July 13, 2022

544: Is Joe Biden 2024 Already TOAST? - Why do a Majority of Democrats NOT Want Biden to Run Again?

So, where does that leave Joe Biden for 2024? Heck, where does that leave the Democrats? (*Hillary Clinton has entered the chat*)

A new poll from the New York Times revealed that a whopping 64% of Democratic voters don’t want Joe Biden to run again in 2024.


Oh, and even better - his overall approval rating has just dropped to 33%. 


The results of the NYT/Siena College poll also found that only 13% of Americans believe the country is heading on the right track. 


Of those who said they planned to vote in the 2024 Democratic primary and preferred a candidate other than Biden, 33% cited the president’s age as the most important reason, followed by his job performance at 32% and 12% simply just wanting someone new. 


So, where does that leave Joe Biden for 2024? Heck, where does that leave the Democrats?


I break down what the Democrats might do (*Hillary Clinton has entered the chat*) on today's episode!


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Unknown Speaker  4:31  
the following this correctly. A year and a half ago, it was perfectly fine for Joe Biden to run for president because the New York Times endorsed him like they have endorsed every Democratic presidential candidate since 1956. But now only now 18 months later, he's too old to be there. Look, there is clearly a campaign being run by Democrats and going to their allies in New York Times to persuade Mr. Biden not to run based on his poll numbers, which are horrific when you're in the 20s In polling 20s, on inflation, on the economy, on your handling of the border or your handling of gas prices, of course, you're gonna not want this guy to run again, because it's a losing proposition.

Brian Nichols  5:13  
And I'm gonna pause really quick there because what did he just focus on Joe concha. There, by the way, Fox News contributor. He's talking about the things that we talk about here in the program. It's the idea of meeting people where they're at on the issues they care about. He just hit the top of mind issues that are impacting people right now. Inflation, gas prices, you're seeing rising cross, literally everywhere cost of living is going through the roof. And then he added on, especially for the border state immigration, and I know, for a lot of us who aren't in those border states, it's not as real of a conversation. But we had our friend there from Texas on the program a couple of weeks back talking about why Texas, Texas are considering seceding from the union. And one of those things brought up was the immigration conversation. Yeah. Daniel Miller brought that up. Immigration is one of the things that is pushing Texas to consider taking a step away, because the federal government is not enforcing it. So yes, these are very much so top of mind issues, that not only is the President ignoring and his administration ignoring, frankly, they're gaslighting. Many, many folks, including many members of his own base. Well, Joe continue.

Unknown Speaker  6:14  
I don't think it's about age. For Joe Biden his whole life, he has been profoundly dishonest and incompetent. And he failed his way up to the presidency somehow, despite this whole resume. So this is what's going on. Now. At this point, Todd, it's Democrats begging Mr. Biden not to run. The problem is there's no one really behind him on the bench to fill that gap unless you consider you know, Gavin Newsom, or or Hillary Clinton to fill in that gap. You know, Gavin Newsom, who runs California, that would be one heck of a bumper sticker, right? And I'll turn America when I turned into California. No, that's not good. And Hillary Clinton, she's only run for president twice. And last. So that's your options at this point. And they ain't good time.

Brian Nichols  6:58  
Well, here is Kamala Harris. And we're gonna pause really quick there because I am going to carry this part of the conversation forward a little bit more, and we dig into the analysis because there's a part two to this. But Joe mentions two people here. That could be the alternatives to Joe Biden, and that is, he mentioned first Gavin Newsom, the governor of California and then Hillary Clinton, Hillary Clinton, who yes has run twice now for president and lost each time first to a up and coming young junior senator from Illinois named Barack Obama, the other being one Donald Trump, or Donald John Trump in 2016. Oh, and by the way, she was also almost foiled at the onset from a an upstart octogenarian socialist in Bernie Sanders from Vermont. So Hillary Clinton has had no real easy path to the presidency. And frankly, I don't see it really being an easy path to the presidency, even if she were to run in 2024 as the Democratic nominee and oh, by the way, she would also be pushing at herself, so doesn't really help solve the age issue that much from the Democrats.

Unknown Speaker  7:56  
And Pete Buda judge on 2024. Listen to this.

Brian Nichols  8:00  
Listen to President Biden he intends to run. And if he does, I intend to run with him. Oh, my God. She nods her head, just nod her head. Like yeah, I'm a hostage video. Yes, yes, I will support Joe Biden. If he runs and she has the fake smile. Kamala Harris. I mean, if there's one person who can make Hillary Clinton seem likable, it's Kamala Harris. It truly astonishes me how bad she is at this. It's not a matter of her simply being uncharismatic or not knowing how to present herself with a camera. She's just bad at this. She does not come across sincere. She just comes across dripping with narcissism and like almost like a sociopath and you can feel anytime she says anything that's supposed to be like of like emotional sentiment, it comes across so in genuine but I'm sorry. Well, that Kamala continue. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  8:52  
Yes, I do expect him to run I'll support him. And let me tell you why he's gonna have a lot to be proud of. And of course, they have to say that is anybody believing it?

Unknown Speaker  9:03  
Boy, that was really persuasive. You know, when you when you play it back that way, right? It's such such vigor behind those words. Now, don't believe it? And Buttigieg I should have bought him as well. He's the candidate that donors want to run most. But when you look at the supply chain, if that's the number one thing in your resume and the his handling of it, again, no good options, currently,

Unknown Speaker  9:26  
options, at least for no

Brian Nichols  9:27  
good options. Really, there are no good options. And I guess that leads to the question, what are Democrats going to do? And we're gonna go to another article here. This was from the hill, and this was five let me go ahead and share this screen

right Alright, so we're gonna go ahead and check out here we go. So we're gonna check out this from the hill and from the hill they're saying five under the radar Democrats who could run for president in 2024. Now they're basically reiterating the same thing that we just saw here. Yeah, Joe Biden. He's not doing too hot for for his 2024 prospects. And here's who they bring up beyond as we just heard their vice president Harris Pete budaj edge. Oh, and they also bring up Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders who were also 2020 afterthoughts, I don't believe that they would really do too hot. They were to run again in 2024. Prove me wrong, and Bernie Sanders also will be 1000 years old Elizabeth Warren. She's the only person who could think that'd be even more smarmy and off putting than Kamala Harris regards to in comparison to Hillary Clinton. So here's who else the Democrats are possibly considering. One Senator Sherrod Brown, they say the popular Ohio senators name comes up readily each time Democrats are looking for a candidate who isn't one of the main contenders like Harris, or Buttigieg. Why? Well, his appeals to both progressive and moderates and much in the much coveted traditional swing state that has been important to both parties. So you can see right there, they're looking for somebody who is Guddi traditionalist. No it will he be, if you can appeal to both progressives and moderates. Are you really going to be appealing to your average American? That's a good question. Stacey Abrams, the governor from California from California from Georgia? No, she is not the governor from Georgia. She thinks she's the governor from Georgia. But apparently, she also thinks she can be President of the United States and that not winning an election in Georgia will lead her to potentially being a leading name, I guess in 2024. According to the Democrats here, I doubt that Representative ro Khanna from California again. Ro Khanna he is in they say here again one of the most overtly progressive candidates here on the list. He was former co chair of Bernie Sanders campaign and then you look at ROH Khanna, though I just again with the whole Gavin Newsom. I don't see taking the California win and bringing it over to bring it over to the the nation. I just don't see that being a real winning argument. Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. I mean, she's right up there with Phil Murphy, Andrew Cuomo, Tom Wolfe as some of the worst governors in America over the past two years with the COVID pandemic, locking down Michigan River, she had her grocery stores completely locked up with a different aisles because they were non essential items. So again, I don't see her and then Mitch Landrieu, former New Orleans mayor who I don't know how they even consider him to be an alternative because he ended up pretty much leaving Louisiana they're back at the end of his term and really hasn't been too much of a name ever since. So. With that being said, I don't see any of these names being really top contenders either. So it goes to the main question. And that is to obviously this audience, wouldn't libertarians do? What do we do? Fingers crossed, we present ourselves with a good candidate who can present our ideas not just to the masses, in terms of the principle and the ideas and how they impact your average person, but also bringing these ideas and effectively messaging them to people who are maybe open to the ideas of liberty but haven't really considered these ideas too much, or in all seriousness, and we look at anytime you have a presidential election, this is when the spotlight is shined on us now. We're not trying to cast any stones at former candidates. But we've definitely seen in our past two candidates, the ideas of being a libertarian, didn't make it as much to the stage as just being the libertarian being the third choice did and I think that is where we really need to set the bar higher, especially with the candidates that we should be looking at as the crop of candidates going to 2024. I know amongst them, Spike Cohen, Dave Smith, Justin Amash, Larry sharp, and a slew of other candidates who have potentially raised their names up for the libertarians. It shouldn't be difficult. It really shouldn't when you're looking at just ancient job And the Democrats not being able to bring literally anybody to the table. And then on the flip side, it's probably going to be either for the Republicans Donald Trump again, or Ron DeSantis. And with that, okay, we're libertarians, if it's Trump versus Biden again, what more of an opportunity would we need versus Trump versus Hillary? I mean, yeah, Trump should win versus Biden. But when you look at the polls, actually, that's the one candidate that Biden beats. So libertarians, I challenge you not only to bring a candidate, it's gonna be able to effectively message your ideas to the masses. But we have to be able to meet people where they're at on the issues they care about, not just talk about the things that means to be a libertarian. But let's talk about the things that mean to be a libertarian, that matter most important right now, inflation cost of living. I know we're leading a big charge about talking about foreign wars. I know we're leading the charge with the war in Yemen. But we can correlate that into the war over in Ukraine and lead with that we shouldn't be spending 40 plus billion dollars. Now, I'm sure it's going to be pushing well over 60 At this point, billions of dollars over to Ukraine, when we're facing some of the most economic hardships we face in the United States in decades. So we have a great opportunity. I challenge you, folks, please, if you you are in the Liberty world, let's start to plan our attack right now and how we want to approach this election season. It definitely is an opportunity for us to differentiate and to really meet people who traditionally wouldn't be involved in the political process. I know we're doing a great job here in the program reaching to small business owners, entrepreneurs, sales folks, marketing folks, but we also have folks in the liberty movement who are doing phenomenal things in building coalitions. Angela McArdle new LP chair has been doing great work in building bridges with the Bitcoin community. I know we have some folks doing some building bridges with the nucleolar community. So hey, there's a lot of different communities we can reach out to start to build those relationships. And then we can use that to help build up some momentum going into the actual election season when people are paying attention. So it starts now It requires us to start focusing on things now. So I'm gonna challenge you folks to please take that step now. And by the way, if you enjoy today's episode, you're gonna love all the other past episodes we have here at The Brian Nichols Show over 544 43 of them here as of today. So go to the archives, you have, you know, hundreds of shows literally at this point to check through, including a lot of our shows where we focus specifically on sales marketing as it pertains to the liberty movement. If you're here in the YouTube, please do me a favor, go ahead and hit that subscribe button and also hit the little notification bell. And by the way, did you check out we had an awesome conversation? Yesterday when we talked about evolution 2.0 Perry Marshall join the program. And we talked about a very sometimes controversial topic. I know a lot of folks don't like to enter into the evolution conversation. But my goodness, Perry does a great job, making it not only super easy to understand what makes it so we can actually engage in a conversation, not two competing sides trying to a good idea, each other to death. So I'm really excited to go ahead and share that conversation. I will see you over here on the YouTubes right here below over at that video with Perry, other than that being said, Folks, thank you for joining us on today's episode, The Brian Nichols Show a little bit different than an episode. Yes, for sure. But hopefully you got some value nonetheless. With that being said, it's Brian Nichols signing off. You're on The Brian Nichols Show. We'll see you tomorrow

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