July 6, 2022

539: Revolution 22 - How Young Americans For Liberty is Helping Make Liberty Win!

Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) is the most active and effective pro-liberty youth organization advancing liberty on the campus and in American electoral politics. Their four-step mission is to identify, educate, train, and mobilize youth activists to make liberty win.


Today, Dan Taylor (VP of Campus) joins the program to promote their biggest event of the year, Revolution22, and how YAL is helping make liberty win by meeting people where they're at on the issues they care about.


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Brian Nichols  0:07  
The focusing on winning arguments. We're teaching the basic fundamentals of sales and marketing and how we can use them to win in the world of politics teaching you how to meet people where they're at on the issues they care about. Welcome to The Brian Nichols Show. Well, Happy Wednesday there, folks, Brian Nichols here on The Brian Nichols Show. It actually is Wednesday, I promise. I know I started off yesterday's episode that was completely all of a sudden about yesterday. That was it was Wednesday. It's not today's Wednesday, but hey, no worries, I am still in fact, your humble host and today we're gonna be talking about deals Young Americans for Liberty and their revolution 2022 But first we're gonna go ahead and give a special shout out to today's sponsor and at this point you guys should know him and love him well, I hope certainly hope you guys love him and let me pull it up here on the screen for you YouTube watcher and that is yes, the one the only McHale thorup from the expat money show head over to the Brian Nichols show.com forward slash expat why because you want to make sure you protect your money that you work so gosh darn hard to earn from those ambulance chasing lawyers, nefarious creditors, and of course, the greedy unjust governments that Dan Taylor from the Young Americans for Liberty is here to talk about today. But before we get there, our good friend McHale Thorpe says he's there to help people just like you invest internationally secure second passports and residencies, eliminate your tax bill and take advantage of offshore structures, so you can travel the world freely and never have to worry about money again. And over at the expat money podcast. You can get ready to listen to hundreds of amazing guests and get ready for the expat money Summit. 2022 November 7 through November 11, five days 30 expert speakers watch for a week reap the benefits for generations and oh yeah, by the way, the virtual summit it's free at the Brian Nichols show.com forward slash expat get your tickets today. Alright, folks, on to the episode today. I'm so excited for this guests because he's part of an amazing organization. They've been doing great stuff for years at this point. And they they're born from the Ron Paul revolution, and they're making changes in the way that young folks approach the ideas of liberty, Dan Taylor from Young Americans for Liberty, welcome The Brian Nichols Show. Hey, Brian, how's it going? It's going good, my man, how you doing? What's new in the world of Young Americans for Liberty?

Dan Taylor  2:20  
Oh, man, all sorts of stuff. I mean, I'll tell you what, 2022 is going to be a fantastic year. Just across the board. There's been victories for operation with the door left and right. We're coming up on completing our four year goal of electing 250 Ron Paul, Liberty oriented Liberty legislators, which has been a four year goal here. So we got all sorts of bills being passed. One of them I thought might be interesting is talking about some federal notification bills that have been worked on, such as federal nullification of any federal gun regulations in New Hampshire, which is which is awesome. We're taking back states rights and we're making a few bastions of liberty in the state legislature so pretty excited about all that making

Brian Nichols  2:58  
liberty when my man I'd love to see it and love when you guys are doing down in Florida this year. Now let's rewind for the folks who have been here for a while on The Brian Nichols Show. They remember last year I was supposed to head down to rev 2022 in Orlando and of course I got stuck in there's a whole snafu back. I think it was right there. end of last year with Spirit Airlines, right they had they said it was you know all this weather issues. We all know what was happening behind the scenes all the pandemic nonsense, but ended up I was one of the ones stuck there in the whole kerfuffle I did not make it down to Young Americans for Liberty rep. 2022 or 2021. That is back last year. So our good friend Chris Goyzueta. Here was there in my place with The Brian Nichols Show on full display. We were talking to folks about how to sell Liberty my ebook, we are giving out free copies left and right there. And hey, looking forward to this year because I'll be joining you guys down there in Orlando. Fingers crossed no issues with flight this time. But Dan, talk to us revolution 2022 It's right around the corner. What is it? Why should folks care about what these Young Americans for Liberty doing down in Florida?

Dan Taylor  4:03  
Yeah, well, I mean, it's gonna be our opportunity to get all these young Liberty Ron pollers together, celebrate the victories we've had and prepare for the general election moving forward, get trained on how to be effective in liberty and making Liberty win. And on top of that, we're gonna have all sorts of speakers Dave Smith, Larry Reid, Cory de Angeles, Ron Paul Zubi, aka guy bring her you know, even even some of the podcast crew, you know, you're gonna be there, Clint Russell, Mark Claire Reed Coverdale. You know, on and on and on. So, you know, we're going to have all the leaders of the movement there, we're going to be celebrating the wins that we've had thus far with operation with the door and the bills that's passed. We are going to get you guys trained up if you show up and on top of that, just celebrate the wins that we're going to be going into the rest of 2022. I'll tell you what, 2022 is going to be a bigger year for liberty than 2012 with Ron Paul, I really feel the energy is coming back like like the mighty oak. I think the seeds of the Ron Paul movement. It's finally starting to sprout and spread its wings.

Brian Nichols  4:58  
That's that's some pretty good clarity of language there, Dan, you think it's going to be more strong in terms of the actual Liberty turnout than 2012?

Dan Taylor  5:07  
Yeah, I truly think so. And I also think there there is more systems and more liberty groups in power that will have the ability to hold these people accountable. I mean, a lot of people look at the Tea Party movement, as you know, a portion of the extension of the Ron Paul movement, a lot of those people flaked out on us if you haven't noticed that not all of them have been accounted for votes or policymakers in the past few years. But, you know, we have things like the housing Action Program, and we have a lot of these other groups that have come up and are paying attention to hold people accountable. And on top of that, I think the grassroots is even angrier than they were under Obama. I mean, look at Biden's favorability is as bad as it's been since Carter, the inflation is far worse than under Obama and the recession, or the looming recession is coming stronger than ever before. So as much as things are very bad, and the Federal federal government has been tight radical in the past few years, it has inspired the grassroots to fight back. And this is our chance and our opportunity to buy, show our teeth and make make a real impact as Liberty people as Liberty activists. I think it's our time to shine,

Brian Nichols  6:05  
you love to see it, my man. And one thing that is interesting, you bring it up here is that the the Overton window has really shifted from 2012 to 2022. Like I would give anything just to go take a step back into 2012, to see what it was like to see how we felt because I think not only as a country, but as a people across the world. We're in a much rougher spot and tougher spot, frankly, where we are today in 2022. And then we were in 2012. And frankly, the prospects for Liberty look bleak, heading into the second half of the year. But with that being said to your point, despite all the bleakness that's out there, it seems that there are a lot of folks who they were around in 2012. But maybe they weren't active, maybe they weren't mobilized. And you guys are doing phenomenal work. There's two things you're brought up. One, you're talking about being really a truly grassroots organization, going out helping meet people where they're at on the issues they care about who says that to me. And then also the other thing you talk about is operation when at the door which frankly, I mean, what more of a way can you actually meet people where they're at and literally going to their doors, knocking out and saying, Hi, I'm from Young Americans for Liberty, I'd like to talk to you about liberty, and all these wonderful Liberty candidates we got running. So talk to us the grassroots and operation with the door, you've been seeing the success. What do you think has been the Young Americans for Liberty secret sauces has led to this success?

Dan Taylor  7:25  
Yeah, I mean, I don't think the secret sauce, anything but hard work and getting the youth to talk to the voters? You know, it's no secret, but just the fact that liberty is on the rise. I mean, so you mentioned this a second ago, national divorce has trended on Twitter several times. Now, just as a statement, imagine saying that in 2012, I think people would call you insane. And the reason is, because very simply, people have lost faith in the federal government. Now, which way that goes based off of, you know, this election cycle is going to be a huge determinant, right? Currently, the populist are trending far more liberty than they did five more years ago, 10 more years ago, you know, probably in the past 40 years, maybe even. So now, you don't always trust the populace. They don't have the principles. But at the same time, people are mad people are ready to return to states rights, and people are looking more and more for that Liberty vein, now's our opportunity to get to the door and show them operation with the doors. How do we turn these students that you know, we identify on college campuses or anywhere else in the movement, get them onto campaigns of these principled Liberty legislators, knock doors to mobilize voters just go straight to the voters house, tell them about the candidate in the ideas of liberty and getting them to turn out to vote. We've done double blind studies to that show, we can increase these election turnout from 11 to 13%, depending on you know, the election tides as well as the propensity of those voters. So if you're joining operation that went out the door, you are making a massive impact people who might have lost 4555 are now being able to win and change the tide of that legislation inside that house. I mean, New Hampshire, for example, is one state that we've put tons of work in with a lot of different partners that are involved in New Hampshire. And I think it's very clear to say that New Hampshire is a far more free state than California or the New York you know, the state principle or the state focused vision and mission is really a route to go if we want to make real lives Freer for real people. I mean, that's if you want to talk about Liberty we can talk about philosophy and books all day long, which is great and I think the steps stuff that we like, but at the same time, we want to talk about actually making people more free that's what it takes is going straight to people's door mobilizing the people for the right candidates and making Liberty win that way.

Brian Nichols  9:27  
Oh man my man oh man, I cannot agree more And and frankly, that's exactly what we've been talking about you're in the program is meeting people where they're at on the issues they care about I know it is a saying we have here on the program, but also taking the sales and marketing approach right. Instead of trying to good idea people to death instead of trying to break people to death when arguments online, just get the Hey, I pwned them kind of a little award next to your name that doesn't it doesn't change people's mind doesn't activate people to go out and actually support your candidates or support your principles or your values and if anything, it It makes them more reserved and makes them less open to trying new ideas or looking at different ways of doing things. So talk to us, Dan, you've been having a lot of success we're seeing and you pointed towards New Hampshire as one of those states that we can absolutely look to as a Liberty Bastion. And you guys have had some great success. But what's been the tenor of the actual conversations that you're seeing from the Young Americans for Liberty? Wouldn't the door activist as they're going out and meeting people face to face? Has it been a positive reception? Has there been more of a negative reception than you expected? Or something of the mix?

Dan Taylor  10:33  
Yeah, well, I think what I mentioned a minute ago, right? People are mad, and they don't trust the federal government anymore. So that's a very strong tenor that you can kind of jump on. I mean, people are very, very right right now. And when I say people, I mean voters for a message that is principled, but that is the line and that leaves them alone. I think that's the the biggest story that we need to talk about here. Right. And one thing we look at, across the board COVID was, you know, very arguably, I think I could just say flat out the most ironical time in American history, you know, in terms of after the government stepping in and forcing people to live their lives one way run their businesses one way, or whatever else, this was the opportunity for people to realize, hey, that was a real problem, that hurt a lot of people's livelihoods. And it's time to mobilize those voters and get them back to a place where get the government out of my life. And that is what is very much reflecting from the voter base. And we can do that. And on top of that, they're starting to recognize the insanity and the hypocrisy of the policies as they go ever, ever more into the federal level. Any of the stuff that Joe Biden saying and I think even more so this the school board races are a massive mobilizer for voters right now I think you can you can be you can increase taxes, all you want, you can go to more wars, you can be quite a bit of a tyrant. But the second you start shutting people's businesses down, stop letting them see their family. And the second you start taking control of what their their kids. That is when people are going to snap, snap awake and realize there's a major problem of tyranny in my livelihood. And the pendulum swing is very strong and very aggressive. So yeah, that's what we're feeling on the electoral front.

Brian Nichols  12:06  
Well as let's let's go back to 2012. Right. And now we keep on using that as kind of like the the touching Stone From 10 years ago. But at the same point in time, you talked about COVID, and how that's impacted so many people in really how it's it's hit people who back in 2012, they maybe were politically apathetic or agnostic, they really didn't care and then all sudden, fast forward 2020. And they're being told not only are they not essential, but we're going to shut down your business for two weeks, three weeks, two months, two years, I don't know, we'll see, we'll get back to you. And yet, that person who is now obviously best, and they've been activated, they're being called by a lot of the folks in the establishment or you know, the more the when I say just pejorative leftism, but like, you know, the more establishment leftist, progressive approach we've seen to government over the past really two years in the COVID. regime, they look at those people who 10 years ago would just been your normal, sane, rational person questioning this as the enemy. And there's a big group of people who they have been now labeled as the enemy, which they were like, I didn't even want to play this stupid game. I was just trying to run my business. And now you're pulling me into this. I think there's a huge market there, Dan, I know I'm seeing it. I'm having the conversations with business owners and entrepreneurs. They're appreciating that people are standing up and fighting back, but also we're seeing people move with their feet. And I was wondering if you've seen this as well over the past few years, that's changed. Any of the conversations that you're having internally is, as people are moving from these different respective areas, I went from Philadelphia, PA, I'm out here now in Indiana, and I'm no, I'm not unique in that circumstance. But are you? Are you seeing more races that maybe were traditional? Like, you know, that'd be a nice to have race, but all sudden, with the influx of more liberty oriented voters putting more races into actual contestable territory where we might have pro Liberty candidates actually standing a chance where they might not have otherwise in the past.

Dan Taylor  14:01  
Yeah, so think about it this way. There was not a single district in Virginia, New Jersey and 2021, or that Biden did not win by 10 points, or less than 2020. That did not go Republican in 2021. So it makes sense. So it's essentially a 10 point swing across the nation. Now Roe versus Wade will mobilize some left wing voters so you can't count on that swing. And obviously, you know, there's there's all sorts of other issues that change things in Virginia and New Jersey is a different electoral thing, but as a bellwether, whether we are seeing that it's going to be a very strong year for Republicans. Now, I'm not a Republican. I don't call myself a Republican, I think I think it's foolish to call yourself a member or you know, a staunch loyalist to any party. But at the same time, I think that recognizes that there is an anti establishment grassroots message that it's clicking, just like it did in 2010 2012, in terms of the Tea Party movement, but now we are coming right off the most tyrannical stage in America's entire history. So now's our opportunity to attack hard hit those business owners, like you mentioned, hit the people who are being hurt by inflate Should like crazy and get them back on track of okay, the government has clearly failed. People already recognize the federal government has failed. I mean, if you thought Congress rates could get even lower in terms of approval? Well, they did. They dropped almost like five points recently, and based off some polls, and then now look at Biden's approval rating as well. There's no federal, even the Supreme Court and a lot of us I think Liberty folks, in the past couple decisions have liked a lot of the Supreme Court decisions. Still, no branch of the federal government is well perceived right now. And it's a really great opportunity for us to run candidates and run a principal message, when people are so strongly disenfranchised with the system is the opportunity to run these grassroots anti establishment people. That is the Liberty message of principle, they realize the hypocrisy, they realize the issues, they realized the failure, I mean, just look at their savings account, it's dwindling. And they don't even recognize the value that's being dwindled from the future inflation that will be caused as they as they keep those dollars in there. And on top of that, their stocks will be dropping as well. So the everyday American is feeling hurt, and they're feeling pain. And they know it's from the government. And that was our opportunity to give them a principle message that there is a better way, that way is liberty that way is free choice. That way is voluntary action. I've always

Brian Nichols  16:06  
appreciated what you guys do, because you approach things much through that lens of talking to the average person, my audience that I'm sure they must be tired of hearing at this point in time, I always say to your average person, and they're like, Yeah, but are we speaking to your average person? I say, yes, yes, we are. Because for so long, your average person has been taken out of the conversation, they have been ignored. And going back again to 2012, the average person was likely politically apathetic, they weren't really involved. And now the average person has been impacted by government, whether they like it or not, one of the oldest things I had here on the program, when we started way back in 2018, was well, yeah, it's great. You don't want to get involved with government, but government is going to get involved with you, whether you like it or not. So now we're seeing people who maybe they were back to the point being apathetic or agnostic the political process, they're looking at politics now and getting involved as a means of self defense, like, Listen, I don't want to use government to force my ideas, my values on my neighbor, but I know for a fact that my more progressive leftist friends or even my more, you know, status quo friends, they're more than happy to use government to push their values and their views on me. So at the very least, I'm going to use my vote to play defense, I'm going to be Aaron Donald, for the Rams, I'm gonna make sure I'm playing defense here. And I'm not going to allow this opposing team to advance the ball any further, I'm going to try maybe get a couple sacks here and there and move things back a little bit, to back towards neutral ground. And we've seen, especially the conversation we see this with the Roe v Wade topic taking place right now is that a lot of our friends who are more on the pro choice camp, they're looking at this as a an attack a taking away of rights. Whereas what this is doing is it's actually moving the conversation back to where it originally was, and frankly, where it should have originally stayed being that that abortion, frankly, should be an issue not determined by the federal government. But by the individual states. If you want to go a step further by the localities, once it goes up further by the individual communities, like let's let's bring it down to its micro, self. But at the same point in time, it takes steps and we take steps by getting people who maybe they weren't interested in politics to all of a sudden here, hey, there's a little Young Americans for Liberty person out front the door, and they're telling me I should be interested in this, this race. I haven't really cared about politics, but you know what? Gov such and such shut down my business for the past two years. And now I'm gonna pay attention. And now I'm gonna start taking a step forward. And Dan, what you guys are doing. And I don't know if you guys really see this, because you're in the thick of it right? When I'm in sales, you know, it's so hard to like, take a step back and look back at what you've accomplished. Because you're always think about the next big thing. What Young Americans for Liberty has done, what y'all are actually doing, no pun intended, is that you guys are truly changing history, right? Like you're changing the way that America is going to develop over the next 20 3050 years, 100 years, because we're seeing your impact is making a substantive change, a substantive impact at the local level, at the state level, really, where policy is not only the most impactful, but where you're going to be able to show people that the policies work, and they'll be able to find, yeah, this makes more sense. I'm going to go in line with the solution versus where I was before. So I appreciate what you guys are doing and thank you for that. And let's talk about this. Let's like going forward people listening to this program. I'm sure that they are like wow, Young Americans for Liberty. I haven't heard of this. I'm jacked up now. So let's give them that call to action. what can folks do to either join Young Americans for Liberty join a chapter they want obviously go to read 2022 And then if they want to support you guys, financial I know the dollar bills don't hurt. So talk to us about that where folks can support Young Americans for Liberty.

Dan Taylor  19:46  
Yeah, I mean, first of all, thanks, man. That's a that's a huge compliment. I definitely feel like it's one of those things for a minute the past few years. It's kind of been like, you know, we have this plan. It feels a little bit like the crazy kid running around, you know, saying like, we have a great plan. We Have it. But it's finally coming to fruition we just passed. About 231 legislators in our coalition will pass 250 Soon, which is about 5% of the United States, state legislators and they're passing things like Khan carry, which our legislators just passed on carrying Texas, Indiana, Alabama, the Federal notification in New Hampshire School Choice across the board cutting taxes all over the place. And another big one that we're working on is defend the guard to try to nullify as much as possible the state's involvement in the federal government and warmachine. But in terms of your question, how can people get involved? I mean, why liberty.org is our website, you can join there. I mean, the big thing I really want to see new faces at revolution 2022 Why liberty.org/revolution? It's how you apply for that event. Go there. See me see. Ryan, see, you know, like I said, Ron Paul, Rand Paul will be there virtually Dave Smith, in the whole gamut of people I mentioned earlier, Zubi, aka guy, Kennedy, Glenn Jacobs, and you know, so on, so on. So it's really going to be, I think, our biggest best event we've had thus far. And it's a, it's a perfect opportunity to get our students trained, get them engaged in the electoral process, and really start fighting back. I love that. You mentioned self defense, I think that's such a fantastic way of thinking about because it does show the state as the aggressor. The founders never expected a perfect system that would keep Liberty forever. The idea was that you had to have people who believed in a culture that does believe in liberty, actively engaging in the electoral process to keep the system on track. And voting for self defense is kind of a perfect way of explaining that right? Because the voting is to keep our our state at bay, and to hold our politicians accountable in a way that'll keep the state at bay. We have what we Liberty needs a better defense. And I think I think we're building the we're building the late 2021 rams here. So we'll see.

Brian Nichols  21:52  
Yeah, well, let's see you guys gonna be Aaron Donald. And then if we can get a Matthew Stafford start playing some offense, which I'm pretty excited about. Frank, I'm seeing we look at liberty movement right now. We got a lot of great folks out there who are ready to play some offense we've, we've for so long. And we'll wrap here because I've talked about in the show, when you're explaining, you're losing, I said that in Tim pools show and I was on his podcast and his audience. I've said it all across the past four years, when you're explaining you're losing and what we've got to stop doing is explaining away what we believe like, Okay, well, here's the position that the you know, the progressive left argues or here's the position that the government's arguing, and we're just gonna explain why they're wrong. No, no, just start making declarative statements, start being confident and play offense say no, no, we're not even going to meet you on that that playing field, we're going to set our own playing field. And that's what you guys not only have been doing, but we're gonna see continue to do as you bring in more voices, more young leaders. And of course, more stellar candidates, you guys are supporting both at the local and state level making real Liberty wins happen. That's what we like to see. And my goodness, Dan, I'm so excited to see where we're gonna be heading here for Young Americans for Liberty into the future. With that being said, Folks, if you enjoyed the episode today, well, I'm going to ask you to do me two things, I usually ask you to do one thing, let's go ahead and share the episode. When you do Tag, you're surely at B Nichols liberty and tag Dan and Young Americans for Liberty, but also number two, this is an organization that needs your help financially, so at the top of their page, or you can go ahead and invest, donate whatever you want to do your hard earned dollars to Young Americans for Liberty to help them continue fighting the good fight making Liberty win. I will be seeing you down there at revolution. 2022. Dan, I'm so excited to be hanging out with you guys. And also folks, I'm excited to meet you. So please be sure to stop by hanging out, we'll go ahead and talk about why we need to meet people where they're out in nature they care about you want a free ebook, I'll go ahead and have that as well. And maybe some bumper stickers, who knows. But with that being said, Dan, thank you for everything you guys are doing. And I'm so excited to be able to help make liberty when as we move forward to revolution 2022 Final thoughts for the audience today?

Dan Taylor  23:54  
Well, I lost your mic. So I'm kind of for the past minute or so. But hopefully it was recorded. But the only thing I have to say I guess the hoping not really sure what you're saying. But you know, I think it's so good what you're doing in terms of getting people to improve their messaging go on offense stop kind of explaining which I think is a defensive maneuver in leaning on our heels in a sense and get forward to to meet people we're at one thing that Ron Paul was fantastic at that's worth talking about is he was so good at explaining the principles in a way that people would understand. Imagine making people be anti war, you know, in the in the early 2000s, just through his his China invasion example, right, or the Giuliani moments and all these different ways of explaining that the state is the negative and that is the problem being on the offensive that that type of message and that type of sales pitch is really what we need on these people. So you know, I feel like you've been very positive about us and yell I really appreciate that. So when I say that's, that's the great work that you're doing there's there's so many aspects to this movement and should remain decentralized. So I pray Share one that is in listening, especially the work that you're doing.

Brian Nichols  25:02  
Thank you, Dan. And hopefully you can hear me now. Thumbs up. There we go. Yeah, I've been having some mic issues. Yeah, I'm not sure what's going on. Mike keeps on dying randomly in the middle of episodes. So we gotta go ahead and get that. Oh, man, you're a techie out there, give me a shout. But otherwise, with that being said, Dan, thank you so much for joining us on today's episode. And folks, like I said, Go ahead, give it a share. And when you do tag yours, truly, and make sure you go ahead and tag Dan and the amazing team over at Young Americans for Liberty. But with that being said, By the way, did you check out our awesome conversation we had a few days ago I had Daniel Miller from the Texas movement he was over joining us here in The Brian Nichols Show from the Texas National Movement where they're talking about why they are so gosh darn ready to take a step away not just from the federal government actually succeed so we're one step away from there. But with that being said, make sure you go ahead and check that video out. I will include that link for you. If you're on our YouTube channel right here below. So you got to do is click that little link, it'll bring you right to yesterday's episode. I will see you there. But with that being said, it's Brian Nichols signing off. You're on The Brian Nichols Show for Dan Taylor from Young Americans for Liberty. We'll see you tomorrow. Thanks for listening to The Brian Nichols Show. Find more episodes at the Brian Nichols show.com

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