June 3, 2022

516: Why Being Controversial Only Gets You So Far (feat. Mahgdalen Rose)

It's one thing to say everything controversial you can to get yourself trending on CNN or Twitter, Instagram. But it's another thing for soccer moms to go vote for you.

Mahgdalen Rose returns to the program on a special solo episode, discussing why being controversial can only get you so far!


"It's one thing to say everything controversial you can to get yourself trending on CNN or Twitter, Instagram. 


But it's another thing for soccer moms to go vote for you. It's another thing for fathers to go vote for you. It's another thing for business owners to believe that you'll have their back if something happens in the state and they need more time and they need small business loans."


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Brian Nichols  0:00  
Instead of focusing on winning arguments, we're teaching the basic fundamentals of sales and marketing and how we can use them to win in the world of politics, teaching you how to meet people where they're at on the issues they care about. Welcome to The Brian Nichols Show. Wow, happy Friday there, folks, Brian Nichols here on The Brian Nichols Show. And thank you for joining us on of course, another fun filled episode, we're gonna talk about some of the elections that happened here. Over the past few weeks. I know we been talking a lot about what's been going on more in building solutions. And then of course, we've talking about libertarian politics. Of course, I know with our LNC convention just happening here this past weekend, but I had the great pleasure of having the one and only Magdalene rose she returned to the program for a quick solo short on today's episode, but before we get there, I want to go ahead and give us a special shout out to our sponsor for today's episode and that is the expat money Summit. You can head over to Brian Nichols show.com, forward slash expat and check out the expat money summit 2022 and get your free virtual summit tickets November 7 through November 11. Five days and 30 expert speakers watch for a week reap the benefits for generations. Join us at Brian Nichols show.com forward slash expat and grab your free tickets today. All right, so without further ado, on to today's episode Magdalene rose, a short mini episode for you here on today's episode of The Brian Nichols Show.

Mahgdalen Rose  1:25  
Hey, everybody. So tonight I'm gonna talk to you about a recent upset in Ohio, which is where JD Vance won the Republican nomination for the Senate seat that's being vacated by Republican Senator Rob Portman. The reason why I'm going to discuss this is because it's a major change in where Ohio politics has been. Now, Rob Portman, the outgoing Republican senator from Ohio has been in that position since 2011. And he's really seen as somebody who was very much a moderate even if he did vote with the Trump administration many times, he's somebody who was seen as uncontroversial, somewhat scandal free, really boring in terms of how many people are paying attention to him, he didn't trend on Twitter, and he wasn't very talk show friendly. In fact, the GOV track analysis put Rob Portman as the third most moderate republican in 2017 by being to the right of Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski. But to the left of his other Republican colleagues, the American Conservative Union gave him a lifetime 79% conservative grade, which is quite low for somebody from Ohio. So this is not somebody who has ever boisterous or trying to raise attention for himself. Now, in contrast, the new Republican Senate primary not bright not primary nominee, but nominee for the general election. JD Vance is the opposite of that he's boisterous. He's loud. He takes very controversial positions, whether or not you agree with them. In terms of Ukraine, he said some of the things that have trended the most this primary season about what the United States should do with Ukraine. And I wonder as somebody who's been observing the primary season so far, whether or not former President Trump endorsing JD fans and make no mistake, JD Vance is the nominee because of Trump's endorsement. And I think even JD Vance would acknowledge that whether or not that was the right choice, because we're coming into a season where yes, Republicans are overwhelmingly favored to take back the House and possibly the Senate. And just in general, I think the momentum is with Republicans with how bad Biden is doing with the country and Democrats seem to be failing to push an adequate message forward. However, even if you have all those advantages, it doesn't necessarily mean that you're going to win a seat that's been held for several years to some of the most tumultuous and angry and angsty years in American politics. It doesn't mean you're gonna win that seat if you are the opposite of the person who's been holding on to that seat for the Republican Party. And JD Vance and Rob Portman are polar opposites. And this is something that I don't necessarily think the Trump World The Trump microsphere wants to hear. It doesn't matter how much JD Vance loves Trump, it doesn't matter the fact that he thinks he's great, or that he recently thinks he's great, because in the past, JD Vance has been quite anti Trump, but it doesn't matter that he's a convert to the Trump ways. If he can't deliver on Election Day. Does it matter anymore? Does it matter if Trump likes him at Mar a Lago? Does it matter if Trump thinks he's interesting and wants to hang out with him? All it really should matter for the Republican Party, aside from policy is holding on to the country. And this is something we're seeing over and over again, in primaries in Pennsylvania, for example, Mehmet Oz and McCormick, very still neck and neck, it looks like no Manassa pulled us out. But with the amount of energy that the Trump people Hannity, Geraldo Rivera, everybody put into supporting seminars, you would think it would be a blowout for him, you would think he would win by double digit margins, but they're separated literally by a few 100 votes in a very large state. So when you have a situation where the Trump endorsement matters more to voters than their candidates win ability than their candidates electability that can put you in trouble. And it's something that as we get into the general election, people need to be aware of because it's one thing to be loud and boisterous and a primary like JD Vance, was throughout the entire Ohio primary. It's one thing to say everything controversial you can to get yourself trending on CNN or Twitter, Instagram. But it's another thing for soccer moms to go vote for you. It's another thing for fathers to go vote for you. It's another thing for business owners to believe that you'll have their back if something happens in the state and they need more time and they need small business loans. And electability is increasingly on the back burner of things that the Trump campaign the Trump orbit talks about, or thinks about before offering endorsements, the oz endorsement. Specifically, electability was not considered what was considered was the fact that AWS has been a friend of Trump. He's been a friend of Sean Hannity, that he's somebody, many Republicans, specifically on Fox News and the commentating circuit like that is what was considered. And that's unfortunate because it is a year or Republicans are favorite, and it's been a long time since Republicans have been favored for anything. It's been a long time since we've had a when really the last one we even had was young Ken in Virginia, winning the governor's race unexpectedly against Terry McAuliffe, so to have a year where we have the advantage and to perhaps squander it by bad endorsements and somebody, especially in Ohio, being JD Vance, who is not not that he's not polished, it's that he doesn't seem to understand there's a difference between winning a primary and winning a general election. JD Vance wrote a book about his upbringing. He's somebody who's been to Ivy League schools. Technically, he has pretty much all the markings of Marco Rubio on paper, but the issue is his boisterousness his loudness. And it's something that I don't necessarily know if his campaign can overcome in time to beat Tim Ryan, who is the Democrat nominee for Senate in Ohio. And Tim Ryan is somebody who is widely appealing to blue collar voters. He's somebody that really emerged in the Trump years pretty unscathed, and Trump went after everyone he could no Ohio to shore he could win in Ohio in 2020. So if you're up against somebody who has a really deep fan base being Tim Ryan, Tim Ryan's also young, liberal young candidates. Is it smart to be as controversial as possible? Because do you want to trend on Twitter? Do you want to be famous on Instagram? Do you want Jim Jake Tapper even talking about you on CNN or do you want to be a sitting US senator, hopefully, JD Vance wants to be a sitting US senator. And this is not just an effort to boost his name brand recognition, but for some half baked effort to run for president either this cycle or next if Trump doesn't run. Thank you, everybody.

Brian Nichols  7:20  
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Mahgdalen Rose is a 21 year old college student and currently a Junior in College. She first became involved in American politics in early 2018. She is the host of “The Mahgdalen Rose Report” on The McFiles Network. On her show, she interviews politicians, education experts, and activists to cover American politics, the Education system, international affairs, societal issues, and political strategy. She is the Co-Host of the “Stop Yelling Start Thinking Podcast” on the Freedomists platform. She is the host of the Mahgdalen Rose Report on the Crusade channel and the political affairs correspondent for the Crusade channel. She is also a writing contributor and Board Member for TRINICY international, which is an organization that provides mentorship and resources to young conservatives and Christians who are isolated in their schools and colleges. She is a Live Streamer. Finally, she is the author of the Pro-Life Children’s book “I Can Hear You: The Story of a Not Yet Born Human Being.”