Aug. 18, 2022

565: The Reasons to Celebrate Liz Cheney's Loss are MANY

Cheney's loss means that she'll have to find another way to make herself relevant—and it looks like she has no shortage of ideas. After her loss, she said that she may consider running for PRESIDENT in 2024.

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Liz Cheney, the daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney and a former State Department official under George W. Bush, is best known for her conservative political views and her distaste for President Donald Trump.


She ran in the Republican primary for Wyoming's at-large congressional district this week, but unsurprisingly lost to Trump-endorsed candidate Harriet Hageman by a whopping margin of 66% to 29%.


Cheney's loss means that she'll have to find another way to make herself relevant—and it looks like she has no shortage of ideas. After her loss, she said that she may consider running for PRESIDENT in 2024.


But here's the thing: after losing so badly, it seems unlikely that Liz Cheney will be able to win another one anytime soon.


Her future...? Well… then she'll just be a token Republican on some progressive panel on cable television.



Guest: Kenny Cody



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Brian Nichols  0:03  
focusing on winning arguments. We're teaching the basic fundamentals of sales and marketing and how we can use them to win in the world of politics teaching you how to meet people where they're at on the issues they care about. Welcome to The Brian Nichols Show. Well happy searching there while you're on the plane. Thank you for joining us and of course, another fun filled episode. I am as always, your humble host and today looking forward to dig deep into the last that was the primary race that Liz chin was facing back on Tuesday to help me do that as our good friend Kenny Cody. But before we get there, I want to go ahead and give a shout out to today's sponsor and that is the expat money show head over to Brian Nichols forward slash expat where you can sign up to subscribe that is rather to the amazing expat money podcast. Don't worry, I have something for you to sign up for in a second. But first, let's subscribe to the expat money show where you can learn how to protect the money that you work so hard to earn from ambulance chasing lawyers, nefarious creditors and greedy unjust governments. Our good friend McHale Thorpe is going to help people just like you to invest internationally secure second passports and residencies, eliminate your tax bill and take advantage of offshore structures so you can travel the world freely and never have to worry about money again and okay, I go back to saying you need to sign up. Yeah, you need to sign up for the expat money Summit. It's taking place November 7 through Nov. 11. Five days 30 expert speakers amongst them the one and only Congressman Ron Paul. So you want to get your free tickets, head over to the Brian Nichols forward slash expat sign up. Get your free tickets to this virtual summit the expat money Summit. Yes, one more time. Brian Nichols forward slash expat Alright folks. So onto today's episode I mentioned it. You know him you love him. It's our good friend from Cody's concerns Kenny Cody, welcome back to The Brian Nichols Show.

Kenny Cody  2:03  
How are you Brian doing good bro. Thanks for having me on

Brian Nichols  2:05  
man. Great to have you back Kenny and you're doing the Lord's work my friend you're you're in the the public education system actually trying to help educate and fight back against the indoctrination of our kids. Number one. Number two, you're the Cobb County GOP chair. Might I add the youngest ever? And number three you're out there writing bangers every other week for town hall or today? We're talking about a PC row over at Newsmax Kenny. I don't know when you have time to sleep a man you're doing amazing things. Welcome back. What's been new in your world?

Kenny Cody  2:34  
Obviously about the work man. I've you know, I've been trying to rock columns. We've got three of our our primaries in May and then again in our general election here in the county, but primary state and federal wide here in Cobb County. So we're going to get through with that out of the general election. I hope the GOP can take their momentum into November. Hopefully some candidates can revise some of their strategies. I know some Republicans are down in the polls, but I have confidence that the summer is always pretty rough on Republicans when it comes to polling. So I'm hoping we take some momentum in November and defeat the socialist Democrats. I'm looking forward to it.

Brian Nichols  3:03  
Well, let's talk about taking out some of our own ranks first because sometimes you gotta clean house right? We saw this in Libertarian Party. Now we're seeing that right now in the Republican Party as well. And one of those folks who their their clock was cleaned and that was the one and only daughter of war monger himself Dick Cheney Nunez Liz Cheney, Liz Cheney, Congresswoman out in Wyoming. And she was soundly soundly defeated in her Republican primary. Now, if you go on to any corporate media entity, and you turn on the news, you're going to see sob stories every everybody's saying we would welcome Liz Cheney onto our show. And then of course, Kenny, they're going to ask the question. So Liz, are you preparing to run for president in 2024? They're all excited to talk to her about maybe her future political aspirations and let's be real, because she's a foil against Trump, and she's a foil against the rest of the GOP, right. But if you're in the GOP, there's a lot of reasons that we should be celebrating. And, frankly, we should be looking forward. Now, in a party without Liz Cheney, you wrote an article over at Newsmax The reason to celebrate Liz Cheney's losses are many, and hey, we got about 20 minutes or so Kenny, let's dig into some of those reasons. Why should we be celebrating if you're a Republican Liz Cheney's laws out there in Wyoming?

Kenny Cody  4:18  
For one, just the general election momentum, I mean, we're getting we're cleaning house, as you said, we're getting rid of these rhinos, we're getting rid of these sort of moderate squishes. And, you know, I've seen a lot of criticism of, you know, myself and other people who are celebrating this loss. But you know, the good thing about it is Yeah, true. You know, Cheney did vote for Trump 90% of the time, you know, that's about the fact that's true. However, the 8% that she did not vote with him are some of her worst casualties during her congressional tenure those votes to send weapons over to Ukraine, the votes to promote the military industrial complex, the votes to go to war in Afghanistan and Iran and Iraq in the Middle East to solely been a The Military Industrial Complex that her and her father are invested in. So yes, Did he vote with Trump 90% of the time? Absolutely. But the 8% She didn't vote with him are some of the most harmful policies in United States history and some of the most that most bad mistakes the Republicans can make in foreign policy, and that was the 8%. She didn't vote with him on and that's why she got beat is late and early on from that month, and we'll say late, as recent as 2020 are advocating for Liz Chang to be thrown out of leadership and defeated in the primary. Why did I do that? That was before she came out against Trump. That was before she's voted to impeach him the second time. The reason I did that was because she was advocating for primary one of the best if not the best member of Congress. Thomas Massie she donated to a white supremacist primary challenger, her and Mark Turner both gave him donations and had to withdraw those donations or at least requested their donations be withdrawn, because he was a white supremacist. But the reason that Thomas Massie was being primarily is because he wanted people to go on the record and funding war and wanting people to go on the Republicans themselves holding his own party accountable. Because at that time, even in his recent is 2020. The Republicans were not necessarily the anti interventionist party, we had about 30 members, maybe even 20 that were pre anti interventionist. But now with this new breed of Republicans like Marjorie Taylor Greene, Norm over to Matt Gaetz, Thomas Massie and others, we have this new breed of Republicans that are anti interventionist, and are our anti war advocating for defending the police defunding the NSA, the ATF, or libertarian Republicans, who are this new breed that are the most hated and and I can see why because they disagree with the establishment Republicans like Liz Cheney. But you know, as recent as two years ago, I was calling for her removal as Caucus Chairman, I was causing her removal from Congress in general. And I'm glad everybody caught up to speed with that she got beat to death by 38 points by libertarian populace to advocate against the military industrial complex and her campaign issues. So I am very glad that I was about two years ago, and I'm glad to depart. He's up to speed

Brian Nichols  7:03  
now. Well, and we always talk about when we talked about the role of sales resetting narratives, right? You're not You're not responding to your competitors narrative. Let's let's think about this in the business perspective, right? If I'm competing with somebody, I am not responding to the claims, or the positions that they're framing me in that how does that help me if they're saying, Yeah, well, company A over there with Brian, they're they their prices are really, really expensive. If I go in, and I'm responding to that narrative, saying, Listen, my prices are really expensive. And here's why. Now I'm playing their game versus and this is going back to the importance of what we saw here with Liz Cheney losing and that is reclaiming narratives, resetting narratives. And it shows why it was so important when you look at the way that Liz Cheney has been personified, especially in the corporate press, is what can issues personify as a conservative, a true rock ribbed Republican, her her dad was Dick Cheney, the Vice President of George Bush, and they they they think that this matters, and that this act, but they can actually gaslight, your average American, because before they could have right they could have made that argument that well, she you she is a conservative and and that would be the likes of everybody that would be in power. But now your average voter, they see past that, and that's frankly, why you're seeing folks like Harriet higman Go ahead and not just beat Liz Cheney, but absolutely Palmer and doing so populous message, as you you mentioned, but taking a populist approach that it's focusing on reclaiming narratives. It's focused on reclaiming truth reclaiming what what is and is not true and factual. I had back forget must have been like sometime in middle of COVID, our good friend Britt there on the show from fractals, and Britt show, and we talked about the importance of words mattering. And this carries through to where we are today. Words matter, principles matter. And consistency matters. Now Liz has been consistently wrong. And let's focus on some of those areas. You mentioned a few of them. I wanted to touch on really quickly her Ignatian John McCain of all people about torture. Now let's just touch touch on Liz, Liz Cheney and tortured and Kenny, I'm sure you could go on a little bit more in detail about just how horrific her approach to torture was.

Kenny Cody  9:23  
Sure. I mean, somebody like John McCain, who even though I disagree with everything that he ever stood for, in terms of of neocon foreign policy, in terms of caving on the health care bills, and all of his other failures. While he was in the Senate. He was a prisoner of war himself. He was tortured himself while he was in war. And he knew how maniacal that torture really is. And you have somebody like Liz Cheney telling a prisoner of war, that that torture is a good thing for the United States be practicing. And this doesn't come as a surprise because her and her father have advocated for measures like this, whether it's in the Middle East, whether it's in our own country, that the federal government needs to punish people and needs to make sure that the sovereignty is protected and democracy is protected by torturing people and killing children like they've advocated for all of their careers, and dictating continues to do that. The reason that Dick Cheney and Liz Cheney don't like Donald Trump and don't like the new populist movement, is it because of election integrity and the integrity of January 6 than the awful event that it was? No, they hate us. They hate Trump people. They hate populace and libertarian populace like me, because I disagree with how her family is worth anything. And one of the best things that I've heard is, you know, it's all Dan Rather and a couple other media people saying this is the death of the Republican Party. I say a piss on its grave if it's when the party of Liz Cheney and Dick Cheney, the new Republican Party is a populous libertarian message that rejects the establishment war perspective, rejects the propping up of the ATF and the propping up of the FBI and CIA and the NSA. If that is the Republican Party If passed, then I say to Liz Cheney, her father and other Neo cons that prop this party up before good, I hope it dies, a meaningful death and the new party can rise up and that's exactly what is happening. With all these replacement Republicans getting primary But Liz Cheney herself in Wyoming being beat by 38 points. And let's not forget that this is the same woman who uses any other issue to try to prop herself up she actually admonished gay marriage. And when she was running for Senate and heard and denounced her own sister's marriage when she was trying to appeal to the Republican what primary voters and why am I only when she was going to run for Senate not for Congress, but for Senate she actually lost. So let's not forget this the same woman who will use literally use and prop up and virtue signal, any single issue in order to prop yourself up and her net worth actually increased by 600%. The last two years in Congress because she has used January 6, and election integrity and anti Trump messaging to earn money. This isn't a woman who deserves anything to feel sorry for this not a family that deserves any of our admiration, or any of our motivations. The if that is the Republican Party that is dead now. That I'm glad it's dead and should be dead and buried. Well, if

Brian Nichols  12:21  
you're a Liz Cheney fan or a neocon fan this conversations pushing you to drink well no worries I have a perfect wine for you tyrants listen more

that's right huge coke t v n s at checkout you get five bucks off blood of tyrants wine and by the way, Kenny Cody you partake in wine I do not I do not drink anymore but you do and you ordered some of our blood of tyrants wine talk to us what was your experience

Kenny Cody  13:14  
that was fantastic I mean, you know in red wine that you can eat the steak and that you know had a great taste it wasn't too heavy. It was It is easy to drink especially with a meal so our I really enjoyed it the people the blood of tyrants you know afforded me two bottles and I absolutely enjoyed it. I it was it was very smooth. I don't like a very thick one myself, I don't like something that's very, you know, staged it's not tasting and things like that, but that was as smooth as it could get. So I really appreciated that that for blood a tired same as well worth the money span.

Brian Nichols  13:40  
See, now you're making it hard for me I don't drink anymore. And I want I want to partake however, I'm gonna take your word for it in this case. And folks, if you want to go ahead and not just take Kenny's word for it, but actually go ahead and try some blood of tyrants wine, as I mentioned $5 off use code TB and s at the Brian Nichols forward slash wine. But fast forward, can you let's let's kind of go towards not just the future, but specifically Liz Cheney's future. Now this was teased immediately after her losing not by anyone in particular, but by her and that was her comparing herself to Abraham Lincoln in the possible ascension to the presidency. And Liz Cheney actually thinks right now as do a lot of other folks in the corporate media who are fawning and asking this question over the past few days about her future political prospects. Liz, are you planning on running for president one day? Maybe in 2024? She won't rule it out. But Kenny I mean, the writing's on the wall. This is absolutely what she's doing. She's putting herself in a position right now to be an alternative to Joe Biden and an alternative to that just evil evil Donald Trump. So talk to us. What are your thoughts on Liz Cheney's political aspirations and oh, by the way, where will she find political home I noticed that the Libertarian Party she didn't at the forward party.

Kenny Cody  14:55  
I hope she comes and gets her another dose as I as all I can say, I hope she runs please, Liz, I'm begging you, please run again. So whoever we run in 2020, for me that Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis, or anybody else, I beg you to run, because people don't even realize it's the same issue that's happening in Alaska. But Lisa Murkowski. I mean, the Democrats are the ones who switched over and voted for Liz Cheney. That's happens in open primary states, Democrats are switching over and voting in GOP primaries in order to prop up the least effective or the least bad Republican in that certain election. So I hope she runs because she won't take any votes away from Donald Trump. She's gonna take votes away from Joe Biden, she's gonna take a vote away from the Democratic nominee, those of virtue signaling into independence are going to are going to choose a choice, they're not going to choose Liz Cheney, I promise you that Liz Cheney is everything the Republican Party has always been hated, hated, for. She not may not be as vocal and she may not be as populist and may not be as blunt as me and a bunch of other people. But she is that the no sensible independent is going to vote for Cheney as an alternative to a Democrat or Republican. And I promise you that more Democrats will switch over and vote for her than would vote for Donald Trump or Biden. I mean, it's preposterous to think that she is going to sign off on off on Trump's vote, if anybody has is a testament to that look at Dave Wasserman is tweet that primary itself proved that he's he's not going to soften anything off of Donald Trump. So I pray that she runs I really, really, really hope so because that'll further signify that we are not the party of old and we are not the party of Bush, Cheney or anything else. And the fact that she compared herself to Abraham Lincoln, that's absolutely hilarious. If Abraham Lincoln didn't get beat by 40 points, he may have lost a few state legislative licenses, a few congressional races, but he did not get beat as an incumbent for 10 years when she had won every other election by 40 points and primaries, and all of a sudden she gets to buy for yourself. That didn't happen to a old Abe Lincoln, I promise you that. And the fact I don't know what the phrase was, I forget who it is if it was a vice presidential debate. You know, Senator, you're no John Kennedy lives, you're no Abraham Lincoln. So if the police step up, get beat to death again, I would love to be writing another article in 2024. About how pathetic you are.

Brian Nichols  17:14  
Well, and it speaks to hope. Right? And this, this is a message to my libertarian friends, Big L libertarian friends, right. So I was down at Young Americans for Liberty, revolution 2022. And I got to hang out with a lot of the Republicans there who are running as big are Republicans, but with small l libertarian principles. And I got to tell you, it feels like the momentum, the energy and seeing the votes like this take place. It is not with the Neo cons that the Republican Party of yesteryear is no more, just like the Libertarian Party of yesteryear is no more now, that is not to say that we need to run awesome libertarian candidates. As a matter of fact, I encourage that, and I bring a lot of those candidates on especially when there are no good Republicans in the race when we have only our Liz Cheney's versus the alternative version, which is going to be a Democrat. And we need to have a real third choice, but not just a third choice, a real alternative, bring different solutions. And thank God, we're seeing a Libertarian Party now leading more effectively, but we're seeing a Republican Party do so as well. So I think it is important for us to acknowledge, Hey, good job, GOP good job on cleaning house and good job on starting to focus more on a lot of the issues that frankly, we've been talking about for 4050 years in the Libertarian Party. I mean, I'm hearing my Republican friends now echoing, they want to abolish the FBI and the End the Fed. They're looking at getting rid of the IRS. They're against public schools, unlike what's happened, like what when when did you start adopting the language that I was called the radical for just maybe two, three years ago, but that's where the Republican Party is at and we should be, we should be encouraging more folks to go that route. If that's the route that's easier for them to get towards liberty. Our goal is not to get folks to align themselves with a particular party. Our goal is to get our country more free to make individual people's lives more free to help get our grandkids to have a more free society where they're not straddled with 10s of 1000s of dollars of debt soon to be hundreds of 1000s of dollars of debt, the moment that they enter into this world. So we have an obligation to help change people's minds the best way we can and what do we always say, folks? It's to meet people where they're at on the issues they care about if they think that the only way to get Liberty into action is to use the Republican Party, then who are you to fight them on that help them at least navigate the right people to support or at the very least the people they should not be supporting like the Liz Cheney's like the bill crystals like the Dick Cheney's the George Bush's, the Bush Empire, the Cheney empire, they are gone. They're no longer in control of the GOP. That is something that if you were to say that in 2015, you would have been laughed at but don't will trump the type that business tycoon from New York City enters the race in 2015, and completely changes the political landscape on its head. So Kenny, with that being said, I know we're already hard pressed for time here, you wrote this banger over at Newsmax. And obviously, you've been doing a lot more great stuff, not only at Newsmax, but at townhall and a number of other organizations. So if folks want to go ahead and not only continue the conversation with you, go ahead and read some awesome work that you've been doing. We're gonna go ahead and do that.

Kenny Cody  20:29  
Yeah, so I wrote a piece about it, actually, just last week. It's called an authoritarian regime if you can keep it about the FBIs rate of Donald Trump's of Mara Lago and also wrote about the IRS getting funding through a, a mother way against Senate Republicans as well that voted for the bill that would increase IRS funding to hire 87,000 IRS agents and arm them with handguns and weapons of war. So you know, our federal government is becoming militarized. Our federal government is becoming too large at all levels. So please go and read my writing, criticizing both Republicans and Democrats on these types of at And if you want to follow me on Twitter, I always post my most recent article as my pin tweet. You can follow me Rob down here. Right here at at Katy Cody T N of s The same holds true social you can find me as Kenny Cody on Instagram and Facebook. Please add me let's be friends. Let's start conversations. And let's push Liberty through whatever avenue we can find.

Brian Nichols  21:26  
Amen. Final thoughts for the episode today. I'll start with mine, Kenny, and that is the importance of speaking truth to power, regardless of whether it's popular or not, frankly, and that's actually the exact episode I aired there yesterday, folks, it was specifically addressing how Ron Paul in 2008 led the charge and he made it so it was not, it was not as difficult for us today to talk about these issues, because he was talking about them on the main stage, even when it wasn't popular when he was not, you know, when he was not the main opinion on stage. The main opinion on stage was Rudy Giuliani was the likes of the Dick Cheney's it was the likes of the Neo cons that were on that stage that were leading the conversation. And Ron Paul spoke truth, he and he did so despite the crowd that he was facing again. So it's important for us to do that as well. I'll make sure if you're if you're on here on the YouTube, I'll include that for you right here below us. So just go ahead, click that in the final little video link there at the end of the episode. It'll bring you right over it. That's my final thoughts. Any final thoughts for you?

Kenny Cody  22:33  
Well, just a message until it's all your Libertarian Party friends. I'll go in and say you guys, I'm not locked into a GOP that much either or I wouldn't be appearing on these types of podcasts by Libertarian Party members such as Brian, but my message to you is, celebrate this celebrate losses of Neo cons that have been pretty much pushing against libertarian values for 20 years. Don't try and pay it like oh, we shouldn't be celebrating this because the only reason she lost was because of Donald Trump. No, let's celebrate Neo cons being beaten primaries and warmongers being beaten primaries, because I promise you the Republican Party is changing better for the better no matter if you'd like it or not. I know that a lot of people don't want the Republican Party to be better. I know a lot of libertarians don't. And I understand why. Because that's the problem we have of the Libertarian Party. But for once Can we just join hands and kind of wish that you know, one of the major parties is starting to realize that the past is the past and the future is the future. So please, I beg you if you're a Libertarian Party and you're or you're part of the Republican Party, and you just hold up with varying values let's let's join hands and actually signal let him celebrate that a war mongering. sycophants like Liz Cheney is no longer going to be in the halls of Congress anymore. And if she runs again, she'll get beat to death. The party is changing, just like the LP is changing for the better. The GOP is changing for the better too. So don't just try and slam dunk on Oh, you know, we can't celebrate this because this is Trump for once. Just pick up your bootstraps. Don't try and make this about the GOP or make this about the LP just celebrate the neocon warmongers no more. And if you want to share my thoughts, if you want to join me in this spot, please. I will I will go on any podcast I will be I will join you in calling out either Republicans or Democrats that are holding up neocon values. However interventionist values, let's just all join together and try to push Liberty forward.

Brian Nichols  24:23  
Ah, man, and you know what, Kenny, I saw that on full display there down in Florida. It gives me a renewed hope. I know I'm gonna be speaking out here at a Libertarian party event, just this next weekend. So I'm looking forward to that here in Indiana. And I'm gonna be hopefully bringing the same energy I brought down there to Florida to the libertarian voters that I brought to those young voters and Young Americans for Liberty Reb 2022. And that is the sense of optimism because yes, the energy is on our side so long as we continue to meet people where they're at. So with that being said, Folks, thank you for joining us on today's episode, I will include Kenny's banger of an article there and Newsmax in the show notes. And please go ahead and give that a click. And by the way, if you've not gone ahead and follow Kenny on social media, what are you doing? Go ahead and follow him, please. And when you do, give him a shout And let him know I sent you His way. With that being said yes, for our audio listener. By the way, if you did not know we have a YouTube version of the podcast, so please go ahead and click the artwork in your podcast catcher, it'll bring you over to Brian Nichols Where first, you can go ahead and find the entire transcript of today's episode, all 560 plus other episodes but yes, a direct link to our YouTube page where when you head over there, hit that subscribe button hit that little notification bell so you're not missing a single time we have a new episode air five days a week and up folks. I truly cannot thank you enough. The reviews have been so so just great to read. So I'm glad that you guys are getting value. I love hearing your questions. If you're here on YouTube, give us a question that you have for future episodes below in the chat otherwise, but that being said, that's all we have for you today. It's Brian Nichols signing off. You're on The Brian Nichols Show for the one and only Kenny Cody. We'll see you tomorrow.

Unknown Speaker  26:01  
It's for listening to The Brian Nichols Show. Find more episodes at the Brian Nichols

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