Aug. 23, 2022

568: Biden Leaning Toward CANCELING Student Loan Debt - $10k/borrower

President Biden reportedly plans to announce a long-awaited plan to forgive up to $10,000 in student loans and extend the COVID pause in repayments one more time.

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President Biden reportedly plans to announce a long-awaited plan to forgive up to $10,000 in student loans and extend the COVID pause in repayments one more time.


The forgiveness plan is expected to benefit most borrowers making less than $125,000 a year. It is designed to help young borrowers and give Biden’s Democratic allies a crucial boost ahead of the fall midterm elections.


The repayment freeze is expected to be extended until the end of the year.


Joining me to break this down is Clint Russell from the Liberty Lockdown Podcast!


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Brian Nichols  0:03  
The focusing on winning arguments we're teaching the basic fundamentals of sales and marketing and how we can use them to win in the world of politics teaching you how to meet people where they're at on the issues they care about. Welcome to The Brian Nichols Show. Well, happy Friday, here on The Brian Nichols Show. You're that post you're gonna keep helping us all the way forgive me but somewhat forgiven at least that's because we're coming from Washington DC but before we get there today, why go ahead and give a shout out to today's sponsor and that is the one and only expat money show head over to the Brian Nichols forward slash x power you can join our good friend Miguel thorup, who's going to help you number one, yes, save and protect the money you work so hard to earn from ambulance chasing lawyers, nefarious creditors and greedy unjust governments also, the calthorpe he says I help people just like you invest internationally secure second passports and residencies, eliminate your tax bill. And of course take advantage of offshore structures so you can travel the world freely and never have to worry about money again. Now, folks, McHale has been a sponsor in the program for the past few months, and we're getting close to the X PAC money summit that's gonna be taking place November 7, through November 11. Five days 30 expert speakers amongst them the one and only Ron Paul so make sure you hit the Brian Nichols forward slash expat and grab your free tickets to this virtual summit today. One more time Brian Nichols forward slash expat Alright folks. So yeah, a rumor is that Joe Biden is gonna go ahead not only gonna go ahead and help, I think it's forgive $10,000 worth of loans, but also he might extend our lease push the the extension a little bit further for the student loans being on pause right now. So talking about that today. Joining me from Liberty locked down, Clint Russell, welcome back to The Brian Nichols Show. He's my brother,

Clint Russell  2:00  
how you doing? I'm good. I'm pissed that I paid off all my student loans. But you know, you live in you learn sometimes it's good to be a deadbeat.

Brian Nichols  2:08  
And well, we just we just hung out there down in Florida for Young Americans for Liberty, Orlando, it was a great revolution 2022 You and I got to hang out. I know I hosted or rather I moderated that was the hosted event by the Florida Mises caucus. So we got to hang out there was you Dave Smith, Michael. Hi, Spike Cohen ector. Roos, great panel, and then later in the event it was you might mark Claire and Reed Coverdale, you had a great conversation talking about, really the ideas. I think just being a better overall individual and how that can help you in the overall liberty movement be successful is by focusing on your own room first. I wasn't very Jordan Peterson esque conversation, but talk to us what's been new in the world of liberty lockdown.

Clint Russell  2:50  
I mean, a lot of head on a ton a huge guests, sticks, hex and hammer 666 Alex Stein anomaly, Dave Smith's on this Thursday. And then I have a huge debate between Styx and Dave on Trump's legacy on September 4, so that's gonna be probably the biggest episode I've ever done, I would imagine. Cuz I, I personally am excited for it. So I know a lot of people are. So yeah, there's a lot a lot going on with the show. As for that, that panel I did with Mark and read it, I really didn't expect it to be so Jordan Peterson he, but yeah, I mean, we were, it's like, you have a bunch of young kids that are that are sitting there. And they're they're all asking them, like they're all looking at the same dark stuff that we see, you know, they may not understand it in quite the same way we do. But they still see it. And, and I think there's a real, a real chance that you get black pilled very early on. So I just wanted to encourage the guys that are are and ladies that were there to, you know, to try and focus on what you can control because there's so much so much in this world that we can't control right now. World War Three, for instance. So, you know, that was that's kind of how we ended up on that check, I think,

Brian Nichols  4:05  
yeah, no, it was a great conversation, great panel debate or not even debate really, because I think you guys were all on the same page really much with how to approach making a difference in the liberty movement, it does kind of go back to you have to focus on what you can control. And that is exactly the point you guys really brought home during that that panel, but also to the point of how that can impact policy and that's focusing a lot on the local elections where you can have the most impact, you're gonna have a lot more weight in your vote for school board than your vote for president. That's just reality, folks. So go ahead and get more involved in that area as well clean up your own room, if you will, when it comes to your local politics. So anyways, let's let's talk about what we've heard here is the rumor coming from Washington DC and that is Yeah, Joe Biden realizes that the Democrats are in trouble for the midterm elections here. So he's doing the Hail Mary. He's trying to Roger stole bucket versus the Vikings. He's just given one Big heave. And then what's the heave he's trying to say, Okay, if you make 125k or less, I will forgive up to $10,000 of your student loans. And, you know, hey, maybe we're just gonna go ahead and push back this COVID Pause we've had on student loans indefinitely? Well, at the very least until after the midterms, but we'll see after that, and likely will go ahead and resume very shortly thereafter. But talk to us, Clint, how do we get to the point now, where we're actually talking about student loan, not just relief, but actual forgiveness, and we're it's not just a pie in the sky idea. But now coming down from executive order from the President?

Clint Russell  5:36  
Well, you can think the very same colleges that they went to, for why they believe that that's righteous and the correct path to take. I mean, this is all part of the Marxist indoctrination centers that, unfortunately, pervade our country. So I'm not at all surprised. To be honest. I'm kind of surprised. It hasn't happened sooner, especially when you have, you know, the Biden administration, and Congress, whoever. It's a bipartisan issue, shipping 10s and 10s of billions of dollars to Ukraine in a proxy war against nuclear power. It's like, well, how are you going to turn around and look at your constituents and say, Yeah, but we can't help with those student loans. You know, like, we're shipping 100 100 plus billion dollars, I think it is at this point. If not, it's very close to this war with a nuclear power. And, you know, we can't help you out. Sally. I just think and also, they've ran on it, you know, they've been promising this stuff for a long time. So it's just very disappointing. You know, I really view this as like an end of end stage empire, you know, like we are, everybody's at the trough. The Democrats know that they're Doa in the midterms. And they're doing, as you said, a Hail Mary to try and try and garner the sheep's vote. And it's tragic, because we can't afford any of this stuff. You know, people always go if we can afford the war on Ukraine, then we can certainly afford to forgive college loans. I'm like, we can't afford any of it. None of it, though. Yeah, we can't afford any. And the thing that most people aren't going to be privy to is that, you know, and this is, I mean, this is why the kids are gonna love it. But, you know, these kids that are that have been trying to keep their head above water with the student loans, and it is a burden, I'm not trying to downplay it at all, it's a burden that they put themselves in. So I don't have a ton of pity. But regardless, those people when they are stuck in a position of, you know, just barely getting by and paying, you know, 500 bucks, or whatever it is towards their student loans every month. Well, if that's forgiven, all of a sudden that 500 bucks automatically is going to not automatically, but it's the vast majority of that we all know, is going to be pushed into the consumer market, they're going to start buying extra stuff that adds to inflation and inflation, which were allegedly trying to cure. So it's, it's going to increase my monetary velocity. And we already have way too much Fiat in the system, and it's just gonna make makes things worse. But, you know, they don't really care. It's

Brian Nichols  7:58  
what's $1.7 trillion in student loan forgiveness, right. I mean, what is that? The Fed?

Clint Russell  8:04  
Yeah, well, I seriously doubt it's going to end up being that much, because, as you said, it's only going to be for people making less than 125,000. And it's only up to $10,000 of forgiveness, allegedly. I mean, who knows? We'll see what it is. But a lot of people have, you know, 50 60,000. So a lot of people have six figures of student debt. So I don't think that this is going to amount to 1.7 trillion, but it'll probably be a couple 100 billion.

Brian Nichols  8:29  
Yeah, well, and Chuck Schumer and a lot of the leading Democrats in Congress, they don't think this is enough. Not only do they not think that's enough, for $50,000 in forgiveness, and anything that just shows you like the disparity to where even Biden is to where, I mean, dare I say, I called Chuck Schumer a radical because he's not really a radical, but he's being driven by the more radical voices. And what's shocking is that even that is not necessarily the most radical voices. You've seen folks like the AOC there who just say up to everything, just nuke it all. And I mean, of course, it's the magic money tree, right, you know, just wave a magic wand and everything is just make believe. And that seems to be the modern monetary, monetary, modern monetary theory. There you go. Yeah. That approach to economics, like there is no real life consequences to just arbitrarily adding zeros to the debt. It just, it's zeros in a computer. What's it matter to us?

Clint Russell  9:28  
Yeah, I mean, it doesn't matter until you have inflation and we have inflation. So like they ought to, they ought to have a come to Jesus moment where they realize, hey, this is actually creating really serious problems in this country. Because if you get to a point of actually breaking your currency, and you rely on government payouts, which is a larger and larger percentage of Americans are starting to rely on that. It gets very ugly because if you don't have any hard assets to offset the inflationary pressures that you know if you if you own 10 Houses if you own, you know, even just a single rental property or if you own your own home, well, at least you're buoyed from some of that inflationary pressure. Because obviously, your asset goes up in value too. But if you're a college kid, you're you're essentially making it impossible for yourself to ever get your foot on the economic ladder, which is homeownership. And they're gonna end up, you know, kicking themselves down the road. I think it's, it's very short sighted. But it's not at all surprising. I mean, this is this is exactly what our young people now believe in to a large extent. And I don't know how you remedy that. I mean, you have an entire demographic of people that that strongly believe that if, hey, if I get in over my head with debt, then you know, mommy and daddy government's gonna swoop in and bail me out, just like my parents did my whole childhood. It's very, very troublesome.

Brian Nichols  10:54  
Yeah, well, and this is something I think we're gonna see continue to be a conversation if this does end up happening on Wednesday, as it's talked about. So as we're recording here today, tomorrow, we'll find out for sure, but then

Clint Russell  11:07  
let me just add to this precedent of a belief that you should have loans forgiven for any reason, completely does away with the concept of self responsibility, and contract law. And ultimately, it will lead in the not too distant future to people imploring the government to bail them out from their home mortgages, too. I mean, this is, I really think that it's not that big of a leap to say, Well, yeah, you know, I got my student loan forgiven. Why not? And also it programs people to think, well, if I get in, you know, over my head, someone's going to help me out at some point, you know, no one's going to allow me to just eat shit like I ought to. So they're going to end up buying houses that they can't afford and taking on debt that they can't possibly sustain, which creates malinvestment, which ultimately ends up in another foreclosure crisis. You know, I know I'm extrapolating quite a few steps ahead. But it's really not that far ahead. You know, you already had the bailouts of the banks after the oh, 809 collapse. Now you're going to have the bailout of the college students? Well, at some point, you're gonna have the bailout of the the homeowner consumer. So good luck. Let's go back

Brian Nichols  12:15  
really quick to the student loans. I did have a question. I've seen this idea floated even some more conservative libertarian circles is the idea of, okay, well, let's not get on board with canceling student loan debt. But what about canceling the student loan debt interest? Because that seems to be where you're seeing a lot of folks struggling as you know, the pain years on end, and they're just not even able to make dents. Now. Does that go to well, what are you taking your loan out for? Yes, but I'd love to hear your thoughts there.

Clint Russell  12:44  
Well, as far as I know, the vast majority of student loans are held by the government and they are very reasonable interest rates, somewhere in the arena of four to five, maybe 6%. So that's not outrageous. That's by no means is that I'm forgetting that term. I haven't I haven't done a loan in too long. What's the what's the term when you charge too much in interest? Oh, sorry. I can't remember. It'll, it'll come to me. Anyways, I just think that, you know, it's, they're not they're not gouging people. For the most part. I mean, I'm sure there's some private schools are the word you're looking for another one? God, I can't believe I can't remember this. I used to say it all the time. I bring my brains off today. Anyways. Yeah. So I don't I don't see any reason to justify that I think that you signed the contract that these aren't like, for the most part, these aren't adjustable rate loans that started off at Well, I mean, many of them start off at 0% until you graduate, and then they, they lock in at whatever the Fed funds rate is plus, you know, two or three points over, you know, LIBOR or whatever they, they base it off of. So that's, it's not bad, you know, and so I don't agree with libertarians ever, ever intervening with contract law and saying, hey, you know, these kids can't afford it. So we should bail them out. Like, that's not that's not a libertarian principle, by any stretch that I can make. I don't know how they're you. You give me the explanation. Why, why should libertarians advocate for that? I don't understand.

Brian Nichols  14:11  
I'm not making the argument. I know. But I'm saying. If I were to make that argument, I would say it would make sense if it's a government loan. And it's it's predatory in nature, by the nature, the fact that you almost see every single school district, up until recently was always pushing kids to colleges, and a lot of those loans are going to be backed by government. So it's almost like you're you're being pushed from going from the public entity to the private entity, but then you're being backed by the government loan. So it's this again, this quasi. I mean, really, it's a socialist kind of approach if you think about it, because you're just taking the government and you're passing along to the student in that case, but you're doing it through the back end through the taxation. So your point this doesn't really make sense. You know it because you're going Still, it's entering into that decision. I know lots of folks who didn't go to college, they decided it wasn't for them. And they're the ones not paying the student loans right now. And I guess that's the other question is like, why should they be the ones forced now to pay for literally, the choices of others? And I guess, goes to the other the more philosophical question of the overall impact of what this would do to that domino effect?

Clint Russell  15:23  
Well, yeah, and I mean, it's, these ultimately, if you, if you forgive even the interest, the government was still receiving those payments prior, which means that their tax rolls decrease, which means that they, they're going to make it up somewhere. Anyways. So you know, you're still you're still basically putting this bill on the back of taxpayers for that interest, because they're going to tax us in a different way to to achieve the same tax rolls. So I think that the libertarian answer is to say that it should be a bank corruptible debt. I mean, that that, to me is the clear answer is that

Brian Nichols  15:56  
oh, yeah, how many folks would go ahead and instantly default on their, their, their degrees? I know, for a fact there would be millions across the country who would be like, Yeah, I don't need this degree.

Clint Russell  16:08  
I mean, it No, it's to well, it's not that you're, you're not giving up your degree, it just you have a bankruptcy on your record, and you and you rid yourself of that debt, and then you can't get conventional lending for five or seven years is normally how it works. And if you're looking at 50,000, or 100,000 worth of debt, and you're 22 or 23 years old, it makes a ton of sense to, to just walk away and say, Okay, I'm not going to be a participant in the conventional banking system until I'm 30. But, you know, it's either that or I just struggle through this and try and keep my head above water, that makes a lot of sense, because those people, they should have never received these loans, they should have never been given $150,000 worth of loans when they have no marketable skills. I mean, also, it's it's obviously it's a condemnation on the, you know, academic institutions that, that you're charging this much for a product that can't produce an ROI in the back end, that makes it so that these kids can come out and earn enough money to pay their loans. So on on all fronts, it's it's a government created problem, obviously, but the academic realm also bears a huge brunt of the blame, as far as I'm concerned that the fact that they have constantly convinced these kids, because they are kids, I mean, 1617 years old, when they're when they're applying for college. They don't know what the hell they're doing. So you know, I have sympathy in that regard. But at the same time, I don't think the taxpayer should eat it as much as the government, I guess the government eats it if they bankrupt them. So if they go bankrupt, too, but that still allows people to at least own some of the pain, you know, because then then the kid has to go, Okay, I did. I got out of this, but I made a mistake, I'm not going to be able to get a bank loan for seven years, you know, like, someone has, like, there has to be shared punishment here. You can't just go these people are purely victims, like they sign on the line, you know, so that's my viewpoint.

Brian Nichols  17:54  
And I was going more to the idea of collateral, I guess, for your degree, but I guess that's not the same. It's not like, you

Clint Russell  18:00  
know, they don't they don't collateralize the degree that would be. That would be absolutely hilarious,

Brian Nichols  18:07  
right? Yeah, I'm a poli sci degree anymore. I didn't yet really to begin with, but that's another conversation for a different day.

Clint Russell  18:13  
By the way, the overcharging of interest rates is called usury. My

Brian Nichols  18:17  
usury God that's a business law term. I haven't heard since I think freshman year college.

Clint Russell  18:21  
Yes, yes. So I was I was a mortgage lender. So I know it well. But I haven't done a loan in a couple of years now. So I totally forgot. But that's when you charge, you know, 15 or 20 to 25%. Interest rate. And my point was, it's these are not, usurious interest rates that they've been charged for the most part. Well,

Brian Nichols  18:37  
folks, we could continue this part of the conversation all day long. But actually, Clint and I were talking beforehand, and one of the things that popped up was we're gonna take a hard turn up towards Michigan, and let's go all the way back. And this kind of goes in hand with what we've seen happen with January 6, and a lot of folks questioning the FBI and their intentions there. And then you look at what's happening with Trump and Mar a Lago and response. And you go back to in 2020. With Michigan, you had what was it an attempted coup, right of Gretchen Whitmer, who was the governor of Michigan and two of the individuals who were arrested, were found to be found not guilty. Is that correct in saying, Yeah, but the other two, just recently, I think, as of today, they were found to be guilty. on all counts, all counts. Yeah, federal jury in Grand Michigan convicted two men charged with plotting to kidnap Governor Gretchen Whitman went out of anger of her handling of the pandemic, ending a dramatic trial that has highlighted the growth of violent extremism in America. That's USA Today. So talk to us, Clint, what happened in this case?

Clint Russell  19:42  
Well, I don't know all the ins and outs. But what I do know is that in the in the jury trial, where the two men were led off, they were able to present evidence, text messages and things of that nature that demonstrated that the FBI had been in basically in trial Putting them all the way along encouraging them, they had women that FBI agents that slept in one of the guys beds, you know, it was like very clear that they were, they had infiltrated this little group of like nobodies and tried to convince them to do something really radical. It seems as if the plan to do so was so far fetched, it could have never happened it. But then in the the jury trial were the two men that were convicted convicted, the judge said, it doesn't matter if they couldn't have accomplished the task, you still have to convict if even if this was just their plan. And he also prevented the defense from presenting evidence of the text messages between them and the FBI agents. So to have two of these men go away forever, or, you know, God knows how long and the other to walk free. I just think that if you're, they're all accused of the same thing. It just goes to show like, man, you better have a really good attorney if the FBI sets their sights on you. And what really concerns me about this is, you know, you pair this with the what I view as a political hit with the FBI rating Mar a Lago, you have the FBI, which also covered up the Epstein Island saga, you have an FBI that has done terrible harm to our country. And, and the trend line is pointing downward, you know, it's not getting better, it's getting significantly worse. So from my vantage point, that's my primary concern with this is using every single example I can muster, to try and encourage the right wing, the left wing, whoever, whoever will listen, that abolition is what's required not reformation, we cannot reform, an organization that was corrupt from its inception, the FBI has always been used as a political weapon. It has always been used to persecute political dissidents, not even political figures, but just political dissidents, groups, things of that nature. Obviously, you know, Martin Luther King, there's a ton a litany of examples that can demonstrate that the FBI is a deeply evil organization. And I am praying that if the Conservatives get in that they don't just give lip service to it. And they don't just reform the FBI, but abolish the entire thing. Obviously, there's many three letter agencies that I'd like to see abolished, but they're up there. I think that they are a political Gestapo, Brownshirt organization that just simply cannot exist in a free country. And until they, as long as they exist, we don't live in a free country.

Brian Nichols  22:27  
I was on the Dave versus Goliath podcast last night. And that's actually part of a question that I got to ask because one of my things I try to focus on is how do we sell liberty and the idea of selling liberty, one of the objections that was raised up was like, Well, what if you have friends who see the FBI going after people and trying to entrap them, or go just arbitrarily putting in this case they use the example of putting, if you're an endcap, you're on an FBI watch list now is considered an extremist group. I mean, that's definitely an objection you can hear because folks don't want to be lumped in with, quote extremist groups because nobody wants to put themselves in their family in danger. So I mean, this is a new thing. It's not really a new thing, but it's definitely more for us. It's a newer thing to see us now we're being labeled into this extremist camp. But I mean, frankly, we're being lumped in there as well as you know, school board moms who are pissed off at what they're seeing their kids learning in the classroom and are fighting back against school boards. So we're, I guess we're in good company there. But uh, yeah, go ahead.

Clint Russell  23:29  
I forgot to mention that one that the school board and, you know, labeling concerned parents as basically domestic terrorist, it's insane. You're right. This isn't this isn't new, but it is new for us in the sense that they are, they've just widened their net. Like it used to be, like militant organizations, to a large extent, you'd have like the Black Panthers and things like that armed, like, separation hist or segregationist type mentality. Like, we're not bad, you know, all we want is to basically abolish the government, but we don't have any sort of violent intent and that that to them is violence. So it's not surprising I guess, but it is a little bit surprising with the pace at which they've done this. I mean, they, it was day one of Biden's presidency that they rolled out the domestic violent extremists memorandum that started to list libertarians in that, that type of group. And the, what I really want to point out too, is that the Wittmer kidnapping, plot hoax, it was a hoax, was utilized to try and suppress people that oppose lockdowns to categorize them as as domestic extremists or terrorists. You know, as someone who hosts a show called Liberty lockdown, I take that pretty fucking personally in Hello, you just because I oppose the most tyrannical thing that the government has ever done in my lifetime. I am now automatically a potential domestic violent extremist like no, I don't accept that. evil. And it's just it's an insane thing to say, to put. I mean, half of this country at this point is adamantly opposed to the lockdowns at least half probably. So, or half of this country is now a terrorist. You know, like, at what point does this just get to be such obvious tyranny that we don't just go okay, well, now you guys all you're all abolished, we can't have this anymore. It's too dangerous for you to even exist at this point. It's really scary.

Brian Nichols  25:27  
Well, I mean, this is something we've been talking about for 20 years now the War on Terror came home. And the same pre taxes that were used to fight an ideology are now trying to be used to fight in this case, the ideas of liberty and you're seeing it happen here at home. And it's it's like, you don't want to don't want to be the one being like I told you so. But like, Guys, we told you so and then like, now, I'm hoping because things are happening so fast that people just can't unsee it because it's it is happening in real time. But you're I mean, I just had a conversation yesterday with Jeffrey Tucker here on the show about you're seeing folks like Anthony Fauci and Birx and wilensky who are out there trying to rewrite history, and they'll, they'll, they'll do it, if they get the chance, they will absolutely do it. So that's why it's important for us to actually stand up and actually speak the truth. Talk about what we know and see what has happened. But also make sure we don't let it happen again. And that's frankly, what you've been doing over at Liberty lockdown. So talk to us, Clint. I know we're hard pressed for time here. Where Can folks go ahead and follow you and support your amazing show?

Clint Russell  26:24  
Sure. At Liberty lock pod on Twitter, I'm at 49 three, I just need 700 more followers to get to 50,000 That would be lovely. Before I get nuked get me to 50 That'd be a nice milestone before they they banished me to the nether realm with recovered ill. As far as supporting my show, if you wanna go to Liberty I do once monthly ama is over there where you can actually come in on stream with me. For those that aren't familiar, I have a you know, pretty deep business management and economic background so I can give advice and things like that, which I simply cannot do on Twitter as particularly with as many followers as I have now people DM me with questions all the time, I just can't respond to all of them. So five bucks a month, you're able to actually come on on stream with me, you know, once a month and and bounce ideas off me things like that. It's really it's a cool thing. And it also makes me feel like I get to know you guys. So that's cool, too. As far as the show, just Liberty lockdown search at YouTube, Spotify, Apple podcasts all over the place so that we recently almost got to a to being a top 100 news podcast in America, according to Apple podcasts. So the popularity of the show continues to blow my mind. I really appreciate everybody that's that supported me and I hope I hope we can keep this ball rolling before they either nuke us or nuke me.

Brian Nichols  27:34  
God, yeah, well, that's why I think also doing those in person events like when we got to hang out that, Florida. That's why that stuff is so important. Because, yes, in case God forbid, the worst happens at least we get to connect in real life, we get to know each other in real life and build those real life relationships. So, my man, it was great to see it done in Florida. Thank you for fighting the good fight. And folks, if you particularly enjoyed today's episode, well, that means you should definitely go ahead and give Liberty lockdown, subscribe, so I'll make sure I include all those links in the show notes for you. And by the way, folks, did you know that we have all 567 Plus episodes here of the program available over at Brian Nichols So just head over there and buy that if you're a new listener, hear the program, go to your podcast catcher hit the download all unplayed episodes. And you can go ahead and start from day one January 2018. And watch the evolution of the show. It's really cool, actually, because I was doing the whole, you know, we got to be better at trying to sell this stuff. And No, nobody's gonna take us seriously until we take ourselves seriously and going to war against LP national at the time, it was against Arvind Bora. That was episode two, because he was just being Arvind Bora. That's a great conversation, or at least a good listen for a podcast of yesteryear. But Clint, any final thoughts here for the audience today?

Clint Russell  28:46  
No, just keep going. Folks, like as Brian was saying, do not let them rewrite history. You know, what we've experienced over the past two and a half years should not be forgotten, and it cannot be forgiven until there's punishment levied. I honestly believe that like if you expect us to just move on with our lives and allow, you know, Dr. Deborah Burks and Anthony Fauci, and God, I could go down the list, there's a ton of them. But basically everyone involved with the pandemic response, as far as I'm concerned, deserves criminal charges. That's my honest opinion. At a minimum, at a minimum, and then you also need to abolish the organizations that allowed for this tyranny to to unfold. And then beyond that, you know, just tell the truth. Just speak, speak your truth. Do not do not think that you have such a radical minority voice that just telling people how you actually feel will get you ostracized, you'd be surprised there's a hell of a lot more people out there that see the truth for what it is and if you're, if you're speaking from from the heart, hopefully you can wake some more people up.

Brian Nichols  29:48  
Oh, man, and you know, what's great is that we actually just did two recent episodes on that it was one what can we learn from Ron Paul about speaking the truth, even when it feels like you're standing alone that also yesterday, but Jeffrey Tucker, we're talking about Anthony Fauci in the future for Anthony Fauci even after his resignation becomes official in December, and yeah, he's gonna be cashing in on that sweet, sweet book deal. Of course, folks you want go ahead and check those episodes out. I'll make it easy for you. I'll include that right here over on YouTube. Make sure you hit that like button and subscribe button. But with that being said, it's Brian Nichols signing off. You're on The Brian Nichols Show for Clint Russell from Liberty lockdown. We'll see you tomorrow

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