Aug. 17, 2022

564: What Ron Paul Taught Us About Speaking Truth (Even When the Crowd Seems Against You)

Ron Paul was an outsider in the 2008 presidential race. He wasn't part of the establishment and he had a lot of so-called "controversial" ideas that didn't seem to appeal to many people. But despite this, he managed to get a lot of votes—and even more importantly, his message resonated with people who may not have voted for him but still felt something about what he said.

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On today's episode, I explain how we can learn from Ron Paul's 2008 campaign when it comes to standing out from the crowd and building long-term trust.


Ron Paul was an outsider in the 2008 presidential race. He wasn't part of the establishment and he had a lot of so-called "controversial" ideas that didn't seem to appeal to many people. But despite this, he managed to get a lot of votes—and even more importantly, his message resonated with people who may not have voted for him but still felt something about what he said.


So how did he do it? Ron Paul spoke truth, even when it seemed like nobody else was listening. He spoke up for himself and his beliefs—even if nobody else agreed with him at first. And by doing this, he built trust over time, which allowed him to continue speaking truth until eventually his ideas were adopted by others who had been waiting for someone like him to show them what they could do together in order to change their communities and the world around them!


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Brian Nichols  0:00  
Instead of focusing on winning arguments, we're teaching the basic fundamentals of sales and marketing and how we can use them to win in the world of politics, teaching you how to meet people where they're at on the issues they care about. Welcome to The Brian Nichols Show.

Brady Leonard  0:13  
You just Beggars can't be choosers. We are a drastic minority in the country right now. We that view, property rights and individual liberty as extraordinarily important. We are in a dramatic minority right now. And we are in no place to cast anybody out. Unless they're like a truly sidenote, like, if you're just like, uncontrollably racist or anti semitic or something like that, yeah, get the heck out. But aside from that, you know what I mean?

Brian Nichols  0:42  
Yeah, and you know, in this is the reality that there is nobody I would say in the the greater libertarian movement, who wants any of those people. And this is the part that drives me crazy that you see, like the, Oh, you were dog whistling, or Oh, you were implying it's like, Listen, if you are always searching for the worst of intentions in people, you are absolutely going to find them. And here's

Brady Leonard  1:07  
when we stop using the term dog whistle. I mean, the whole point of a dog whistle is that people can't, can't hear it. It's an audible that the human ear. So I mean, a lot of people are hearing a lot of dog whistles left and right. And that really, that the term itself in its modern usage just never made any sense to me.

Brian Nichols  1:23  
Yeah, well, the reason that they're looking for the proverbial in this case, dog whistle, right is because as long as you're able to identify something that you can always have as like the reason to exclude, in this case, this other group in and this is the sad kind of mentality that we have a lot of people who they kind of just want to be friends with. And we hear this expression, right, like the beltway, Libertarian, right? The people who they have their friends in DC, and that's fine. Like, you can be friends with people in DC, who aren't libertarians, but like, you need to not just be friends, you also need to have principles and convictions. And while you have those differences, right, to actually, you know, when the rubber hits the road, to just stand on those convictions, you know, it's one thing to be a libertarian when, you know, it's easy, right? Um, whatever the easy issue is of the day. But you know, when when 2020 was happening, you know, back in March, and the government started shutting down people's businesses, dude, I, I had friends tell me that they were weren't going to engage with me on social media at all, because my ideas were, quote unquote, dangerous, because I was encouraging people to question, the trust the Science Trust, the experts narrative that was being used to facilitate the government shutdowns of businesses. And now, you fast forward almost a year later. And now that the quote unquote accepted science has been put out there by those scientists that they deem worthy of being looked at. That actually reaffirms everything that we were saying back in March. Now there's a suspiciously silent and, and here's what we need to do, right. As you know, folks in the greater liberty movement is we need to be entirely unabashedly strong in our convictions and on our principles, when it's unpopular, because when you look at folks like Ron Paul, right, like why was Ron Paul catching so much electricity back in 2008, and then 2012,

Brady Leonard  3:26  
because he's sorry to cut you off. But he was the only person making sense

Brian Nichols  3:30  
that and because he was addressing the number one concerns that were on America's mind at that time, which were number one, we've been at war for almost a decade. And number two, we were just going through one of the biggest economic crashes we'd seen since the Great Depression. In the world of wine, there are so many choices and that's why blood of tyrants wind as tyrants losing their heads, whether you're looking for a new go to that home, or watching impress your friends at a party, a lot of times wine has you covered. And if you're trying to get rid of some errands in your life, well, we've got that covered too heavy, the Brian Nichols forward slash wine and get $5 off your order. One more time, Brian Nichols, forward slash wine freemen don't ask permission. So take a sip, you'll be glad you did. So all of a sudden you have this guy on stage who not only is identifying the problem that every single American was pretty much feeling across the board, but also was giving the proper solutions to those problems. And guess what, him giving those those? I guess really identifying those problems and giving those solutions did not make him popular with the GOP establishment. It did not make him popular with the Democratic Party establishment. As a matter of fact, it made him very unpopular, very unpopular to the point that those establishments made a point to go out of their way and tried to corrupt and make it so he couldn't even get a chance to be the nominee in 2012. So here's the reality that libertarians are the face that nobody wants to be our friends in the left and right right now. They don't want to be our friend. They look at us as useful idiots in many cases, and in order to help get some idea or or some certain little pet project pass. Right? You know, that's something that we need to to realize is that, at the end of the day, we need to convince the people who aren't in this this game, do we really want to be friends with the people who are currently playing the game and be able to play the game as it currently is played. If we want to change the game, we need to bring people into this entire movement that haven't been part of the political system in the past that requires us going out, talking to them, where they're at, meeting with them, where they're at, and addressing really the fundamental issues that are really paramount to their individual communities, into their individual circumstances, their lives, so on so forth, that's where we're actually going to have some long lasting, meaningful relationships, we're building with people that again, this, this, I'll finish with this, right? When we are their trusted advisor, and this is what in sales you're always trying to do. You're trying to become the trusted adviser. So time and again, they will come back and ask you for help in different areas, because they trust that you're going to have the right opinion, or the very least, you're going to put them in touch with the right people so that those people can help them along the way where they're experts in that field. Right. And that's kind of what I realized when I was doing my show, as I'm having people on who are experts in their different fields is like, I don't have to be the expert on everything. And quite honestly, libertarians have to stop trying to be experts on everything. Instead, start trying to solve problems and direct people towards those who are already those experts. Let them be the experts in those fields. And then meanwhile, we can go out build more libertarians actually make some some substantive changes along the way and policy. And then at the end of the day, when we look back, guess what, Brady? This is the end game. We're trying to make a freer society. And I think if we pull our heads out, and we actually focus on making the app the number one issue, we will look back years from now and we will be pleasantly surprised with the progress we have made. But again, it requires us to take that first initial step first and really take a hard look at the year. Thanks for listening to The Brian Nichols Show. Find more episodes at the Brian Nichols Enjoying the audio version of the show, then you'll love our YouTube channel. Be sure to head over there and subscribe. If you're new to The Brian Nichols Show, be sure to head to your favorite podcast catcher and click download all unplayed episodes so you don't miss one of our nearly 500 episodes that will be sure to leave you educated, enlightened and informed. If you got value from today's episode. Can you do me a favor and head the Brian Nichols forward slash support and leave us a $5 donation and by the way, can you get on the show a five star review yet? If not head to Apple podcasts and tell folks why you listen to the program and don't forget to tell your friends to subscribe to follow me on social media at be Nichols liberty and again if you'd be so kind please consider making a donation to The Brian Nichols Show at Brian forward slash support. The Brian Nichols Show is supported by viewers like you. Thank you to our patrons Darryl Schmitz, Michael Lima, Michel Mankiewicz Cody John's Trent Acosta and the we're libertarians network

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