July 26, 2022

552: The Rise of the Celebritarian Politico

In this new age of politics, it's important to have an understanding of what makes a candidate appealing to voters.

On today's episode, we discuss how the role of celebrity helps candidates achieve political victories.


In this new age of politics, it's important to have an understanding of what makes a candidate appealing to voters. In this video, we'll take a look at the rise of the celebritarian politico—a politician who uses their popularity as a celebrity to win elections and advance their political agenda.


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Brian Nichols  
Instead of focusing on winning arguments, we're teaching the basic fundamentals of sales and marketing and how we can use them to win in the world of politics, teaching you how to meet people where they're at on the issues they care about. Welcome to The Brian Nichols Show.

Brad Polumbo  
Yeah, I mean, I'm glad that you brought that up. Because, to me a big part of trust, name recognition. You can't trust somebody if you don't know who they are. Maybe you can speak to this from a literal marketing perspective, because companies pay 1000s and 1000s of dollars just to have ads. So people recognize their name, not even to show like this, this product is great. But just to show alone, like our our logo, so people will recognize it and someone like Joe Jorgensen, you know, she the and I have to explain to people who she is she was the 2020, Libertarian Party presidential nominee, I would be shocked if she had 5% name recognition in the country. Even the most successful libertarian in the nation, Justin Amash probably only has a small percentage of national name recognition, the hopefully that will continue to grow. But so someone like Donald Trump comes in and everybody knows him. And that's gets him. Yeah, right. That gets him halfway through the door, just from the very beginning. So I think that's part of the problem is nobody can No, nobody can trust you if they don't know who you are. So just, Brian, just how important is that name recognition aspect to political success?

Brian Nichols  
It's huge. It's massive, to not have the instant like, oh, yeah, that person or that that party, right. Like, I was actually just talking about this with Dan Berman, I think it was over in his show. And we were discussing, it was an ad that Doritos did, and it's still on TV, you might be able to see it. And the Doritos ad is literally just the shape of their bag and the color of their bag. But no, no Doritos logo or anything. And the point of the ad is to be like, you know, that flavorful chip that's inside that bag, you know that the nacho cheese or the Cool Ranch flavor, you know, the shape of the chip, you know, the smell that feeling of the fingers and stuff, and they talk about this? And it's like, oh, yeah, like, you know exactly what, that's Doritos. Right? And you instantly like you know it, but it's why why do you know it? And it's because, again, you've been so conditioned seeing it time in you every single day of your life in many situations, and you kind of just grow to be comfortable with it. That's kind of how Trump, you know, gotten to politics. People were like, oh, yeah, that guy, right? He's been toying with politics forever. And people again, trusted him. They knew his name. You know, goodness, Brad, we just went through Christmas, you gotta watch home alone, too. And yet Trump was a funny little part of a Christmas movie cameo, right? And people were like, oh, yeah, that guy like that. That was Trump. And it meant more back in the 90s as him being an icon of success, and that, again, that name recognition, there are still people who I would say were predominantly part of his base that voted entirely based on that brand recognition. And look, you see the name Trump Trump Hotel, they're all over the world. I mean, I'm gonna should probably find some some guy halfway across the world, you show a picture of Trump and be like, oh, yeah, Trump, they'll know the name. Right? And that's, that's huge. Just to be able to have people to at least looking down the ballot and saying, like, Who's this person? This person? Oh, yeah, I know this person. That's why like, if we had somebody like a Dwayne The Rock Johnson or Mark Cuban right like I'm not saying they're they're a libertarian by any stretch, but a name that's like, Oh, that guy Yeah. Dallas Mavericks guy. Oh, yeah. Movie Star guy. for better for worse. That's what Schwarzenegger one. Right? He comes in to a it was a jungle primary in California. There was no real next line succession. If I remember correctly, the lieutenant governor was in trouble or something along those lines. But Schwarzenegger comes in, out of nowhere, no real political experience whatsoever. And boom, overnight becomes the governor of California. It happens like that. And that could be a libertarian. It could be. But I mean, Libertarian, libertarian famous people name on one hand, pretty much. And I mean, that's sad, because I think there's more libertarians out there who they're not open about you being a libertarian, they kind of keep it close to the vest, because there is again, this this kind of culture war that we've discussed many times when you get on the program and right, you know, to not say the wrong thing to commit wrong think it's a really big thing. And I think it starts with us what we're doing, Brad, and it's really openly talking about this kind of stuff. And I think you're gonna find and I'm not saying you I'm saying the audience in general, people in general are going to find that more people think in are having these conversations in their own, you know, their daily conversations with their co workers, with their family, their friends than we realize and they're just kind of afraid to bring those conversations into mainstream. They don't want to go into the 15 threadfin spoke back and forth with Aunt Susan. Because they're like, I'm not going to change at Susan's mind and she's not going to change my mind. And is it really worth my time and energy? So I'm starting to put that that side of me out there. And you see that from people. I think we have a chance right now to show the way that we can have these conversations to disagree and at the same point in time, still be able to have a civil discourse and to find common ground. Even when we don't walk away from the conversations having 100% agreement. That's okay. Like that's how the world is supposed to work. That's how the market works. Like there's no one perfect product, you have different products and you test them and you figure out what's the best libertarian dishonest right now to actually get people to want to buy our product. So it starts with us, getting them interested and hopefully, you know, 2020 and beyond. 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