July 20, 2022

549: The Basics of Liberty Sales & Marketing

One of the bigger problems that the liberty movement has had is the inability to communicate our ideas to your average person. To fix that, today we're addressing some of the basics of liberty sales and marketing.

Hey, everyone! Today's episode is all about the basics of liberty sales and marketing.


One of the bigger problems that the liberty movement has had is the inability to communicate our ideas to your average person. To fix that, today we're addressing some of the basics of liberty sales and marketing.


So let's get started!


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Brian Nichols  
Instead of focusing on winning arguments, we're teaching the basic fundamentals of sales and marketing and how we can use them to win in the world of politics, teaching you how to meet people where they're at on the issues they care about. Welcome to The Brian Nichols Show.

Unknown Speaker  
What are the kind of basic principles of marketing that you think are relevant to this discussion?

Brian Nichols  
For sure, so a little bit about me, I'm pretty much in your tried and true, traditional story of libertarian who found his way through either Ron Paul, Rand Paul, or some variation of someone that is underneath that greater umbrella. From the greater Tea Party Movement. I remember 2008 Watching Ron Paul go after Rudy Giuliani during the GOP debates, and I'm like, that sounds different. And that kind of planted that seed originally of thinking that maybe there's something beyond this greater GOP world. So, you know, throughout my, you know, next 10 years or so, of going through and exploring politics, I find myself in this weird libertarian conservative terian greater liberty movement. And really, I found myself over the past three years of doing The Brian Nichols Show, you know, as I've discussed, all these, you know, happenings and news and events and stuff, and in greater Liberty politics with the movers and shakers in the movement over the past, I'd say six months or so I've really found myself getting cozy in the niche that I find myself for my day job, which you alluded to, and that's in in sales, sales and marketing and trying to reach your average person and instill some value because I think at the end of the day, one of the bigger problems that we've had, as a greater movement has been, well, we really have great ideas, but we can't communicate them to an average person to leave them feeling like oh, these people have more to talk about than just bumper sticker slogans, which, unfortunately has become you know, it's synonymous with a lot of libertarian or conservative terian politics and we need to get beyond that and be able to talk about the real issues to people where it matters most so you asked you what's the fundamental basics of marketing sales? 101 And it really it first and foremost begins with who you're talking to know your market. Right? So I'd say one of the greater issues with the liberty movement by and large has been not really knowing who we're going after, right we we kind of seem to you know, the analogy if you're looking at shooting a shotgun versus a sniper, right, we seem to do a lot of shotgun shells trying to do scatter our shot across the the notion of the the political landscape, but really, we need to start you know, being struck shooters and looking to to focus on issues that not only are issues that people really care about, but number two issues that are strongly overtly pro Liberty pro libertarian. So looking at right now, I'd say the number one meet people where they're at lockdowns, right, like the economic lockdowns in response from the government, to the COVID 19 pandemic. I mean, that's really been the number one issue that I think has been sorely lacked from a response from the greater liberty movement. You have some folks more in the Republican conservative movement who have taken this this argument of in ending the lockdowns are being anti lockdown, which I think we've really missed the opportunity to lead that forward. But then after you're able to talk about the issues that people care about, it's it's trying to pique their interest, right? How do you meet them? Number one, where they're at, but number two, actually get them to say, Okay, tell me more. Right. And this, this has been one of the biggest problems, I think, where a lot of libertarians lose, folks, we start out and we say, here's the book and named the book wherever your book, it's Rothbard. Hazlitt. Friedman, I don't care, right, and you throw that book at them, you say, read this, get back to me in a couple of days, and you will be the best libertarian out there. And after that, I'll give you some more books and you'll become even better libertarian, you can't you can't educate people to death on on liberty, it's not how it works. We have to again, go for the specific issues. And let's talk about the lock downs. Right? You can you can make it a specific issue for a localities your response to the lock downs, what's what's been the homeless increase in your community? How has that been impacting your, your your in, you know, your community, your businesses, how the people in your community been able to to live, you know, get food, let's go and talk about those specific issues, and then get into say, Okay, well, what, what's your answer, right, and that's where we had to create value. And we had to show that we're serious in offering the solutions that we talked about day in and day out in all of our little group group chats and such, you know, we have to actually show that what we're talking about can actually work. So we have to bring people who are not just the activists, but also people who are legitimate elected official contenders people who want to be part of this game that we have to play right now. If we want to see anything get better. And we have to actually get people into office, we're gonna get these policies that we talked about day in and day out into action to show that this stuff actually it matters. It will help your average person now that's a long answer right to say, you know, from step one to step 10 in the sales cycle, but really it does come down to these three underlying principles. Number one, meet people where they're at number two,

you have to pique interest number two, create value and and the The way that we do this right is not by going through and just talking people to death, we have to start in by kind of what I found myself doing, Brian, this is in this is like, it's how I wrap up this little thought process. And this is how my show started, I started doing my show as an interviewer asking people questions, because I found myself in this greater liberty movement. And I wanted to learn as much as I could to be a sponge and talk to people. But as I'm asking questions, I'm finding that we're finding a lot of solutions to the problems we see out there. But we need to be able to ask the people that we're talking to the questions, to get them to tell us what matters to them, right? So instead of going in guns blazing, saying, We know what you care about, and we're going to fix it all for you, we have to go and say, Tell me what's wrong? What's What's up with your community? What's wrong? What's what's been something that's been your your bedbug air, quote, issue and say bedbug issue, the issue that really bothers them. And once we can solve that bedbug issue, we now become the trusted advisors to them. And that's the underlying principle, everything, whether it's politics, sales, is trust, we have to build trust, right now, we don't really have much of a track record to look back at and say, here's this foundation bedrock of trust that we've established. Now we have to actually start cultivating that, I believe we do that through going more of a local approach, focusing on not these big federal elections all the time. But when we do these federal elections, let's have somebody to the point we've had on my show, let's have somebody who's actually a credible person who get people to actually ask some more questions. So that's kind of the long and short of this sales. Now we're trying to apply the politics is a little different, because there's no product you're selling and it's tough to get a KPI to measure. Are you measuring votes? Are you measuring policy? So we have a difficult way of saying are we being successful? And I'm looking to try to get it so we can say yes, we have policy? Yes, we have like total wins, and we'll see it you know, by and large, this kind of you know, upward trailing slope of positive liberty wins across the board. Thanks for listening to The Brian Nichols Show. Find more episodes at the Brian Nichols show.com Enjoy

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