Aug. 22, 2022

567: ANTHONY FAUCI TO RESIGN IN DECEMBER - (Animal-Tested / Tortured Beagles Nationwide Celebrate!)

Jeffrey Tucker joins me to talk about why we should be happy that a man who has been a part of the HHS since 1984 is finally stepping down, how much harm Fauci has done to public health and the trust in science, as well as what it means for our country moving forward.

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Today we're talking about the announcement that Anthony Fauci is resigning his post at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.


Jeffrey Tucker joins me to talk about why we should be happy that a man who has been a part of the HHS since 1984 is finally stepping down, how much harm Fauci has done to public health and the trust in science, as well as what it means for our country moving forward.


We also discuss how this announcement should be a call to action for all of us, who have been fighting against government overreach into our lives, to continue fighting.




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Brian Nichols  0:03  
focusing on winning arguments. We're teaching the basic fundamentals of sales and marketing and how we can use them to win in the world of politics teaching you how to meet people where they're at on the issues they care about. Welcome to The Brian Nichols Show.

Unknown Speaker  0:17  
Happy Monday, so you're on The Brian Nichols Show. afford. Another fun filled episode is called the fun filled episode. Today we're gonna be talking about our morning thing here, the

Brian Nichols  0:31  
one and only Dr. Anthony Fauci, who has just announced he is retiring. But before we get there, I'm gonna go ahead and give a shout out to today's sponsor and that sponsor is the expat money show head over the Brian Nichols forward slash expat where you can go ahead and join our my good friend, McHale Thorpe, who's going to help you protect the money you worked so hard to earn from ambulance chasing lawyers, nefarious creditors, and greedy, unjust governments. And oh, by the way, if you go ahead and talk to our good friend calthorpe, he's going to tell you that he's going to help people just like you to invest internationally secure second passports and residencies, eliminate that tax bill, and take advantage of offshore structures, so you can travel the world freely, and never have to worry about money again. And oh, by the way, the X PAC money Summit is it's gonna be here before we know it, folks, November 7 through November 11. It's gonna be five days 30 expert speakers, and traditionally, these speakers would charge hundreds of dollars to sit down and in some cases 1000s of dollars to sit and have these consultations. You get them for free. That is virtual Summit. And by the way, they have an amazing keynote speaker, the one and only Dr. Ron Paul will be joining us so head the Brian Nichols Forward slash expat and get your free tickets today. All right, folks. So yeah, I mentioned it in the intro, our Lord and Savior Dr. Anthony Fauci, sadly, he is retiring. Is it sad though, to talk about that? Jeffrey Tucker from the brownstone Institute. Welcome to The Brian Nichols Show.

Jeffrey Tucker  1:58  
Such a pleasure to be here. Thank you. Absolutely. Jeffrey,

Brian Nichols  2:01  
great to have you back in the program. And obviously today is a sad day. I say that completely tongue in cheek, Dr. Anthony Fauci has announced today that he is stepping away from his role and no longer gonna be leading our nation's national discourse on what is science and what is public health. So we're gonna dig into that. But before we do that, Jeffrey, you had been fighting the good fight over the past few years, especially when it was not popular leading the charge, obviously, with a Great Barrington declaration, and then helping us here at the amazing organization, the brown stone Institute leading the conversation in terms of what is the fact when it comes to the way our government and public health has approached COVID-19 Talk to us what's been going on since you were last year in the program? Well,

Jeffrey Tucker  2:45  
everything keeps getting worse. I mean, I guess that's a summary statement of of our times, you know, the spending, the taxing the inflation, the fallout from the lockdowns, the mandates everybody's madder than ever Bradley. So the administrative state that did this to us are locked in our homes is shut our churches shut our schools, limited, our travel and so on, is still really in the world with the emergency declarations. So nothing has changed. They got scared a little bit and pulled back on their draconian impositions on our lives. But apart from that, everything's still in place. I mean, my unvaccinated friends from Europe still can't visit, even today, even though the CDC has said that their mandates were ridiculous, and the vaccine doesn't work. I mean, that's basically what he said. But even given that we've got an administrative state that cannot roll back these mandates on travel, so we're no better off than we were, I would say, like two and a half years ago. And in some sense, they can clamp down immediately, even though most people in this country imagine themselves to be free. They're not free. By any stretch, we're no, we're far less free than we were three years ago. And yet, we just, you know, look what they've done to us. They've gaslighted us, they've convinced us that we're free, everything's back to normal, it's not.

Brian Nichols  4:17  
So this is partly why folks like me, left big cities like Philadelphia, New York City, because frankly, I saw the writing on the wall, this wasn't going to go away. And that was obvious. And we saw a lot of these little petty tyrants in their little fiefdoms really get excited at the idea that suddenly they had this draconian power, and it could pretty much go unchecked so long as they were doing so in the name of number one, trusting the science of course, but But number two, using fear as a weapon and the fear in this case of an invisible virus that no one can see. But you're always going to have to be terrified and the only way to show that you're taking it seriously is to wear a mask stay stay home and stay safe and obviously keep going More than six feet apart from each other. And that's the approach that not only led the conversation in these cities over the past two years, but it permeated the national conversation. And it was led by folks like Dr. Anthony Fauci. And this is the part that I think it's so important for us to talk about today, Jeffrey, and frankly, I have to go back and praise You and your amazing team over the browser Institute, because we have to make sure that we've not only been writing what's been happening and documenting what's been happening, but making sure we are setting the record straight right now, as you can watch folks going back and trying to rewrite narrative you see, Deborah Birx, trying to distance herself from the response from COVID-19. From the national perspective, you see the CDC starting to turn back a lot of their guidance more or less to what the Great Barrington declaration promoted back in the very beginning of the pandemic. And now folks like Dr. Fauci who are looking to move forward and likely in his new book, he's told us he's gonna be writing set their own narratives. So let's talk about that. Let's focus on folks like Dr. Anthony Fauci, who he really has been one of the main thing your heads, if not the face when you think of the government response to COVID-19. And I would love to hear your overall summary Dr. Jeffrey Tucker.

Jeffrey Tucker  6:08  
Timely the resignation is is a little bit unusual, it could be one of two things or a combination of both. I mean, the first thing is that he's a huge liability to the Democratic Party into Biden's reelection prospects. He said he's not going to resign until December, which is after the midterms. So I'm not sure that it's entirely political, but it certainly is financial. So he's got a huge royalty, cheque waiting and advance from a publisher. Yeah, I don't know who it is. They've offered him several $100,000, to add on to his 40 and $50,000. Government check that against nearly plus pension. So if he resigns, now, he gets his pension, he has to give up his income, but he gets a huge check of royalties, maybe it's million dollars, I don't know. But he cannot get that as a government employee. So he resigns now. Therefore, he gets the advance on royalties that he hopes that his book is going to earn, then he'll get somebody else to read his book, and then it will sell and then he'll get both the be able to keep the advance, and then also get royalties on sales in his book. So he's the ultimate capitalist, and similar in some ways, you know, it's very bitter, and I don't see it as a victory. It seems like a combination of a great career of line and pillaging, and locking people down and destroying people's liberty and human rights. And he brags about it, you know, every single day on national television, thanks to the captain media and the captain big tech can banish anybody once from Twitter, blow away your YouTube account. He controls scientists, hundreds of 1000s of them all over the world. And he's probably responsible for the pandemic, you know, what she's trying to cover up? So Anthony Fauci is a creature of the state and big industry, and the ultimate sets. And today, the dams with on which I'm speaking to you, he's resigned. But he's resigned mostly for financial reasons. And also maybe a little bit because he's become a liability to the Democratic Party.

Brian Nichols  8:30  
What would you say has been Anthony Fauci overall impact not just on public health in general, but truly looking at science and trusting science across the board? Do you think he has done more in the positive or the negative?

Jeffrey Tucker  8:45  
Well, he's discredited science and discredited public health. And that's his legacy. And he did it during the AIDS epidemic, in which he said, you can catch AIDS by casual contact with toilet seats. For example, He sent the whole country into panic. I'm talking about like 8786 87, something like that. And that's been his legacy ever since he's a very good media figure. I think he has training but he's long ago forgot that training. And his long ago forgotten science who's never even looked at it during the COVID pandemic. He manipulated the system is a deeply cynical person. Cynical on multiple levels. He doesn't believe science. He doesn't read it. But more than that, he thinks that it's all a hoax, and that he's figured out the game. And he has, and so he's been lying to us for the better part of two and a half years. So in February, let me think of the actual date and might have been March 2, Washington Post reporter named Michael Gearson wrote him and said, What's the point of the social distancing? Actually, as you say, this is two weeks before the lockdown Right. Yep. He said, Well, it's not to wait for a vaccine vaccines will have no effect whatsoever. We'll be able to get rid of this virus through keeping everybody apart. And closing schools, closing churches closing massive and closing sports. So that was his position March 2. Now, this was not a public memo, it was discovered only in the email, releases the FOIA requests. But that was his view. So he really thought we could get to zero COVID With enough lockdowns does the march 2. Now apparently he had changed his mind coming back to March 26. He had written Morgan Fairchild, the AVS actress and said, Hey, we're all going to lock down Warren and followers of this. Three days earlier, he was still diminishing the virus and saying it's not that big a deal. It's just a fluke. Don't worry about it. Don't wear a mask, don't don't care. Three days later, he changed his mind. And then five days after that he was telling the Washington Post, we're gonna lock down forever. Because if we lockdown properly, nobody will get infected, which is ridiculous. And turns out, of course, that everybody got the bug. Regards to lockdown. So this pandemic would have been probably over with two years ago. If he hadn't had his way, but he does have his way. And he still refuses to take responsibility for the decisions he made. To lock down and favorite lockdowns and persuade Trump to lock down. So I mean, this guy is a really I would say like a like a very cynical monster who doesn't believe in truth doesn't believe in science, doesn't believe in, in anything. He just says whatever he wants to get his way.

Brian Nichols  12:00  
You just went to and you touched on this next part, I wanted to focus on that as well what happens next? Because, yes, he's retiring. And yes, he's gonna have his book deal here ready to rock and roll. But you see folks in the Senate like Rand Paul, who have been focusing and adamantly saying that no, no, no, we're gonna be digging more into foundries role here as it pertains to COVID-19. We're gonna look more into the origins of COVID-19, the Wuhan institute that we're gonna dig into what was our role in funding the gain of function research. And obviously, this is stuff that Rand Paul was raising up from beginning that was raised to be conspiracy theory. But now, it's pretty much well known documented fact. And now we're really just starting to peel back the layers here and finding so much. So what's next, Jeffrey, what should we be doing here as we approach Anthony Fauci his role in all this?

Jeffrey Tucker  12:47  
So I'm pretty sure he's going to be called before the Congress and the Republicans who are going to take over the Senate in the house, as far as we know, based on the current polling. And Fauci will go there as a private citizen, not quite yet right now for about a month. And he'll Stonewall, and it'll take countless hours of hearings to get him to admit the truth, and he probably never will. And then, I don't know how old he is. He's very old. At some point, he'll die. And you're gonna have to make up your own decision. You know, what do you think about Fauci, what do you think about the lockdowns? What do you think about his legacy? There will, my prediction is that there will be no justice at all, unfortunately, and it's not just Fauci. It's Burke's, it's, it's called him say it's, it's 1000s people around the world, that he rules that we've lived through the biggest lie imaginable, conducted by the state, big tech and big media. And we're gonna have to get to the bottom of it, and it has to start with interrogations and Fauci. But, uh, but I'm not sure that's gonna lead to much is to cover really, and it's up to Rand Paul. And think about this. I mean, like, Rand Paul is a weird character. He has medical training and therefore bravery in the face of this subject. But if it weren't for him, who would there be? Ron Johnson is a very interesting guy. I like him very much. But, okay, take Ron Johnson out of the picture. Who's left? Right now? Nobody. And and so we've been, we were locked in our homes and our churches were closed, our businesses were destroyed, our communities smashed, hundreds and 1000s businesses destroyed. Where's the justice? You know, in all of this? So which leads to the real question, who's in charge of this country? It's not us, not the voters, that citizens something else. And so the administrative state, which Fauci really is, you know, the head guy? In some ways, and that's the beast we have to destroy if you believe in Liberty, this should be your number one focus. Hundreds of agencies, 3 million employees. They imagine themselves to be in charge in this country, they exercise power without any kind of oversight, either judicial or legislative. And that's what's become of our country. That's a serious problem.

Brian Nichols  15:22  
So now is the inevitable question. Well, what can we do about it? And this, this is looking at what we're seeing right now, because it's already been talked about what's going to happen when the next pandemic is here, Jeffrey, we're we're can we even use a lot of these different precedences that have been put in place when it comes to climate change? I don't know. So let's talk about this. What can we do, tactically speaking to take on this massive administrative, bureaucratic state?

Jeffrey Tucker  15:47  
Well, right now, I think the only thing we can do is vote. And it's weird thing for me to say, because I haven't voted in 30 years more than that, really. But in the end, we have to rely on the Republican legislators to save us, but they respond just like judges to public opinion. So don't think you're powerless, even if you don't vote, which I understand. Public opinion really matters. So if you can speak out, in every possible way, pollster calls, you give you a view, if you have a Twitter account, we did our risk being banned. But she will be happy. But anything you can do. In the end, I don't believe that any government, even an administrative apparatus like this one can rule without public consensus. If 90% of us are really against what they're doing, we have we stand a chance. So they manipulated us because we are afraid of a virus. Think about that. Amazing. How did that happen? I don't know, ignorance, whatever. But that's all we can do is fight the intellectual battle. I mean, these battles have been going on for the better part of 150 years, you know, and in the end is public opinion that rules the day. So what you believe in your heart, you know, makes a contribution to changing the system. But the Republicans have to target the administrative state, we have to get to a cut back to a constitutional system in which the people actually govern themselves. That's the most important thing I can think of short term, long term, we have to come to a new belief in human liberty. Otherwise, we're gonna We're doomed. I'm sorry to say, but we're doing

Brian Nichols  17:39  
well, today. 81 year old. There you go. Anthony Fauci, as he has officially stepped. He's saying he's stepping down there in December. So it is an interesting day here. But to your point, Jeffrey, it's not over. This is just a step towards what we need to start doing across the board and seeing all these folks either resign or be forced out of these different positions. And that starts with us. Yeah, changing the way Congress looks the way the Senate looks. And to your point, I'm right on board. I think right now, it's obvious that the Republican Party is the, you know, quite obvious only foil that's really out there to serve a tangible alternative to the Democrats who have been really taking this COVID thing to the extreme. So whenever there's a libertarian, I'm all about that. But we have to pick our battles. And in this case, today, it's obvious what the biggest battle we're facing is. So with that being said, Jeffrey, unfortunately, we're getting close to time here. So I'll give you a chance to direct folks, not just to where they can go ahead and continue the conversation with you over on social media. But also, go ahead and find more about the brownstone Institute. Jeffrey, the floor is yours. Sure.

Jeffrey Tucker  18:38  
is our website. And we've been publishing three articles a day, and they've all gone viral on our websites how to control which I love. We have millions of views. Support us we run on a shoestring budget, like all great like you like all of this will revolutionize like, let's just face it. We're the minority. unfunded. underfunded. And, but but but the future of civilization. And maybe it's always been that way. I don't know. But these are our times. And these are what we know, right? This is what we know right now. Help us share us subscribe. And let's get the word out. And maybe we can make a difference and our times I don't know. We'll see.

Brian Nichols  19:28  
We'll get there step by step. Folks. If you enjoy today's episode, please do me a favor Go ahead, give it a share. And when you do, please go ahead and give yours truly a tag and also give Jeffrey some love as well. I include all social media links in the show notes like I do. If you are an audio listener, click the artwork, it'll bring you over to the Brian Nichols where you can find today's episode the entire transcript from today's episode. And by the way, we have a video version here over on YouTube, you'll be included right the Brian Nichols And when you're over on YouTube, please do us a favor and hit that subscribe button and little notification bell so you're not missing a single time. We have one of our episodes go live here. And yeah, you can go ahead and go back to the Brian Nichols and check out all 555 Plus episodes of the programming, including a few episodes of the past, where Jeffrey's joined us a course starting things out here talking about what what's been going on throughout this entire COVID insanity. You make sure you might check that out over at Brian Nichols But with that being said, Jeffrey Tucker, thanks for joining us on today's episode with that, folks, I'll see you tomorrow. Talk to you for listening to The Brian Nichols Show. Find more episodes at the Brian Nichols

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Jeffrey Tucker is a former Director of Content for the Foundation for Economic Education & Editorial Director at the American Institute for Economic Research, columnist at Forbes, a managing partner of Vellum Capital, the founder of, Distinguished Honorary Member of Mises Brazil, economics adviser to, research fellow at the Acton Institute, policy adviser of the Heartland Institute, founder of the CryptoCurrency Conference, member of the editorial board of the Molinari Review, advisor to the blockchain application builder Factom, and author of five books, most recently Right-Wing Collectivism: The Other Threat to Liberty. He has written 150 introductions to books and more than ten thousand articles appearing in the scholarly and popular press.