Phil center 3000 capacity venue. And we have Chris Rock coming up. Speaking of a controversy interesting and some quick little side tangent. That slap was great for ticket sales. Like we literally the next day sold out of our show and had to add a second show because because of the slap but yeah, well Um cuz I knew a couple things about shows

Brian Nichols  30:03  
well I was gonna say I would hope that you would at least give your your bone a few days there a little bit of exposure because yeah you know a quite a few things about shows is what I'm trying to say. So folks if you're terrible at promoting myself don't worry on the sales guy if you're looking to get some just absolutely phenomenal real life tangible advice for how to get yourself just a plus in your marketing. Please reach out to our buddy here Chris Goyzueta He is in fact the professor but with that being said, Folks, thank you for joining us on a another fun filled episode if you enjoy the episode. Let me tell you what you're really gonna enjoy our episode we had there yesterday. Yesterday I was joined who was joined by Chris Penny Cody and my brain is broke. Oh, there's the video. Yeah, just popped up right here below so make sure you click the video right here on YouTube. If you're on the podcast, just click your artwork, they'll bring you to Brian Nichols where you can find yesterday's episode with Kenny Cody plus all 500 other episodes but with that being said, it's Brian Nichols signing off. You're on The Brian Nichols Show for the one and only Chris Goyzueta. We'll see you next week

Unknown Speaker  31:07  
are listening to The Brian Nichols Show. Find more episodes at the Brian Nichols

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