Aug. 19, 2022

566: Why Libertarians Need to Know Their Market & Meet Them Where They're At

Libertarians need to know that there are many people who have never been exposed to libertarianism before, so we need to meet them where they're at on the issues that matter most to them.

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On today's episode, I talk about how the Libertarian Party will find success when they adopt the approach of knowing their market and meeting them where they're at on the issues they care about.


Libertarians need to know that there are many people who have never been exposed to libertarianism before, so we need to meet them where they're at on the issues that matter most to them. This is so we can show them how libertarian principles of individual liberty and voluntary association work for them.


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Brian Nichols  0:00  
Instead of focusing on winning arguments, we're teaching the basic fundamentals of sales and marketing and how we can use them to win in the world of politics, teaching you how to meet people where they're at on the issues they care about. Welcome to The Brian Nichols Show.

Brady Leonard  0:13  
Looking at a guy like Ron Paul, and just looking back on it, I know we both admire Ron Paul, not the best speaker, not the most charismatic, not the, you know, not young, by any stretch of the imagination. I think if we can get some other leaders in there, we're going to have a golden opportunity here, man, the left is going to overstep their hand, they're going to overreach, they're going to do some extraordinarily evil things. Even if they don't get to enact a lot of their evil stuff, they're at least gonna be spewing their evil nonsensical jargon on TV every day. For the next four years, we're gonna have a golden opportunity here. If Ron Paul and old man from Texas, who's not a great speaker could get literally hundreds of 1000s of young people chanting and the Fed. I think we're going to be set up here during a Biden administration to make a lot of inroads for liberty.

Brian Nichols  1:02  
So let's focus on the things then. Right, that that people are really fired up about and that's what what Ron Paul and I was referring to, you know, what he was doing in 2008. And 2012. It worked in a timeframe, right, the context of the timeframe. And then that's why, you know, if you're a libertarian 2020 21, and you're trying to win people over by telling them how bad the Fed is, well, you're right. But I'm sorry, that's not going to catch them by you know, any surprise like, that's great. How did that help put food on the table right now, you can talk about monetary policy until you're blue in the face, but like, here, how about this, let's talk about like, you know, ending lockdowns, right, like How about getting the government out of people's lives and getting people to not be deemed essential versus non essential? Like, that's where people right now are entirely at like people, instead of saying, hey, I want a $2,000 stimulus check, say, Hey, how about $2,000 less taken out your paycheck every single month, like a $2,000 payroll tax cut across the board for every single American that has a job? Like, do you not think that that would have a positive, negative or a positive economic impact? And these are things that we can we can start to sell people right? Instead of, you know, the Libertarian dogma. And again, it's knowing who you're talking to. We're not trying to sell on on your traditional Republicans or traditional Democrats, we're trying to reach the people who are politically aware, but otherwise have not really engaged and that's when we're going to see the actual substantive change, right? When we get those people to start giving a shit. And once they start giving a shit, and they actually start getting involved. That's when we're going to start to see some positive change in actually getting Liberty policy and action.

Brady Leonard  2:41  
Yeah, no, I would 100% agree with you. I 100% agree. And I want to I'm gonna end the show in just a second on some way too soon. punditry on where the GOP and the LP are gonna go from here. Obviously, we're gonna be wrong, because I mean, it's January 2021. We're talking about where we're at each party is going to land in the next couple of years. I'm sure we're gonna look like idiots for but we might as well put it on the record and let our fans make fun of us, right. But um, yeah, let's do that. First. Let's do that. First. Obviously, we know what we believe both Libertarian Party and the GOP should head next what what battles we're up against? Before we get to that? What do you think they will do? Just do your put on your cynical hat Brian, you've seen too much as I've I, if you had to print if you were if you were a betting man, I'm not saying what they should do. We're gonna get to that in a second. But what will the GOP do next? What will the LP do next? If we don't do something about it? On both sides, in the

Brian Nichols  3:41  
world of wine, there are so many choices and that's why a lot of tyrants wine has tyrants losing their heads whether you're looking for a new go to that home, or watching the press your friends at a party. A lot of times wine has you covered and if you're trying to get rid of some pesky parents in your life, well, we've got that covered too. And the Brian Nichols forward slash wine and get $5 off your order. One more time, Brian Nichols Forward slash wine freemen don't ask permission. So take a sip. You'll be glad you did. Yeah. So here's here's the GOP question. I think GOP right now they're going to be facing going forward at identity crisis. Right. Do they? Do they go the route of the Trump Maga route? Do they go the route back to like the Tea Party, Rand Paul Mike Lee route? Or do they go more towards this hybrid approach of you know, a populist approach with this kind of weird, like, pseudo nationalist economic approach like a Josh Hawley or Tucker Carlson? I think you're going to see the the answer be a hybrid of the Magga versus the Josh Hawley wing of the GOP. I think you're going to see more of that take over and then you're going to see for the LP I think you're going to See more folks in that Mises caucus? realm? I think. I mean, they've been growing leaps and bounds right over the past year. And I think as we move toward 2022, that that number, I think, though they'll probably get to the point where they'll take over like the leadership aspect of the party for messaging. And if that's the case, then I think the messaging will be able to attract those voters in the L or in the GOP, like the Ron Paul Rand Paul Thomas Massie types who maybe are going to be feeling alienated and looking for alternatives, assuming that they don't win that battle in the GOP. And if that's the case, then I would see the Libertarian Party moving forward much more in the realm of being truly like that Ron Paul kind of party versus the the Gary Johnson Bill Weld party. Thanks for listening to The Brian Nichols Show. Find more episodes at the Brian Nichols Enjoying the audio version of the show, then you'll love our YouTube channel, be sure to head over there and subscribe. If you're new to The Brian Nichols Show, be sure to head to your favorite podcast catcher and click download all unplayed episodes so you don't miss one of our nearly 500 episodes that will be sure to leave you educated, enlightened and informed if you got value from today's episode. Can you do me a favor and head the Brian Nichols forward slash support and leave us a $5 donation and by the way, and you get on the show a five star review yet? If not head to Apple podcasts and tell folks why you listen to the program and don't forget to tell your friends to subscribe to follow me on social media at be Nichols liberty and again, if you'd be so kind please consider making a donation to The Brian Nichols Show at Brian forward slash support. The Brian Nichols Show is supported by viewers like you. Thank you to our patrons Darryl Schmitz, Michael Lima, Michel Mankiewicz, Cody John's Trent Acosta and the we're libertarians network

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